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Message from Archangel Michael
May 2004 * LM-5-2004

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, humanity is experiencing an expansion in consciousness at an ever-accelerating rate as the Earth moves into a realm where time is fluid and malleable, and your abilities to co-create are becoming more powerful. The spiral of ascension is taking the Earth ever closer to its sun and into its proper place within your solar system and galaxy.   Those of you who have become multi-dimensional are moving more fully into a new persona as empowered spiritual/human Beings.  No longer can you remain isolated in your own little world, for the Earth has, indeed, become very small. You are almost instantly aware of what is taking place in even the most remote areas on the planet via your news media and the worldwide web. You could say that you are now being connected to the Cosmic Web of awareness, whereby you are learning more about your lineage, where you came from, what you experienced before your earthly incarnations, what the Divine Plan was for this universe, and what the future has in store for you and planet Earth. Through our messenger, we have transmitted thousands of personal messages over the years to dear souls from many countries and from all walks of life, individuals who were at various levels of spiritual awakening, and so each message was designed to give them information pertinent to their lineage, their past, and encouragement for the future. We tell each of you that you have experienced the ascension process many times before, and your lofty dreams and visions are drawn forth from memories of past glory. You cannot even begin to imagine all you have been and all you have experienced down through the many aeons of time. Many more of you are at the point in your integration with Spirit whereby you are beginning to receive your own messages from the higher realms, and this is as it should be. It is time to stop giving your power away to someone else whom you think is wiser or more knowledgeable than you. Beloveds, please begin the process of clearing the distortions or the static that is keeping you from a wondrous relationship with your Higher Self, your guides and teachers, your angelic helpers, from us and ultimately, your God Self.

Over the years, we have given you all the information and tools you need to accomplish this and once you make the "breakthrough" into the realms beyond the veil, your lives will be forever changed. We encourage you to spend time in meditation in your Pyramid of Light. Ask us to join you there, and ask the questions that are foremost in your mind and heart. Listen quietly for a short time, and although you may not get your answers instantaneously, they will come. If you persist in your endeavors and practice "tele-thought" with us, the way will be opened and the connection will grow stronger and stronger as you become more proficient.

We will outline many scenarios for you, which are only a minuscule portion of the possible lineages and experiences you have had in your adventures throughout the universe. How will you know which ones apply to you? You will know when you feel as though one of the descriptions is written just for you. You will know when "angel bumps" rise on your skin and a ripple of remembrance washes over you. You will know when your intuition tells you, "YES."

For those of you who feel a close connection to the Earth, the flora and fauna, the lakes, streams and mountains, it is quite possible that you externalized as an individual Spark of Divine consciousness of the great Devic Angelic Kingdom. From pure crystalline Light substance, you helped to create many wondrous paradise worlds. You took great delight in cocreating things of great diversity and then in experiencing what you had created and, yes, you were among those who helped to create the small planet called Earth The assigned task of the Devic and Elemental kingdom is to overlight and nourish the nature kingdom, the trees, plants and beautiful flowers, as well as the mountains, lakes, streams and oceans. They are also in charge of the elements of fire, air, water and earth. You are what is called a Star Seed which means that Earth is not your true home. Some of your most joyous memories are of those magical times when humanity was attuned to the will of the Creator.

Many of you are what is called Gatekeepers of the Seven Rays of God-consciousness. You assisted the new souls who were destined to incarnate on Earth as they moved through the seven realms of God-consciousness. In doing so, you were given a seven-faceted crystalline energy within your heart center which gives you the ability to help others refine and balance the virtues of the Seven Rays so that they can heal their physical vessels and begin to build their beautiful Light bodies once more. This core energy is different than your Creator God Cell in that it was active from the time of your birth and has grown stronger as you matured in spiritual awareness. Your God Cell lay dormant until you reached a certain vibrational level which allowed your Higher Self to radiate the appropriate patterns of Light to you which activated your Twelve-fold Crystalline God Cell. Many of you were healers in past lives, and have chosen or feel drawn to the healing modalities in some way in this lifetime. Many of you are of the lineage of the great Being called Lord Melchizedek, who embodies and transmits the wisdom of the Creator. He is a Cosmic Lord of Light and presides over and directs the vast Priesthood of Light. There has always been what is called a Melchizedek Priesthood on Earth comprised of people who have the ability to bring forth the most relevant spiritual information for those in every culture and race. We ask all of you to study the wisdom teachings we bring forth and then present them to those around you in a way that they will best understand. First you must teach by example and then people will take heart and be willing to listen to what you have to say. Begin where you are, in whatever small way. Watch as your wisdom and abilities expand, and as you become more confident, your private world will change dramatically for the better.

