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The Beacons of Light
~ Re-minders from Home

Greetings from Home.

Ah, here we sit waiting to connect with you, looking at your energy before us and seeing how magical you are. It is exciting beyond your imagination. Do you honestly know who you are? Do you understand the magic that you hold? It has begun dear ones.  It has started now and you will see the Gameboard of free choice advance. For now is the time for you to step forward. And we wish to share with you a little bit of what this may look like because we know humans get very scared as they step off what appears to be the end of the bridge into uncertainty.

Stepping off the Bridge

Yes, you come to the edge of the path where you believe the bridge to be and you look down into the chasm below and you see nothing there as you see no bridge. It is not actually until you take your first step out and put your foot into motion that creates the bridge below your feet. This action of faith creates the opportunity for you to move from one side to the other. That is where you are now, dear ones, and that is where you are going in this very next step. You have a new connection to the Universal Energy. The veil has thinned and although you are unfamiliar with what that looks like at this point, we can tell you it is more exciting than you could have ever dreamt.

You scripted this with your own quill, you scripted the possibilities for the greatest and highest connections to your own higher self and now it is actually in motion. Now it has begun. Can you imagine how exciting this will be for us to watch? You have set us into motion in preparation for what you are now doing on a daily basis. You were never expected to reach even this level of advancement, and here you are. The magic has begun in fact, for you have reached a whole new level of sensitivity that we wish to speak of this day.

Spirit Connects through Passion

It has become somewhat of a challenge for many of you because you have felt these changes through your emotions. It all feels personal. What we ask you is even though this may be painful at times, please do not cut off this sensitivity. It is the gift. It is your own connection to spirit through your higher self that creates this sensitivity. For all higher self connections happen through your passion. That is what now holds the key. When you feel passion in your field then you are on your true path. That is why we have spoken so much of passion in months past.

That is the new paradigm. It is no longer that you will succeed when you work hard. It is now about finding success by moving into your passion. That is what you have begun already. That is actually an indication that you are in fact connecting through your own higher self for that stirs the feeling of passion. The feeling of joy is what creates for you the connection through your own higher self and that is where the thinning of the veil is taking place, right now. Passion and Joy now hold the key to life on the New Planet Earth.

Mastering Objective Sensitivity

For this reason we tell you again that it is important for you to allow yourself to feel this sensitivity. In reality it is a new type of sensitivity and although humans take everything personally, we ask you to take a small step back and to simply allow yourself to feel this as objective sensitivity. If you can feel this as objective sensitivity, rather than personal sensitivity, it becomes a tool instead of a hindrance. And that is what we ask you to do, simply step back and feel your sensitivity objectively and find ways of using the mastery process with that tool.

Mastery is a simple process. It is simply taking something that has become negative in your life and finding positive uses for it. That is the process that we call mastery. That is all there is to it. And if you can find ways of taking those things that have been negative in your life and turning them into something positive, you will find mastery not only in your primary life lessons, but in all areas of your life.

Life on earth does not have to be difficult, dear ones. It does not need to be a struggle. That is a personal choice. If at any time you find yourself not happy with your choice or not happy with your reality, we ask you only to have the courage to choose again. For that is where the real magic happens. Taking a step back and claiming objective sensitivity can be one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle for you.

The Universal Energy and Abundance

Now as you connect to the Universal Energy it is a different connection. Experienced now through your own higher self, the Universal Energy is very simple. It is that which permeates and connects all things together. Not just with humans to each other, but to the rocks, and the animals, and the fish, and the insects, and all dimensions of all beings including us. The Universal Energy is the connection that you feel even as you feel us. That is the connection of Home that you are feeling at this very moment. You are feeling the strength and the power of the Universal Energy within your own heart. The base energy of all energies is the Universal Energy and translated into the human experience it is called love, because that is how you feel it. That is the way you connect to the Universal Energy. “Okay, now I feel love, now I understand what you are talking about,” you say, “But what do I do with it? How do I feel it? How do I use it for something constructive and practical?”

