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Johannesburg : 24 April 2004


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet
thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of warmth, of truth,
of your true identity, and of lightness. Greetings, beloved ones.  And it is
with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon
this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon
the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as you have come to be present in the light of Spirit, so you
come to be present in the light of your Divine Self.  Living within the
light of truth, especially one's personal truth, allows for the divinity of
one's true self to be the personality, the character and the identity that
makes up all that you are in the material world of planet Earth.  There is
much more to you than you could ever imagine, and who you are experiencing
at this time is simply a drop in the ocean of the grandness and the
immensity of your entire self.  Today the teaching that we are bringing
specifically is that of the Twelve Golden Principles of Life that Lady
Guinevere has already brought through this channel, being taught as a
pathway to ascension; not the pathway, but a pathway.  One that you can
choose to utilize to assist you in your own journey on the path to full

Lady Guinevere has brought these principles for a very specific purpose and
that is to assist each one of you in empowering yourself by getting to fully
know yourself.  Now the pathway - or any pathway - to ascension is not
simply the process of being able to levitate or dematerialise your body at a
time when you feel you have had enough of being upon the planet. The
ascension process is a very important, very sacred and very necessary
process.  Without being able to ascend the various lower aspects of self,
one cannot come to fully experience or achieve what is known as full
ascension.  Last year we spoke at length on victim consciousness, poverty
consciousness, lust and conditional love consciousness. All of these four
types of consciousness embody the twelve golden principles that need to be
fully integrated and maintained in order for you as an individual to
ascend - to move from lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

The majority of humanity has already felt the impact of the ascension
process, and even those who are presently unconscious, so to speak, are
feeling the impact of the ascension process. The rate at which light is
being filtered into your planet is causing life to move at an accelerated
rate for all of you, and what one would generally experience in the space of
one year, many are experiencing in the space of one to three months, and
some are even experiencing ten years' worth of experience in a matter of two
years.  Perhaps some of you are nodding to yourselves and thinking, ah, that
is why life is so frantic at the moment.  It is all necessary because your
planet is evolving at a rapid rate.  Gaia has already committed to her
ascension process, therefore everything and everyone that is a part of her
being will have to go through it.

The chakric system of your body is undergoing immense change because of your
ascension process.  Every chakra holds lower and higher consciousness, and
what the twelve golden principles are based upon are also held within the
chakras: both the positive and the so-called negative.  You are both
positive and negative, male and female, light and dark, and your ascension
process is teaching you how to transmute dark into light, and how to become
a fully balanced person in both your masculine and feminine energy.  Your
masculine and feminine aspects are the only aspects of self that need to
come into balance.  Every other aspect of self needs to be transmuted into
light.  There is no such thing as bringing balance in light and dark.  You
transmute dark into light, and you bring balance between your masculine and
feminine aspects of self.

As your chakras respond to this new light, there are also aspects that are
reacting to the intensity of the new vibration. This is also resulting in
your body moving from carbon-base to silicon-base. The more crystalline you
become in your body, the less dense you become, therefore the more difficult
it is for you to associate with any kind of dense vibration - be it an
environment, a person, a food substance or any other substance.  You will
find that these sometimes cause severe distress in your body.  The
management of stress is also a major part of healing in this particular
timeline.  Humanity has become so caught up in the rat-race of life that
they have forgotten the essential skill of balance, and their bodies have
become caught up in the modern illness of stress.

Now let us briefly give to you the twelve golden principles that every
single person on this planet will have to work through.  There is no hiding
from it.  The first three principles are known as TLC: TRUTH, LOVE, and
COMMUNICATION. Truth is all about being true to yourself: acknowledging
truth, speaking truth and living your truth.  Love is about practising
unconditional love, self-love.  It is about breaking out of conditional love
consciousness.  Unconditional love is an especially important lesson at this
time.  Your governments are undergoing immense changes in their structures
and many of the politicians of the world today are having to look at the
true meaning of unconditional love.  Far too many conditions have been
placed on almost every aspect of life.  Unconditional love is about loving
yourself and the other person enough to set a boundary that allows many of
the other golden principles to fall into place.  One of those is respect.
By respecting yourself, you have to ensure as well as insist that others
respect your boundaries.  And for you to practise respect, you need to
respect other people's boundaries.

