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     Written July 2004

Message from the  Brotherhood of Light

Through  Edna G. Frankel,   P.O. Box 62,  Blue Bell, PA, USA, 19422,     (215)653-0339

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in great numbers, to aid and sustain your efforts on the earth plane. We offer you today a compilation of messages that we hope will elevate your mood and lift your hopes – those are the key ways in which to reach for joy, feel it and lock it in!

So, in answer to many questions from many seeking souls, we say, dear ones, don’t be discouraged, always search for your heart’s response, and give love freely to yourself and others. In that way it comes back to you, nine-fold!

Why me, God? Why do I have to go through this?

Because your soul stood up and asked for this, little one. Remember, it’s all a game! The drama is really the illusion, and the True Reality from whence you came and to which you return is just temporarily invisible.  Even this life, which you see as so long and heavy, is truly short and sweet to the soul’s eternal passage.  How you feel about your journey determines how well you do – you can choose to make it fun, or choose to wallow in self-pity.  Just as you don clothing, you can don a higher perspective and from there forgive the games people are playing, for they are blind to the stage they’re on.  Once you see it clearly, from all levels, that puts you in charge of the game and every little drama in it!   Remember, all physical manifestation must begin at the energetic level, with energetic change!   Once you clearly see and set your energetic boundaries, and take full control of how you respond to people, they will - by force of your will - change their behavior around you and towards you.   In the process, they will be learning from you how to be a better human being!   And remember, nobody can hurt you emotionally unless you allow them to!

How do I find Joy?   How do I hang on to it?   How do I change my life?

Joy is within. Joy is self-love, which is loving the Divine Source from which you sprang and to which you are always connected. Can you say, I Am Perfect As I Am, and really mean it?   Keep practicing that, until you believe it!   Do not look for joy outside of yourself, in anyone or anything, for you shall not find it there.   You can change your life from within without changing anything outwardly by viewing it from a higher plane, and there find your joy.   Joy is a mind-set, dear one, it is viewing life from a love-filled heart. Do you recall a moment of true happiness? When your heart swelled with a rush of liquid excitement?   When a big grin appeared on your face as you laughed?   That is the emotion to sustain, extend that moment throughout your whole day, and be happy no matter what happens around you!   You can consciously choose to feel this way, just as you can choose to dwell only in sadness.   Take charge of your thoughts! Nobody can direct what goes on in your head except you.

Once you change your perspective, choosing in every moment to be positive rather than negative, joy will flow naturally and you will feel happy!   It is a habit to embrace, a new game to play, finding joy and blessings in every moment.   They are there, dear ones, if you Look high enough!   THE WAY UP IS WITHIN.   To win at this game of Life, play it with the knowing that you will win, no matter what! 

How do I have total faith? How do I fully believe?

Can you love yourself, dear one?   Just as you are, right now?   If you fully love yourself, you love your source, which is divine.   God asks that you love yourself, and in that way you will love the divine flame within you and find your inner peace – your “piece” of God is held within your heart.   Don’t love God as a separate, all-powerful being, because that mode of thinking keeps you small, disconnected and helpless.   You Are that all-powerful being! No priest, minister or rabbi can bring you closer to God than you can reach by yourself – they just have practiced it more because it is their chosen profession!

How do I heal myself? How do I overcome all of this physical pain?

We say again, as our messages in the past to you, clear, clear, clear.   All of your emotional, mental and spiritual processing and growth, the balancing of all the layers, can only be accomplished if the inner core is cleared and able to function without internal pressure.   All etheric blockages are layered in together, tightly packed as the years go by, until the aura can no longer carry its heavy burden and it invades the physical core.   In your society, you have been trained to look for somebody else or something else to “fix” you.   Pills only numb your pain and cause symptoms to subside, while the aura must condense even more low-frequency density as pain and stress are suppressed instead of released.

What keeps people in illness?   Their belief systems.   Yes, your biology follows your beliefs – I have a terminal disease, I will die.   I am broken, I will never fully heal.  I am sad, poor, lonely, etc…if you walk around with joy and gratitude for all that you do have, you won’t be dwelling on all the “bad things”.  Remember, you create what you focus on!   Your total being vibrates at the level of your thoughts and feelings about everything.   Unconditional Love is the highest level of energetic emotion you can feel, and Fear in all its faces comprises the lower half of the vibratory emotional scale.   Since you are still linear, we ask you – where on that scale of one to a hundred do you choose to live?   Fear, anger, doubt all cause damage to and aging of the body.   Love heals, energizes and keeps the body young.

