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    December 23, 2004   Reflections On Christmas
2005  Greetings  

Feeling blah, numb, empty, disconnected, tired, discouraged or just plain weird?   Not sure of where you are these days?  Or perhaps you are wondering if anything will ever change or if all this hoopla about the New World was one big hoax we all bought into.  Or maybe we should just give up and go back to all the Old ways.

Well.....we are actually poised to be fully in the New beginning in January. As 12:12 brought in the foundation of the higher realms and anchored it in energetically, all is ready. The 12:12 energy placed us in the New, or really totally OUT of the Old, and many are feeling this displacement.

We are integrating a bit and preparing ourselves for what is to come.  When we feel this sense of boredom, lethargy, non-motivation and confusion as to where we are, we are almost always "rebooting" to ready for the New.  As we will soon have an opportunity to live in these higher realms, we are right now sort of "in between" and adjusting and readying for our placement.

In the past few days, I have had to take a "time out" to "re-calibrate" and determine where I am now headed, as my past endeavors now seem obsolete.  With all the upgrading we have done, I began to feel pointless writing energy alerts when we are most certainly getting the hang of being in the NOW, accepting that all is in perfect order even if we don't know what is going on, and embodying more Source energy than ever before.  The biggest part of the shift is now complete, so now what?

The Old World IS OVER.  All we are currently seeing is just an illusion being kept alive by the thoughts and beliefs of humanity.  We have arrived in the New World fully, and it is now time to create it.  We have completed the first stage.  We have completed what we came to do and successfully assisted in transitioning out of the Old and into the New.

We have "reincarnated" so to speak, as we had to "die" before we could begin again.  Only we "died" while we were alive.  We are in a New energetic space and a New World and a New reality, ready to start fresh with all we have ever known and wanted.  We are now in the "build-up" phase.   (Personally, I have recently begun a regimen of weight training to build up my physical body and it feels wonderful!)


So what will 2005 bring?  For the Old energies, it will be the year of transition, the year of "destruction", the year where all will be revealed.   In the New World and New reality, it will be the year of the beginning, the year of all we have ever wanted, the year of great creation, the year of being in your soul purpose and the year of great assistance from non-physical beings.

For what remains of the illusory Old World, beginning in January, the now mis-alignment with New World energies will shake, rattle and roll it to its core.   For the New World, all will be in alignment with the energies and creation will begin.

For the Old World, much will be revealed regarding all that was hidden by the dark agenda and its tactics and agenda.   For the New World, much will be revealed that was hidden for eons of time, just waiting for the vibration of the planet to return again to this higher level, unleashing the great secrets and opportunities for living in the higher realms.  The secrets and energies that some of us hid here eons ago will now be available for us to introduce again.  They are part of us.  They are our energy.  We know them so well.  We have been waiting for so long!

For the Old World, those that had chosen to leave at this time will soon make their exodus to continue on where their soul's have chosen to be.   All will be in order.  Many will leave.   For the New World, lightworkers at the forefront will seemingly "disappear" as they move into the New reality, creating the New World.

For the Old World, there very well MAY come a time when all begins to crumble, leaving the Old systems disfunctioning and disconnected.   For the New, many will have been guided to begin sustainable living and coming together in small communities, creating their own realities and worlds.  All will be fine and in order, and as always, we will be right where we need to be.  There is no way we cannot be where we need to be.   Our souls always get us there.

For the Old, there will be rebellion and revolt against the Old ways that can no longer be tolerated.  This will be a necessary part of the process.  But for the New, we will be so busy creating and bringing in what we WANT and what feels great and what we have always known, that we will have no time to be part of that process.

And know, that each of us is an important facet of the process.  Some will be creating the New, but there will also be some whose role it is to reveal the Old ways of manipulation and control and to make this information available to all.   These changes were not meant to arrive from working "against" the Old, but from "introducing" the New, making it available, and in addition, "revealing" the Old.   All energy in the higher realms moves in one direction.   There is never a thing called "resistance".

Why do things seem to be taking so long?   People need to be "ready" and they need to be open to embracing the New.  If the New were introduced before it was time, it would be rejected and feared.   Change is scary for most, and we seem to need to "have to" make a change before change can occur.

In addition, for creation to occur, there needs to occur a summoning through desire.  When things get so bad, the summoning gets much more intense as well as creating a summoning in even more people, resulting in a creation.  And planetarily, we are creating as a whole.  It is quite different to create as a whole than it is to create for oneself.

