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Gift from Quetzalcoatl  
Anchoring Your ‘Earth Mission Codes’ & The ‘Abundance Codes’ to Fulfill It
Lilliana Corredor ©August 2004

It is suggested you do this Meditation as close to the exact time of the full moon as possible and you may wish to tape it beforehand.


Follow your own ‘Meditation’ routine to center and align yourself or: align to your Divine Presence (Higher Self), merge with it and fill your heart with LOVE by diving into the void in the centre of this chakra.  Then send your Love down your ‘Central Column of Love and Light’ through your bodies and intent that you anchor it in the Love Grids of Earth and then into the LOVE CRYSTAL IN THE HEART of Gaia (in the Core of Earth).

When you feel you are in the highest of Love vibrations, ask The Hosts of Love & Light to please put a Teleportation Disk at your feet and to take you to the Love Temple in the Heart of Mother Gaia (in the Core of Earth).

See/know that you are now standing in the middle of this Temple, in front of a pedestal where a crystal bowl of water sits, beloveds. Visualize or know that the Ascended Masters, The Council of 12, Angels, and many Hosts of Love & Light are standing in concentric circles around you and the pedestal. The Star Dolphins and many other Water Beings are also there, swimming around you, weaving threads of Love around you.

See, know or feel Quetzalcoatl & the Golden Ones from the Great Central Sun bringing down and anchoring a huge Clear Golden Pillar of Love and Light, into the centre of the Temple.

Breathing deeply and slowly, call on your own Divine Presence to download now all the information codes pertaining to your Earth Mission.  Visualize these information codes as a stream of many types of sacred geometries coming down the Great Pillar of Clear Golden Light from the heavens. Intent, feel or see these codes anchoring all over your four energy bodies, including your physical body.  ALLOW this to take place for a few minutes now, beloveds…breathing…

Now, intent that you let these codes exit through the chakras at the bottom of your feet (like water streaming from a tap). INTENT that you direct this stream of information codes to flow down your Central Column of Love & Light and anchor into the Love Crystal in the heart of Mother Gaia for a few minutes, beloveds.

Call forth now Mother Gaia and from your heart ask her for assistance to help you MANIFEST your Mission on Earth (i.e. in the physical realm!)     SING or TONE to seal the process, whatever sounds/song that come to you.


Start by breaking old contracts relating to abundance which carry false programming, beloveds, such as:

“I can only have money by the sweat of my brow” and replace with: “I AM now the Presence open to receiving my abundance from any source in the universe, in any shape/form and at any time”. (Repeat three times from your heart).

“I fear the lack of financial supply” and replace with: “I AM now free forever of lack of financial supply. I AM now the riches of God/dess visibly manifest in my physical reality right now and forevermore”. (Repeat three times from your heart).

“I have made vows of ‘poverty consciousness’ because I am a spiritual being”. Replace with: “I AM now and forevermore the consciousness of abundance. I AM now happy to be a highly spiritual being and simultaneously have all the abundance I require to achieve my highest potential and fulfill my Mission on Earth.  I deserve my abundance”. (Repeat three times from your heart).

Call forth now Quetzalcoatl, and ask him to please download ALL the ‘abundance codes’ necessary to fulfill your Earth Mission.

Visualize now, hundreds of Golden Disks (like golden coins) coming down the Great Pillar of Clear Golden Light from the heavens, showering you, anchoring in all your four lower energy bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual). Allow this to happen for several minutes, beloveds, while breathing slowly…

Now visualize a shower of Golden Powder coming down the Great Pillar of Clear Golden Light from the heavens, showering you, anchoring in all your four lower energy bodies (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual). Allow this to happen for several minutes, beloveds, while breathing slowly…

Once again, breathing slowly and deeply, allow these codes to exit through the bottom of your feet, sending all to the Love Crystal in the Heart of Mother Gaia for a few minutes, beloveds…

Now, from the bottom of your heart ask Mother Gaia to please assist you to MANIFEST in your physical bank account, all the financial supply and abundance you require to fulfill your Earth Mission, as well as, for your private/personal life and wellbeing. To seal this work energetically, tone loudly and joyfully.

Now Ask and allow Vayamus, Mother Gaia, the Council of 12, the Ascended Masters, the Arcturians, the star- dolphins, the star-undines, the Venusian rainbow sparkles, the star-whales and all other Emissaries of Love, to re-wire your circuitries and to give you an Axiatonal Alignment & a Cosmic Integration Alignment - to allow you to hold/carry these new energies with Grace and Ease. Relax for a few minutes while this takes place, breathing slowly and deeply…

We thank you beloveds for your efforts and commitment to reach the Light and assist Gaia through your Earth Mission.

Chaski Amariel (aka Lilliana) on behalf of Quetzalcoatl


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