The fourth principle is to do with NON-JUDGEMENT.  It is second nature, in
general, for humans to judge others, without even thinking about it, simply
by observing another person's life path.  It is easier to judge another
person's journey as opposed to looking truthfully at one's own journey.  And
if people will insist on judging others' journeys, without having walked in
those shoes, the judgement will always reflect back to the self, to show the
individual where the judgement is actually reflecting what is either lacking
or what is in severe pain in their own life.  So your judgement reflects
your wound.

Then, CREATIVITY as the fifth principle is a very important process with
ascension, because creativity allows one to process what is being
suppressed, repressed, as well as depressed.  The chakras cannot process if
the individual is in major denial regarding certain aspects of their life.
Therefore creativity acts as a means of unconscious processing if the person
is too deeply wounded.  This is why creative process therapy is so

The sixth principle of CONSCIOUSNESS and the seventh principle of
RESPONSIBILITY are also very important.  Living one's life unconsciously is
living one's life irresponsibly.  Responsibility is simply the ability to
respond to life, and when you are living unconsciously you are unable to use
your ability to truly and lovingly respond to whatever life presents to you.
Many people shirk responsibility because they do not have the tools to deal
with the circumstances of life.  They are not confident enough in their
ability to respond to what life requires of them, in order to solve
problems, in order to find soulutions.

And when one is out of touch with Spirit and with one's soul, one cannot
find soulutions.  So, be conscious of how it is that you judge others and
how you overstep their personal boundaries.  Be conscious of how it is that
you place conditions upon yourself; how you do not respect your own
boundaries by allowing other people to abuse you or overstep your personal
boundaries.   Be conscious of how you use the energy of love.  Be conscious
of how you use or do not use the powerful healing tool of creativity.  And
be conscious of what your truth is.

The eighth principle of RESPECT is a most important principle: respecting
all of God's creation, from the tiniest ant to the giant whale.  All of
these creatures are manifestations of Love which have been put into
different forms that embody life force.  All deserve respect.  The new
children of the planet, those who have been coming into this world over the
last 25 years, especially those over the last three to seven years, bring
that very important lesson to humanity, because adult humans have had to
learn to respect the smallest child in order to remember how to respect the
self. Because your needs and requirements as an infant were not respected
and met, and because you felt violated and humiliated, you cannot fully
respect your own needs, nor can you fully respect another person's needs.

An example is perhaps you as a little boy or little girl did something that
embarrassed you, and your parents shared it with all and sundry because they
thought it was very cute or amusing.  Your parents may not have done it
deliberately to humiliate you, but because you could not fully express your
feelings you were unable to communicate to them how embarrassed or angry you
felt at their violating your trust or betraying your privacy.  Perhaps
something at school happened where a peer teased you.  Every single one of
you experienced a violation of your sacred personal boundaries.  Therefore
you are not fully able to respect yourselves, because you have not been
equipped with the tools necessary to rectify the situation, and to educate
the other person in respecting you.

The ninth principle is LOYALTY.  Being loyal to yourself goes hand in hand
with truth.  Being loyal to those who have entrusted you with their deepest
vulnerability; who have entrusted you with aspects that they do not want
shared with others; people who have come to you for a shoulder to cry on.
Now, the dog is on the planet as a teacher of loyalty.  Many of you may find
at a certain time dogs become quite an active part of your everyday
activity.  Listen to how nature speaks to you, listen to how Spirit
communicates with you through the various creations of God, through music,
through poetry, through the written word.  So you will learn that Spirit is
always loyal to you, always answering your questions at exactly the precise
moment that you need the answer.  The question is: Are you listening?  Are
you conscious of what is happening within you and around you?

The tenth principle is that of PASSION.  Without a passion for life, one
cannot fully experience life.  Creativity allows one to experience passion.
Passion gives birth to creativity.  Without passion there is very little
creative force.  Creativity is not only drawing, or singing, or dancing.
Creativity is the life-giving force that creates and therefore manifests
your living experience.  So the creative energy that you use in your mind,
manifests a creative form, a force which is the life that you live today.
All energy is creative.  It can either create something positive or it can
create something negative.  This is why being conscious and living
consciously is such an important aspect to master, and which is why it is
one of the twelve golden principles on the pathway to ascension.  Passion
allows you to express your divinity; it allows you to utilise your God-given
talents and gifts to assist others in this world.  It allows you to make the
most of the life that you have chosen.

JUSTICE is the eleventh principle.  Without justice nothing can come into
balance.  Therefore you need to be fair in your relationship with yourself.
You need to ensure that all wrongs in your life are made right.  This covers
forgiveness of self and others.  One of the most important healing processes
is forgiveness.  Where you feel anybody violated your truth in any way or
any form, justice needs to be done by your healing of that wound.  Every
wound that is present in the self absolutely has to be healed in order for
one to fully ascend, in order for one to move beyond the various levels that
bring one the lessons that allow one to heal.  If you are not prepared to
face your past and heal the wound, you will find yourself running in circles
like a dog chasing its own tail.