With the higher vibrations that the planet is now in, the Old ways of being here will feel even MORE awful than before.  For most lightworkers, the planetary vibration has always felt awful, but again, we wanted as much time as possible for as many to wake up as possible.   This higher vibration from 12:12 will affect even more people as it is so much higher than we have yet experienced and therefore will assist in getting more people there as well.

Yesterday I stopped in the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I didn't go to my regular store, as I was near home and only needed a few things.  As I stood in line, the energy felt nearly intolerable.  There were all the customers, lined up, solemn faced, ready to hand over their "grocery store cards" in order to buy groceries.

The "sheep" were following along, convinced they needed to use "cards" to buy food, believing they had to in order to save money.   Because of the monetary controlled society we have lived in, money has been the controlling and deciding factor for so long.  But not enough have questioned or done much about all these rules and controls.

As most of us have been aware of this intentional "freedomless" energy for quite some time, it has become different somehow.  It is now just plain intolerable.  The vibrations we have evolved into just cannot resonate with these ways.  Our natural state of being is complete freedom in all ways.

More and more individuals will have to begin waking up, but again, it seems to we lightworkers to be taking SO LONG as we have ALWAYS been there.  Things just have to get "so bad" before enough people will begin to feel "awful" and be willing to possibly disrupt their lives (for the better) and create a change.

But there are wonderful things on the horizon for the New World.  As some are feeling guided to be in their "spot" and start a New community of sorts, the time is finally ripe.  And you need not necessarily consciously plan.  I have found myself in a new home here in Flagstaff, Arizona with a wonderful landlord who desires a community garden with all his tenants who choose to participate (he owns several homes on a large piece of property all on one road).

My landlord encourages recycling, tests the well water every six months and gives us all a report, and offers a community style of grounds maintenance in the summer.   All voluntary.   He and his wife and two young children recently built a beautiful new house on the property with solar heating and water heated floor heating.  Their new house is gorgeous and I have moved into their old house.  And they can't do enough to make me comfortable.  I am truly blessed.

In addition, Coconino county prohibits outdoor flood lighting so that the stars can be as brilliant as possible, and this is strictly enforced or rather contributed to by all the residents in this beautiful valley at the foot of the San Francisco peaks.

And with the experience I spoke of ("The Rebellion") in the December 16th energy alert, we may soon be given the opportunity as a small community to receive low cost satellite internet for all to share, if we choose to create something different, don't accept what has been offered to us, and make a change.

This is just a temporary manifestation of the New energies for me.   As we vibrate and when the time is right, creation occurs.

How will the New World evolve?   As we desire something better, we will begin to create it.   As so many New geographical areas are beginning to emerge due to the "unleashing" of the Lemurian energy, there will begin to emerge New spiritual "ports" in New areas.

The tips of some land masses seem to be emerging first.  South Florida, South Africa, Hawaii, Southern California, and soon Australia.  Because I live in Arizona, I have noticed that some remote areas in the White Mountains will also become spiritual centers as well, but that is down the road apiece.

There will not be as much "global" community as before, but the spiritual centers will each have their own "theme" and be rather self-contained.   I was told when I arrived in Flagstaff in October and am now getter clearer and clearer and closer and closer another scenario as well.   It was revealed that as these "centers" begin to form, they will receive much help and guidance from the stars (the non-physcial beings).

I know that as I begin to "set-up" I will be getting much visitation and communication from our beloved non-physical helpers.   It has come time for them to "arrive" and fully offer their assistance.  It will be a joint effort indeed.

And as always, these evolutionary changes occur in small steps in order to make them more tolerable and to help assist us in maintaining a "permanent" New vibration within and without through a gradual integration process.

When I used to give personal Soul Readings, even though I could clearly see what was to occur according to one's soul desire, things didn't always manifest that way.   We are the ultimate creators to some degree.   At the highest levels, our souls place us in situations and places where we had originally intended to be.

But sometimes getting there and creating these changes is completely up to our human selves.  We need to be willing, trusting and open to take the chances needed to expand.  This is why it has taken so long for things to unfold in the physical.  It is up to the people and people don't always want or like change.

Our next evolutionary step is in knowing who we really are and what we came to individually vibrate.  As we have come so far in regard to "spinning off" our multidimensional aspects and our denser aspects of ourselves, all that will remain is the "gold nugget" of our purpose for this experience and our deep connection to Source.

We have been rapidly evolving into this "gold nugget" of pure purpose.  This is why we no longer desire (or at some times can barely tolerate) to do anything other than that which we wish to do.  The cumbersome errands, chores and other things that take up our energy are becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

We are not becoming lazy, but are, instead, evolving into the purest from of ourselves, vibrating only that which is ours to do.  Everything else is for someone else to do, as that would be their own particular passion and purpose, or would be something that will eventually no longer exist in the New reality.

