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(June 14, 1966)

from Voltra

Greeting in the Light of Our Radiant One. We wish to speak on a subject of
import to you: that of transition from one frequency or density level to
We do not in this sense rnean transition referring to death of the
physical body but a transition into the next level.
Such a transition will be made by many individuals at the time of the
frequency change upon planet Earth. Many have felt that this will take place
gradually through many generations of your peoples. However, this is not so
: the frequency change will take place abruptly - to your peoples, abruptly,
not only as we understand the time phases. This will be due to many events
of a cataclysrnic nature taking place, not only on your planet, but outside
of your planet in the meaning of the Solar System.
For a comet, or comets, coming into this system from areas outside, are due
to cause much disruption of the - you might term it - force-field
surrounding planet Earth. Since your scientists do not have the knowledge
available with which to protect your planet, as do we of other planets such
as Venus, Mars, or Saturn, it is going to be inevitable that a certain
amount of upheaval will transpire on the surface and beneath the surface of
planet Earth.
(Note from Cmdr.Lyur : Voltra here is mentionning of course these planets in
the 5th dimensional level, where they are habitable and inhabited !)

The frequency change will take place during this period, as the electrical
force-field of the Earth will undergo a change in structure, electrical
structure, at this time. The spewing off of these comets from another body
in Space has also to do with the stepped-up vibration of the Central Sun,
Vela, if you so choose to call it. It is known by other names, but names are

The Central Sun is emitting tremendously high frequencies, I think you would
call them ultra-violet radiations, and at the time at this stepped-up energy
output, the entrance of foreign bodies into this system will take place.
Your planet, as you know it, has to undergo structural changes. Your peoples
have to undergo changes of consciousness to be attuned with the things of a
new dispensation to take into themselves, their beings, the increased
energies and utilize these for their future transitional move.
These energies taken into the field, or as you term it aura, of an
individual, will emit such high frequency radiation as to rise the molecular
structure of the cells to a point whereby the body will then vibrate in the
next level. So will come the change spoken of by many, imperfectly
understood by many, but grasped by some. The transition of matter into a
finer, more etherialized matter will take place. You will still be
yourselves, you will still function as human beings with all the sense
perceptions of human beings. But you will be of a more rarefied construction.

Many of us whom you speak with are of this composition in our bodies
and therein has lain much of the misunderstanding among your peoples as to
our nature. We can and do lower the frequency rate of our bodies to become
visible to the physical retina of your eyes.
(note from Cmdr.Lyur : the very same for the starships of Light, lowering
their frequency to become visible on purpose, or just before entering bases
of our fleet all over the world)

We are physical, we are physical-etheric, whereas you are physical-dense.
A small difference, but an important one, my brothers, my sisters, one upon
which it would be well for you to dwell. The composition of all matter upon
your planet is rapidly reaching a point wherein it will either become of a
finer etherialized structure or will disintegrate. You will witness both of
these phenomena taking place during your period upon the planet.

Our purpose at this time is to educate those of you who will work with us
at, and after, the time of frequency change. You have been well trained, yet
much remains to be done. Much yet remains to be said in order to fully
prepare you for the events which must soon occur. With no thoughts of fear,
we bid you acquaint yourselves with the facts which lie before you. We once
more stress that you will not become in the sense of discarnate beings; you
merely step up one level and gain much in so doing. Your sense perceptions,
rather than being eliminated, will only become heightened and an awareness
of all that which is of beauty, of love, of eternal nature, will become as
one with you.

I, Voltra, of the planet Venus, speak with you upon this occasion, in order
to prepare your minds for that which lies ahead. I have only love in my
heart for your peoples, though I am, as you might say, realistically aware
of the fact that many of your peoples have no understanding of those things
of which I speak, - nor will they know, but wilI make their transition into
a discarnate state at the time of the frequency change. So transition is,
thus, of two natures: for those whose perceptions have been heightened, and
whose consciousness evolves; and for those who devolve back into the level
of herd consciousness, at this time upon the planet Earth.

Where Light (life) is sought, an ever ascending spiral of awareness becomes open.
Where dense material values hold sway, death of the physical body will
result. Your peoples had much time to make their choice and though we speak,
with love, we may not spend time in idle regrets for those who could not or
would not ascend in consciousness.
Now, I would leave you, my brothers, my sisters of Earth.
Adonai vassu baragus. Voltra
(June 14, 1966)