First we remind you that all energy never dies, it only transmutes from one form to another, so every form of energy begins first with the Universal Energy of love. That is the purest form of the Universal Energy and with the veil thinning in that one area, you will feel this as a stronger sense of love. Oh yes, there are many of you who still have restrictions here. There are many of you who have trouble receiving. For the art of graceful acceptance is not an easy lesson. That is why it is one of the twelve primary life lessons. We tell you that as you ask and receive, the energy circulates around you. Here it is a reflection of the Universal Energy itself that will make this happen and allow you to receive your full abundance. We tell you that if you are to create Heaven on Earth you will need to get comfortable with abundance. There is not greater abundance than that which is in Heaven. Please keep in mind that the new connection you now have is stronger than ever before. Therefore, your connection to your own abundance and the art of graceful acceptance is also stronger. Now, as you connect even more intently with the Universal Energy, you will find magic happening in your own life. Just smile, accept and it will be very exciting.

Opening to Channel

Many of you have begun playing with channeling, even though we think that word is way too mysterious for what you actually do. There are many of you who are beginning to connect with this energy and to utilize it on a more direct basis. You will find that you have capabilities like never before. For all you are doing is connecting through your own higher self to the Universal Energy when you do this. When you tap into this Universal Energy it is necessary that you tap in through your higher self. That is the process of reaching Spirit. As you tap in through the higher self and as any energy comes through that connection, you feel it as passion, you feel it as joy.

For that very reason we remind you that your success in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth is directly proportional to the amount of joy and passion that you can experience on a daily basis. You are simply trying to find ways of using this energy in a constructive manner where you can use this energy on a practical level. That is where the magic is for humans right now. We tell you that the empowered human will inherit the earth. No, not take over the earth, but naturally inherit the earth. You will inherit it from your leaders for leaders are no longer needed in the same fashion that they once were. As you step further and further into the fifth dimensional attributes of empowerment each one of you will understand that you have the power to create your own reality. And with that power comes the responsibility of creating the highest reality for yourselves first.

We ask you to please take that responsibility seriously and begin creating something in your life that you are passionate about. Something that makes you happy, something that creates energy for you that allows you to be of a little higher use to the universe. When you create the passion around you is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. That is when things effortlessly manifest for you.

There is much ahead dear ones, for as you have passed this second stage of this harmonic concordance there has been an activation process that has been well underway. We tell you it will certainly continue for quite some time. But as you look back upon this time, this will be another pivotal point in all of humanity. One of the activations that you can make use of is that of the clearing of your own blockages and restrictions through you own higher self. For that is your personal connection to the Universal Energy.

Finding the Gifts of a Human Angel

That is the thinning of the veil that is taking place now. Ah, but you live on the planet of free choice, do you not? So, therefore, you have choice as to whether you use this energy or whether you discard it. It is entirely up to you what you do with this and we have no attachment to what you do. Please understand there is no right or wrong for those illusions only exist in the third dimensional reality which you are now leaving. So understand that whatever you choose is your choice and all choice is honored. But also understand that if you wish to step forward and you are feeling restrictions it is because you are choosing to feel the restrictions from which you can benefit. So find the benefit in that. Find the gift in the restriction and it no longer becomes a restriction but a gift instead. As in all gifts it can then only be kept as it is given away. That is when the mastery process takes place. That is when you begin using things that have been negative energies in your life for positive purposes. That is when life gets magical and it is just ahead for you now.

You stand on the brink this very day of using more of this energy than you have ever used before. You will now see opportunities to touch other lives. Yes, some of you will call it channeling. Yes, some of you will call it art work. Some of you will write books. Some of you will tap into only being there, to be the cosmic connecters that happen to be in a perfect place and time to touch another human being with just the right word, phrase or touch of an angel to give them confidence. These are the acts of a human angel.

Increasing Vortex Energy

Since this activation process has begun, new things have begun as well. So let us speak a little bit of this. It is important that you understand the rest of these connections. As this energy continues to move forward the thinning of this veil between you and the Universal Energy will continue. You will see a great increase in vortex energies in your field and how you relate to them. Your earth is experiencing this now, aligning for what is ahead. That is the reason that there has been increased seismic activity on your planet which we predicted along with increased volcanic activity two years ago. We tell you this will continue for a short time as the earth herself acclimates this vortex energy. As she becomes accustomed to the spinning motions that are going on internally in relationship to the Universal Energy, she will react accordingly and release pressure in both of these outlets.

