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   August Astrology ~ & Chiron

A great ritual transformation occurs each year as the Sun
transits the Chiron
decan of Leo August 2nd to August 12th.
According to the Greek myth, the centaur god Chiron creates
a fiery altar on a mountain around which the gods and goddesses
are united to overcome the evil Titans.

The Feast of Transfiguration on August 6th commemorates the time
when Jesus went up on the mountain and was illuminated. The Sun
is at the exact midpoint of Leo, halfway between Solstice and
Autumn Equinox, on Saturday August 7th. This is one of the four
fixed sign "cross quarter day" power gates and one of 8 annual
fire festivals or power gates in the annual cycle of celebration.
Mid-Leo is a time of illumination. Dreams and portents presage
what's to come in the autumn season. Please take note!

Midpoint Leo is the power gate of fire, the culmination of the
ancient festival of Lughnasa / Lammas that began on August 1st.
At this time followers of the old faith go to sacred places on
mountains and hills and there share bread (hence Lammas or
Loafmas) believing it imbued with a transcendent spirit. This
is a time for transforming, reimaging, realizing personal
dreams, actualizing cultural ideals.

The Sun is exactly at 15 degrees Leo on Saturday August 7th.
Noon and mid-afternoon times the next two days will be most
powerful. This Sunday following the midpoint of Leo is when
the power of the Sun god Lugh is felt most strongly: As the
Sun rises a Grand Trine with the Moon, Chiron and Jupiter in
earth signs releases power through a square from Jupiter to
Pluto. This square represents death and rebirth of the king,
the death/rebirth of the order of things. Lugh/Sun rising
trine Pluto insures a positive transformation. 8:8 celebrate!

Like the Hobbits "Lammas bread," bread made now (or bought and
taken to the mountain) will carry the power of this magic time.


The Sun is in the 15th degrees of Leo on August 7th.  This is one
of the 4 fixed sign midpoints in the zodiac which are mythically
represented by the 4 creatures in the vision of Ezekiel, 4
Archangels and the 4 Apostles. 15 degrees Leo is the power gate
of elemental fire symbolized by Ezekiel's lion headed creature
and apostle Mark. 15 Leo is also the station of Archangel Michael,
the angel that rules the autumn season. Each fixed sign midpoint
focuses power for the season that follows. Whatever occurs Aug 6-8
influences what will be this fall.

Michael's Mount in England, Loch More in Scotland, Carnac in France,
and El Eglab in Africa all conjunct midpoint Leo in the Earth Zodiac.
Alan Leo's symbol for 15  Leo is "An angel of the Sun [Michael],
striking the Earth with the point of a dazzling sword."  St. Michael's
ley, one of England's powerful ley lines, conducts the fire of mid-Leo
across England from Michael's Mount the tip of Cornwall through
Glastonbury Tor and Avebury to Bury St. Edmunds and the eastern shore.
(Twelve Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape by
John Michell and Christine Rhone). Note: The fires lit on mountain
tops in Return of the King are not just signal fires, these fires
are lit in their time to awaken the Earth Spirit.

August 6th is the Feast of Transfiguration when Jesus went to the
mountain. Spiritual fire comes down to mountain tops at this mid Leo
power gate. Jesus knew when to go the mountain and the wisdom
tradition suggests that we might do the same.

"Then Jesus went forth unto a mountaintop to pray. And as he prayed
a brilliant light appeared; his form became as radiant as precious
stone; his face shown like the Sun; his garments seemed as white as
snow; the son of humanity became the son of God.  He was transformed
that the people of the Earth might see the possibilities of humanity."
              - The Aquarian Gospel, Levi

Sacred fire is available all who go to receive it. Alternatively you
may meditate on a mountaintop you've been to before and be there in
spirit. True noon and mid-afternoon canonical hour times are ideal
for this purpose. (See Canonical Hours.)

