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Buffer Practice Zone and Our New Reality

December 14 2004  by  Rebecca Michaels


Where are we now?

New EarthNew EnergyNew Realities for us allwhen is it coming?....will it ever arrive?...We are now living in the new energy/new earthnothing has changed to meare we THERE yet???   Sound familiar?


We have been on an extremely accelerated, vastly shifting path since November 2003 and with each cosmic alignment, each stargate opening, each overlay of realities, we become more accelerated in releasing all which is incongruent to us, all which is not in harmonic alignment & resonance with our inner core of being and all which is limiting.


The 11:11 GateWay provided the Time of Choosing.  We have been releasing limitations on all levels & reviewing what it is we DO choose to have in our lives for awhile & most intensely since August/September.  October brought us a more tangible sense that we had shifted realities and that there was more to come.  Many people could feel the shift on their skin, just not the intuitive sense of change or of a shift in realities, this one was very physically tangible.  In August & September 2004 we also had the Dragon Nebula Transition Portal where many people physically transitioned through and many other great numbers of people went through portions of it, readying themselves for their upcoming new realities.  This portal also assisted soul families in their overall plans and themes to accomplish during the next few years. Some people completed this lifes contracts as well as their contracts and missions of the last several eons on/for earth.  Even though October was the marker for our New World, it was also a time of great Transition on all levels and in all themes. September, October & the first part of November were about deeper levels of release and for many around the world, was a time of The Inner Earth Councils, meetings and committees.  These activities were centered around choosing those beings from Inner Earth who would be more fully trained (some of the choices and training was completed in 2002/3) to come to the surface and establish holistic environments and communities. This is to create a foundation for those of us already living on the surface who desire to transmute the environment into a more pristine place to live, as well as to assist in the new energy technologies and to assist the changes required in the medical industry.  There is a great plan & too much to write about in this article. For those who felt spacey, who had continued dreams of visits to Inner Earth, who felt like they were there during the waking times and for those that wondered if they made this all upthis serves as a confirmation that you were very busy doing your portion of the plan and are about ready to move into the areas & communities where you will begin the work you love. 


The 11:11 GateWay was our check mark on the list of choices we each have for the type of reality and world we desire to reside and work.  Metaphorically, it might be looked at as the escalator to our floor/reality of choice.  There were many diverse physical reactions to this Time.  Whatever you felt or experienced was, of course, perfect for whatever you were releasing and then choosing.  This level and cycle of release is so deep cellularly, that many felt they might be transitioning out due to so much of their comfortable zone was gone.  Many have shared great information about this subject & ones I like the best as they are very grounded and weekly, are by Karen Bishop/Whats Up On Planet Earth/www.whatsuponplanetearth.com. More than ever, however we each experience this cycle of cellular release of the limiting beliefs, programs and implanting of our DNA--- is the appropriate way.  This is a highly individualized cycle and almost uncountable numbers of Beings are assisting us from guides, relatives & friends who have already transitioned from their earth life, Ascended Masters & Beings, to the angelic realms on all levels, to our Seed Races and their diverse levels!


The 12:12 GateWay of Source energy was where the escalator stopped & we entered our new reality.  One of the forms of energy which was presented might be thought of as a type of glue; an energetic substance which holds our choices & decisions together until we ourselves are fully integrated into the new realm of reality.  It has been explained to me that only a portion of the self which we consider ourself in the conscious reality, is actually IN the new vibrational frequency of our chosen New Reality.  Other portions of the self are busy with releasing the last holdings from the old reality & world which are beliefs, unresolved loves (people, places OR things!), incomplete dealings with people and matters, unresolved areas of ones life which have to be surrendered as there is either no time or no physical way to resolve the situation.  In addition to all of this, for the first time in eons, we are disconnecting our connections & anchors to all the Grid Systems and mass consciousness Grids and holograms (more on this later in this article).  For those who consider themselves to be lightworkers, lightholders, etc, that function and status is very much at a close and many people are experiencing a challenge in relinquishing this.  We also are integrating the energies of our multidimensional selves into the new reality, so we all are very, very busy! 


Buffer Zone and New Reality


Now that we have accomplished such great amounts of release of all the old ways of being and we have completed our choices for our New Ways of Being, where exactly are we since we are not completely in either reality?    We and our quantum realms friends have created and manifested a type of buffer zone.  A void where we can live when we are not in the New Reality.  This buffer/void zone allows us two things: 1) it is a reality or realm where we are not in nor affected by the old world and dense vibrations. This is a positive as many are still aware of the harshness & devastation which resides in the old world of thinking, believing and living and strive for all beings to be free, unharmed and loved. For many, this has setup a wave of confusion as to whether to move fully forward into the chosen, more rarified reality when others experience such harshness or to remain to assist.  The truth is until each being moves into compassion for themselves and all others and strives for acceptance (of themselves and others), part of the earth & humanity shall experience hatred, abuse, struggle and death.  As each of us choose compassion, love, joy & conscious utilization of our creator abilities, we expand the space and availability for others to join us---as they awaken to see they have choice & then choose for themselves.  Remaining behind to assist only adds to the polarity and battle and hence lengthens the amount of time that form of reality is experienced.  As we each fully accept our divinity and our ability to create/manifest our reality each moment and then to accept the responsibility to create/manifest the highest available reality each moment for ourselves and others from the infinite potentials of our New World, New Reality, we then assist the shift for the others in the world.  As more of us reside in the New rarified realities, there will be less who can or will hold the form of the old polarity.  Since we are not fully integrated into the frequencies of our New chosen realities, nor have fully assimilated the vibration of our New Realm, and since we cannot reside in the old ways and frequencies any longer this buffer zone---this practice zone as it were---allows us to still release residuals from issues or situations and not be in the harshness & extremeness of the old reality/world.  We have tried before to make the shift without the luxury of a buffer practice zone and it has been very ungraceful, difficult and often we did not make as full of a jump as we were capable due to the extreme degrees of existence & hooks or connections to the old reality & vibrations.  #2 of this zone is what I referred to above: is that the buffer/void practice zone allows us to shift/move/jump from our New chosen Reality where we manifest our exact reality through & by our thoughts/passions each moment to a space where we are able to still release any residue which is still limiting without being immersed in the denseness.  Since we do not move from one dimensional frequency and reality vibration to another fully & totally all at once, this allows us great opportunities to createand get accustomed to creating what we desire as we desire it each moment-- whilst still dissolving limitations that may still exist in us to creating & manifesting our daily lives.


