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  Reflections On Christmas  Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet

St.Germain   12/24/04


On the Eve of your of Christmas celebrations I want to deliver a hard hitting message, so that you are in no doubt as to who is winning the battle for control of the people’s minds on Earth.   You are beginning to come together, and small groups become larger ones and so you find power in your voice.   It is a measure of how much everything is changing, when you can now read of dissent amongst the armed Forces.   These are people who are trained to carry out orders yet they also see there is so much going wrong.   The politicians are aware of the growing dissent against them, but as usual they will totally ignore what you are saying.   They are running scared, and being approached from so many sides at once, they do not know which way to turn.   They still believe themselves to be in perfect control of their affairs, but I tell you that they achieve nothing unless it is sanctioned by us.   But even the dark have to be allowed a certain amount of leeway to carry out their deeds, but they are fully monitored.

One of the greatest events shall be when the precious metals backed currency is introduced.   The Dollar will no longer be “run off” each time more are needed without being backed up by a legal monetary system.   The trillions of Dollars that are held by the Illuminati, will be recovered and re-distributed.   This is money that has been mainly acquired through illegal deals, fraud and drug running.   Oh yes, the dark never miss up a chance to make a quick buck.   They believe that they have been clever enough to deceive us by putting their ill-gotten gains in secret accounts, but we know where they are and they shall not escape.   Our authority goes beyond the top men, and even to their minions who have shared in this greed and will answer to us.   All areas of finance are going to be re-organized and you will be able to trade with others in full confidence.


The dark will be put in a place where they can no longer exercise authority over others.   Their powers are going to be removed, and this will be done in an absolutely legal way.   Then you will see true Statesmen come to the fore, who can be trusted and speak from their heart.   So many of the unnecessary restrictions on you will be removed, and this will be just one step on the way to complete world freedom.   Countries will no longer feel a need to impose so many rules and regulations that currently restrict so much traveling.  You cannot tell me that there is a single person who would not be pleased to feel free to travel where they chose.  The Earth has been a wonderful home to you all, yet those who have held positions of power have totally let you down and made it into a modern day prison.

Change, change and more change will be the order of the day  and  those who have followed NESARA will know what this means,  It will have taken some while to arrive, but in the end you will see that the wait was worthwhile.   Even now some cannot understand how the changes can be brought in,  but remember we have our allies amongst you,  thousands in fact, and present where there is a need to ensure all runs well.   Of course the dark know the principle parts of our plans, and they try to steal the precious metals, and divert money provided for the prosperity programs into their own pockets.   This will not be allowed, not even one Cent.

Dear Ones I wish I could take you aboard some of our ships, and you could capture our buoyant mood and share our happiness now.   We see only your victory, everything is so far advanced that nothing will affect the outcome.

Regardless of color, creed or politics, take a few restful days off and lose yourself in your own little world.  Not only enjoy yourself in your quietness, but also find a place for your Creator God.   Give thanks where it is due, as you owe your very existence to the power of the Creator God.   This period is the start of the era of new Man and soon you shall understand exactly what that will mean to you.   It will be through the help of many Dear Souls who will come to you from all over the Universe.  

I am St.Germain and trust I have given you an uplifting message that will carry into the Year 2005.   Keep thinking positively, and do not give the dark any place in your life any longer.   Legions of Angels come to the Earth at these happy and joyful times to enjoy your festivities with you.   Keep living up to the new levels of vibration and spread them wide and far.  A Happy Christmas and New Year, from all of your friends in the higher dimensions.

