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Dear Friends of Evolution:

This is a communication coming from the Archangels for the
purpose of making you aware of specific humanitarian activity
occurring in August.  It is a "heads up" transmission coming
to reach out to people as the Forces of Evolution continue to
manifest Earth's dimensional shift into a Star of Light.  They,
along with myself, are initiating an Angelic Global Link-up
Project to reach out to people throughout the globe.  Please
feel free to share this wherever you feel drawn.

A Message From The Archangels

We stand at the Threshold of monumental changes for our
civilization.  In August of this year, a 2000 year Christian
Dispensation that was over lighted by the Beloved Masters
Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel will permanently
shift as Earth commences with the next phase of its evolution
appropriately called Resurrection. All three of these Masters
will take on new positions in service to the next cycle of
evolution. This period will proceed for nine years as we reach
2012.  This shift catalyzes the final phase of the Piscean Age
as we follow the leadership of these  and other over lighting
Masters that will continue to guide us in the direction of our

Everyone Will Demonstrate Their Gift Of Free Will

On August 15, 16 and 17 the Cosmic, Angelic and Ascended
Host will withdraw their Over lighting Forces of Light and
Protection that has been supporting Earth's and its people's
awakening,as well as, counteracting and buffering the toxic,
unconscious and careless actions of humanity.  (This begins
at 5pm Mountain Time on the 14th)

Over these three days, citizens of Earth will exercise their pure,
individual free will without any outer influences impacting
them. They will get to make a choice to serve the light of God
or stay in unawakened survival and fear. There will be no more
extensions. Each individual's experience will be unique to them,
but this may be a sobering confrontation to their consciousness
and its current creations OR miscreations. With or without the
Cosmic Presence over lighting Earth and its kingdoms, this
kind of self reflection inevitably happens when a soul is
evolving into higher consciousness.

On the 18th of August, the Cosmic Forces will return to rejoin
ONLY the citizens of Earth who have chosen to stand with
and for Love-based activity and purpose.  Those who choose
otherwise, will not be receiving this support any longer.  There
are those who commit sinister action who before now still had
Cosmic Influence available to them, but no longer will this be.

On that day and from now on the Energies of Resurrection will
begin pouring into all systems and structures of consciousness
to fund and nourish exclusively the Fifth Dimensional
Civilization Paradigm.  Your individual Spirit is the power
behind this outpouring of love and intelligience emmanating
from the interconnected grid of Unity consciousness.

The old paradigm will collapse even faster now as less and less
sustaining life force remains to keep it alive anywhere there
is the absence of Love.  The nine years of Resurrection are a
period of massive reorganization within social, economic and
political structures that birth new innovations that continue to
bridge life forward into higher consciousness.

We offer this startling transmission to ignite your devotion,
allegiance and gratitude to the Power of Love and the God
Identity that lives within you.  This event opens the Pathway
of Love for our Beloved Earth and all of it's human family.

What Can Individuals Do To Prepare:

Our first question to you is this:  Have you made the
fundamental choice to follow the impulses and direction of
your inner God Self?    A fundamental choice is a lifestyle
choice, one that all others feed into.  Most fundamental choices
seem to be survival and fear oriented and deny the existence of
a life that is filled with access to higher truth, powerful inner
knowing and the self-discovery of soul gifts, talents and
abilities. We wonder what glorious divine character might be
discovered within you if you decided to make the choice of all
choices. Say Yes to your Divinity!

Before August 15th arrives, further the self exploration of your
Divine Spirit and your Angelic Guides.  Ask them to start right
now preparing you for this three day event if not the rest of
your life. Your call to your Spirit may sound like this:  "Mighty
I Am Presence-who am I, why am I here on Earth, what is my
truth?  Place me on my true path.  Prepare and strengthen me
in all the ways that I need to be at my strongest and clearest.
Show me where I am vulnerable to interference and close the
doors to it immediately.  Reveal ways that I can serve others
during this time of transition.   Teach me Gratitude and
Reverence for life."

So, during these three days, you will have your I Am Presence,
which is your Spirit and you will have your Guardian Angel to
sustain you however conscious or unconscious you are of this.
Beyond measure your own Beloved Spirit is the most powerful
resource you have or will ever have.  Deepen your awareness of
this aspect of your life, this vast intelligence within, fall in love
with it and ask it to love you every day and every hour, over
light you and protect you from all discord.   Those of you
who are on the awakened path can deepen even more your
determination and dedication to fiercely stand for the Light.
Those yet to awaken, or those who still determine to execute
maleficent acts are in the hands of their Eternal Spirit which
is the most powerful asset they have to guide them forward.

This transmission is a call to prepare and be alert and aware,
which doesn't end on August 18th.  As a planet in evolutionary
transition, all is well and all is as it should be.  Reorganization
is at hand as the Forces of Evolution, which are more powerful
that anything Earthly, moves forward into its destiny.  The truth
is that you are really gifted change agents who have marvelous
resources within you to assist the dimensional shift.

Exercise as frequently as you can, your energetic clearing
tools such as the Violet Consuming Flame, taught by the St.
Germaine Foundation.   Share this information with loved
ones and friends with the language they understand.  We will
not predict the impact this event will have on Earth changes
or in the lives of people who are still heavily attached to self-
destructive intentions and choices.  Deterioration is already
evident in peoples' lives, their jobs and relationships.  It may
become so obvious that they seek out higher guidance and
so, let it be understood that even after the 18th, people will be
waking up to making new choices and following love-based
pathways for living.  This is a phase shift.

Remember and exercise this Law of Life:  What ever you think
and feel is what you bring into form. Where your thoughts rest
is where you are, for you are your consciousness.  Thoughts
can never become things until they are clothed in feelings. You
are already standing in the dimensional field of instantaneous

Keep your fascination upon the Holy Spirit, which is the
feeling and feminine side of life - God- the activity of Divine
Love -Divine Mother our strength and salvation.  Your spiritual
task is to keep returning to the heart and replace what pains you
with compassion and forgiveness.  A simple prayer is "Beloved
Holy Spirit, God I AM- I desire to experience ____and fill in
the blank.   Suggest Compassion, Self-Love, Peace, Truth and
on and on.  Get creative with it.

Another quick process you can use in the motion and
movement of life is to imagine placing an expanding gold ball
in your heart center where you will immediately begin to feel
this warm, comforting vibration. That's your Spiritual Heart
Light.  Let it nourish with pure love and center you with your
inner strength and truth, like an internal tuning fork.  You
will find that it gently harmonizes the mind with the heart and
brings you "back" into your body.  It's just about that simple.
What a proving experiment to practice these two ideas in the
boardrooms of Corporate America, the rush hour traffic or
when disagreements break out in families and jobs, and so
on. Teach them to your children and practice them together so
they have resources available to them when you aren't around.

Not only during these three days, but from now on:
Pay attention.  Pay Attention.  Pay Attention.   Form support
systems and 'Circle the Wagons' with like minded people.  Last,
but not least, pour your love and gratitude out to the Angelic
Forces, the many devoted and oh, so loving dear ones, who
every day intervene hundreds of times on your behalf without
you ever knowing the magnitude of their love and assistance.

With Loving Support, Uriel

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