Now let us also add here that many times one's body will automatically
remember something from the past, when something in the present occurs that
triggers the past memory.  This may manifest in a sudden feeling of
irritation or depression for no identifiable reason.  Or you find yourself
feeling tearful, sad or depressed to the extent that you do not want to be
in the presence of others.  This is how the body remembers the past, and
that memory is released through the emotional cellular structure of your
being.  Other times the body remembers it through the physical structure,
and affects you physiologically.  Many people will manifest, perhaps, a cold
or a recurring cough, or incessant headaches which may lead to migraines.
Some people may manifest rashes which don't go away, or something as fatal
as cancer. All of these are manifestations of what has not been processed.
Your psychology determines the strength or the lack of strength of your

One also needs to utilise the very important tool of FAITH (twelfth
principle).  Faith allows one to move mountains. Faith allows one to keep
one's eye on the light of God's love that is ever-present, even in the
darkest tunnel.  All of you have been through immensely stressful situations
over the last 48 months.  All of you have had to look into very deep wounds
and all of you present here today are already actively working with your
ascension process.  You are already processing many of the twelve golden
principles that are still encased in negative consciousness.

We would like to give all of you the opportunity today to choose one of the
twelve principles that we have mentioned and we will give you an opportunity
to verbalise it.  Whichever one you choose is the one that your guides and
Spirit will help you with over the next twelve weeks, to completely process
and to try and bring it into its full light aspect.  This is the beginning
of working with your ascension process or pathway in a more conscious
manner.  As I have said, no person on this planet can escape moving through
these twelve golden principles, because they are the principles that make up
life, period.  Many of these principles have been severely abused which has
resulted in many of the heinous acts that have been acted out by many.
Those who are still trapped in the pain and darkness of their own wounds
have taken these golden principles and have broken them down for their own
means.  Not all of these people have done this out of greed and
self-satisfaction.  Many of them have done it because they do not know any
better.  By those of you taking the golden principles and letting that
golden light truly live within you, and shine forth, so you allow those who
do not know any better to find their light, to find their truth, and above
all to find the strength and the courage to face their wound and to move
beyond the pain that continues to be fed as long as they live in darkness.
Darkness is simply the lack of knowledge, the lack of love.  It is

Every single one of you present in this room today has a very important
question, need or perhaps even want.  And sometimes a want is not such a bad
thing, because if you want something badly enough, by attaining it you can
meet certain needs.  It is when a want is motivated by lower ego and selfish
 gain that it then does not support you and the environment. But a want that
is motivated by need or by love will be granted, and can be made manifest.
We have observed, on many occasions, people feeling selfish or even dirty,
for wanting certain things in life - especially those who have been raised
in very conservative religious homes.  Not any specific religion, as all
religions have very rigid belief systems if taken overboard, as some of you
well know.  This has given rise to an immense amount of guilt, and when one
is guilt ridden one cannot fully give to the self or of the self.

Other times, people who are so guilt-ridden give too much of themselves, and
therefore cannot give enough to the self.  This often results in poverty
consciousness.  Because you are "selfish" if you have a lot of money, and
you are not "spiritual" if you have a lot of money or you live very
comfortably.  So what happens is that as soon as you get money, you make
sure that you get rid of it very quickly, so that you are not seen as
unspiritual or selfish, and your unconscious as well as your subconscious
gets rid of your money for you very quickly without you even consciously
having to try!  All of a sudden the dog may become very ill and you have to
fork out a lot of money for that.  Or somebody reverses into your car or you
accidentally bump somebody else's car, and you have to get rid of your
money.  These are simply examples, but it happens to many, many people who
find themselves with money coming in and before it can even make the bank
balance look at all attractive, it is gone.

