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December 2004 through 2005:  Our Current Cycle of Transition

By Rebecca Michaels;   ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com


It seems like we are reading and hearing daily of a new reality, a new cycle, a new process, a new something we have just entered and are experiencing.  Yep it is true all of it.  Like it or not, have worked for eons for this Moment in The Great Shift or not, we are all experiencing intense cleansing and restructuring.   Cleansing & restructuring in our bodies, our relationships, our jobs, our desires, our governments, our world, nothing/no one is left untouched, ignored or hidden.


It is my intention for this article to be concise and short, so if I leave voids in understanding or you are highly interested in this topic and feel you are part of this, please contact me, and I am happy to clarify or connect with you.


For me, there is no way to gently move into this subject or subject matter, so I shall just hit the floor running.  I speak to this subject of Transition as one who works in our quantum assisting those who make mass Transition and sometimes this is in a form that some view as a mass ascension of sorts. I am passionate about and with this Work, so the intention of this article is about the process, how there are MANY of us on the Team and how to address some of the feelings & expressions we are having which are not our own.


The Beginning


The recent earthquake of 9.0 and tsunami(s) which have followed are the beginning of a Cycle of Transition which will last approximately 13 to 18 months.  If we can manifest a cohesive and coherent vibrational frequency energetic field of Compassion, it will be less. The duration is to allow for more to Awaken and to dislodge the most stubborn belief systems so at the very least, the ones who are close-minded and cold-hearted (so to speak) to others circumstances, might reflect upon them differently, perhaps change a perspective.  Of course we all prefer for everyone to open to compassion and consciousness, and that is not the Calling for every single person.


The Cycle is planned for an event to manifest every few months. We may have more than 3 or 4 months without a situation and then have 2 major events at once.  Each phase/event/situation will increase in the appearance of devastation. It is my understanding that even though more & more enter the state of compassion and remain there as often as possible (what I refer to as radiating a cohesive, coherent vibrational frequency energetic field of compassion), the events will still continue to escalate in the intensity of the expressions due to the extremeness of the non-life-affirming ones who desire to keep control of the world, its peoples and the resources.  This is not meant to be, and hence the final cleansing of and for ourselves and our earth has now begun. This is the first phase in the final Transition Cycle.


This Information is for stabilization and understanding, and it is not about where will these things happen or exactly when, so please do not contact the author with these requests!


We are all interconnected. These events affect each of us, they affect us in different ways.  They can and are actually INTENDED to assist every person evolve to their next level.  We all must assist each other in the ways we can, whether that is to travel to the areas to volunteer, to send financial support (by the way, it is only support---it can not relieve any of the situation, only assist in the basic necessities and/or assist in the next steps for those directly involved!), to participate with stabilizing the waters energetic field, consciously participate in focused & in ongoing ways to attain & radiate the cohesive, coherent emotion of compassion, or whether we are involved in the quantum or inter-dimensional realms on the Transition Team.  It is vital that every one of these Ways have participation. It is important to join together in whatever ways that Call or resonate with us, to participate in such Ways where all the pieces form the pie and where the Whole is stronger and more effective than the Pieces.  It matters not WHAT we do.only that we do SOMEthing.


Transition Team, Transition Station and the Basic Functions


Transition Team:

There is one Transition Team.  The components are comprised of human beings in biology (alive and on planet), galactic species, Inner Earth beings, Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters of all Races, ArchAngels from other universes and planetary areas, Cetaceans on earth now as well as their counter-parts in our Origins and many energetic beings that assist & we can only identify them as spheres of pure love and light.  There are smaller or sub-teams which make up the whole. Each Team has specific focuses and all interweave into THE Transition Team.  In this Team, all are considered equal.  We all have great respect for each other, as some share Traits and Abilities, others have Abilities we do not, and hence it is perfect in Design and function.  Some of us on earth have conscious recall of our involvement. Some walk through the mundane life connected with the multidimensional aspects as if it were a conference call.  Some have no recall and yet feel drawn to this work.


Transition Station:

This is the type of Station that many Vision and visit during meditation, during DreamTime or during Transformation & Restoration sessions. Some refer to them as Healing Temples, Transformation Gardens and other terms.  These Stations are vast & have many levels of environment on them.  This particular Station is utilized for Transition only.  I first encountered it in Aug.2004 and was overwhelmed by the size and the capacity of function.  My human side was in fear, as I worked on the Transition Station we had for 911 and this seemed at least 100 times larger and in some functions, maybe 1000 times larger/different. My human said if 911 was the largest Transition event thus far, what could possibly be upcoming?  I shuddered to even know. It took almost 2 months, my own near Transition/re-activation & new World Service Agreements, and more Training to be familiar and comfortable with the Station and the next Cycle. 