In addition, in order to really let go of who we are and become so much more of Source, we have to really know who we are first.  We have to come full circle so to speak.   It may sound strange, but this is just the process.

In the New World and within these New communities, we will each have a specific vibration, or gift, talent and purpose that we contribute to the whole of the community and then on to the whole of the planet through the community.

This is an exciting time as we are now in the vibration of fun, fun, fun and joy, joy, joy and play, play, play.   Through our creations that emerge from our own special and unique gifts and talents, we will get to have fun, create, and play!

And again, know that the timing for all these changes is always up to us, as we are creating them.

The next step for me is in releasing and sharing more information regarding our own unique gifts, talents and contribution.  I have been vibrating this theme since I was born, and now it is time to get it rolling.  In the next month or two, I will be offering on-line sharing of this information in workshop format that will serve to trigger in you what you already know regarding your joy, passion and purpose.  (Unlike the energy alerts and web site, this will not be a "free" program, but will be affordably priced for all).

I am currently in the process of exploring ways of offering "on-line classes" through the What's Up On Planet Earth?  website and offering this, then, as a condensed and more rapid release of my book, "Finding Your Soul Purpose / A Part Of Ascension".   (I hope some of you will be interested in experiencing this program, but please do not e-mail me with requests as at this point I am not in a position to sign anyone up yet. I will be announcing the program in a future energy alert :)).

As this very New reality is right there for the taking, we need only make it our intent to grasp it, to let go and embody it, to disregard the illusion being funneled to us from the Old World, and then, ultimately, to create it. The energies are in place. It is up to us to do the creating!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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About Karen:
Karen Bishop has had lifelong inner knowing of human and planetary evolution and events, as well as psychic ability and multidimensional access since birth. She possesses a varied background in metaphysical studies and training. Karen left her prior career as a grantwriter, non-profit consultant and newspaper columnist to be in her joy and creativity through this energy alert. She is no longer giving Soul Readings, but is currently working on her book "Finding Your Soul Purpose/A Part Of Ascension".

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Dear Friends of Spirit Heart Sanctuary,

Mele Kalikimaka = Merry Christmas in Hawaiian!

Reflections On Christmas
Christmas to the masses is a time of giving, of celebration and being with family.  Various religious meanings also come with the package depending on one's background and traditions.
There are also some significant esoteric aspects to Christmas for the awakened individual which add depth, meaning and dimension to the holiday season.  I believe that a holiday like Christmas serves the purpose to remind a participating humanity that life is about what we give to it and the others in our life.  The Christmas holiday offers the masses an opportunity to take time out of one's busy schedule to do something special for the other's in their life that they care about.
The gift of one's time and presence, simply being there with the others you love and care about is the most precious gift of all.  All too often we try to buy gifts to make up for the lack of this most precious gift of our time and presence.  Yet, this is the gift we can give all year.  It does not require a shopping trip or an expenditure of your hard earned dollars.  If we spent the time that it took to buy that gift - the card and the wrapping paper and all the time spent in traffic getting there and back, wrapping the gift etc. - instead with the person we intended to give it to, to make them feel special, would that not be the nicest gift of all?
Yet, the esoteric meaning of Christmas goes deeper still.  It is a time that begins a celestial cycle of our annual planetary Return to Light.  The celebration of Isho'a/Jesus' birth at this time of year is believed by many esotericists to be in error.  Most esotericists place his birth date sometime later in April.  But the celebration of the energetic birth of the Christ Child within is most appropriate at this time of year.  As the days begin to lengthen on the journey towards Summer Solstice, the energies of the Cosmic Christ start to move "outward" from the center of the planet [i.e. center of our being] towards the higher frequency ethers and also the outer realms of expression.  The Christ within starts to make a movement towards expressing more fully on the manifest plane of reality we know as our world.