Poverty consciousness with regard to relationships works in the same way.  A
person who has been betrayed or violated in any relationship with a parent,
friend, relative, teacher, or anyone will never be able to fully embrace a
partner in their life while these issues remain unaddressed.  They will test
that partner's loyalty, trust, and love to such an extent that they will
actually push him/her away in order to confirm their own belief system that
they do not deserve love.  In other words, the poverty consciousness with
regard to love is then manifested, and you confirm for yourself that you do
not deserve love.  Again, the subconscious does this for you beautifully
because you are acting out your past experience.  This is why we say "live
consciously".  Be aware of the creative energy that you manifest in your
mind, and which manifests in your physical reality.  Be aware of your
thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, so that for your future you can
create something that you want, and that you also need.  All of you want a
balanced life.  You want to have love, friendship, loyalty, peace and
happiness.  You want to be financially independent.  You want to be able to
live your passion, to do the work that you truly are passionate about.  All
of you want this.  And as much as you want it, you need it.  You need it in
order to become a whole being. You need it in order to become a fully
mastered being, and you need to master these principles in order to ascend
to the higher dimensions.

So wants and needs actually go hand in hand.  And faith will help you to
find the strength and the courage in yourself, in life and in God to achieve

Now we would like each one of you to verbalise which of the principles you
would like to work with and what aspect of your life you need the most
support and assistance with right now, and I, the Ascended Master Kuthumi,
along with all the other Masters, including your personal guides, give you
our word that we will stand by you to heal and assist you with whatever
needs healing, and to help you to master that principle.  Be conscious of
the fact that whatever you state will be taken seriously, and whatever needs
to be removed from your consciousness in the form of belief systems, habits,
attitudes and perhaps even physical circumstances such as people, jobs and
any other relationships, will be removed if these are interfering with your
mastering that aspect of your life.  In order for light to be present,
darkness must be removed.  In order for the wound to be healed, the
infection and inflammation must be healed.

So we shall begin moving around the group from left to right.  If you have
any other questions,  you may ask, but please limit it to one each, so that
every person here today has the opportunity to ask a question.

Q: I have been working with poverty consciousness for quite a while now.
While money comes in something always happens to dispose of it.  In the last
two months I have had some problems with dogs, and I don't know what this
reflects for me.  The uncertainty of the money flow has always been a
problem for me.

K: As we have said, the dog represents loyalty.  You have not been loyal to
yourself with regard to your self-worth and the value system of your
creative energy.  Very often animals process negative energy on behalf of
their owners.  You are more connected to the dogs, while your wife is more
connected to the cats, and that is why the dogs represent your energy and
the cats represent her energy.  The dog who is ill represents Lady Nada, an
Ascended Master, who holds the Magenta Ray or light which is unconditional
love.  You have had to deal with unconditional love with yourself - loving
yourself enough to believe that the physical manifestation of your
creativity is worth a certain amount.  So because you have not been able to
be unconditional in the acceptance of your creative force, you have placed
certain conditions on your creativity.  Your life-force was being completely
depleted by your lack of unconditional love of self, and unconditional
acceptance of your self-worth and your value system, because your father's
and mother's programmes were still governing you.  Their poverty
consciousness was still locked into your subconscious.  That is what was
playing out for you.  You have already actively begun to change that and
that is what you have to continue to work with in order to master this
particular process.  So, for the next twelve weeks be very conscious of your
attitude toward money, and toward your creative force.

Q: Of the twelve golden principles at this time, I need help to live with
consciousness, and to heal my past wounds of rejection.

K: Beloved one, we shall stand with you to work through this.  Let us say at
this time, look at how you reject yourself.  Do you reject thoughts and
feelings and ideas?  How much of yourself do you ignore and reject?  This
will help you to see how it is mirrored or reflected . (tape ends). We would
also suggest then that you become aware of who rejected you in your past,
and what it was that they rejected you for.  When you can determine that and
observe it, see that whoever it was that rejected you or your actions did so
because they could not accept what you were reflecting for them in their own
selves.  Whatever is rejected is because the person cannot accept its
reflection.  This will be of great support for you, and this is part of your
living consciously.  The more aware of who you are, and what you are, and
how you live, the less you will reject about yourself and the less you will
reject life.  Therefore life can support you even more on higher and deeper
levels, and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.  Blessings be with
you, beloved one, and know that we will stand very closely with you.

Q: In the morning, I feel that I have no thoughts, and that I'm looking into
myself from another time.  I would like to understand what this means for
me, and what it is showing me, and what I should learn from it.

