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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
 September 15 2004
~ Beauty in Darkness ~
The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live in the internet, transcribed and posted on the 15th of each month. The next live message will be on September 18 10:30am
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The message below was presented in San Diego, California recently at the OverLight Spiritual Psychology training. We have used it here as it addresses an important issue that the Group has spoken of before. Our perception of Light and Dark is changing and as it does, it becomes more important for us to move out of polarity and into unity thinking. By understanding and embracing the Beauty of Darkness we can change our reality. Perhaps then we can stop being afraid of the dark. Happy creating!

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the Group

Special Request
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Greetings from Home

Once again the energy of the room changes to accommodate the vibrations of Home. You have set this into motion in a very unique way for now many of you are starting a new path, stepping into your power as creators in cute little bubbles of biology. You are wandering around, bumping into each other, trying to figure out your way Home and what you are doing here. You think you are alone. You think you are unique. You think you are separate from another but you are not. You are not only part of each other in a very unique way, but you are part of us. That is the connection we have with you. That is the part of the puzzle that has drawn you to places like this to speak, to not only us, but to us through your own higher selves. It is within each and every one of you to connect through your own higher selves to Home. That is the link between Home and the physical bubble of biology in which you inhabit.

Changes in the Game

Somewhere along the way, you got an idea. You said, “Let us play a Game. We will place ourselves into the illusion of being finite. We will begin to define ourselves by moving into the illusion of a linear time frame with a past, present and future. Here we will play a wonderful Game as spirits of infinite design expressing ourselves in a linear time frame.” What an interesting Game. And you walked around and you told your friends about it and it grew, and it grew, and it grew. Everyone thought that this would be a very unique vision. The Omniverse is filled with beings playing such Games. You have seen many. Some you call your E.T.s. You have no concept of most of these games, but they are everywhere. They are all over the place for one thing is sure. . . you are not alone in the Universe. You will see this as even more planets are ‘discovered' in the days ahead.

The Omniverse includes so many multiple Universes that there are literally many dimensional levels to each Universe and there are threads that run concurrently through each one. Placing the infinite in a linear time frame is a big challenge. In order to do that, you had to come up with some very unique visions, and those concepts that began your game are what we wish to share with you today. By remembering how it began perhaps you may re-define the next level of your Game with the same unique vision with which you designed this one. You are at a junction point now where you will be essentially starting over. Humanity is literally re-creating a new Gameboard in the same place where the old one existed. This is the creation of the Third Earth and the new holographic pattern that you are now creating for Earth. That is only possible because of your unique rise in vibration, because of your advancement, and the evolut! ionary steps that you have taken. These are not evolutionary steps as such, but more like quantum leaps in consciousness. It is happening in the blink in the eye. Many of you are waiting for a certain day or time for an event to change your world. Go enjoy that day and celebrate. Do the things you wish to do to celebrate the unique vision of heaven on Earth for it is in process, but do not wait for the day because those things are already possible now. For now we ask you to do everything that you can do to lean against the powers you hold as an infinite being in finite form. This action will bring the infinite here and help to create the attributes of Heaven on the Third Earth that you are now creating.

Infinite to Finite – Light to Dark

We bring you these concepts with the understanding that as finite beings, it is not even possible to fully grasp the concept of infinity. In reality it is too simple for you to understand. Therefore we will give you some visions that will help you understand the differences so that every choice you make can be made from the perspective of an infinite being. We often use the word heart as we speak through the Keeper for it is one that is understood by most, but there are other words that we use that represent Home to each one of you. Light is one of them. You move toward the light when you step out of physical body. ‘Go to the light' is more than just a phrase. Because of this popular phrase many cross over with the expectation of seeing and moving into a guiding light. The reality is, it is not the light in the way that you think as humans. Lightness is a state of being that represents infinity. Now if yo! u understand that the light is actually a representation of Home expressed in infinity, then you can understand that what you are visiting here in finite form could also be called darkness.

So we wish to share with you a little bit of our view of something you call darkness. It is important that you understand the beauty of these things that you call darkness for in a finite timeline where you have a past, present and future where you are expressing yourself in the illusion of that timeline, light is only definable through the experience of darkness. Now here comes the fun part. You are such magical creators. Every time you hold a focused thought in your head longer than seven seconds, it appears in your reality. Seven seconds is all it takes and it is becoming five seconds within the next three years. You are moving so fast it is incredible for us to watch for you are reclaiming your powers of creation while still in the physical bubbles of biology. You are beginning to take your power as infinite beings while still playing the Game in the linear time line, and that is beautiful beyond description. !