All of you have journeyed throughout the universe, experimenting and learning to create in harmony with the Divine Will of our Father/Mother God. Some of you spent a very long time in far-distant galaxies, in civilizations where the mind was honored and revered. Over the aeons of time, you created many wondrous things as you learned to use your mind power and mold primal cosmic energy into form. You could be called "cosmic architects" for the perfect thought forms and visions were encoded within your brain structure so that you and those like you could assist the mighty Elohim and the great Builders of Form to create many wondrous star systems, galaxies and planets, including the paradise called Gaia, (the spiritual name for Earth). After you assumed physical forms, the Earth gradually sank into density and your creations became distorted, bringing about fear, suffering and lack. Remember, you are cocreators; therefore, dear ones, we ask you to focus on love, beauty, joy and abundance, for where you place your attention is what you give energy to and that is what you will manifest. It is time for you to glean all the wisdom, success and joy you have experienced during your many sojourns on Earth, as you move rapidly forward on the ascension path. Many of you are of angelic lineage or of the lineage of other great Beings of Light. In next month's message we will give you more information on your past heritage and an overview/description of the God Rays (the First, Second and Third Rays), so that you can determine for yourself which Ray is your overlighting Ray or Divine I Am Presence.

You are much more powerful than you realize. You are just beginning to accept the fact that you can depend on yourself and your own judgment rather than allowing others to make your decisions. Remember, the Earth is not your home; you are here on assignment and the assignment is drawing to a close. It is wondrous to watch as you tap into and bring forth all the gifts and wisdom you have stored within your brain structure. You have such vast experience to draw on, not only from your sojourns in the higher realms, but also from your earthly experiences. You have always eagerly stepped forward to volunteer for a new assignment, no matter how complicated or difficult. Most all of you have had many lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis, learning to manifest in the physical expression from the blueprint you carried within your mind, and many of you were in physical form in the times before and also when the final great cataclysms came which sank the remnants of those beautiful continents beneath the waters.

For all of you who are on the path of ascension, this is a balancing lifetime whereby you are seeking to bring into harmony all the facets of your Being.  Deep within you are aware of how important it is for you to honor and integrate your feminine nature, the gentle, intuitive, creative and inward-focused energies, as well as developing and using your masculine attributes. Strive to be strong, yet gentle, dynamic and outward-focused as you tap into your inner intuition. It is time for you to realize that you are much more than just the identity you chose in this lifetime. You are being given an opportunity to integrate the multiple facets of yourself, and in doing so you will begin to see how truly powerful and wise you are. All of your trials, tests and seeming failures have made you the shining, beautiful Spirit Being you are today. When you teach, it is important that you teach from experience. By your example, show others how they can overcome any obstacle, and that they, like you, can triumph over any adversity. Know that you have experienced the positive and negative facets of all the Rays, overcoming many trials and passing many tests of initiation. We ask you to teach others how to move through the quagmire of illusion, pain and the limitations of the third/fourth dimensions.

In many lifetimes, you have felt a great responsibility for those around you and often have felt that your own needs were not being met. We ask you to turn inward for validation of your self-worth, for there is where you will find what you seek.   Beloved ones, know that you are worthy of love and deserving of loving relationships, but concentrate on yourself first and promise yourself that from this moment, you will begin to do that which excites you and brings you joy, for therein lies your mission and how you can best serve. As you bring joy into your life, others will notice and begin to follow your example. As you begin to activate this power source more and more, it will trigger what is needed for others to awaken, healing emotional wounds and helping them to awaken to the nudgings of Spirit. In this way, loving people will be drawn to you who will validate your worthiness. As you focus on your soul's growth, you will begin to radiate energies of love and wholeness, and you will draw to you people who reflect back to you that love.

In the higher realms all of you are warriors of peace in my Legions of Light. There you all are androgynous, a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine attributes of the Creator. It is also time for you to remember that you promised to be our representative on the physical plane of existence and to allow the refined frequencies of God Light to flow through you out into the world.

Envision the golden white Light of the Creator radiating down via your Divine I AM Self through your crown chakra, illuminating your spinal column like a bright fluorescent tube before you radiate the energy down through your root chakra into the Earth. Then see it spiraling up from the Earth through your chakra system and out your solar plexus. With your intent, see it following the path of the grid line structure and chakra centers (crystalline centers) of the Earth, thereby cleansing, balancing and harmonizing, relieving the stress and helping your mother planet to return to her pristine beauty. All of you are needed as transducers and transmitters of this refined energy to help move humanity and the Earth through this important time of transition. That is why I am calling my legions together once more, and making my presence known to you, for you have an important part to play in the great drama that is now unfolding on Earth.

If you read these messages and resonate to the truths within them, you have been on the path of illumination for many lifetimes. We know your lessons have been difficult, but we honor you for keeping the spark of Spirit burning brightly within your heart/soul. We tell you it is time for you to concentrate on reclaiming all the virtues and attributes of the Twelve Rays of God-consciousness so that you can truly be a living example of that which you are to teach.