Grid Systems and Sacred Geometric Distribution Points Designs


When earth was created, there was a Great Plan to how and where mountains, stargates, portals, and energy mounds/pyramids in Earth would exist.  There was a great Main Grid System created and the ley lines of this are still in existence to this very day. The Main Grid System to hold together the consciousness of earth & the peoples for evolution and involution resides in the Lands of what is considered the British and Celtic Lands, also Egypt and the middle east.  There is another System which works in tandem with this which resides on the opposite side of the world.  These Systems are complicated in their intricate interweaving & their roles over the eons.  There is a Grid System which was created from the frequencies of The Main Grid System which was extended into the United States from Washington DC to the southwest up into part of Canada and westward to Hawaii and eastward to Australia.  There has been a specific Grid System in Hawaii for very specific purposes & actually the secondary Grid System was connected to the Hawaii System.  There is much information regarding the Grid Systems and it is not the purpose of this article to discuss this, rather to provide a foundation of how we once utilized the Grid Systems for our existence and evolution and are now using the rarified Geometric Designs (Source Energy Connection and Distribution Points of Design). 


It is not by coincidence that high & rarified energies exist at certain places of earth.  When Earth was created, we had to create according to specific rules of this universe and according to Divine Plan.  With that, we had to create by sacred geometric proportions and terms.  There are many great writers of sacred geometry facts if you are not familiar with the terms.  Several Source Energy Connection and Distribution Points of Design around the earth were created, and which have been continually infused, maintained and re-activated to hold the Original BluePrint of Divine Plan, as well as to shift through evolution of consciousness humanity was able to raise their vibrations throughout the eons.  There are many Source Energy Connection and Distribution Points of Design in the form of the pentagram which are primarily active right now and vibrating in such wave forms that call us to raise our vibrational frequencies and consciousness. They are basically, a Call from Source.  It has always been so, we just could not---until now---fully hear it.  One must be willing to accept their divinity and creatorship prior to being able to resonate and hear/feel/Know the Call and respond to it. The harmonic which the Designs radiate are infused into the Grid Systems.  We all---again, until this Moment---through the eons, have been connected and hooked into the Grid Systems, the minor grids, the holgrams and the mass consciousness centers/matrices and except for a few, were unaware that these Designs influenced our evolution.  It is now time to release and relinquish our connection to and our work on/for the Grids and shift our awareness and our personal energy bodies to the harmonic resonance of the Source Energy Connection and Distribution Points of Design.  These radiate the energies of Source and what we each consider to be Home.  The wonderful part is that Home is now fully accessible to us here on our second homeTerra or Gaia.  There seems to be 4 primary pentagrams that are very active with us now.  This is part of what many term as the return of the Feminine or the Feminine Energy to Earth.  The Magdalen Design in France is one, the pentagram Design of Sedona Arizona is a second, a third is Hawaii (though this for many who are able to access the rarified realms, is part of another potent geometric Design of very specific significance) and a fourth seems to be across our globe & I have not seen it exactly as my focus has been in the Americas & Celtic Lands.  My Understanding is that there are several overlays of geometric Designs over each that we discover.  Right now, the pentagram energy is very, very active & shall remain so for several years.  The more one understands of this geometric design and the energy Points of the Lands, the more vast & expansive the subject seems to become.  There are many bringing through fabulous information regarding these energy Designs and our New Ways of Being.  Many of us have a potent interest and resonance with Hawaii, the Celtic Lands and Tibet right now.  It is important to follow all the markers we each are receiving.


In Conclusion


This is the first in a series of articles by Rebecca Michaels regarding our new reality and the Source Energy Connection and Distribution Points of Design.  This is part of her world service agreement in our new reality; to share the information that is presented about our current happenings. (note from Rebecca: )   For the last several years I have seen many wonderful Projects, several forms of Centers, many advanced quantum share-classes (the old workshops) and several communities.  I have been frustrated and very confused as to how they all fit together. I am one who runs with the energy that is potent and when I had Visions as to all the potentials, I would often share with people about them & truly believe they were to be accomplished in that moment. I have often contacted key people to begin the process of establishing whatever was present & potent at the moment, only to have things feel like they fell off a cliff! This created embarrassment for me at the time.  I now understand that it was all about my Divine Plan and Blue Print becoming more available to methe unfoldment rather than the accomplishments. It is now the time to begin many of the projects and I will be sharing my Visions and connecting with those who have had the similar Visions to Accomplish and Create.  Please share this article with those you feel are interested in these topics. Rebecca Michaels can be reached at: ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com     You have received this article due to a prior request or because you are a personal friend. If you have received this as a forward and desire to be on the share list, please contact Rebecca Michaels at: ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com with please add in the subject line.  If you would like to be removed from the share list, please inform Rebecca Michaels at: ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com  with please remove in the subject line.   Thank you!


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