August 6th's WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL commemorates the bombing of Hiroshima.
That bombing and the US Embassy Bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es
Salaam, Tanzania on August 7th 1998 were shadow expressions of this
power gate of fire. The more people honor this time with spiritual
awareness the less the negative effects. Going to a mountain (August
6th - 8th), spending time in celebration can help offset misapplication
of mid Leo energy. The more energy is channeled to positive purpose
the less will be expressed otherwise. Mountain tops condition all that
is below. True noon is an ideal time to be on a mountain aligning
with spirit. A path to center clears when the Aurora Cam arrow points
to our place on Earth: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/aurora_cam.html

The August 6th-8th Leo midpoint power gate parallels the canonical
hour Nones. This is the ninth planetary hour beginning with Sunrise.
Mid-point Leo is symbolized by the Ace of Wands in the Tarot. This
card signifies will power and gives potential for aligning personal
will with divine will. Alignment with divine will is facilitated by
meditation and prayer on this date (August 6th) and time (midpoint
between True Noon and Sunset).

The classical Mayan way of celebrating spirit is to take food and
flowers to a mountain top power spot and lay these out in a mandala.
The  food is blessed, presented as a offering to the divine and then
consumed so vital energy focused on the mountain is taken into the
body, the ideal is made flesh.

 "Apukuna are the divine lords of the sacred mountains. They have
been worshipped since pre-Incan times and are considered to be the
most powerful of all traditional deities. They play a vital role in
the daily lives of Andean people. The Quechua show the utmost respect
toward the apukuna and acknowledge their importance in ritual and
ceremony."  - Pachamama's Children, Carol Cumes & Romulo Valencia

"Their gods are gods of the hills;
 therefore they were stronger than we." I Kings 20:22
"Get thee up into the high mountain." Is. 40:9
"Wisdom standeth in the top of high places." Pr. 8:1,2
"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills
 from whence cometh my help." Ps. 121:1
"The mountains and high hills
 shall break forth into singing." Is. 55:12
"The mountains shall bring peace to the people,
 and the little hills, by righteousness." Ps. 72:3
"O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me;
 let them bring me unto thy holy hill." Ps. 65:12

Celebration Note: If you can't go to the mountain, high hill or
little hill, seek some other place of natural power for the midLeo
power gate August 6th - 8th. This might be a city center as most
cities have grown up around a place of natural power. Think sacred
sites nearby and feel your way to the place to be.

"The turning of the wheel now brings us to Lughnasadh (LOO-nus-uh),
also known by its medieval Christian name of Lammas, named in honor
of the Celtic god Lugh, a name which means 'light' or 'shining.' "
- Chantrea's Page http://free.prohosting.com/~cbarstow/lammas.html

LUGHNASA/LAMMAS Aug 1 - 8 (Leo midpoint Aug 7)
As the midpoint between Midsummer and The Autumnal equinox, Lammas
(Old English, meaning "Loaf Mass") celebrates the first harvest, a
festival of regeneration. The "Green Man" of Spring has transformed
and he now appears to us as a straw figure popularly known as "The
Wicker Man". The word 'Lammas' comes from the term 'loaf-mass' and
it traditionally represents the time when the first corn is harvested.
The Druids call this festival holiday "Lughnasadh"; a time dedicated
to 'Lugh', the Celtic sun god. Just as the first crop is cut, this
time represents a sacrifice, for Lugh was murdered and he came back
to life.

Lughnasadh Burning Man in North Carolina

On Saturday July 31st (Lughnasa Eve) in Asheville, N.C. participants
at Tranformus burned a 25' bamboo man they called "bamboozler."
Another group, the "Full Moon Bus Club" burned a magnesium Volkswagen
engine block. My friend Jim wrote to share this news and asked me
what it might mean to burn magnesium. The light and power of Lugh
is released through fire. Burning wood releases stored solar energy
of the physical Sun, magnesium fire releases energy of the heart
of the Sun. In the esoteric astrology of Alice A. Bailey, the heart
of the Sun is Neptune. The tarot card of Neptune is the Hanged Man,
#12 = magnesium. Burning magnesium at solar power gate releases
energy of the heart of the Sun.


