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A Divine Message from Maitreya

Blessings Beloved Hearts,
I have an important gift for each of you, that feel you wish to empower yourselves and activate a greater fulfilment of your soul purpose on Earth
. This gift is simple yet holds the power of Shambhala and your God Presence within it.  Each one of you have incarnated to experience and learn about the magnificence of Mother Earth as well as the divine exploration of the path of love. This beloveds is the purpose you each share as a family or as one humanity. Each of your paths and experiences are dictated by your own choices in the expression of this love or by the choices you may make out of fear of expression love. Each of you have the power within, to change everything in your life, to create your life to become your heart dreaming or “divine” life... Where the reflection of love is a base to the choices you make in your life.

I ask each of you to consider three things before your receive this gift of grace, that I bring as an offer of empowerment and activation of a clearing of the obstacles in your mind, heart and body that co-create you to choose out of fear or limitation( and not love) in the co- creation of your divine reality.

I ask each of you to consider if indeed you do really know that you are divine. Is this a truth you do indeed hold for yourself in this lifetime. Is this a truth that in held within your heart and mind and do you transmit this truth to others through your words and thoughts and expressions.

I ask you also to consider if you would be willing to obtain a degree in this, a mastery of this. A degree in your own divinity is held by the I Am Presence of your being and this may be anchored through you if you would be willing to do the inner work of transmitting this truth from your heart as a soul to all parts of your being- your mind, your physical body and your energybody. Would you be willing to send this message out to all parts of your being and claim your divinity.

I also ask you if you would be willing to receive from God directly a form of assistance through this gift of clearing, I am willing to offer you in conjunction with your God presence who now stands before you. In your heart is a sacred flame of God’s love, light and power  and this lives within you and may be sparked with the activation of your own sacred power. The sacred power to go within to your heart and choose through your free will to activate the sacred flame of God’s light, love and power. If you so choose to activate your original sacred covenant with God and choose now, with your full power, to receive the greatest assistance from God for the benefit of your clear path in life and expression of love, and a clearing of the obstacles to the fulfilment of your soul’s purpose in this life, I offer this now to you from the heart of Shambhala for your greatest benefit and for the greatest benefit of the divine plan of your soul.

You may sit for twenty- five minutes silently and I will come to thee and offer you this clearing and opening to a clear path of being. Breathe and allow me to work with you by opening your chakras gently to the light of God that lives within you. Be still, beloved heart and you may hear the messages of the Christ heart of many Masters come to you as I work with them in holy communion with God , for the greatest benefit for your soul and the activation of the original life purpose of your soul.

Blessed Be, from the heart of God
(Channelled by Qala)

Invitation to “Sacred Journey to Egypt”  by Maitreya

Sacred Journey to Egypt with Qala,
The Divine Mother & The Ascended Masters

Feb.27 to March 13, 2005

Divine Mission Training - A Journey of Activation of One’s Divine Mission
through The Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Temple of Isis, The Nile, & Temple of Luxor

March 14 - March 20, 2005
Divine Mission Exploration - A Mystery School Journey
through Luxor, Red Sea, Mt Sinai and The Great Pyramid & Sphinx


“A Clarion Call Sounds to the Heart of all Beings
To open all Pathways to one’s Divine Mission on Earth”


Blessings Beloved Hearts... We call from the heart of God to each of you... who hold a sacred commission to assist others on the Earth to awaken to their God presence, and the love, light and power that is held within them. We offer this journey as a divine gift and celebration for the coming years where many thousands of beings will create new pathways of light and love for others to awaken their God presence hearts on Earth. We place a call out to the new pathfinders, the divine teachers or Awakeners, those of you that have come from the stars or held the light on the Earth for many lives, to now open to the joy and power of your Divine Mission with us.

In loving support to your divine service, we bring forth a clear vessel for your transformation and for the activation of your divine purpose. We offer this sacred journey through the Egyptian portals as a divine "blessing way" journey and doorway to your heart dreaming's manifestation. We will travel with you and share clear teachings, blessings, dispensations and divine healings for the purpose of your divine mission activation. As this occurs, each of you who answer the clarion call will receive a greater vision of a group mission and how to manifest your puzzle piece within this. Each of you will be guided to the world service of assisting humanity to receive a new patterning of consciousness that is reflective of their God Presence frequency. The divine force within every cell will begin to awaken and vibrate to form a new body for this sacred commission.