Thank you St .Germain


Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones,
Could this be the ET intervention or assistance that we are receiving?  I like to think so, as I know they are doing everything they can to clean up our atmosphere and while their assistance may not be readily apparent or even make sense to us, there is much we don't currently understand.  I choose to acknowledge this mysterious energy that is being beamed to us as a positive change that will affect the whole world.  If this is what it takes to clean up and neutralize the radiation in our atmosphere, then I say bring it on.
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star

December 22, 2004
Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet,  Global Weather Systems in Chaos

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences

An increasingly panicked global effort is now underway by the worlds
top scientists to understand an unprecedented series of `blasts',
energy surges, which the planet has been taking from as an yet
unknown source which has been bombarding Antarctica with cosmic rays
and disrupting Northern Hemisphere weather systems on a global scale.

The first of these cosmic ray blasts occurred nearly 5 years ago and
have been increasing in their frequency and intensity since the end
of November. The once normally darkened skies of the Northern
Hemispheres Arctic regions are now in twilight due to these blasts.
Wayne Davidson, from the Canadian Government's weather station at
Resolute Bay, located in the Arctic Circle, says about this
mysterious lighting, "The entire horizon is raised like magic, like
the hand of God is bringing it up."

On December 1, 2004 the largest recorded blast sent not only
shockwaves through the world scientific community but also through
the Northern Hemisphere resulting in one of the largest weather
events in recorded human history when 86,800 square miles of China
was shrouded in fog, bringing transportation systems (especially air
travel) to a virtual standstill throughout the country.

As reported by the BBC in this article from October, 2002, "German
scientists have found a significant piece of evidence linking cosmic
rays to climate change. They have detected charged particle clusters
in the lower atmosphere that were probably caused by the space
radiation. They say the clusters can lead to the condensed nuclei
which form into dense clouds."

These German scientists from the from the Max Planck Institute of
Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg go on to say that their
measurements "have for the first time detected in the upper
troposphere large positive ions with mass numbers up to 2500",
and "Our observations provide strong evidence for the ion-mediated
formation and growth of aerosol particles in the upper troposphere."

What they hadn't expected to happen though has been the large scale
occurrences of this over the past few weeks, to include China on
December 2nd and 14th and then India on the 21st, which is due to
both China's and India's reliance on fossil fuels and the continuing
degradation of their air quality.

The effects of these blasts have also been felt throughout the rest
of the Northern Hemisphere resulting in such freak occurrences as,
hurricane force winds in Paris , Germany, Canada, Russia, England and
the United States on an almost simultaneous basis. Accompanying
these hurricane force winter winds have been the massive cold fronts
following them dropping normal winter lows to record lows throughout
the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Though not yet at a point to acknowledge this publicly, some of the
world's top scientists are beginning to see an astrophysical
correlation between these cosmic ray blasts to our planet and an
ever increasing number of global events relating to atmospheric
explosions of inbound meteors, such as those in Indonesia, where a
meteorite was picked up by their Air Forces radar, China, where a
meteorite explosion turned `night into day' and Washington D.C. where
one police official stated, "It looked like a ball of fire falling
out of the sky."

The world's top scientists have begun coordinating with Dr. Eun-Suk
Seo from the United States University of Maryland, and her team, in
a `search' for answers to the origin of these cosmic ray blasts
directed from an unknown origin in space towards the South Pole and
disrupting our global weather systems.

Under Dr. Eun-Suk Seo her and her international team's direction NASA
launched a stratospheric balloon on December 20th from Antarctica's
McMurdo base and have stated, "The balloon, following circulation of
winds high, will sail around the ice continent for about three weeks.
During this time, data of great scientific interest will be gathered.
These data concern flows of charged particles of highest energy
(cosmic rays) coming from Space."

But as one Russian scientist said to us, and who wished to remain
anonymous, "Why this game? We all know what's happening." an
apparent reference to the fact though these events are well known to
both world governments and the scientific establishments they are
beyond the understanding of the general public at large.

Whatever the end results these experiments reveal for these
scientists, it remains an undisputed fact that this world of ours is
facing a type of global cataclysmic event buried in our common
geological past, and maybe, as some social scientists report, in our
common ancestral memory also.

© December 22, 2004, EU and US all rights reserved.

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