The Definition of Light

In the beginning of the game mankind was attracted by the light. They worshiped the sun as the source of all things. Then came the time when they looked upon the sand and saw their shadows. They were afraid of them, much the way that many of you still fear darkness. Darkness is only an illusion and a lack of light. It is only a place of definition, for within a field of polarity light cannot be perceived without the contrast of darkness. So as you begin embracing the beauty of the darkness, you can actually see higher forms of light. It then becomes easier to express your infinite self in a finite world.

Yes, there are people who come to the Keeper that want to know, “Does voodoo, black magic and spells really work?” And the answer is the same every time, of course it does because they are asking the question. That small gap of understanding is just enough lack of light to create the darkness that you are so afraid of. Fear it not. Rather we ask you to embrace it. Find the beauty of both light and dark in all that you experience and you will move everything forward. You are now moving into the next level of helping one another as you step into the role of Human Angels. This is a new _expression of the Light and therefore it may be helpful to have a new understanding of the darkness that defines it. It will not be long before you take the role of angels to the Second Planet of Free Choice. Boy, are we going to have fun then, for we get to see the same frustrations that we have experienced in dealing with you. And wh! en you hear that enigmatic laughter over your shoulder, remember what we have said here. Know we are there, loving you.

Using Darkness to Express Light

So let us give you the vision of what happened in the beginning for it would be interesting for you to understand the perspective of where you first began the Game. As you understand the concept that you are simply returning Home, and returning to light, you must understand that light is the infinite _expression of energy. So in the beginning the question was asked: “How do we define the infinite in a finite word?” How do you create light in a space where it does not normally exist? The only way to create light in a finite world is through the contrast of darkness. It was here that you created the first negative energy. You literally created the opposite of what you wished to exist in the duality of the game. For at Home, negative energy does not exist. That is the reason that humans thrive on positive energy and love to throw off negative energy. Soon you began to perceive many ways of defining light through the u! se of darkness. For a time the most wondrous creations in the early Game were creations of darkness for they allowed _expression of the light. And all the beings in Heaven looked upon your Game and said, “Wow. What a marvelous creation. We never would have thought of that.” The lack of light expressed in energy is negative energy and you used that negative energy every single day of your lives to give birth to the light. It is a beautiful human _expression of the infinite.

Even today the lights that are lighting this very room are pulsing between positive and negative energy 120 times per second. They do so to evenly balance the positive and the negative energy in the form of electricity. That can be seen as Heaven and Earth coming together. This balance of energy was first brought into use by a crystal child named Nicola Tesla. Uses of the negative energy will become more important as your evolution continues, and you begin using negative energy in your field by changing your perception of it. The moment you see a lack of anything, even a lack of light, you create a vacuum that will be filled. That is where the illusion of fear and evil comes from. As beings in the very beginning stages when you were actually afraid of your own shadows, that fear grew for even in those early stages it was a definition of light. So as you grew, your _expression of that negative energy grew. Over eons of time, you came up with the most imaginable things to be afraid of, and you found lots of fear within it. Much the way that fear is only a lack of love, darkness is only a lack of light. It will be helpful to know that you have created a parallel reality that exists to balance the duality as it relates to light. In fact an entire parallel universe exists that is designed to balance the light and dark in all that you do. In fact, it was from this place that the concept of alternating electrical current came. As a crystal child Tesla was able to travel between the inter dimensional realities of both worlds. You are beginning to see glimpses of this parallel universe as you raise your vibration. More will come on this in the days ahead, but for now simply know that it exists and in that universe light is dark and dark is light.

The Lucifer Experiment

At one point in your development, humanity became so captivated with the negative and the illusion of fear, that it was necessary for us to create the illusion of polarity consciousness in Heaven. Not an easy task for darkness is a creation of duality and does not exist in Heaven. Yet, in order for us in the angelic realm to reflect your magnificence, it was even necessary for us to create the illusion of darkness on the other side of the veil. Thus began the Lucifer Experiment.

