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 COSMIC NEWS                by M. Kelley Hunter
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Saturn New Moon   

The New Moon on July 17 joined the Sun and Saturn, suggesting a strong
Saturnian influence during this moon cycle. Saturn is here with his scythe,
harvesting the old, pulling out weeds. THIS IS IT, TIME FOR THE NEXT STEP.
We are planting seeds that have long-term repercussions. New developments
are sprouting, requiring special nurturing. Take care and tend your garden.
As the Bible says, "There is a time to every season under Heaven."

In June it was Venus, in July it is famous ringed Saturn making the news. We
can¹t see it in the sky these nights, because it is hanging out in the day
sky very close to the Sun. But Cassini is thrilling Earth-bound star gazers
with stunning images of Saturn.

Saturn is the quintessential ringed planet, circled by a fascinating series
of rings that come in many sizes and forms, from small dust particles to
mountainous masses. Puzzling scientists, Voyagers of 1980 and 1981 revealed
that the rings possess far more structure than anyone expected, including a
host of bizarre features--clumps, kinks, spokes, and braids. Cassini has
detected dirt and oxygen clouds in the rings.

In the last few years, Saturn and Jupiter have been having a moon contest.
Jupiter¹s bevy of moons now totals 47, with 37 for Saturn. By far the
largest Saturnine moon, Titan has a substantial atmosphere, thicker than
that of Earth. Tantalizing new images show possible tectonic features,
suggesting earth processes at work.

Saturn has wild winds, reach speeds up to 1100 miles per hour, creating
zonal jets or bands in the upper atmosphere. It now appears that these winds
have slowed down by almost half over the last 20 years. Maybe Saturnian
churchgoers observe Hurricane Supplication Day like we do in the Virgin

It is especially interesting that Cassini arrived at Saturn at the beginning
of July, just in time for the U.S. birthday. The U.S. Sun sign is Cancer,
and that is where Saturn is now, actually aligning with the U.S. Sun in June
for the first time in almost 30 years. Think about what was going on back
then in 1974 into 1976.

The meaning of Saturn is demonstrated by its defining rings. It brings form,
shape and structure. As the mythic Father of Time, Saturn indicates endings
and new beginnings. It is a planet of responsibility and accountability.
Saturn is interested in effectiveness and conserving for the long run.
Cancer can tend repeat familiar patterns from the past but no, Saturn says,
it is time for further growth.  It is a soul-shaping summer for the United
States and its President, also a Sun sign Cancer. It is a test of the
American soul. Saturn brings belt-tightening times. We are building for the
future. Time will tell.

We¹ll know more by the Full Moon. This moon cycle culminates with a rare
BLUE MOON on July 31. Such a second full moon in a month happens only every
two or three years.

This month belongs to Saturn, but let us not forget about Venus. New seeds
planted with the quality of Venus are the loveliest, most harmonious and
satisfying ones. Like beautiful flowers, let¹s plant Venus in our lives,

In honor of Venus, I am offering some of my Caribbean Mermaid FLOWER
ESSENCES free, made on astrologically powerful days: White Jasmine total
eclipse, 2-tone pink hibiscus and plumbago, Golden hibiscus with quartz,
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send out, before July 23 only.

Travel Schedule 2004

The earth upon her celestial spindle winds
    Her ecstasy-producing danceS.--Kathleen Raine

Email or call Kelley at 1-888-7ALTAIR or 340-643-2179 unless other contact

VT    MONTPELIER AND BURLINGTON areas. July 24-August 11
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POUGHKEEPSIE The Linden Tree Center at 845-471-8000
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August 21, 24-25 Personal consultations*
August 21, 7-9:00 pm - Venus and the Cosmic Flow: Astrological gateway to
August 24: 7-9:00 pm --Communing with Venus: Mandala Art and Your Horoscope

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DALLAS September 6-12
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FORT WORTH       Sunday, Sept. 12, 1pm
Astrological Society of North Texas, contact sandrawilliams11@prodigy.com.

HOUSTON  September 14-19     Personal consultations  contact Kelley
September 14 or 15, 7-9:00  - Venus and the Cosmic Flow: Gateway to 2012
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Saturday, September 18, 10am-4pm, Communing with Venus
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October 18    Bath Spa College
October 25    Astrological Lodge of London, contact carole-west@ntlworld.com
M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D.
Astrologer, mythologist, educator and artist
ST JOHN  VI 00831-0037

Con-sider = with stars

 "It's not easy waking up before dawn, but this week it's worth doing.
 Venus, the 'morning star,' is absolutely brilliant in the eastern sky,
 and its getting brighter every day. On July 14th, Venus & the crescent
 moon will appear side by side--a lovely sight. On July 15th Venus
 reaches  maximum brightness for the rest of 2004. Don't miss it!"