To regress for a moment.  We believed we were prepared for the 911 event.we were not.  We did not fully understand the terror in the emotional body and the non-comprehension in the mental body of what the eyes saw at the moment of Transition.  The subtle bodies separate slightly and sometimes in large degrees (fragmentation) during Transition. There is always a Team with each person which works to hold the field together so the person and the soul do not fragment. If too much fragmentation occurs and some fragments enter other realms, it becomes difficult.  We felt we had the best Trained, most experienced and the most compassionate people and galactics working together.  Whilst all this was true, the missing pieces were that many of the people were at a level whereby they had agreed to assist their multidimensional aspects in Transitionat the same time!---- and I have mentioned the terror.  This caused great fragmentation and a very unique challenge!  This is one reason why many of you felt like you were helping thousands cross over, why you often saw the large crowds and why this continued for weeks. The actual process took months to complete. This was not the normal Transition situation. By the way, the count for those who transitioned is closer to double what the controlled media stated!  This was a large event and we all learned much from it.  As far as the population on earth, all life was raised in vibration and consciousness due to the Compassion expressed.


For this phase of the Transition Cycle, very specialized Races were asked to participate. These are from other universes and to far away to describe.  Close to the Origins is the best I can describe them.  The Station is used only for planetary Transitions of the inhabitants. There are areas for human, animal, crystal/rock/mineral, plant life to be restored and stabilized.  Why is such a device necessary?  Dont people just go thru the veil?   NO. There is a detailed protocol necessary for Transition.  There are those who Chant or Sing a Soul out, and from there a specific Team takes over to assist the person/soul.  In areas where there is mass Transition planned, Transition Stations or ships are utilized. It is not just a one-step process! 


What We Learned To Be Useful For This Current Phase


We learned we needed MORE.  More of everything.  More experienced and Trained (for some of you, this was your first time for this on this planetwell done!) people in biology, more Beings, more rooms, more space, more time to integrate & stabilize and prepare the souls for the next step.  In the 1990s there was a lot of information around regarding the ships where we would assist others during the Ascension.  Basically, this is it!  Some differences of course, and the very basic understanding is correct.  People who read these articles believed it would look differently. It would be an upliftment, a beaming, an easy thing & that this was different than the Earth Changes and Translation Cycles.  Nope. Sorry.  It is not a happy beam of transportation, it can be, and not for 99.9%. It is TRANSITION and it involves the entire planets population.


This Transition Station is approximately the size of half the planet if it were to fit over earth. The numbers we are anticipating and prepared for in this current Transition phase is around = million.  Of course one will never hear this number on the media sources. They will try to keep the number to below 200,000.  We state now, that number has been passed in reality.  We are accommodating approximately 350,000 souls and their fragments at this moment. This is going very smoothly for those in Transition. Those on earth, of course it is harder to comprehend the loss. We have Teams working with every person directly involved in this current situation. Every single person.  They too are in Transitions of different levels.  Which leads to the = million estimate.  As this Process continues, as the unconscious aspects or OverSoul of each person who is directly involved Understands the level of Assistance to the ones who Transitioned, this is conveyed to the subconscious and higher self.  At this point those who are so grief stricken that they cannot continue, those who feel they are too tired to recreate their lives, those who do not desire to raise in vibration, those who are now complete with their contracts and do not want further ones, are presented with the opportunity to Transition at this time as well.  The controlled media does not speak openly of the continued large earthquakes and very little is being conveyed regarding the additional tsunami(s) that are occurring which are the mechanism for those I have just mentioned to use to Transition.  There are approximately 4 phases of the Cycle during the next 13 to 18 months.  By the completion of this Transition Cycle, it is estimated that < to 1/3 of the worlds populations (people, animals, planets, stones) will have fully Transitioned.  Those remaining are re-structuring and re-building the world and the systems to live in harmony and co-existence.  This will be the start of more Love, Joy, Understanding and Acceptance on Earth.


Experiencing and Expressing Emotions and Actions That Do Not Seem Our Own


We are seeing this displayed primarily in the children.  Whether Children or adult, the mechanism is the same.  For the children, they are automatically connected with The Web or the Crystal Web which is where we all will function, as we each merge with our I AM or SoulEssence. It is the New Wiring, so to speak.  It is what some regard as Organic Knowing or telepathy.  To the Children and those not Aware of the subtle differences between the Web and the physical reality, it is very emotionally disruptive!  Children feel and see things in the Web and believe them to be in their physical reality. Or they may see, sense, feel, hear things from the Web and translate them onto the people of the reality they see with their eyes.  For all of us, it is very upsetting. We must fully realize that we are experiencing emotions and senses from other realities and from other beings, and must take the effort to detach and just observe. For children, we must educate them to the differences they are experiencing, insist they use the one body, one energy or soul rule and how to reconnect with their inner strength and Beauty. 


Please feel free to share this information. Permission is granted to

copy and redistribute this newsletter with the condition that full credit is given to Rebecca Michaels(if an article) or to the attached author and authors address if this is a sharing.


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