K: In a way this is connected to many of the teachings of Buddha, of being
separated from the world, and detaching oneself and observing the experience
from another perspective. It is important for you during this cycle to
observe your behaviours, your thoughts and your feelings, and how it is that
your poverty consciousness affects your life.  Your poverty consciousness is
related specifically to the experiences through relationships and through
love.  When you can come to believe that you deserve loyalty, sincerity and
complete support from a member of the opposite sex, so you will come to
fully trust your male self. This is about balancing your masculine and
feminine aspects.  Even though it may take you on a painful road it is
important, because now it is time for you to look at the relationship you
had as a young girl with both your mother and your father, and how it was
that their detached attitude at times left you feeling unwanted, unimportant
and not deserving of love and attention.  So therefore, we will assist you
with the golden principle of love.  This will be the theme that you will be
working with over the next twelve weeks, so be aware that you will be shown
where love and self-love is lacking, and where you need to practise loving
yourself - where you need to allow love in, because a part of you has
barricaded yourself against receiving love.  Blessings be with you, beloved

Q: I think that at this stage I need to work with forgiveness.

K: Beloved one, as we have said, the process of forgiveness is one of the
most important keys in healing.  I have given a tremendous amount of
information regarding forgiveness, and if you have this information I would
suggest to you that you read through it again.  To begin to practise
forgiveness you can use this information to assist you as a guideline over
the twelve weeks ahead of you.  Let us also add that faith will play an
important role, because through forgiveness you will need to rebuild faith
in yourself to do the things that you did not do because lack of forgiveness
prevented you from experiencing whatever it may be.  So both faith and
forgiveness will work with you.  Be aware that whatever you need to forgive
will be brought to the fore during the next twelve weeks.  It is important
that you work with it the moment it comes to the fore.  If you ignore it,
you will find yourself in depression.  We would also suggest for you
specifically during this time sister, because you are prone to certain
energies, that you take the range of B vitamins to keep your energy
uplifted. There is an immense amount of surface anger that could come to the
fore with forgiveness, and if the anger is not felt it will be experienced
as depression. Blessings be with you, beloved one.

Q: (inaudible)

K: You know what I have said.  If you do not utilise trust it will turn to
rust, not so?  When something does not work it eventually completely erodes.
Your trust issues are with regards to being able to at least trust people in
intimate situations, where you need to rely on the person for whatever your
needs are.  This too will take you on the journey down the road of your
past, and of your childhood where people who were very close to you betrayed
that trust.  This will also perhaps take you into various aspects of your
relationship with the man that you were married to. So also be conscious
that over the next twelve weeks anything and everything to do with trust
will be in your face. (laughter)  You asked for it!  Blessings be with you,
beloved one.

Q: I have been dealing with fear for a long time now, which has also
manifested in shingles, and I'm not sure what to connect it to . I can also
feel that it has affected my digestive system. My question is what do I link
it to? And also how much of the digestive problem is due to our bodies being
"tuned", and how much of it is due to the food I am eating?

K: First of all, the digestive system becomes sensitive when one is trying
to digest emotions that no longer support the person, or if you are
swallowing undigested experiences and emotions. This comes back to your
mother. This is unprocessed, subconscious material or a programme that you
are working with at this time. And your fear is linked to truth - the fear
of perhaps fully being in your truth, of living the truth of who you are on
all levels in every way.  As a child, and even into your teenage years, you
did not give yourself permission to be your whole self, your truthful self,
and at this time with the fine-tuning as you have called it, your body and
subconscious are having to purge everything that does not serve the process
of your integrating yourself completely. In choosing to change your name and
to integrate this energy, you have had to purge everything that your
previous name represented, so that this one can be fully present. This
energy is far more sensitive than the dense energy held by the previous
name, because that was very much connected to your mother's wants and needs,
and now you are coming to determine your wants and needs.  This is causing
all the changes and sensitivity in your physical body.  We would suggest
that you spend time in meditation visualising the old body and the old skin
falling away. Imagine yourself peeling the skin off of your body, to reveal
the new skin. We would also suggest that you ask your angels of healing to
support you through this very sensitive time of healing, and that the
discarded energy be transmuted into light as they support you through this.
Do this daily.  Visualise yourself within a cavern of crystals, so that the
crystal energy can support the development of the crystalline structure of
your new body.  Crystals play a very important role in the healing process
now, as the human body becomes more crystalline. They are vital tools in
healing the body. So find yourself a crystal that can become your ascension
healing crystal. Hold it during your meditation and visualisation, and ask
your angels of healing to utilise the devic energy of the crystal to bring
balance and healing to your body.  We would also suggest that you increase
your intake of vitamin C to support the emotional body, and Spirulina to
help the immune system of your body. Spirulina is also a very high source of
protein, and it energises and detoxifies the body at the same time. This
will bring some relief to your digestive system. Be careful of any rich
foods for a little while, for approximately the next three to six days. Eat
foods that are natural and preferably raw, and this will also bring balance
to your system.  So truth is the principle that you will work with. Fear is
the inability to trust one's ability to live one's truth.  Blessings be with

Q: I would like to understand the principle of passion in my life.