The nature and story of Lugh parallels the Greek god Chiron, forerunner
of Christ. All these mythic stories intersect at Lammas. Most of the
British Isles, the realm of Lugh, lies in the Chiron decan of the
Earth Zodiac (0-10 west longitude). London, "Lugh's Town," is in
the 20th degree of Leo, the last degree of the Chiron decan.

Chiron lives at a time when there is a terrible war going on between
the good gods and goddesses and the evil giants known as the Titans.
Chiron sees that the gods and goddesses are losing their struggle
against the Titans because they are not united: Each god and goddess
has a separate altar or shrine, separate following, different agenda.

Chiron sets up a fiery altar high on a mountain around which the gods
and goddesses join together in common ritual. On the altar Chiron
sacrifices a wolf (constellation Lupus). Through this ritual the gods
and goddesses are united, the evil giants are overcome, and good again
triumphs in the world.

The wolf Lupus represents renegade passions that undermine commitment
to collective purpose, to soul, to country, to spouse, to God. The wolf
can symbolize greed, addiction, lust or misplaced ambition. The wolf
in its shadow nature embodies all that stands in the way of living up
to one's potential and realizing true destiny. In Jungian tradition
this principle might be called the shadow personality. Esoteric books
call this shadow of Self the "dweller on the threshold." Following the
sacrifice of the wolf a new state of consciousness is realized and a
new creation comes to flower. The shadow wolf sacrificed becomes the
white wolf of purified instinct that is true to soul purpose. Instinct
is not the shadow, the shadow wolf is a product of shadow mind.

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
http://www.thequantumawakening.com/8.htm (excerpts)

Emanations from the Superior Sun behind our daystar (the Sun) rearrange
our brain waves, readjusting the thinking patterns that have kept us
hostage in an elliptical orbit of humanness. The giant sunspots and
coronal mass ejections we are presently seeing are but a glimpse into
the life force of this Superior dark Sun that extends her super magnetic
vibration into all parts of our known and unknown solar system. Lifting
us to a point of open eyes within all the seeing cells of our natural
state. Just like celestial acupuncture we receive injections of knowing
that cannot be explained away. We finally find the passion to do, to be,
to believe to create without a shadow of doubt.

The star Sirius is partnering with the dark Superior Sun behind our
Sun as we enter the alignment of the ancients. All buried landmasses
within our consciousness come to a place of buoyancy, circumnavigating
our linear flat world thinking. Exposing on a stellar level that which
lies beneath all of our longings and choices. We finally stand up for
what we believe and what believes in us.

The blue light from the star Sirius shines down onto all of our choices
as she enters her helical rising at the end of July. Stellar gateways
open via earthen conduits allowing us to be lifted to a place of innate
knowing. Everything we do or do not do will be felt in all sectors of
heaven and earth.

On August 8, 2004 (8:8) SPIRITUAL ATOMIC ENERGY will be unleashed to the
entire universe within the direct radiation of our Sun. Solar power will
move into material form to be seen and felt. Uniting the two hemispheres
of the brain in a cosmic fusion. Birthing a level of light that even the
blind will be able to see.

So powerful is this solar vibration we will have but one choice as it
enters our energy field. The choice is to just allow it to pass through
you like a solar wind, not holding on to any part of it. Like a cool
breeze on a hot day just allow the solar emanations to encircle and
embrace you without trying to corral them and tie them to the fence
of humanness. Just this minute action will shift the future into a p
lace that can been seen and felt.

The 8:8 STARGATE VIBRATION is symbolic of the human DNA kept separate
and secret purposefully. From the time of July 23, 2004 until September
23, 2004 the symbiotic relationship that humanity has had with earth
life will shift into direct alignment with a time passageway. This time
passageway reconnects with the Superior Sun beyond the sun allowing a
new seeding to occur that increases mental capacities, IQ and the
ability to remember (near and far).

We stand at the base of the mountain of Creational maturity on our
sojourn home to the Light. Everything in the universe opens its
cupboards to show what has been hidden on all of its shelves. Finally
embracing and acknowledging the Creational maturity of the people of
earth. It is a personal choice how to wear this energy and wisdom.
It has been laid at your anointed feet with a great love by those
that have taken all of your evolutionary possibilities to heart.