Lucifer was a great angel; an angel of love and his energy was such that he could switch to something that was the illusion of negative energy. He was the one angel strong enough to hold the illusion of darkness in Heaven. Imagine what it would be like to have all the beings of Earth looking at you in disgust and using your image to motivate them. In fact he was the angel who helped to define light through his willingness to play that role. As that negative energy of fear came in to him, he was able to express it with the most beautiful love as what you call darkness. And he did so out of complete sacrifice, knowing perfectly well that this energy would be transmitted to all the beings on Earth and that he would not be revered, but would be hated and feared. What a gift. What a beauty of darkness. Thus he was and still is referred to as the prince of darkness. That gift of darkness allowed that gap to be filled an! d it was necessary to continue the illusion of the Lucifer Experiment for eons of time on your game board. Lucifer's gift of darkness allowed you to clearly see the light. Even though your advancement was moving a little bit every day, it was moving ever so slowly. But now that has changed for you have begun taking these quantum steps into evolution. You have begun standing on your own feet, stepping into the second wave of empowerment. As you do that, everything changes and the work of Lucifer is complete. The energy of everything now measured as an _expression of light. Once you understand that, you defined it all in the field of heaven for as we have told you many times before, Lucifer has returned Home. He was greeted with thunderous applauds and open arms as the hero he is. The Lucifer Experiment was a success and in the alternate universe he is seen clearly as the angel of light.

That Game is no longer being played. The Lucifer Experiment is no longer needed and we tell you that because of that, there is a love in heaven that can now be shared on Earth. Because of that, new capabilities are possible. Because of that gift, it is entirely possible for you to play the game without the polarity of what you have known as good and bad. This is not an easy step for humans as you have built your world on these concepts. Yet to create Heaven on Earth it is necessary, for these are human concepts caused by the illusion of polarity and do not exist in Heaven. You are now beginning to define light in new and unique ways. Welcome Home.

Water ~ The Energy

Let us share with you one other secret that we will begin talking about even more in future reminders from Home. There is a simple energy that is designed to balance negative and positive energy. You see it throughout your life every day for there is one form of energy, similar to the Universal Energy, which runs between all things and all dimensions of light. It is known as water. Water is actually a form of energy that balances energy. It carries neutral potential. In its natural state, in infinite form, it does not have positive, nor negative charge. Therefore it will always bring you back to a balanced state. It is a life-force energy, which every living thing uses. Even the chair in which the Keeper sits needs water to exist in its present form. And it is the water that ties everything together. So when there are times where you feel someone is getting stuck or even yourselves in what you perceive to be negat! ive energy—whether that is negative emotion, negative experience, negative thoughts, or the cycle that you call depression, look to water first. The clarity of water going through your being can help to neutralize that energy very quickly.

Add the magic of intent to the water you ingest and you have great power. You can do ceremony around it and increase its usefulness. As with all forms of energy, water only changes form from one form to another. The reality is that this water is the same water that the dinosaurs drank, so it has changed energy over and over and over again. Look at this as a connection to Home. That is the reason that many of you who are trying to do spiritual communication will find that it happens in the shower; will find that it happens as you are doing dishes or doing the laundry. It happens…yes, the commode, too…around the water is where it happens because that is the place where you can most cleanly neutralize your energy and allow your spirit to come through you.

In the near future for you will begin discovering things about the energy form you call water. You will soon find that if you unleash the energy in one cubic centimeter of water, you will light your largest cities for three years. It is there because that is the connection point between finite and infinite: water. Find it. Play with it. (At this point Steve takes a glass of water from beside his chair and slowly pours it on the carpet.) Make your own ceremonies around it. Figure out how you are going to use that for you are the creators. We are giving you possibilities, potentials to look at, for we will not tell you which way to turn. That is not our job. Our job is to gently OverLight you from the back and show you the many potentials of the road that is ahead. And every time one of you walks over this wet spot, you will re-member that.

