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KIRAEL Shift Report       September 2004

"Consciously Creating with the Divine Cycles of Life"
Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

Many of you choosing to come to this Earth plane have come here just because of the cycling of events. And I say to you that everything in your world runs in proverbial cycles of life.  Cycles run rampant throughout the entire forecast of your energy.  You can see it on every level if you but have the courage to go there and look.  My suggestion, my friends, is that each and every time you recognize something in your life that is not going in the direction you would like to go, you might want to look at whatever cycles are evolving in the process with you.

So let us start here on Earth with the beautiful feminine energies, which at a very young age begin what we consider to be a cycle of 28 days.  If you stop and think about the number 28 just for a moment and apply my numerology to it, you come to the God cycle.1  And then let us go to the far edge of these cycles and look at your sun system with the planets evolving around it.  This is part of a grand cycle.   In fact, if you look at what is called the Milky Way galaxy—which is amongst many other galaxies—this Milky Way galaxy is turning around the center of the universe at approximately one-half million miles per hour, yet it takes what you would consider to be about 200 of your years to complete its cycle.

Here you can see that cycles are the beginning and the end state of everything to do with your particular endeavors in the human world.   So let us open this cycle energy and see how far we can take it this very day.

Female and Male Cycles
In the world of the female, it was chosen that with every cycle she would move into a God plane. This cycling period, as I said, is approximately 28 days, and so on the 28th day you hit that God cycle. This means that the female goes through a change every 28 days. Whereas the basic human cycle is determined to change approximately every seven years,2 the female does it every 28 days. So you can begin to understand why her thoughts may feel a bit pulled every now and then. And I say this in the greatest of honor because you cannot but honor an energy pattern that would have the courage to cycle itself every 28 days.

Now, the male cycle is a little bit different. It is not well known on your Earth plane, but the male cycle runs 81 days, and so every 81 days the male cycle makes another turn. And rather than being a God cycle, it is a Completion cycle.3 This leaves the male orientation always trying to recompose its life. Males are always trying to move into that what we call the hunter stage, which means they have literally moved from one space into the next and now need to compensate for what they feel they have left behind. This gives them a more aggressive nature and also makes the possibility of attaining balance a little harder.  It does not mean there is anything wrong; it simply means that males depend on the shorter female cycle to catch their balance every so often, and that is why you have such a beautiful, compassionate love between the male and the female world. It is all to do with cycles.

Planetary Cycles and Evolutionary Beings
If you look at the orbit of Earth, it is almost a circle as it goes around your sun. You call it a year, yet it is a cycle. If you look at the other planets that do not have the habitation that you have here on the Earth plane, you will notice that their orbits are not quite as round. If you go out to the far reaches of Pluto, you will notice that it has a radical cycle [orbit] compared to that of the Earth.

Within each sun system a planet is designed to a circular cycle such as Earth, and this is where you will find most of your evolutionary beings doing their journeys. For instance, in the Sirian system, the Sirius planet cycles around its sun in almost a perfect circle much like the orbit of your Earth.

The galaxy you are in has billions of stars and many of those sun systems hold the potential of evolving life forms. If your scientists want to know which systems have humanoid (or at least evolutionary) beings, all they have to do is detect the sun system, look at the planets, and see which planet has the most perfectly round cycle as it rotates around its sun. You will find that this information will give them a great edge in deciding which ones are inhabitable and which ones are not.

If something causes a warp in the cycle and it cannot maintain the vibration necessary to support an evolutionary being, the evolutionary beings will find a way to dissolve themselves from that reality.  This is why many of your systems that were once inhabited are no longer inhabitable.  Mars is a grand example.  At one point Mars’s orbit of the sun was almost identical to that of the Earth plane, and at some point it went out of that cycle.  And now as we speak, Mars is in a cycle where its potential to maintain humanoid or evolutionary beings is being reset. So when the day comes for you to go and probably inhabit that planet—which is still quite a bit in what you consider to be your future—you will know that its orbit has readjusted itself and become circular again.

Cycling into Your Incarnation    
Everything that you have anything to do with runs in cycles. As you come into this Earth plane and you look at your blueprint, as you decide what you want to complete in this journey called Earth human, you make sure that you come in at a certain phase of your moon, sun, and star cycles.

This might help you understand that it is a little bit more difficult to choose a parental energy than you might have thought it was. You may have the perfect parents picked out and they will not come to the cycle that you are choosing. In that case, you will rewrite your blueprint to a new set of parents, who will get you into the cycle you want.