We all stand at the edge of who we
thought we were, watching ourselves
birth a new world & new future.


   "Give me the place on which to stand,
    and I will move the Earth."
        - Archimedes 3rd century B.C.E.

* Beginning Times for Canonical Hours in New York City August 8th *

 6:05  am     Sunrise         Prime      Spring Equinox, 0 Aries
 9:33  am     Midmorning      Tierce     Beltane,  15  Taurus
 1:02  pm     True Noon       Sext       Summer Solstice, 0 Cancer
 4:30  pm     Midafternoon    Nones      Lammas,  15  Leo
 7:58  pm     Sunset          Vespers    Fall Equinox, 0 Libra
10:30  pm     Midevening      Complin    Hallowmas, 15  Scorpio
 1:28  am     True Midnight   Nocturn    Winter Solstice, 0 Capricorn
 3:33  am     Break of Dawn   Matins     Candlemas, 15 Aquarius

Notes about this table -

The times listed are good for 3 days or more before and after the
exact date.  These times should be refigured about once a week.

     *** Figuring Canonical Hours for Your Location***
Sunrise and Sunset can be found in the newspaper weather section.
True Noon, when the Sun is most directly overhead, is halfway
between Sunrise and Sunset so True Noon is found by dividing the
time between Sunrise and Sunset by two. True Midnight is always
opposite True Noon. The beginning times for the other four hours
is found by dividing the quarters of the day by two again:
Midmorning is halfway between Sunrise and True Noon, etc.
Traditional Sundials display daytime canonical hours.

The times of day are followed by Latin names for the canonical
hours. These are numbers of the planetary hours beginning with
Sunrise: prime is 1st hour, tierce is the 3rd, sext is 6th, etc.
(Matins is from Matuta, the Roman goddess of Dawn).

Planetary hours vary in length through the year with night hours
longer and day hours shorter after Summer Solstice. The length
of day hours is found by dividing the time between Sunrise
and Sunset by 12, the length of night hours by dividing Sunset
to Sunrise time by 12. Day hours now are 1 hour 11 minutes,
night hours are 49 minutes.

The times of year in the last column correspond to canonical hours
of the day cycle. Day and year follow the same 8 phase (octave) beat.
True Noon corresponds to Summer Solstice so the Noon hour holds more
charge during the first half of Summer. The strongest hour for the
August 6-8 power gate is midafternoon or Nones.

 "All power is of one kind, a sharing of the nature of the world.
  The mind that is parallel with the laws of Nature will be in
  the current of events, and strong with their strength."

            - Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life 1860


* The most powerful times each day are the hours beginning with
Sunrise, Sunset, True Noon, True Midnight & their "cross quarters."

* Understanding these hours of opportunity is part of the ancient
wisdom tradition. While their use is preserved in the familiar
Catholic system of "canonical hours," these have come to be figured
according to standard clock time (6am, 9am, 12pm ..) rather than
the angular relationship between Sun and horizon which is the real
determinative factor. The hard angles (0, 45, 90 & 180) that are
traditionally used in astrology determine the "turning times."

* The 8 canonical hours are ideal for prayer, meditation, or
for beginning any new activity. These times are good for making
important calls, beginning meetings, doing ceremony, entering a
social setting, starting a new work project, signing agreements,
etc.. More magical synchronicities occur in these hours & whatever
is initiated is apt to flow more easily.

* All cycles can be meaningfully divided into 8 phases. In the East
these are symbolized by the 8 sections of the Feng Shui Ba Gua, the
Buddhist Eight Fold Path, etc.

* Time and space are organized according to the #8. Time is symbolized
by infinity, a horizontal 8. Every cycle has 8 key turning points or
changing times like the "punctuated equilibria" of geological time.

* The flow of time is symbolized by a snake or dragon whose sinsoidal
or undulating motion describes the nature of all cycles. The points
of equilibrium on the up/down wave are called "dragon nodes." These
are the 8 times of day, year and Moon when we have more creative
freedom. These are also important decision times, times when we are
challenged to choose, times to declare our freedom, times to know
and affirm our purpose in tribe and world.