Between Light and Dark

From that range of light to dark is no less than 144 primary colors of which all of you have taken a ray. All of you vibrate between a range that equates to one of those 144 primary colors and it will not be long before you will start seeing things that you have no description for, for your world is built on the illusion of 4 primary colors. There are many more. You will begin to see them now, for as you advance and move into higher vibration, your physical body will adjust, and much the way that you are starting to see new things now, you will begin seeing new colors. The other thing that will be happening very soon as a result of all the things that you are moving through, is that your ears will take another step into change. Some of you will hear ringing that will go on and on and on and on. Take it as a vibrational imprint for it simply means that you are vibrating in harmonics with a new alternate reality whi! ch is very close to yours. It also means that you are about to make contact with that alternate reality. A time will come very soon that you have set up, where many of these timelines that go side by side in concurrent organization, will be crossing each other. And at that magical space, each timeline that crosses each other leaves permanent imprints and goes forward, and there is a union of many timelines coming in the near future. It is what you have called ascension but it is under way already. Many of the attributes that you have looked for in ascension are here right now. You have only to find a way to utilize them in your world and to bring them into your beautiful darkness.

The love on Home is with each and every one of you. Know that you are the most magical creators. Even though there are times when you sit alone and ask, “Why am I here? What did I come here for? There must be a higher purpose.” Know that we see you. We come behind you and we wrap you in our wings and we remind you of who you are and the times when you have lost yourself. Yet it is not possible to enter your world any longer for you, here, have risen to a higher vibration. So we ask you do not seek angelic intervention as much as the connection to the angel within you, for that is now possible more than ever before. The Web of Love is being activated that connects all hearts. You are doing it yourselves and as you create that, you will sometimes feel a pull on the energy and it will almost feel like a net. That net is made in such a way that those cross-members are not tied together, but simply loose so that when s! omeone tugs on the net because they are afraid of the dark, you send them love. There will be a great reservoir of love energy on that net at all times. That is available this day. That is what is at hand. Every time you do that, you strengthen your connection to your higher self and to All That Is. Heaven is here this day and you are the angels that are bringing it here. How many Lightworkers does it take to turn on the lights on Planet Earth? One. You. Do not be afraid of the darkness. Flood it with love and turn it into the most beautiful darkness that you can possibly imagine for that is the creation of Home. That is what you came here to do and you are doing a marvelous job. We are so very proud of you.

Each one of you has a specific task that you have come here to do and you know it somewhere in your heart. Know that you are on the right path. There came a time for this incarnation in which you sit for many of the beings to come back in and a great line formed on the other side of the veil. Many people got ready to come in and said, “It looks like it is going to happen. We are all going in, here.” And all the people who thought they could make a difference got in line, ready to take a turn in a bubble of biology. Then a very magical thing happened. We have told you this before yet we wish to remind you. Someone at the front of the line turned around and looked at the person behind him and said, “You know, you have a better chance of making a difference than I do. I am going to step aside and ask you to move to the front of the line.” For you are not separate from each other on the other side of the veil. You are! one. And that soul moved aside so that this one could go forward and one by one, each one of them stepped aside so that the finest possibilities of creating heaven on Earth could move to the forefront. And here you are. You made it in. It is our job to remind you that you are the ones. You are the magical beings from Home that everybody stepped aside for so that you could come in. You have a responsibility to create the highest and best for yourselves to all of those that stepped aside. And you are doing so well. Espavo, dear ones. Espavo.

It is with the greatest honor for you, the magicians of the game board that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


the Group

Connecting the Heart

Dare to Change and Feel the Excitement of Life

By Barbara RotherWhat a month it has been! Steve and I moved from our home near San Diego, California on August 19 th and we move to our new home in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 19 th . It took us a month to leave our home, move into an apartment, find a new home and take care of all the many details surrounding the process. In the midst of it all we went to North Bay, Canada to present the 8 Sacred Rooms seminar last week. What a beautiful area that is with such wonderful people joining us. The Group explained why we were drawn to North Bay while in channel. They said that North Bay was one of seven places in the world where the water was truly pure. During our weeks stay Steve and I also enjoyed our 32 nd wedding anniversary. I told our Lightworker family who joined us at this event how nice it was to celebrate our special day in this magnificent area and that I felted blessed to be so in love with the man I've been with so many ! years.

Moving to Las Vegas is like a whole new exciting beginning for us. I can totally identify with what Steve and the Group were talking about with the topic of light and dark. As much as we knew in our hearts that this move here was right for us, my emotions have been like a roller coaster as each day has unfolded.