(note : the sixties were a turning point on this here time track, in Europe,
contactees were also warned the very same : a space captain woman called
Bea,in charge of the operations of the Fleet in Sweden, told the Swedish
physical contactee Sten Lindgren in the late sixties that "in 30 years from
now, something enormous will happen")
Comments by Cmdr.lyur :
This is a channeling of a high standard. Words are concise, precise, and
well chosen. There is no time lost in emotional devotion, nor personal
addresses to the channel. We do not find here long discourses of vague "love
and light" sentences, who have been said millions of times before. There is
no ego glorification of any kind either to the "sender" nor the "receiver".
Voltra does not care to explain how great his kind are, and from which star
system they are going to save the Earth, all by themselves . He just mention
his home planet, and the work ahead for the Fleet, because in the fleet all
work in the One consciousness, no one consider himself or herself
bigger.Crews from many systems and even galaxies are mixed in the millions
of ships sent by the Confederation of Free Worlds, all placed under the
command of Ashtar (thus the name : Ashtar Command) Some people on Earth name
these beings "Ascended Masters", "Spiritual Hierarchy", they are all but the
very same.
This message was "sent" 34 years ago, when the plan "Mission Planet Earth"
was already in motion, and well foreseen. You can see by yourself that this
message is totally valid for today, almost word by word. Remember time does
not exist for the space brothers and sisters.
At the time, in order to awake the peoples of Earth, step by step, mention
was made first of the moving of the planet and its life forms into the 4th
dimension (or density, same meaning).
Since the 80's, an update has been made in communications, the general
consessus in the fleet and in the ground crews (and in most channels) is
that we are going to transit into the 5th dimension, which is the level of
many of the planets and worlds of the Confederation, as well as of many
ships in the Fleet, although usually the Fleet should be considered as
"Inter-dimensional". Which means that in many ships, you can find 5th
dimensional levels, 6th dimensionals levels, and so forth, all connected to
each other.
The calculations from the computers in the Fleet in the sixties had already
figured about 35% of the humanity able to "pass" into the 5th dimension. All
the work since done was to add a few % to this figure.
What will happen to the rest.? Clearly enough, a number of peoples will
transit into the 4th dimension, by their own choice. Clearly again, as
stated by Voltra, here, this will be done by the lost of the physical body
during Earth changes, while the plan of Jesus and the Fleet is to move
physically the "ones who have chosen themselves to be chosen" into the 5th
level. People loosing the physical body, but having attained a 4th
dimensional consiousness will just go to reincarnate on a new 4D planet,
similar to Earth, already prepared and populated in another universe.
Basically, this new humanity will have a life style like the one today of
many ecologists, vegetariens, self-conscious people doing healing by natural
means. On that planet they will feel by "vibrations", but will not be quite
"telepathic", like on planets of 5th dimension.

The same situation has been set-up by the divine plan concerning a new
"planet Earth-like" of 3th dimensional level, also in another universe. The
plan for the new next universe is that there will be no more 3D or 4D
planets in it, this is why the less-than-light Ets (grey zetis, reptilians,
insectoids) have been asked to move out to another universe, because as soon
as we enter the electro-magnetic null zone of the Photon Belt, plants,
structures and frequencies lower than the 5th will just cease to exist. The
5th dimensionl frequency being the "Christ consciousness" if you want to
call it this way, E.T.s who have chosen not yet to dwell in that
frequencies, have no other option than to leave the new universe.

Same procedure then for the peoples having chosen to remain in a 3rd
dimensional frequency
. They will loose the physical body and will
reincarnate on that "Earth like" planet, to start what is called - as far as
it is possible to read the so much deviated and cutted book called the
Bible - the thousand years of peace. Just meaning that the Confederation
will provide some guidance with spiritual temples for reference and beacons,
as well as ships patroling above, and that will be removed after the
"thousand years" where the famous "satan" invented by the church, which only
exist in the mind of 3rd dimensional consciousness, will be "untied" again.
Meaning this 3D humanity will be left alone to see if able to evolve by
itself = universal prime directive of non-interference.

As you can see the Plan is perfect, there is no need to argue about which
dimension to go, every being, including the plants peoples, the stone
peoples and the animal peoples will make their own choice to go to the place
(frequency) which is the most comfortable for them to live and grow in.
Nobody is lost or left behind.

All is in perfect and divine order.   "There are many mansions in the House of my Father".

 Time to give again our texts "back to Basics" specially this one, since there is still a lot of confusion in "new age"
lists about the ascension on which space brother Voltra is giving below a far better term : "DENSITY
LEVEL TRANSITION"  The text below is still up to date, save for the figures of "pass to the 5th
D", which, instead of growing in %, had dropped down in past years, thanks to a "new age"
turning "low standard" and controled now by the people OPPOSED to this transition.
Golden Love
Captain Lyur
by Cmdr.Lyur

In my series "Back to the Basics", I will present a rather precise and
strong "channeling" from Voltra, a commander in the fleet of
Jesus/Orthon/Sananda and Ashtar. There have been lately some
misunderstandings of the transition into the next level (dimension), even on
high spiritual circles on the net, supposedly well aware of the subject.
Those who have listened to my lectures or speeches in conferences and
conventions, know that I am not crazy about channelings these days, just
because - to say the least - they are as far beyond the high quality and
concise information that was presented by the pioneers of the 50s, 60s, 70s,
and even 80s.This is precisely the purpose of my series "Back to the
Basics". I will give some comments after this message, so by now enjoy the
basics brought by our space brother Voltra, thru the channel Aleuti Francesca.
But before, here is just a little note by Aleuti :
"Men and Women from Space await the Coming Age of Light, the Solar Age upon
the Earth planet. They await you, as you move into the god-self, the
god-consciousness and into the Light Centers of Earth. They await you with
Love and understanding and a longing to welcome Earth home once more. As
Ha-Tonn, our Space Brother, has said: 'Come home, Earthman, come home from
the emptiness of your being.'

Cmdr. Lyur
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