Psychic renewal occurs as Venus rises fresh from the sea of our inner
world. Renaissance comes to Middle Earth. East coast dwellers can now
see Venus rising from the sea before the Sun. Boticelli's Birth of
Venus http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/botticelli/venus/venus.jpg
illustrates the beginning of every cycle of Venus when an angelic
trinity (the Horae) come to clothe Venus as she rises fresh from the
waters. Venus symbolizes grace, beauty, love, and creative powers
of the soul. Morning star Venus brings power to restore natural law
and order to the world. Law one is Love.

Soul expression is facilitated through deep breathing and physical
stretching. Any energy that threatens to overwhelm can be channeled
to soul purpose through deep breathing while focusing on an ideal
or dream purpose in the soul star overhead. Free form dancing in a
secure psychic space, sacred space, followed by quiet time can also
help open to deeper dimensions of soul power symbolized by Venus.

Progressive shedding of physical tension / body armor and its related
emotional charges brings one more and more into a state of physical
and spiritual grace. Psychic and physical regeneration follow.

Physical grace facilitates the flowering of love and beauty and
personal creativity. Graceful flow on the physical allows awareness
of intuitive guidance that leads to being in right place at right time
to receive what is needed. Yoga, tai chi, Pilates and other forms of
body culture can help release chronic muscle tensions and related
emotional blockages that inhibit expression of core being. Physical
exercise helps balance and anchor soulful realizations coming through.

Many significant new relationships and new friendships will be formed
during the days/weeks following the crescent New Moon on July 18th.
On August 4th Venus moves out of her shadow and into totally new
territory. After this the best magic of the New Venus cycle will flow
freely. This timr is significant because this Venus cycle began with
the historic Venus transit of June 8th. We will experience another
Venus transit on June 6th 2012. From August 4th 2004 to June 6th 2012
is Magic Renaissance Time. Between now and August 4th, we're to clear
our minds and hearts so we can move forward, upward and inward to the
heart of love and truth where can be realizes the powers of the soul.

"History never repeats itself but it does rhyme"

                                       - Mark Twain

"Of the portents recorded in ancient tales many did happen
and will happen again."
                                        - Plato 427-347 BC


Every 500 years the Phoenix dies in flames and rises again
from the ashes. An old order passes away and a new world is born.

Five hundred years ago a native American Holy Man had a
vision of a great Eagle perched at the top of a "World Tree."
The Iroquois Messenger saw that each branch of the tree was
a tribe and all tribes are united by a common soil. From this
vision grew the Iroquois Confederacy that was symbolized by
an Eagle clutching arrows to represent the tribes united.

The American Eagle has long been identified with the Phoenix.
America's first Great Seal depicted an Eagle with top notch like
the Phoenix. Native Americans call this mythic creature Thunder
Bird and Fire Bird. A Native American poster of the early 70s
shows a Phoenix (Morning Star Venus) standing on the Sun with
rays of light radiating upward from its wings.

Legend says that the Phoenix dies and rises anew from its ashes
- every five hundred years ...


White Buffalo Woman is returning to our world, Morning Star Woman
is another of her names. Venus, Morning Star, is exalted in this time.

The Mayans call Venus Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. The flying
of the Feathered Serpent is a myth for our time. When the Feathered
Serpent flies, America, land of the Feathered Serpent, comes to full
life and spiritual consciousness. The path of the Feathered Serpent
is along a straight line of chakra cities that begin with Mexico City
and Tenochtitlan, where the Feathered Serpent is coiled, through Atlanta,
Washington (the solar plexus), Philadelphia (heart), New York (throat)
and Boston (Ajna or brow). Collective attention to New York and Boston
this summer is an important part of this transforming/awakening process.

The five hundred year cycle of the Phoenix is marked by a Pluto transit
of the fire sign Sagittarius. The renaissance begins as Pluto moves
through Sagittarius and Venus rises before the Sun. A new Venus occurs,
Venus rises before the Sun, every 18 months. The New Venus following
the historic transit of Venus on June 8th signals New Renaissance.