K: Passion does not ever bring one to one specific point, where one then
stays for the rest of one's incarnation. Passion, as we said, gives birth to
creativity, and creativity gives birth to passion. The creative force is in
a perpetual state of creation and of motion. Therefore the passion that you
have been experiencing has taken you on a wild adventure of roaming about
the various aspects of yourself that you have perhaps not linked yourself
with previously. With regards to it being in your professional life, you do
not need to come to one point of so-called stability. Your passion will
always take you in various areas and avenues because that is part of your
journey. That is how you are gathering information. And your passion is
leading you to one grand point of being, not of stagnation. Therefore we
would suggest to you to surrender to where your passion is taking you, and
not to try and limit its ability and its potential. Not to feel that you
have to try and justify choices and actions based on where your passion is
taking you, but to simply allow yourself to be in it, and in being you can
also actively utilise it. So over the next twelve weeks, your guides will
show you the powerful gift that your passion has brought you and that it is
to bring you to the point to which it is taking you. Therefore the challenge
will be for you not to limit your passion, not to try and justify it to
others, but to surrender and to go with its flow. By going with the flow,
you grow with the flow. Blessings be with you.

Q:  I have a feeling I need to work with the issue of forgiveness. I would
like to know more about who or what I need to forgive.

K: Your forgiveness is with regards to boundaries and the principle of
respect. It will take you on the journey of looking at how you have not been
respected: your ideas, your beliefs and even your sense of self as a person.
You may find in your dream state that you are remembering events from your
past and the way you have been treated by other people, verbally and
emotionally, that has violated your sacredness as a being. When a person is
verbally or emotionally abused it also causes a breakdown within the system
of being. The system of being is self-confidence, self-esteem, and
self-worth, as well as self-respect, self-love and self-acceptance. When
that is violated, slowly but surely all those aspects of being begin to
break down. So the boundaries are weakened, one is not able to defend those
boundaries, and so respect is violated. So those are the issues of
forgiveness that will best support you. Does this make sense to you?
Blessings be with you.

Q: I would like to know what the meaning is of the heat in my hands. I would
also like to work with my creativity and passion, and I would like, at some
stage in my life, to sing.

K: The heat in your hands is energy. Everybody has chakras in the centre or
palms of their hands. You will note that when the Master Jesus was nailed to
the cross it was directly through these chakric points. These are very
powerful energy centres, which is why the hands are such powerful tools of
healing. You need to be creative in order to channel this creative energy.
Now, you can be creative in the form of creating something physically. You
can also use that energy at this time in nurturing beings of the plant
kingdom, so you can use it with gardening if you like. Perhaps a physical
laying-on of hands onto people or animals.  Crystals also resonate very
strongly with your energy and will be very good tools to help you channel
that particular energy. You are ready to embark upon a very important
journey in your life; you are on the verge of a whole new way of living. And
the energy is simply waiting to be expressed. We would suggest that you
begin by choosing something creative with which you can initiate the
process.  This will allow the creative force to flow which will also help
you with your passion. And there is absolutely no reason why you cannot
sing. Perhaps if you feel like it, go for singing lessons to assist you in
becoming more confident in utilising your voice.  Another way of
strengthening the voice for singing is to chant mantras, and to make your
own sounds.  We would suggest that you sit in meditation with your palms
facing upwards, a crystal in each palm, and that you begin to use your
voice. Allow sounds to emanate forth. You will begin to feel the vibration
in your own voice shifting the cells in your body, and that will also become
a tool of healing. We are also being given a vision for you. This is
something that you can make a reality if you choose to. The vision is of you
in a sacred space with one or more individuals, whomever you choose,
surrounded by crystals and by fire (lots of candles). You are working with
the element of fire and the element of earth through the crystal kingdom,
healing these people or person, and the vibration of sound is shifting the
cells within their bodies. This is a form of healing that you will be able
to do if you choose to pursue it. The Masters will support you with it.
Blessings be with you.

Q: Over the last 24 months I have lived a life filled with great blessings.
I do, however, find that I am conscious of constantly judging myself and
monitoring whether I am operating from my truth. My question is about taking
a step forward into a project that I have been contemplating for some time,
which would be based in a spiritual and sacred building created on the
principles of sacred geometry, and which would allow people to explore all
five senses of themselves.