* There is greater opportunity during canonical hours for aligning
with the spirit of creation and greater potential for making changes
both without and within.

* The canonical hours and the 8 corresponding days of the year are
times of opportunity for reorganizing our reality or "reconfiguring
the matrix."

* The 4 fixed sign midpoints are the Cross Quarter days in the year.
These occur at the 15th degree of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.
They symbolize the 4 creatures in the vision of Ezekiel and the 4
Archangels:  The Angel of mid-Aquarius is Raphael, the midpoint of
Taurus the Bull is Archangel Urielle, the midpoint of Leo the Lion
is Archangel Michael, and mid-Scorpio (the Eagle)is Angel Gabrielle.

*The 4 archangels also rule the seasons: Raphael is the angel of
Spring, Urielle the angel of Summer, Michael the angel of Fall,
and Gabrielle the angel of Winter.

*The Catholic formula for effective prayer derives from the ancient
wisdom tradition: Go to a place of power (the sanctuary) at the time
of power (a canonical hour), ring a bell (to break the spell of the
preceding phase of the cycle), light a candle (using fire to focus
spiritual intention), kneel (knees - Capricorn, grounding, practical
manifestation)and pray (hands together at the heart/throat center.)

* Bioelectric energy is generated between the palm chakras when the
hands are brought together. Hands held this way energizes the heart
and throat chakras so prayers are more powerfully projected. Prayers
that accord with divine purpose will reorder reality.

* Clapping hands, clicking heels, clockwise turning, 3 deep breaths,
chanting, oming, drumming, all these practices can be effective for
beginning a canonical hour. Doing something, anything, demonstrable
helps shift the energy and open the new way.

* Dancing can be more liberating and chanting more resonant when
begun in a canonical hour.

* The Sunset hour is an ideal time for meditation and prayer because
then the old day is ending and the new day begins. About this the
ancient Celts, Native Americans, Jews, Hindus and Catholics agree.

* The Sunset hour is most effective for healing. Jesus gathered
people by the waterside at Sunset for healing. The hour when day
becomes night is like the border between land and water, between
conscious and unconscious realms. At this magic cusp subconscious
mind can most easily be reprogrammed to accept blessing and healing.
Don Juan showed Carlos Casteneda how to pay attention in the Sunset
hour and find his way through "the cracks between worlds." The hour
beginning at Sunset is the best time of day to find balance and peace
and receive spiritual guidance.

- Steve Nelson

August began with a magic Blue Moon on the night of July 31st: The
Sun in 1st decan Aquarius = star sign Crater the Cup known to Celtic
Druids as the Cauldron of Cerridwen. The Roman earth goddess Ceres
is the Celtic Cerridwen, Queen of Avalon. The U.S. Statue of Liberty
is patterned after Ceres with her torch / Cerridwen, Queen of "the
Apple Isle." The archetypal power of Ceres/Cerridwen/Liberty links
to the movements of planet Venus through phi geometry the 5-petaled
symmetries of apple and rose, fruit and flower of America. On August
2nd Venus past the shadow point of her last retrograde loop and moved
into new creative territory. On August 3rd the Statue of Liberty
was opened again for the first time since 9/11. August 4th's New York
Times had a front page photo of Luz Pagan, age 62, in Miss Liberty
costume: http://www.nytimages.com/wieck_preview_page_NYT2004080355339
Can this be for real? Luz Pagan - pagan light - sounds as made up
as Christopher Columbus/Colon which means Christ bearing colonizer.
The light of Liberty is the torch of the goddess Ceres illuminating
the underworld in the search for her daughter/soul Persephone. The
old pagan esoteric tradition reached its fullest expression in the
Mysteries of Eleusis led by a torch bearing priestess initiate of
Demeter/Ceres. The torch of Liberty and the red Liberty Cap both
represent the raising of primal energy to soul purpose. Revival of
these and other ancients teachings is a hope of our present time
as 7th ray influence energizes higher minds and primal chakras.
The 7 rays of light from the head of Liberty symbolize illumination
of the crown chakra as primal energy is raised through attention
to the soul in self and other. Illumination comes through the eight
solar gates of the year including the August 6/8 midLeo gate and
the gate of Autumn Equinox when the Mysteries of Eleusis will be
remembered. (September 16 - 25)