It is nothing to be feared. No, you are not doing anything wrong. It is the earth acclimating herself to the new connection that she has as well to the Universal Energy. You are part of the earth and she is a part of you. Yes, we speak of her as if she is a living, breathing sentient being because she is, just the same way that you are. The Universal Energy is that energy which binds and connects all things together in that fashion, including you with the earth. So if your own connection with the Universal Energy becomes stronger, your own connection with the earth herself will become stronger as well. All the beings that are a part of that connection will now have a stronger connection to you. So we ask you to reevaluate your connections here, to reevaluate the possibilities of your interactions on these levels, because they will mean new things to new people.

The Hallway of Linear Time

You are changing. You are changing much more rapidly than you can possibly imagine for you are being catapulted into the field of being a Human Angel. It is your own choosing that has set this into motion. Yes, we have given you ideas of what this means. We have given you ideas of what to watch for. We have given you ways of connecting to others who are experiencing similar things, and we ask you to share with each other at each opportunity and work with each other any way that you can to make this easier and more comfortable. This next transition will be an important one. But as you step into motion your human brains cannot help but try to figure out exactly where you are going. You will figure a way to define this hallway that you walk down in terms you can understand. In reality you are traveling down the hallway of linear time.

That is how you see life because it is how you measure time. In this hallway there is a past, present and a future. We tell you the entire hallway is an illusion because there is no hallway and no division of past present and future. It is an illusion that was necessary for you to play the game on the third dimensional planet. But now that is changing, and yet, here you are with capabilities to go anywhere you wish to go and any possibility of everything you would like to do and you still believe you are stuck in the same hallway. So what we ask you to do is to watch for some of the new attributes of the hallway. As you are moving down this hallway you see new possibilities, you see things that you do not quite understand. You will see a new relationship to time. And as you try to figure them out, you apply your old attributes of linear time to them. Just understand that your own human evolution is in progress and these are the signs of change.

So we are going to give you an illustration. As you move down this hallway you think you are going down to the very end of the hallway because that is the direction of the travel that you are moving as you go from past to present to future. You actually travel backwards in the hallway, for you can very clearly see your past, if you are cognizant you can be aware of your present, but you cannot see your future. So in reality you are walking backwards down this hallway. As you walk down the hallway, you will soon become aware that there are beings passing you going in the opposite direction.

We are going to ask you to follow those beings and start walking backwards in time. Take that in, breathe it into your being, do not try and analyze it, just let it be. For you will very quickly learn to walk backwards in time. It is a gift that you have earned through your new connection to the Universal Energy. The vortex energy on earth is creating this possibility now. It will require you to rethink your beliefs about time, but it will also be a tool for you to create your reality very quickly.

The Side Doors

Many of you will now begin to see much of your world changing very rapidly as your relationship to time changes. You will find yourselves going through very rapid change with more ease than ever before. With this new relationship to time be aware that there are possibilities ahead that you cannot possibly see for they are contained through the side doors in the hallway. As you walk down this linear hallway of time with your eyes looking forward, you think you know where you are going and as you look for the possibilities you start becoming aware that there are many doorways that you are passing.

We tell you there are magical side doors that you do not normally see. For only when you walk backwards in time can you see the side doors completely. As you walk down these hallways you start becoming aware that there are many, many doors upon the side and even though you believe your goal is down at the very end of the hallway, we tell you that many times the goals are in the side doors themselves.


Part of the Angelic realms’ responsibility has been about quietly directing people into the side doors. Many times you start a creation and you do not know where it is. You do not know where the highest possibilities are contained. So you ask Spirit to lead you. That is what we call the OverLight process for we gently OverLight you with our light of gentle guidance. We simply shine our light over your shoulder which helps to guide you. That is the process of OverLight. It is a gentle guidance system that you will soon learn as you become the Human Angels.

Many of you will see your jobs change. Many of you will see your locations change as this OverLight process takes place. All of a sudden a side door will open up that was not there before and if you dare to simply step off the bridge without trying to think about where this is going you will step into the side doors. It is a time to let yourself be and let Spirit guide you. For there are possibilities of creation beyond your understanding at this time and in order to find those places of creation and happiness it is important that you do not try too hard. Just feel the light over your shoulder.