K: First of all, one of the most important things to remember about being a
human being on the path of spirituality is that you have to deal with very
human aspects of the material world.  And by judging oneself - or others for
that matter - one blocks one's own process of overcoming those aspects. The
quest for a perfect spiritual being is what you are all working toward in a
way, on your ascension plan. However, everyone needs to lighten up a bit.
Lighten up!  Allow the light of Spirit to show you the humour in being a
human being. This allows humans to accept and surrender to their humanness.
There is a very fine line, however. This does not allow or give one
permission to run riot with all of the lower aspects of being human, but to
allow your human self space to make mistakes, which in actual fact are gems
of wisdom, because through mistakes you learn. Now this project that you
wish to embark upon is a viable one for you, and a very important one, in
fact. What you need to remember is that in people exploring those senses,
they need to still explore the sense of being human.  Sense-ability, common
sense, spiritual sense, in-sense or intuition. And when one is able to
lighten up by allowing the light of self to show the humour that there is
present in being human, so one then is able to acquire tools to overcome the
judgment of self and of others. Boundaries are what are required to insist
that people honour the environment and others.  Judging yourself for small
things does not allow one to move forward.  It keeps one trapped in a false
sense of trying to be perfect.  Blessings be with you.

Q: I would like to know what specific area of my life I need to work with in
setting boundaries for myself and finding an environment where I feel that I
belong, without having to . (inaudible) . maybe with regard to moving
somewhere where I can find my creative side.

K: You have been working toward this for a very long time now. And yes,
everything is coming to a head for you with regard to creating your personal
sacred space. Therefore we will work with you with regard to respect and, of
course, boundaries. This will manifest in every area of your life - within
your family with your parents, as well as with work. Initially this may be
difficult for you, but you will find that the more you do it the easier it
becomes. You must commit to yourself and to your personal ascension plan to
remain faithful to the commitment that you are setting for yourself. And
Spirit will work with you. We will help you to move beyond fear of any outer
force sabotaging your own efforts to be creative. This has been a long time
coming now, not so? Now set the very first boundary, and that is that under
no circumstances can or will any outer force sabotage your efforts without
your permission and your willingness. Make this an affirmation. Call upon St
Germaine and his violet and silver flame. Ask that his violet and silver
flame hold you,  that it manifest around you creating a protective shield,
from all and every energy projected towards you, consciously or
unconsciously, by any force, incarnate or discarnate, that may interfere
with your process of healing and ascension. Be firm with this: mean it and
be clear in your intentions, and over the next twelve weeks you will be able
to manifest this. But you must be serious about what you are doing.
Blessings be with you.

Q:  Presently I'm going through a crisis in my life and I feel very hurt and
rejected. I would like to know why I am going through this at this point in
my life. Also my passion is to become a healer. I would like to know if this
is going to materialise and how.

K: First of all, every crisis that one experiences is for a reason. There is
a very valuable gift that comes from every trauma and crisis. Very often the
most powerful healers on the planet have become so as the direct result of
crisis and trauma that they have experienced and transmuted in their own
lives. Your age is also one that has brought you to a specific point in your
life, based on the various cycles of numerology that have brought you to the
point where you are having to look at aspects of your life that perhaps you
have not looked at before, or perhaps that you did not know needed
attention.  We would suggest that you look constructively at your crisis.
What is it that has hurt the most, and why do you think it has hurt so much?
And we would suggest that you write this down. Write down every single
wound. How that wound hurts. Who has been responsible, so to speak, for
feeding or creating the wound. And then ask yourself "What gift does that
wound have for me?" And how can you as an individual heal your wound. What
must you do to make it go away?  One of the reasons that people remain
locked in past pain and fear is because that particular crisis or pain or
fear paralyses the person, and they do not feel that they have the tools or
the means to move out of that pain. So, like an insect paralysed by the
poison of the spider, it remains trapped in the web that created the
original pain. Now either the web can be used to catch you, or the web can
be used to catch all the negativity, and allow light to pass through. That
is the individual person's choice.  By practising what we have asked you to
do, you will develop certain tools of healing that will surprise you. Those
tools will equip you to become the healer that you so passionately want to
become.  We also suggest that you source various forms of information that
can assist you. And we would suggest a book for you.  It is written by a man
by the name of John Bradshaw. The book is called Home-coming. There is very
important information in there that can assist you, and exercises that will
help you immensely with where you are at right now. This will also help you
to give birth to your healing power. You are a natural healer. This is why
you feel this passion now. So do yourself a favour and begin the journey of
actively healing yourself in order to heal others.  We would suggest that
you find this book as soon as possible so that you can work with it over the
next 12 weeks. Blessings be with you.