This process culminates at Summer Solstice and then reverses until Winter Solstice, and so forth. The Equinoxes are the times of year when we have a perfect balance of the Cosmic Christ energies on inner-outer levels of being.  At least, it is the time of year when such a balance is best energetically supported.  It is still up to us to make the right choices in our lives in order to experience such a state of balance.  Each year we journey through another of these cycles, advancing upon the spiral of Christic Consciousness towards a fuller realization.
How might this balance of Christ energies at inner-outer levels be defined?  There are surely many ways of defining that state of balance, each relative to its own state of awareness.  My own experience has taught me that when I am in this state of balance [at some level of realization, not necessarily full realization] then there does not seem to be any friction between my inner and outer lives.  This does NOT mean everything goes smoothly in my inner or outer arenas of life.  It DOES mean that the flow of my energy is such that there is no conflicts, blocks or obstructions to the smooth flow of energy through my being and thus my inner and outer life spaces. 
This balance requires maintaining a state of expanded and expanding spiritual awareness.  We have the responsibility to maintain that expanded and expanding spiritual awareness.  When we lapse in that awareness because something happens to cause us to contract, then the difficulties begin.  Contracting is a protective response that is quite ingrained in us as stellar beings embodied in a primal evolution.  The protocol of the primal evolution is "fight or flight."  To the degree that we lose our expanded awareness and contract, we will initiate this fight or flight response even if it is subtle. Once this primal mechanism is initiated, it tends to self- perpetuate.
This is where becoming consciously aware that we are in fact responding from a contracted space empowers us to move gently back into our expanded and expanding awareness and therefore towards a better balance.  There are many different spiritual practices available regardless of your religious, traditional, spiritual preferences that can serve the purpose of maintaining expanded awareness. The various forms of prayer and meditation are the primary modalities used. Yet, I have always maintained that we must learn to BECOME the prayer, to BECOME the meditative states we experience.  To experience those states briefly is extremely helpful and necessary, but that is not the overall goal our souls have in mind.  Integration of these states of being is the key [this is one of my areas of expertise and I do help others with this on a donational basis].
At Christmas we have a distinct advantage in that so many people on the planet are actually assuming a more expanded state of being for a short time.  Yes, it is true that many people are also very stressed out at this time of year and have many limitations present within their motivations.  But, one has to see WHY they are stressed out from a spiritual perspective.  This occurs because these people are attempting to respond to a different set of values than what they normally live, and these values exist on a higher plane of reality.  Many people become somewhat driven by these cosmic forces as the vibrational presence of that higher reality impresses itself upon the mass consciousness.  That collective response takes many various forms to be sure, many of which do not seem to represent any form of expanded consciousness at all.  But this is where we are challenged to "make our eye single" so we are not fooled by the illusions of duality [two eyes].  We must learn to peer through the veils of illusion and look for what the Great Love is doing.  This world of ours is a canvas, and the Great Love is forever painting upon it. Sometimes we see parts of the painting we don't like. Then we are given the opportunity to paint right along with the Great Love.  This is the nature of the Great Love.  IT embraces everything, not just carefully selected individual components of the Creation.
When we connect with the Divine Purpose in the events of our lives and world, we start to develop a larger context to place our observations of life within.  We begin to see the painter in action, not just what HE/SHE places on the canvas of our limited 3D reality.  We begin to see the subtler dimensions of the concrete reality, and when we have penetrated into subtle enough layers of that concrete reality, we find REALITY.
REALITY is eternal, reality is temporal.  REALITY and reality are different aspects of the Great Love, and they interpenetrate each other and occupy the same time/space!  It is in how we focus the energies of our being with our mind, that largely determines just what we will experience: REALITY or reality?  I am not herein referring to any physical circumstances as that which comprises our experience, but rather HOW we think and feel in response to those circumstances. This is what all the great mystery traditions have attempted to teach us to do.

When we learn to draw more deeply from the well of Christic energies within our Being, we effectively shift our awareness into more expanded states and therefore also think and feel different in response to various stimuli.  This is true liberation, when it can be completely controlled wherein we never have a response to anything that is other than what we know it can be.

At Christmas time we can draw from the vast amount of energy being generated in response to the higher impulses of the Great Love through the many humans who scurry to celebrate the holidays.  In our prayers and meditations we can call upon the portion of that energy that is truly an outpouring of Spirit into our own hearts, nurture it, make it grow within us, add it to the rising Christ energies within us, and send it back out to the world for the benefit of all beings.
I have written the following meditation as an inspiration for this purpose. Feel free to use it and share it as you please.

I take into my heart and being all the goodness, love and compassion being generated on this earth right now.  I feel this energy circulating through me, lifting me, expanding me, embracing me.  I call upon my Christed Self at the center of my being to now lift this energy to its next level or state [take a few moments here to feel this higher frequency coming in].
I see the brilliant Golden White Light of the Cosmic Christ infusing all the love and compassion of humanity, purifying it of any limitations, contractions or misgivings.  I now send this rarified love back out to the world and all its peoples, that they may be further uplifted into a more holistic harmonic accord with their Christ Selves.

May all the peoples of the earth come to realize their Divine Heritage and Nature.
So be it!

Online version available at:
Aloha a me iao [Love & Supreme Light],
Simeon Nartoomid
Spirit Heart Sanctuary

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