The Divine discontent so many of you are feeling and the uncomfortable physical symptoms you occasionally experience are all a part of the accelerated transformation you are in the midst of.   Listen to your Body Elemental (your deep subconscious) mind, as you strive to bring all facets of your Being into harmony once more. As you strive to reclaim your mastery, we wish to give you the assurance that you have abilities waiting to come forth that will amaze you, and as you begin to recapture your dreams and manifest your version of paradise, you will find others will be drawn to you who wish to learn and remember their own Divine mission/blueprint. Recapture your vision, precious ones. It is waiting.

As you learn to tap into the galactic gateway of prosperity and abundance, you can manifest anything you can envision. There are many ways to fulfill your life's mission. First eliminate those things in your life that do not bring you joy, and then focus on those things which make your heart sing and excite you. Therein lies your power and your magnificence. During these times of great change, you are being given an opportunity to be a cocreator of beauty, bounty, peace and joy once more, just as you were in the beginning. Our loving Father/Mother God is radiating the Cells of New Creation down upon the Earth, a blessed gift that has not been available for many ages. All you have to do is be bold enough to state your vision and then through your intent and actions, for the greatest good of all, stay focused and live each moment to the best of your ability, and then watch as your new creations begin to unfold. What is your heart's greatest desire? What would bring you joy? What is your passion? When you have a clear answer to these questions, you will know with certainty the path you are to follow. You are just now tapping into the Divine storehouse of treasures that are your birthright, so dare to dream, and we will assist you in bringing those dreams to fruition. Shine the radiance you carry within your heart/soul center as you gently speak your truth and share your wisdom, and then watch as the miracles unfold all around you. Your major challenge for this lifetime was to embody on Earth and to experience all the great diversity of the cosmos, from the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder to the highest attainable in the physical expression. Your ultimate goal, along with thousands of others, was to be prepared to assist in guiding humanity back up the path of en-LIGHTEN-ment and to once again become spiritual/human Beings. Claim your mastery, create your own version of paradise, and then teach others to do the same. We are in the times of great change that have been foretold for thousands of years. We tell you that you are in the vanguard, you are the ones brave enough to step out and away from popular beliefs and the limited mass consciousness of the third dimension. Allow those visions that sometimes dance in your mind to come forth. Allow yourself to speak the words that are often on the tip of your tongue. You carry within the refined vibrational frequencies of the future and you can make a difference. Draw the Love/Light of Creation from your Divine Self, use what you need to bring yourself into harmony and vibrant health, and then allow your gentle heart to radiate the beautiful glow of loving energy to others. We welcome you back into our midst; beloveds, we have missed you sorely. Allow us to assist you to fulfill your mission and to nurture you with our love. I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna Herman
* Please copy and share freely, however, I ask that you not alter, excerpt or delete any of this message without my permission. I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. Ronna Herman * Hard copy, paid subscriptions via regular mail are available: $25 per year USA * $28 Canada * $36 International. The Monthly messages are translated in a number of different languages and posted on my web site every month. You may read or download them from the site.

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Dearest Friends, I am off to Europe shortly (April 27) for a two-day intensive on May 1 & 2. I will fly to Luxembourg on May 5, and on to Pont A Mousson, France (about an hour's drive) for a two-day event with Lee Carroll and Kryon. If any of you are interested in attending, please visit my website and there is a link to each event with all the pertinent information. I will be flying to Japan on Sunday, May 30 for a two-day intensive on June 5 and 6. I will return home on June 9. As you can see, I have a very busy summer schedule. I don't care much for the traveling; however, I love being with all of you in person. My daughter, Letitia, and her husband, Dan, just purchased 122 acres of land near Pyramid Lake. It is a beautiful property with a year-round stream, massive outcroppings of rocks, heavily wooded with quaking aspen, junipers, mountain mahogany, as well as wild watercress and willows along the stream. They will put one of their motor homes on the property for now, and they plan to build a home there after Dan retires from American Airlines. We are looking forward to spending a lot of weekends there with them in our motor home. I am sure Lord Michael had a hand in their securing the property. It happened so miraculously. It is back in a canyon about seven miles and we never imagined there was such a "fairyland" in the desert. My daughter, Letitia, has made remarkable progress since her devastating illness and is looking forward to spending time in nature and planning their retirement retreat. Life is even more precious when we realize we are only assured of this moment in time. May magic, miracles, wonder and delight fill your summer days. Love and hugs, Ronna

by Claudia Coleman
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"Magnesium the Unsung Hero"

"With the recent emphasis on calcium supplementation to prevent osteoporosis, the importance of magnesium has been overlooked. Calcium and magnesium have a synergistic effect. Neither works well without the other. Not only should these minerals be taken together, they need to be in the proper balance in order to be fully absorbed by the body. Without magnesium, calcium can be deposited in the tissues resulting in conditions, such as, kidney stones. Magnesium plays an additional role unknown to mainstream medicine. It facilitates the transformation of human DNA from carbon-based (3rd dimensional with 2 active strands) to silicon (crystalline)-based (4th and 5th dimensional with multiple active strands). As our frequencies increase, our need for magnesium does also. Magnesium, the unsung hero, may yet take center stage."


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