We are aware many of you are directly connecting through the heart of your souls and God Presences and being guided to activate and manifest your divine purpose on Earth. We lovingly surround you to support and bring assistance to each one of you. We are aware that many of you have sacred visions of what you are here for and lovingly move towards this, yet also simultaneously experience difficulty in the actualisation of this physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

The journey we offer you through Egypt is to release the old patterns that sabotage your clear path to mission and the fulfillment of your soul purpose. Each one of you is here for a direct passageway or path and for the completion of this soul passage through joy in this life. In many other lives, this very same passage was not completed by some of you joyfully, and it is these deep, inherent, unconscious memories that may now haunt you and create sabotage of your clarity. We offer this clear path as a group so you can return through your heart and walk the divine passage that God created for you.

During this sacred period, from late February until 22 March 2005, the Great Pyramid is to open as a divine vehicle for the sacred covenant of God Presence to be again laid into the heart of the Earth. This sacred covenant is a tablet that is a divine vessel for all souls' holy communion with God - the God Presence that lives within you. This divine tablet is activating through the Great Pyramid over this period to allow the codes for humanity's God Presence connection to be anchored through all portals of the Earth.

Many Masters of Light will be descending to Earth at this time for a short time to assist humanity more deeply with their collective intention to care for each other and to take their collective role of divine caretakers of the Earth. At the time of the Great Pyramid's opening, all beings in this portal will receive directly from God Source, the first level activation of God Presence connection and activation of their divine mission within the chambers of the Great Pyramid. We will be guiding each of you who answer the call to journey to Egypt through a 4 step process...

*    activating and clearing the energy passage or pathway of consciousness for the release of the old missions and initiations not completed or fulfilled that create sabotage, and for the activation of your divine mission in this life.
*    opening to the tablet of the sacred covenant and your original soul contract with your God Presence to receive direct contact with God Source in this life.
*    re-establishing the energy matrix in your energy body that supports your consciousness to be clear and receive directly from Source each day in regards to your purpose and divine mission pathway.
*    offering divine mission teachings of how to work with your God Presence co-creatively to manifest your mission work and raise your consciousness directly for the benefit of your evolution and all beings on Earth.

Know our Beloveds, this journey will be a powerful initiation of transformation through your energy body, an acceleration of your presence on Earth and a graceful clearing of that which you have been holding unconsciously preventing the manifestation of a clear passageway of your soul's fulfillment and joyful expression on Earth. Each of the Egyptian portals specifically hold encodements for mission activation and hold a specific gift for each of you for the raising of your consciousness in relationship to your Heart mission.

As you journey to each portal, you will receive the heart mission encodements that the portals hold for the 7 levels of activation of divine mission. The Divine Presence of the Great Pyramid will activate, and the Egyptian portal system will support each one of you to move through a series of energetic steps in consciousness raising, through the levels of the Great Pyramid and the temple system of Egypt, for the opening of your lightbody to your master frequency.

Each of you who join us in this sacred journey will be accelerated directly through the power of the Great Pyramid over the 21-22 day period of its activation. At this time, vast waves of light will pour forth from the Great Central Sun and Great Central Moon through Great Pyramid and the Egyptian Portals to anchor the divine mission codes for the global activation of all Earth initiate's missions for 2006-2009. This wave anchors through The Great Pyramid from these suns and moons over a 21-22 day period beginning February 27 and primarily completes on March 20th, on the Equinox, bringing blessings for the new children also at this time with the birthing of the tablets that allow the new children to receive their Christ Bodies, and a permanent link to the Christ consciousness planes of light and love.