* Note in the photo Luz Pagan wears a ring on left middle finger
 as does Elf Queen Galadriel in Lord of the Rings. The left middle
 finger channels 3rd ray Earth/Saturn energy, the power of nature
 or 3rd aspect of deity. Cronus is the Greek Saturn whose feminine
 counterpart is Rhea Cronia, Grandmother Time. So the world looks
 to New York for the turning of the year.

Lady Liberty Reopens


The Perseid meteor shower peaks this year on Thursday morning August
12th and Friday morning August 13th.  The sword of Perseus is the
radiant point for these iron bearing meteors. The Perseids are also
called the tears of St Lawrence who's feast day is August 10th. St
Lawrence is invoked for protection from fire. The people of Spain
and the Canary Islands honor San Lorenzo with all night bonfires.
The Persians celebrate their Festival of the Pairikas August 10th.
Pairikas are "female angels" seen flying between heaven and earth.
Make a wish when you see one and it will be given fiery wings.

The Balsamic Moon is called the Wishing Moon because this is the
time when feeling is most invocative, when we feel most deeply
and this emotional energy calls forth response from divine nature
that works through the creative cycle of the Moon. The balsamic
Moon will be visible on the mornings of Aug 12th and 13th along
with bright Venus, Sirius and the Perseid meteors. Can you find
Algol amongst all those stars? This is an important star to tune
into because it holds power to edit the psychic order as we need.

In Greek mythology Perseus is a savior figure like the hero Aragorn
in Lord of the Rings. To win his battle against evil and free his
true love Perseus uses the head of Medusa. You can do this too!


Algol is a binary star system. This red star in the head of Medusa
dims every few days when the darker star eclipses the brighter one.
People in medieval times called this "the winking of the demon's eye."

Happenings in the heavens are mirrored in events on Earth. When an
eclipse occurs above something is eclipsed, eliminated, transformed
here below. Eclipses of Algol are opportunities to bring to awareness
what needs erasing from the psychic chalk board. Fixing in consciousness
equates with Medusa's "turning to stone." Bring to mind patterns of
belief and behavior that trouble the world to help eliminate them.
Know you can only erase what is out of accord with divine purpose.
When you feel a pattern break though it is important to bless the
energy released and send it to serve a good that you intend. This
is how transformation works. The window of opportunity is about
two hours, one hour either way of the exact time given below.

Note: The times when Algol will be at mid-eclipse are listed in
Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)and Eastern Daylight Time US.

08/08/2004 @ 02:09 UT = 08/07/2004 @ 10:09 pm EDT
08/10/2004 @ 22:58 UT = 08/10/2004 @ 06:58 pm EDT
08/13/2004 @ 19:46 UT = 08/13/2004 @ 03:46 pm EDT
08/16/2004 @ 16:35 UT = 08/16/2004 @ 12:35 pm EDT
08/19/2004 @ 13:24 UT = 08/19/2004 @ 09:24 am EDT
08/22/2004 @ 10:12 UT = 08/22/2004 @ 06:12 am EDT
08/25/2004 @ 07:01 UT = 08/25/2004 @ 03:01 am EDT
08/28/2004 @ 03:49 UT = 08/27/2004 @ 11:49 pm EDT

Algol eclipses are more powerful during seasonal ingresses
(solstices and equinoxes), cross- quarter days (e.g. MidLeo
Aug 6-8)and near New, Full and 1st Quarter Moons (08/22/2004).

***Pen Algol Eclipse times in red on your calendar for easy remembering.

Note: More Algol eclipse times can be found at the following link.