You have asked Spirit to guide you. You have asked your own connection through your higher self to play a more direct role in your life and now we ask you to loosen the grips on the reins a little bit. What is important to understand is that you are in charge at all times, and yet, if you wish, Spirit will OverLight you until you learn to walk backwards in time.

Many of the side doors, we will warn you, will be tricky at first. For there will be times when you are walking down this hallway and you feel like you know where you are going and all of a sudden Spirit says turn and look at the door next to you. You look at it and the synchronicities are all there. The cosmic winks are such that you cannot ignore that Spirit led you exactly to this door. So you open the door and step bravely in and you look around and say “This is not what I had in mind. This is not at all where I thought I was going”. And yet, we tell you that when that happens please step into the door. For many times there is another door inside that room that you could not see until you step off the bridge and into the room. They can only be seen when you have the courage to step forward and trust your connection through your own higher self, which you will feel as love. That is the energy that will allow you to trust your own channeling process and divine inspiration, which each one of you has at this point.

Watching for the Cosmic Winks

If you allow it to simply come through you and allow yourself to grasp hold of this, you will find opportunities to create this energy like never before. When you look back upon it you will say “Spirit led me here. I never thought that this would lead to here, but here I am”.

Yes, the Keeper has a very similar story for he was not expecting what happened. But that day that he stood on the beach and he held that smudge stick high and he spoke his truth at the rising sun, it was set into motion. It happened to him and it will happen to you. All we ask is that you trust yourselves, dear ones. All we ask is that each one of you allows yourselves to feel the connection through your own higher self.

Human Angel Training

We ask you to pay attention to how you are led because there will be a time when you will lead others into those same side doors. You are in training. You are the Human Angels. You are the ones that will be doing what we are doing with you now in a very short time. Your evolutionary process has begun much faster than you can possibly imagine. We stand back and watch in awe as you take giant leaps, not only in your individual vibrations, but in the collective vibration of humanity as well. You have created miracles every day of your being.

Now you step even further into it. Now we ask you take that which is important to you and create that first. Create the opportunities for you to see yourself as an empowered human by placing yourself first in all things. This will set the stage for you to walk backwards in time. You will take the energy of Merlin and you will use it on a daily basis for then, and only then, will you understand his true attributes.

The times that you have spent together connecting as original spiritual family will begin giving you the opportunity to see yourself completely. It will allow you to assimilate the art of graceful acceptance. It will allow you to connect through your own higher self in ways that you have never connected before. It will allow you to trust the energy as it starts to come through and to express it in whatever form that takes. If it is writing then so be it. If it is art work then so be it. If it is counseling then so be it. If it is healing in any form then allow that to be so.

Using the Fifth Dimension

Take the energy of all that you have created and set it into motion this day through your spoken intent. State your intent to move forward, stand back and watch as you begin moving backwards in time and you will see the truth of who you really are. Do not try to think it through or understand it all, then just let it be a part of you and it will happen. That is all possible now more so than ever before.

Dear ones, you are already in the fifth dimension. Yet, what happens is that every morning when you wake up, you look out at the car parked in your driveway and you get ready for work and imagine yourself driving to work starting your day and therefore you create exactly that. Most of the time you end up creating a third dimensional reality inside the fifth dimension. You are so imaginative and powerful. Take that energy, create for yourselves first. Open the opportunity for you to feel something new and magical. Stand back with it and feel the objective sensitivity, because that is a part of who you are and that is a part of your new tools as an empowered human. Take the responsibility that comes along with that empowerment and start with your own responsibility to create your heart’s desire.

You are responsible to be happy here on this planet. You are responsible to create a lifestyle that is comfortable for you. You are responsible to find and be in your passion even if it is only in small ways at first. Do that, and you will engage the objective sensitivity and it will no longer be a hindrance, it will be a positive tool that you can use, for that is the mastery process. That is the act of becoming a Human Angel.