The night before we moved, our family all joined us to have a final evening in the home that we created for 27 years. It was bittersweet with everyone celebrating our next step forward and sadness in having to let go of the place where we had enjoyed the familiar, fun, times. We all knew these special memories would always be in our hearts. The next day as the moving company loaded the truck with our possessions, I managed to keep my emotions in tack. That evening we were planning to drive to Las Vegas early. I asked Steve to run out to pick us up some dinner. I think subconsciously I let our cat sneak past me letting him outside. I knew we wouldn't be able to leave our home until he showed up again. Two hours later Merlin magically appeared as if to say it was time to go. While he was out bidding farewell to his surroundings I was saying goodbye to our home. I was happy for one last time to have the house to myself.! I went room to room saying goodbye, reliving and thanking the many memories that flooding my mind. I shed tears and expressed laughter. When Steve came home we had a quick dinner and Merlin strolled up as to say it was time to leave. We were all complete. I found out from Steve that he had done his own ritual of saying goodbye to the house earlier when I was out.

The next few days as we settled into our temporary apartment, my excitement about our new adventure took a spiral downward. I have not experienced such a feeling of depression in many years. I questioned why we made such a drastic move away from our family, home and friends. I have always felt no matter where we went with our traveling with Lightworker I always had my familiar home to come back to ground. Now it was all gone. Steve knew he needed to get me out to explore our new area. We went house hunting. I was on a high again! To see this beautiful area with the mountains surrounding it, to feel the vortex that drew us here in the first place, lifted my spirits. The possibilities of creating a whole new life here again excited me. I have always said that home is where the heart is. I am creating this here in the city of lights.

Shortly after that we found the perfect home for us. Long ago I had created my list for my dream home. A dear friend of mine, Gemma, pointed out to me that if I kept calling it my dream home it would always just be in my dreams and not an actual creation in my life. I then changed it to creating my reality home. We indeed did find the perfect home for us. It is a house where I know we will create many new wonderful memories. It has a huge yard filled with trees and flowers and space where I can simply be and enjoy. There is even a back house that is perfect for the business part of Lightworker. Much to my delight we have a pool with a waterfall. I think Steve and I are getting good with creating what we desire! I thought before we moved here that Las Vegas was nothing but desert. This is so untrue. It just showed me to stay out of judgment. We don't really understand any thing until we experience it.

The Sunday after we moved Steve suggested we have a gathering of our Lightworker family in Las Vegas. We extended an open invitation to anyone in the area who chose to join us for an evening. We were delighted to see 65 beautiful faces, some familiar, some not. I thank each and every one of them for making us feel so special and welcoming us to Las Vegas. We have great plans for this place.

Many people have asked us why we would choose to move from San Diego, California which is known to be paradise to Las Vegas, Nevada. This area is magical. It has the light and dark all around it. I can't wait to explore the many areas that it offers. I have found the excitement of the Strip that has entertainment in its fullest to the serenity of the mountains that surround this land creating a vortex of energy.

Last night I was driving around Las Vegas by myself exploring and familiarizing myself with the area. It was fun to begin to feel a part of this town. My thoughts while driving took me back to when I was twenty years old. This is when I left St. Louis, Missouri, a place where I was born and lived in the same house for twenty years. I had the courage then to follow my heart and move out to California to join Steve. I left family and all that was familiar then. I have never regretted it. Last night when I was at a restaurant waiting for my take out order I started talking to two beautiful girls in their twenties who had just moved from Indiana to Las Vegas to just explore life. They had plans to then move to San Diego this coming summer to enjoy that area. Of course I shared with them the special places to see. These two angels were placed in my life as a reminder to again feel like that twenty year old ready to take o! n the world. Life is truly a miracle.

So many people are experiencing such enormous changes in their lives now. Weather it is moving to a new location, changing careers, leaving relationships, this is a time for new beginnings. Even if you are not changing in the areas know that you are changing in many ways inside that will also lead you in new, exciting directions. We are not the same anymore. This is the time of change. Ready or not here it comes! Try as you might to stay in your comfort zone, life will not let you. Without movement we become stagnant. Change leads to growth. The Group says “All change leads to something better.” From my own experience I can honestly say; follow your heart and trust yourself. It is alright to feel the highs and lows, the light and dark of change. Feel the awakening of your spirit as you take chances. I wish that all of us may live each day in our new found joy and passion.

Love and Light,

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