The return of Venus as Morning Star is a sign of the coming of White
Buffalo Woman in Native prophecy. The rising of Venus also symbolizes
the flight of the Phoenix in Egyptian myth. The Mayans call Venus rising
before the Sun Quetzalcoatl, the Egyptians know Venus rising as "Bennu."

The Egyptians call their Phoenix "Bennu" and chant to invoke its return:
"Ba, bak, Bennu!"  This Egyptian mantric phrase combines the Ba (dove),
Bak (hawk), and Bennu (phoenix). Ba is Egyptian for soul, Bak is the
physical body, and Bennu the transcendent spirit.

Sound is key to healing and transforming. All of us are capable of making
sounds that heal. Simply intone or chant while tuning to what is intended.
Sounding out grief and pain we feel can help heal, will invoke healing from
celestial powers that be. Many people sounding together can heal the world.
Remember how Harry Potter's Phoenix generates a protective dome with sound
to protect him from the dark lord Voldemort. Sound protects as well as

In metaphysical teaching it is understood that every day is a new creation
that begins with a sound at Sunrise. Each New Moon and every season also
begins with a cosmic sound. In the beginning was / is the Word...

The ancient Egyptian religion centered around the "bringing back of
the goddess eye." The Egyptians saw the return of the Eye as necessary
for social and spiritual renewal. The Goddess Eye returns to clear the
way before the renaissance Phoenix takes flight. In many old tarot decks
the Goddess Eye (Morning Star Venus) can be seen as the Source of the
lightning bolt casting down the false king and queen of Key XVI. The
Tower of Divine Destruction is also knowna as the Tower of Liberation.

The Native vision of democracy that made America great is expanding now
to include the whole Earth and America is being guided to realize its
rightful role as a leader at the Round Table of the World. This future
unfolds with the Flight of the Phoenix and the melting of the ring of
autocratic power as foreseen by J.R.R. Tolkien.

APHRODITE RISING    by M. Kelley Hunter   kellhunter@earthlink.net

Venus reappears as the Morning Star, Aphrodite rising from the sea,
born fresh and new, full of sparkle and spunk.

The Mayans knew Venus as Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, a shamanic
spirit-guide. In Copan, the Venus god was a jaguar. The stations of Venus
were particularly important in the timing of events.

In ancient Sumeria, the cradle of western civilization, the myth of
Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is written around the movements
of Venus. As the Lady of the Evening, she is the goddess of Love;
as morning star, she is the Goddess of War, who storms over the land.

         You flash like lightning over the highlands,
         You throw your firebrands across the earth,
         Your deafening command, whistling like the South Wind,
                 splits apart great mountains.
         Holy Priestess, who can sooth your troubled heart?
                           --Wolkstein and Kramer


Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice, is the origin of our sign Libra.
Venus is the ruler of Libra. Maat stands with her scale on the western
horizon. On one side of the scale is a heart and on the other is a feather.
Maat asks each to let go of all that makes the heart heavy so it becomes as
light as a feather. This can be helped in meditation by allowing feeling
while breathing deeply to release old pain and sadness. Emotional repression
cannot occur while deep breathing, breathing deeply releases repressed

The left hand of Maat holds a scale, her right holds the All-Seeing Eye:
an eye in a triangle streaming golden rays.

The Eye is the instrument by which Maat metes out Justice. It is said that
when this Eye withdraws from the world evil reigns for a time. When the
sacred Eye returns evil is destroyed.

The Goddess Eye an instrument for "psychic editing" needed in the world
at this time: Identify a harmful thought or behavior pattern that concerns
you. Then in imagination separate the abusive pattern from the person or
people involved. (Include with this pattern the false rationalizations that
underpin it.) Next breathe deeply while bringing up irritation or anger you
feel. On a final out breath release your anger as a bolt of lightning
the target pattern. When the pattern breaks, bless the energy bound in it
and send this energy to serve a good, an ideal you want to become real. This
is a method for psychic transformation.  Note: This technique will only work
against a pattern that disturbs you personally and it will only clear
that the soul of the other person wills to relinquish. When this is true
soul will co-operate with you in bringing liberation.


Our soul's destiny is realized sooner or later as we align with cosmic
forces. Planetary powers ("the seven spirits before the throne") may be
contacted through planet watching. Astrological wisdom can come through
"stargazing." Meditating on the heavenly orbs is a way to open to their
influences. Focus on the star or planet while deep breathing to better
receive its power and principle. Tuning to Venus harmonizes relationships
and opens creativity, tuning to the Balsamic Moon heals what/who you feel.