Watch for the side doors, dear ones, you will find them faster than you can imagine. Each and every one of you will have the opportunities in the months ahead to see unusual things that you have not imagined, because the shift on earth itself is changing the entire time line. That is the reason that there has been so much vagueness about the year 2012 and when and what is exactly going to happen, because you are still in charge of changing that time line. The more you who allow yourselves to walk backwards in time, the more you will begin to understand of what we speak. Simply allow it in and allow yourself to understand that concept, because that is what will set it into motion.

There is no ritual that you need to do. There is no state of elevation that you need to reach. You are already there. Claim it now for yourself and watch for the light over your shoulder. Take the responsibility to use it in a way that will empower you and others, for those are the gifts and the acts of the Human Angel. You will set magic into motion this day and for that we are so grateful to be watching. You cannot imagine the applause on this side of the veil. As each one of you steps further into your own life lessons and empowerment, you now gift it to others.

You are the magicians of the Game Board. You are the chosen ones. Choose well, dear ones, and know that the love you feel comes straight from the heart of the family of Michael, for you are a part of us and we are a part of you. We love you more than you can possibly understand. Take that energy and turn it into something magical and the applause will be deafening as we flap our wings to celebrate the empowered human.

Dear ones, we thank you for the opportunities to speak to you in this fashion, to spread light on a planet that is growing faster and faster into its own evolutionary process. We thank you for taking this message and grounding it into the energy of Home. Know that you are creating Heaven on earth every step of every day and we are so very proud of you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.

Espavo.    the Group

Connecting the Heart

Stepping Back to Move Forward

By Barbara Rother

By the time that you are reading this Steve and I will have begun our travels with our Lightworker events for the new year. I have anticipated with joy connecting with spiritual family again and seeing familiar and new places. The adventures that lay before us are exciting and guaranteed to be memorable.

I think Steve has been more anxious to start traveling again than I have been. He is what I call the “energized bunny” that keeps going and going never needing a break, although he has also enjoyed his time at home. It has given him the chance to work on all the many details with Lightworker and especially to write the books. I have had the time to organize our 2004 schedule and catch up with all there is to do with our work.

We both have treasured the time we’ve had with our biological family. I’m not quite sure why, but I can honestly say that this holiday season was the best one yet. It has been fun to share in the lives of our two sons who are in their twenties. One just bought a new home, the other just returned from visiting New York for the first time. Life is full of adventures for them. I have enjoyed special times with getting to know their girlfriends better. I always wanted a daughter and now I feel I have two of them.

It has been fun to connect with our San Diego spiritual family too. Most of them volunteer their time to help with Lightworker in some way. When we returned from Europe in early November we presented an event in San Diego. It was nice to end our Lightworker events in our home town. We had a celebration to honor New Year’s Day and Steve’s birthday on January 1st. I especially appreciate the day Steve was born! It was also a celebration of the ending of a magnificent year and the beginning of one that promises to be grand.

We have been home for a little over two months which is rare for us. Usually we are gone two to three weeks out of the month traveling. This time has been my retreat. I know myself, I must first step back before I move forward. I have needed this time to regroup. I have enjoyed grounding. The simple things in life such as cooking, cleaning, working outside in our yard, going to the gym, taking walks with our dog, Irie, cuddling with our cat, Merlin, just making our house a home has been a joy. We have been in our home for 27 years. It is our base. After every trip when we walk through our front door I have a feeling of such comfort. I feel our home reflects who Steve and I are in our lives together. I love that when someone comes to visit they feel the warmth and are at home themselves. I appreciate it even more now knowing that we almost lost our home to the San Diego fires last October. Steve and I still feel a move is coming, most likely to the Las Vegas area but the urgency is gone.

Most of us live our lives in a random, racing action. We dash around, not knowing that the power of our thoughts and words moves us in strong and direct ways. Take this time as we begin this exciting year to be still. I encourage you to step back before moving forward. Be thankful for 2003 and all its wonderful lessons it presented to us. We have all the time in the world to move toward our desires. Move forward when you are ready in co-creation with your higher self. Go deep inside to your center and focus on what you wish to create in 2004. By doing this you are stepping back, then, you can move forward with passion.

I have stepped back from our busy schedule during my time at home. Before I completely move forward I take the time to enjoy the present. It is the gift of life. I encourage all of you to enjoy this gift of time.

With Love and Light,

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