Q: I've found over the last few months that I've been doing quite a lot of
releasing in myself, and have found that there are quite a few blockages
that I don't know how to get rid of. Also I have been told that I am hanging
on to something emotionally and that this is why we keep getting burgled.  I
would like a few pointers on that as well.

K: As we shift our energy to your energy field, there is most certainly a
wound in your heart chakra. This is to do with some form of violation of
your sacred space. Now can you recall anything consciously where as a young
child or teenager your privacy or space was violated in any way? This may
have been as simple as a person reading something that you had written that
you considered personal. It may have been someone taking something of yours,
either big or small,  that affected you, because it was something important
to you. These are more or less the images that are being projected from your
heart chakra's akashic records. At this particular time on your journey
specifically, you have come to a point where you are ready to heal that
wound. And because it was a form of violation at that particular time, it is
being re-manifested as your home being violated. The home is also a direct
reflection of the heart, because home is where the heart is. This is why you
need to look to your heart space. Go back and look at your relationships
with parents, with relatives, with friends, with anyone who was close to you
who may at any time, consciously or unconsciously, have violated the privacy
of your sacredness. We are not speaking of major abuse, do you understand?
It was something that others may have considered very minor that was a major
issue for you. Gestalt therapy would also be a very good form of therapy for
you, so try this as well.  As you work through the Gestalt therapy you may
find issues coming up that you did not consciously remember. Your body is
remembering the experience, because it is manifesting in your physical
reality as the burglaries, and we will assist you over these next twelve
weeks to completely heal and reverse this, and to stop the invasion of your
personal space. We would also suggest to you that you set the very firm
boundary and intention that under no circumstances is your private sacred
space violated by anybody who consciously or unconsciously intends to do
this.  And visualise a wall of light around your home, and a ring of fire as
well, and ask that a being of light be assigned to protect your home and all
its inhabitants as you work through this process in order to completely heal
it. Blessings be with you.

Q: I have been through a really tough time and I've been trying to work out
which principle might be involved, and I came up with unconditional love and
faith. I think my faith has been sorely tested recently. Also with regard to
the essences that I . (inaudible) . Those are the kind of issues that come
up for me right now.

K: We do not think there is anyone who has not had their faith tested to its
limits during this time. The reason for this is to learn that it is not
God's fault, it is not my fault, and it is not your fault. It is simply
circumstances of life that have manifested for a reason for the individual
to learn and gain wisdom from, and to move beyond. This is the lesson of
breaking out of victim consciousness.  Remember, you are only a victim once,
and after that you are a volunteer.  So, as you build faith in your ability
to overcome whatever life throws at you, so you empower yourself, and learn
more about yourself.  You open the doors to more of your talents and more of
your abilities, and more resources.  You exercise your creative self's
muscles and so you are able to utilise more of the other aspects of self, to
open the door to what your soul fully wants you to be.  Now you are your
soul.  And what you learn about yourself is what you learn about your soul's
ability to support you, to guide you and that you can trust.  Making the
essences has been a very intense process in itself, and people who come to
use the essences will go through those processes. Every and any healer and
teacher will be able to tell you that as a healer and as a teacher, you are
going to process what you are going to teach and what you must heal within
yourself, before you can take it others. You will then be equipped to
support them through the process of doing this. The Ascended Master essences
that we have given you to create are there because there is a need for it,
because there have been enough souls who have asked for a remedy, so to
speak, that can assist them in moving beyond their limitations and
densities. And this is one of many remedies. All of you present here will
find that before you can teach anyone anything, you have to understand the
lesson yourself. Before you can heal anyone else of any wound, you will have
had to heal that wound in yourself first. So, sister, you are also moving
through the initiation process of being able to use the essences to work
with others through your healing, through your channeling, through your
cranio-sacral therapy, and any other modality that will come to present
itself. Is this clear? There is not one specific modality that you will be
working with, and note that many healers will find this happening - that
they will not remain focused on one specific modality as such, because you
as beings have so many aspects of self. There are so many parts of the self
that will be drawn to different modalities that will support personal
healing as well as being able to support others. One need not be a healer or
a teacher to use these modalities. Even people in the corporate world are
tapping into different modalities that they are utilising, which have
different labels or tags, and fall under different umbrellas, but still
speak the same language . (tape ends).

This was the last answer to the last question after which Kuthumi ended of
the channeling.

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