Do you see that you have this choice, at any and all times?

Get help, yes, use all the tools available to you for body, mind and spirit, but don’t look for miracles outside of yourself – the true miracle lies within you, your Divine Flame which outlasts any earthly strife.   Don’t look to doctors to fix you, or expect holistic healers to heal you – they are meant to help and support, to ease and facilitate.   Don’t give away your power!  When you feel like a victim and look to others to heal you, it’s easy to point at them and say – you failed!   You failed to heal me, and it’s your fault I’m still sick.   Take responsibility for where you are, and deal with it!

Ever get a guarantee from a doctor?   Ever walk into a doctor’s office and have him/her say, “Sure, I can fix this and you’ll be a 100% better soon”?   No, dear one, they say, let’s try this first, this seems like the best medication/therapy/diet, etc…   If it doesn’t work, we’ll try this other thing next.   And so it goes, dear one, as long as you do not take responsibility for the situation that created the illness, and take charge of clearing yourself.   That is why we have offered the Circle of Grace exercise, to usher in true Self-Mastery for every human being on this planet.

Take advantage of the “spiritual help” that we offer, dear one, and believe in your own power to create your reality as you desire and require it to be! Did you know, before we began communicating with you, that you can control your own nervous system? That you can command it to release stress and pain, and take in new fuel for the body? What a crazy concept! This is similar to being able to control the pace of your heart beat, which you will learn to do (through your breathing) in this process, as well – just to calm yourself down. Yes, you are all becoming gurus, and you have the power to control your thinking and your biology!

You also have the power to make peace with your limitations, and find joy in each little moment, even if you live in a wheel chair.   It is a question of mind over matter, and once you have found peace of mind, nothing else will truly matter!   (Chuckles.) We do not mean to minimize your pain, nor laugh at it, please do not think that way.   All that causes you emotional pain in your life is what needs to be changed first.   All that causes you physical pain can then be cleared fully.   We honor all that you have lived through, and say that the pain is a learning, the experience is lesson, and that you will come Home to us fully healed, fully perfect in your spiritual form, with many lessons resolved in this one hard life. We love you so dearly!

Now that my senses are beginning to open, and my higher perspective within reach, my regular life is getting harder – I still have physical needs, wants and desires. What do I do with it all? How do I balance all this incoming stuff while still being human? When will I overcome all these “base” needs?

Oh, dear one, what a lovely question!  Humans are the “bridge” between Spirit and Matter, between Earth and Divine energies, and must encapsulate both in balance.   Yes, now that your senses are opening up, you are becoming more “sensitized” to all levels of your body’s functioning! Understand that the human body is capable of being that bridge because it is composed of the PEMS levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.   What we see as your “human body” is your entire electromagnetic Be-ing, layer upon layer, wrapped around and through your physical core.   You are used to seeing that physical core in the mirror each morning and believing that it is all of you!

Honor your needs at all these levels, dear one – the PEMS levels.   Sex is a base, lustful process when only the physical body is involved, without heart and mind holding the awareness that what you are doing is actually a divine act of sharing the divine energy of love.  Casual sex is “unfulfilling” because it does not fill you with the loving energy that can be created in this miraculous physical melding.  A question we will ask you to face is this:  Can my current partner share this experience at the energetic level that I seek for total fulfillment?

Every person who is on the ascension path will find this same hurdle to leap – going from “below the belt” existence (lower three chakras) to living from the heart as fulcrum for integrating all seven chakras and beyond.   We have said that joy is the highest level of human emotion that reaches up to the vibration of God.   Here we say, orgasm is the highest level of Divine Energy that the human body can sustain without damage – that will give you a new perspective on how intense God’s vibration truly is!   Now do you understand when we say that the clearer your body is, the higher a vibration you can hold?

Again, it is all a matter of perspective – your perspective. Which do you choose?   That body will not go away, dear one, it is your vehicle for this life.   Now that you are expanding to your true size in your awareness, you will come to see that the best, indeed the only way to truly function is with ALL of your layers doing everything all at once, all the time.   Then you will be fully in Now time (chuckle.)