The heliacal rising of Sirius signals the start of Dog Days, the
rising of the Nile and the beginning of the Egyptian calendar year.
The gods and goddesses are reborn at this time. Sirius is the star
of Isis. The "goddess eye" returns with the heliacal rising of this
brightest of stars. Look for Sirius just before Sunrise. Principles
actualized by visual connection with Sirius are: broad perspective,
business success, renown, ardor, passion, faithfulness, sociability,
advancement through astrology.


HAGALAZ  22 July - 6 August     Sun 1 - 15 degrees Leo
Rune of Disruption, Awakening, Growth. Divine will is made manifest
through Hagalaz as "the hidden pattern of perfection toward which
all conscious shaping (creation) is directed." - Futharck, A Handbook
of Rune Magic by Edred Thorrson. Realizations occur that may disrupt
comfortable but self-serving social patterns. Hagalaz is like the
"grail maiden," the Hag who appears to remind Parsifal that, despite
all his outer accomplishments, he has failed in respect to his soul's
purpose. He must look within for new direction.  On a mundane level,
the question of "right livelihood" arises.

NAUTHIZ  7 August - 21 August    Sun 15-30 degrees Leo
Rune of Constraint, "Need-Fire," Deliverance.  The fire of the lion
is tamed to serve human needs during the second half of Leo.
Responsibilities are accepted, old debts paid, order is restored
to the world.  Character is strengthened by choosing limitations.
Right action brings deliverance.

Note: The 24 rune cycle of the Elder Futharck begins with Fehu at
S. Equinox, these are in  Edred Thorrson's book Futharck.

     6 August  - 2 September
Hazel is the tree of poets, diviners, witches.  Hazel wands are used
for water witching and arbitration.  These are best gathered during
Hazel month. Hazel resonantes with Sophia, Christ's feminine
counterpart & goddess of wisdom.


"From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
 A light from the shadows shall spring;
 Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
 The crownless again shall be king."
   - The Fellowship of the Ring, p. 182

The sword was reforged by the Elvish smiths and it shone
with the light of the Sun and the Moon once more. The blade
was engraved with a rayed Sun and a crescent Moon with seven
stars between them and many runes were written around them.
Aragorn named the sword Anduril, the Flame of the West.

Anduril was the only weapon that Aragorn bore when he set out
with the Fellowship of the Ring on December 25, S.R.

Narsil is composed of nar meaning "fire" and thil meaning
"white light." These same elements are found in Anar - the Sun
- and Isil (Quenya) or Ithil (Sindarin) - the Moon. Narsil was
said to shine with the light of the Sun and the Moon. Andúril
means "Flame of the West." It is derived from andúnë meaning
"sunset, west" and ril meaning "brilliance." [The word Anduril
intoned invokes consciousness and power to make right decision.]


J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Silmarilion were
written in the early fifties for this time of transition between the
old era of Pisces and the new Age of Aquarius. Neptune transiting
Aquarius all this year and in mutual reception, harmonically aligned,
with Uranus in Pisces, is one of several astrological factors that
make this year 2004 the primary year of transition between eras.

Saturn continues to be in detriment in Cancer all year so business,
real estate, organization and other things Saturnian are likely to
suffer, more for some than for others. There are breaks of 4-5 days
each month when the Moon is in Capricorn and Aquarius, signs that
Saturn rules. Then Saturn is drawn out of detriment and good business
/ organizational decisions can be made. Business will prosper.

It may be noted that Neptune is the esoteric / inner ruler of Cancer
and Neptune is in Saturn ruled Aquarius. So these planets are also
in mutual reception as we tune to spiritual and global consciousness.
The bottom line this year: those more oriented by selfish motive
are apt to fail in business ventures, the more concern for the whole
the more aptitude for success. The age of Sauron, the era of one man/
one ring rule is close to an end.  All oriented to world service can
thrive, those who continue to act on the basis of self centered motive
will see their good fortune decline. Selfishness is not a virtue.

2004 began with Saturn at the midheaven New Year's Eve opposing the
midnight Sun. Saturn is in Cancer, sign of its detriment, all year.
Saturn in detriment is Sauron, shadow Lord of the Rings. Titan and
other moons of Saturn are named for the giants who fought the new
gods and goddesses of Olympus in the original Greek war of the rings.
Saturn's crossing the natal Sun of the US this spring has brought out
the shadow of this nation with all its fears. Sauron is defeated
by the hero king Aragorn with his magic sword Anduril.