If you come into this world and miss the cycle that you were shooting for—for instance you were aiming for an Aries cycle and you wind up in a Gemini cycle—this throws a whole new reality into your blueprint.  There are adjustments made as you are in the womb because you are now in a nine-month cycle, which will be a completion cycle. You will make as many adjustments as you can to your new vibration and make it work.  This is why oftentimes you will see, for instance, Scorpios having some Sagittarian traits. They may have missed their cycle by 30 days and now they are readjusting.

Those of you choosing to come to your Earth plane for this Great Shift in consciousness had to find a way to enter the world during what they call the Piscean cycle and then journey into the Aquarian cycle. In this way you would get the flow and the understanding of the Pisces energy before you would know how to work with the Aquarian thought process.

The new children coming into the Earth plane are entering directly into the Aquarian cycle; these beings are absolutely styled to the new energy and did not need the old Piscean energy. This is why some of the children in your current space have been seen as not matching up with the norm, so to speak, of a child on the Earth plane.

Consciously Creating with Your Cycles
So be very aware that everything you have comes in cycles
. If you are not happy with your life, you might want to look at adjusting your cycles, and that can be done through the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating,4 using things along the lines of meditation, sleep state programming and, of course, masterminding.  You can adjust a cycle.  So I repeat: if you are not happy in the cycle you have been working in during the last 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 years (I didn’t want to leave anybody out), you are not limited to that cycle. You are allowed to move throughout any of the cycles.

(Astrology can be a path to this understanding' Keth, Get an Astrology Session with Jan )
The most important thing I can say to you, my friends, is that those who can recognize their cycles the quickest are the ones who will advance the fastest.  And so I suggest to you that when you are searching for your balance, what you really need to search for is the motion being set, or what we consider to be your e-motion. The emotional body that you have literally ignored for so long is the balancing focus of the four-body system—physical ,emotional, mental and spiritual. This is where your cycles begin—in the emotional realm.

The cycle of the physical body, for instance—the female cycle of 28 days and the male cycle of 81 days—is caused by the cycle of the emotion. This is why you will see a female that doesn’t exactly hit the 28th day every time—sometimes 24, sometimes 30—yet you would still find it within the cycle reality of 28.

Whether your growth is in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reality, you will find that if you recognize you are in a cycle, you can work with it. If you deny it, it will work with you. (That’s a key phrase.) And once you recognize you are in a cycle and you can work with it, you will find that answers come to you from other realms than the third dimension.  Once you recognize how the cycle of energy works around you, you will know when you are more in alignment with your guidance.

Unless you intend to become a medium like my medium, you will have to focus on knowing when you are getting the clearest parts of your message.  You may be getting messages 365 days a year, but many of those messages may be out of the realm because your cycle does not merge at a vibration with them.  And so you will learn when you are at your highest power to do your automatic writings or when to actually begin your channeling.   And then those of you that can overcome the cycle completely, you will find your ability to become a medium becomes very strong.   And so part of the journey is detecting the cycles of the spirit world, the world of guides and angels.  They work in a cycle just exactly as you do. There is nothing outside the realm of cycle.

When you decide you want something (Did you ever wonder about why you wait so long to decide you want something?), when you decide you want something, it becomes a thought process within your reality.  Once it becomes a thought process, it has now a tangible reality.  Anything that has a tangible reality is susceptible to what I am calling life’s greatest forecast, and life’s greatest forecast is the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.

Each one of you now has become—or anybody who reads this article will become—aware that their guidance cycle, their ability to connect with guidance, is stronger at certain times in, say, a 30-day period than it is at other times.  So now the question is:  How do I find the peak of my cycle for receiving messages from the other vibrational powers that are available?   The first thing you do is you put the question through the Ten Principles; you run it through the fullness those principles.  Now, once you have run that question through all ten of those principles—I know it is a bit of a pain, isn’t it?   But it depends on how bad you want it, I guess—once you have processed that question through all Ten Principles, you will have at least a trinity of times that will best show the height of your cycle in communication with the unseen forces of light.

Once you have the trinity, then you simply balance it with the four-body system.  You look at your physical world and what it is going to be going through. You match it with your emotional body, your mental and your spiritual, and you will find the absolute peak of your cycle.  And that peak is the point when you will absolutely want to spend more time than usual in your meditative state.

I will give you some examples. There is one sitting before me [in the audience] who has an eight-day cycle where he is at his highest peak to talk with the outside forces; he has an eight-day concurrent cycle.  The other male energy in the audience over here has a seven-day cycle of when the highest vibration of his healing knowledge comes, and this is because he runs all of his energy in a cycle of healing.   And then the lady sitting over here has a cycle that opens up twice in the same month in what we consider to be balancing focuses.   So she has four days of cycle that are absolute peak where she could channel or be a medium, two days here and two days there. All of these are different.