Do you follow?

We hope you will!

OK, I’m doing all this clearing work, reading all these books, exercising and watching what I eat.  So when will I get there?  How will I know when I’ve achieved that higher perspective and brought in my “light body”?

Oh, so impatient, little one! (Chuckles). In truth, you will know when you’re fully balanced, and will not need to ask us! Once you have locked in that “higher state of mind”, we guarantee that you will be aware of it! Please understand that when you do the Circle of Grace work, you are first clearing current pressure, then below that chronic pressure, then below that the etheric damage of past-life patterns. There is no lying down just to clear a headache – this work is a commitment to clearing lifetimes of low-density pressure pockets that keep you from becoming that “lighter being”.

Even if you enjoy full health, your energetic framework must be cleared and balanced at a new, higher level to match the incoming energies. For those who are in, or in pain, it can take months to reach down to the clearing of chronic pain, and take a few years to drain out pressure from your entire Be-ing. You will find that different pockets will rise up as they were layered in, not necessarily as you see your damage to be. All of your chakras need clearing and balancing, not just individual areas of illness. But the more you clear now, the easier your life will be as the planetary energies rise in the next eight years. And if you do not change your life NOW, to release the situations that cause you stress, you will be constantly clearing the current “stuff” and be merely doing maintenance. Here is the key: Clearing the body can only succeed if the life around you does not add more stress to your system on a daily basis.

Do you follow this?

Oh, God, we hope you do!

It is so vital to your progress!

I have an important life decision to make, and I’m full of doubts. I’m so confused that I’m beginning to doubt my doubts! What should I do? How can I see clearly?

Oh, sweet little heart, what a jumble of thoughts! So, your mind is saying, I should go here or do this, and your heart and/or gut is clenching up, saying, no, that doesn’t feel good, it’s not going to work out right. Your feet are stuck in indecision, and you are paralyzed by your doubts? Yes? We say, NO! You are not reading this incoming information correctly, dear one, and therein lies your confusion.

What you have labeled as “doubts” is actually your intuition – your aura communicating with you, your emotional layer saying, “Yuck, this is a lower energy than I want to be immersed in.” It is your spiritual layer saying, “Warning, warning, you are facing more lesson! You do not need this lesson, it is going backwards on the path, not forward!” Your higher senses do not speak English, dear one, only your mental body does! The rest of your layers communicate with you in waves of feeling good or bad, an auric radar, if you will (chuckle) that helps guide you toward more uplifting, fulfilling places, activities and friends.

So, when you doubt your doubts, you are stuck in a circle of denial – not moving forward with ill-fitting logic, nor reaching for that which feels better and more right. You are not doubting your doubts, dear one, you are not recognizing or accepting your own intuition! You are actually doubting your own higher knowing, which leaves you scrambling around facing only lower choices. But you are your own best guide and judge – if walking away from this situation makes your heart lighter and fills you with relief, keep walking until you find something that resonates sweetly and beckons you to a new home! You will know when you find it, because it will feel right. Follow your intuition, it will never lead you wrong! Do not doubt your own Higher Self.

So, we take our leave of you at this time, in this form of communication. We gently remind you that we are always with you, around you, waiting for you to step positively forward so that we may support and guide your progress through life.  If you do not take that first step, and the next, and the next, we cannot do anything for you except patiently wait and hold your potentials for you.   As God finally said to the poor woman who had been praying and pleading for years to win the lottery, “Dear one, I hear you, but it would help if you would go buy a ticket!” (Chuckles).

Do not look for manna to fall upon your heads from on high. Not until you can create it yourself and guide it in! Work at that which you love, keep your thoughts and feelings trained to the higher levels of vibration, and you will succeed at whatever you do! And we humbly offer you this perspective: No matter where you are or what you choose to do, your soul’s true quest is simply for you to become a better human Be-ing, in full alignment with the Universal Laws and God’s Will!

We are, in All Love, The Brotherhood of Light

Copyright 2004 by Edna G. Frankel     www.beyondreiki.com     Channeled Non-Fiction

All Rights Reserved,     Sedona Journal of Emergence,     September Article Submission

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