Focus on the planet or star, hold your left palm up toward its light to
receive, place the right palm on the hara chakra just below the navel
and breathe deeply. Deep breathing is important because it is the chief
way to take in chi, an energy more present at certain times and places.
Chi is a very fine, highly compressible subtle substance that comes in 7
planetary flavors. Great quantities of chi can be stored in the hara.

The planets to pay most attention are those that are currently exalted,
in rulership or in "mutual reception." Venus in esoteric rulership in
Gemini brings new teachings, new instruction from spirit for restoring
love to power and natural order to the world. Moon exalted in Cancer
at the New Moon July 17th carries influence through the lunar cycle.
The Moon channels the magic of Uranus, the Egyptian Onuris who, with
lion headed Sekhmet, brings back the Goddess Eye. Uranus and Neptune
in mutual reception partner in leading the way forward. Neptune now
and for months beyond is at midAquarius activating the power gate of
air, station of the healing angel Raphael and place of the Sword of
Truth called Anduril by J.R.R. Tolkien. The word "Anduril" can be used
as a mantra for psychic clearing, for cutting away false thought forms
and empowering the true. See Tolkien's Silmarilion for more information.

We might remember in this time of transition that angels are entities
with powers beyond ours and they can be of great help to us if we ask.
They must be bidden because they act only in response to expressed need
and prayer. Free will is a prime directive respected by angels of the
spiritual plane. When asked they can and do work wonders. Ask and ye
shall receive; Seek and you shall find; Knock and the door will open
for you:   A.S.K.

Job 38: "Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the whirlwind:
         Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth?
         when the morning stars sang together,
         and all sons and daughters of God shouted for joy?

        "Have you commanded the morning since your days began,
         and caused the dawn to know its place,
         that it might take hold of the skirts of the Earth,
         and the wicked be shaken out of it?

        "Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades,
         or loose the cords of Orion?
         Can you lead the Mazzaroth in their season,
         or can you guide the Bear with its children?
         Do you know the ordinances of the heavens?
         Can you establish their rule on the Earth?

 Each day is a new creation;
 in the beginning is the word,
 the sound of the soul in celebration.

 "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." - Bob Marley


The Balsamic Moon is the phase of the Moon cycle that occurs
during the 3 days before the New Moon. The Balsamic Moon phase
is known as the Wishing Moon. It is also called the Witches Moon
because medieval witches put people on the air for healing at this
time of every "moonth." Healing comes through feeling at this pivotal
time of the Moon's cycle. A wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more
likely to come true because need is felt so deeply now.

The Balsamic Moon is visible as a small crescent in the eastern sky
an hour or so before Sunrise. During this time (1-3 days before New
Moon) we are more apt to feel what our true needs are. The more deeply
a need is felt now the more invocative energy goes into the beginning
of the Moon cycle and the more likely that this core need will be
fulfilled. Fulfillment comes at the Full Moon in response to what
is seeded at the New.


CANCER NEW MOON  - July 17, 2004
by Stephanie Austin, M.A.
In Tibetan Buddhism, the period from the New Moon in Cancer to the New
Moon in Leo is considered to be one of the two most auspicious times
for spiritual practice (the other is the lunar month following the New
Moon in Pisces). It is perhaps no coincidence that these two signs,
Cancer and Pisces, represent the most yin, receptive energies in the
zodiac. This New Moon invites us to deepen our attunement with the
feminine aspect of consciousness.

The word "matter" comes from the same root as the word for "mother"
(mat). In the beginning was the Word, but also the Mother, the cosmic
womb from which all life springs. New Moons invite us to rediscover
the fertile void, the place within us that has infinite intelligence
and creativity. We always have access to that Source, but this New
Moon in Cancer opens the door a little wider.

Several aspects make it easier for us to tap into our inner wisdom.
Venus (the only planet in our solar system, other than the Moon, that
has a feminine association) is involved in close aspects to Neptune,
Jupiter, and Mars. Venus forms a partile trine to Neptune (15° Gemini
-Aquarius). Trines represent interactions that can occur with little
exertion or struggle; in this case, a little effort goes a very long
way. The Goddess of Love's domain is personal affection; the God of
the Sea rules unconditional love. In the first and third air signs,
this combo facilitates communication and collaboration with like-minded
souls. Venus in Gemini loves to share ideas; Neptune in Aquarius is
devoted to dissolving barriers to progress. Together, they inspire
innovations and new coalitions.


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