The Numerology of the Divine Cycle
Everything has a defined cycle, and the period of the cycle has little bearing on the outcome because it is within the cycle itself that you are concerned with, not the edges outside of it. So if you are looking for what we consider to be a divine note in that cycle, what I would suggest to you is to look at the numerology of the cycle.

Let us consider a 30-day cycle, for instance, and look at the 15th day of that cycle. The 15th is easy enough because that is a "6" in my numerology. But is it truly? In the divine cycle, what you do is you take the 1 and the 5 and you make it a 6. Now picture in your mind a 6 and then put a 1 right down through the center of it. This actually takes your cycle into its proper divine perspective, meaning that you have a "7" cycle as opposed to a 6. Whereas a 6 is mastery, 7 is transition.

All cycles would work out in the same, very basic manner.   Very simply, all you have to do is put a 1 down through the finite number that you get, bringing what we call the micro-world into alignment. The micro-world then expands itself into the macro-world.  And so in our example of the 15th day, the cycle that you are searching for would come to that 7 number because it would be the 6 with the 1 down through it; anything in that cycle would begin to illuminate itself in a very transitional way.5   Once you find the cycle you are searching for, you would be able to use that energy.

Emotions as the Balancer
In your healing journey, when something comes upon you that makes you focus on one of your four bodies—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual—then you know that is the one that you really need to pay attention to.   In that light, the emotional body is the balancer of the four bodies; so here is how to take your emotional body process and use it to balance your cycles.

First of all, you take your birth sign, and that will give you a month or at least a period where the energy is most functional.   For instance, you look at the month of November as a Sagittarian month, right? (I know that because the medium is one of those.)   November is the 11th month which brings you to a 2.  Now take the 2 and foster it, if you will, with a 1.  You put that 1 down the center of the 2 and now you have a "3" cycle, which means that anybody working in that particular area is looking at the trinity focus, the trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion.  So if you are a healing energy that is "11 born" or a Sagittarius, you now know that you are going to have to look at the Truth, Trust and Passion within your healing; the powers you want to use are in there.

No matter what you are working on, it is going to focus on emotions. That is your balancer.  You cannot avoid it.  For those of you that are working with the lack of Love or you don’t know how to express Love or receive Love, it is always going to form in your emotional process.  For those of you that are working with Anger management, it is going to focus in your emotional body.

So in order to be able to balance the energy of emotions, you will have to use the Ten Principles.   Once you apply those principles and bring to a focus what you need to do, then you weave it through all four bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.  You say, "But, Master Kirael, are we going to put our emotions through emotion?"  Oh, absolutely.  And when you do that, it will bring you to a balancing phase and it will give you the message of what you need now to do to bring your intent to its fullness.

Closing Statement
In your journey you have to know this—you have to, have to, have to (you can put that in there three times)—you need to understand that your journey is a constant question.  The journey is a constant seeking.  It is a constant question of evolution.  You never arrive; you pass through.   You pass through one level of awareness into the next, and that is a cycle.

You are constantly cycling.  You never arrive at a point, yet passing through a point causes a new cycle to unfold.  And once you can learn how to determine your cycles by using the different powers available to you, you come to the greatest clarity of all humankind: this world is directed by you, a force that doesn’t recognize that you have the power.   And once you recognize that you have the power to direct your force, your life becomes what you want it to be.

So those of you that are afraid that you will have lives that are too good, believe me when I tell you, you will not arrive at "too good."  You will cycle through it and you can keep the up cycle and move to another plane of existence.  That is the key to life itself.

You do not need to be worried about having life that is too good.   I know it might sound strange to you, but some people really worry about having a life so good that they don’t deserve it.   But you do not have to worry about it because you do not arrive; you simply cycle through.  And as you cycle through, you create a whole new set of adventures, a whole new set of wavelengths, a whole new vibration, and then believe me, a whole new part of your cycle unfolds.

God bless and good evening.

1 In Master Kirael’s numerology a "1" refers to the Creator, genesis, etc. The root numerology of 28 is 1 (i.e., 2+8=10, 1+0=1). For more details, see Kirael: The Genesis Matrix or visit http://www.kirael.com/basics/numerology.html
2 See Guide to the Unseen Self for a detailed description of the seven-year cycle in humans.

3 In Kirael’s numerology, a "9" signifies completion.
4 See www.Kirael.com for more information on the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.

5 In Kirael’s numerology, a "7" is associated with transition

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