According to J.R.R. Tolkien's Chronology pp 412-417
in the Appendix to The Return of the King:

22 Sept 04
Saraman Comes to the Shire, the War of the Ring continues..
Astrology: Sun, Mars & Jupiter conjunct at the beginning of Libra.

Also this Equinox -

   "Mars and the sceptre (Jupiter) will be in conjunction,
    Under Cancer (U.S.), a calamitous war:
    A little while after there will be a new king anointed
    Who for a long time will bring peace to the Earth."
                    - Nostradamus Prophecies  Century 6 Quatrain 24

2 November 04
Gandalf and the Hobbits Rouse the Shire Folk
Astrology: Sun entering Ara the Altar decan of Scorpio, transforming
the shadow wolf. Mercury (Gandalf) trines Saturn.

3 November 04
The Wizard Saraman is Slain, The End of the War of the Ring,
an era of peace and abundance begins. Astrology: On 11/3/04 the U.S.
progressed Sun leaves the Cetus decan of Aquarius and enters the
Cepheus decan of Pisces. Cetus is the sea monster threatening Andromeda,
world soul. Cepheus is the King with power over the dragon. Shortly
after local midnight on November 3rd, the Moon in Cancer conjuncts
Saturn. Galadriel wins over Sauron/Saraman. A perfect 5-pointed star
forms then in the heavens. This star is created by quintiles &
biquintiles between Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 6-8 Libra (Love),
Saturn at 27 Cancer, the 15 degree Taurus Midpoint Power Gate at
the chart Mid-heaven, Uranus at 3 Pisces and Pluto at 21 Sagittarius.
An awesome chart!


The MESSENGER spacecraft lifted off at 2:15 EDT on August 3rd.
MESSENGER has successfully begun its mission to unravel the mysteries
of planet Mercury. MESSENGER will enter Mercury orbit in March 2011.

2004 and 2011 are years ruled by Mercury in the Chaldean cycle of
planetary years.  Attention to Mercury at this time clarifies mind
and communication.


Opportunity rover is currently exploring Endurance crater on Mars
while sister robot Spirit is climbing a mountain on the other side
of the planet. Opportunity is descending while Spirit is ascending.
These two rovers on two sides of Mars are like two sides of a coin,
the yang and the yin, Republican and Democrat. The correspondences
are as obvious as knowing that a convention planned for waxing Moon
will wax in power, while convention in waning Moon must be descending
like Opportunity casting its shadow over Endurance crater. Mars as
Hero is represented by Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. The shadow of
Mars is symbolized by its moons Phobos and Deimos, Fear and Terror.
The astral shadow Sauron works through these moons to enslave human
consciousness. The antidote is the light of Arwen/Venus, love, truth,
beauty, music, dance, celebration.

"The Perseid meteor shower peaks this year on August 11th and 12th.
Forecasters say the display could be unusually good: the dim crescent
moon won't spoil the show, and an extra ribbon of meteoroids in
space since the Civil War will cross Earth's path on August 11th."


 (Thanks Michelle Martinat rose8469@bellsouth.net )
 Following are a few sites where convention speeches can be viewed
 - I know some of you are in the Bush camp - I would suggest you
 actually listen to some of the speeches if you have not already.
 The media is amazing in it's ability to spin.  Cable and the networks
 have devoted much more time to the commentators than to the actual
 coverage of the convention and the speeches.  I for one am more
 interested in what is being said, than in listening to a 3rd party
 tell me what to think about what is being said!  I can do the thinking
 for myself!  If you care to review - the sites are as follows:
www.c-span.org   www.dems2004.org
[Check out Teresa Kerry's speech, apropos to the Venus transit - S.N.]

VENUS ATTUNEMENT by Mary Orser & Richard Zarro
 at www.mermaid-uk.com Thank you Liz Magnus!


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