Beloveds, the service you will offer with us, is to the new children at this time and to the opening of a portal within the Red Sea for the balancing of the Middle East grid energies. The Middle East holds the ancient portals of the Old age. The heart of the Old age and those who carry it are being asked to release and transmute the old beliefs and fears that do not support humanity's awakening as divine beings on Earth. Presently, many on the Earth are in great difficulty due to the choices made by those groups carrying the old age belief systems, calling forth the energies of war and power struggle in the name of God. The Christ grid in the Middle East is needing strengthening, and all who work with us during this sacred journey will be called forth to anchor a giant pillar of Christ Consciousness deeply through the portal system to assist the strengthening of the heart of the Middle East for this period of great transition.

Divine dispensations of immense proportion are being offered through 20 teaching and blessing circles with us over this period, Beloveds. The teachings we bring forth at this time will be offered for the first time on Earth as a gift to all birthing their clarity as Emissaries of The Golden Age, and as each of you come into clarity, a large window of opportunity will be created by each of you as a group for the future manifestation of 5th dimensional education centres and organisations on Earth. Each of the projects we speak of are heart based and hold a 5th dimensional frequency. Know each of you have a role, as transmitters in open heart, with the preparation of a New Earth reality. Beloveds, listen to your hearts to receive if you are one of the 55 that have contracted to receive divine mission activation through this journey.

As from Feb-March, 2005 onwards, it is going to be more difficult for awakened beings of light to choose projects and experiences that are not based on their heart vibration. Know that this acceleration over March, also brings this truth into alignment for all the awakened souls who can already feel the frequencies of Mother Earth’s ascension. As a preparation for this journey and activation of your heart mission with us, we are guiding each of you to spend the next 2 months gently releasing any projects from your lives that are not of your heart dreaming, so as to create space for your heart based projects and work to birth freely through this sacred journey with love.

Go within now, our beloveds as we offer you a blessing and divine dispensation towards your heart expansion and clear inner guidance. Breathe as we offer you a divine blessing to assist your mind to become free and be open to the guidance of your sacred heart. Three masters in a trinity being this blessing forth to you. Gabriel, Michael and Sananda step forth you and surround you offering you a clearing of all chakras and balancing of your mind and heart union. Breathe as these sacred brothers honour you and bless you with this gift to support you experience a deeper connection to your God Presence guidance from within. As they clear pathways, they ask you to visualise your open heart filling with the love of God that lives within you. As a divine blessing for your life, they activate the unified field of your lightbody to bring a large current of love through all cells, chakras and your energybody. Breathe and relax and just receive this gift as they place illuminous pearls in each of your chakras to rejuvenate your mind and heart.

Blessings of Love Beloved Hearts ,

Lord Maitreya

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About Qala

Qala is an emissary of love, international teacher, author and the Founding emissary of the ASCEND Foundation and GAIA Sacred Mystery School. Qala channels direct from Source, universal Master teachings, God’s blessings and genuine trainings for the path of God Presence embodiment. These “new teachings” offer direct contact to the Source within/God Presence.

Qala is a God Presence Channel for the divine teachings of The Ascended Masters and Divine Mother in holy communion with God. She has dedicated her heart, the teachings of Golden Age Innerplane Alchemy, her mastery and her life, to God's plan of the planetary activation of the Christ light through every cell on Earth and the awakening of the love and God Presence frequency within humanity's hearts and minds. Qala has been blessed by God with the gifts of seership, telepathy, and direct access to the Akashic, Mission and Source Records. Her open heart and dedication to service allows her to be a divine vessel for the grounding of the "new teachings" and support structures for humanity's evolutionary path of the sacred embrace of the love, light and power of their Divine Presence on Earth. One of the primary focuses of Qala’s work is the activation of teachers and emissaries for the creation of the new 5th dimensional education centres, teachings and organisations for all beings and in particular the new children of Earth.

Qala,The Ascended Masters & The GAIA mumaras offer a new style of group teaching in soul family pods of love through sacred heart connection in large pods( groups), direct contact teachings, sound, movement, Master frequency and divine journeys within the heart of a rainbow ascension temple of light.  All interested in this retreat may also train in pod through the one year Sacred Mystery School training as a seer, rainbow bridge channel or akashic record keeper, and in the activation of one’s mastery on Earth. Connect to www.g-a-i-a.com for more information on trainings, retreats , the Egypt journey with the Masters and Qala’s group mission.

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