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 Now, your present reality is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Ben, 6 Tzotz, 12 Manik       9/30/03

Greetings, dear Hearts! We come again! Many events now occurring on your world are bringing this present reality to a close. The basis for these profound changes lies in the many decrees issued by Lord Surea. As a result of his sacred proclamations, we have come to your shores to initiate the vast transformations that will affect both Mother Earth and you.   Always remember that everything that affects you in a positive way originates in these sacred thoughts.  We in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light are formally committed to assure your success.  Ultimately, your victory will make possible the divine plan's unfolding, according to the wishes of the triune Godhead of this and all Creation.  In this light, be aware of Lord Surea's intense desire to free you from your present trials.  This darkness, and its many physical and non-physical aspects, ruled your present reality for nearly 13 millennia.  Now, the moment has arrived to transform this reality and manifest a new and kinder one. This altered reality will return Spirit and the Light to their more accustomed position in your world.

      Lord Surea is overseeing the topics of our discussion in the previous update. He genuinely wishes you to know of his great Love for you. In this regard, know, on every level of your Being, that we have set in motion a process to ensure your swift and most yearned-for success. This operation closely conforms to the divine desires and timetables that Lord Surea's sacred Seraphim, Lord Betea and Lord Cephetas, so graciously have provided us. These events overshadow the 1998 agreements and allow the Spirit of Heaven, once more, to fully descend to the Earth plane. We have pledged our sacred honor and our first contact mission to fulfill these divine elements. This mission came to assist Heaven and end the separation from your spiritual and space families, which you have endured for too long. Our formal arrival will be part of this sacred pledge. Our Earth allies are acutely aware that the moment of formal first contact will end the many millennia in which a 'divide and conquer' rule ran this reality. It will also proclaim that we will no longer tolerate the greed and arrogance of your present cabals.

      As we noted earlier, judgment of your last, stubborn cabal will be left to you and to the firm guidance of your Ascended Masters.  Our task will be to restore the basis for the formation of your galactic society.   Here, as also mentioned previously, we shall introduce you to the noble Inner Earth society of Agharta. In addition, we intend to allow the Anunnaki or, in its transformed name, the Annanuki, to relate to you their story. It is essential that you understand in its entirety the strangely convoluted tale of how they set about to lead you along the path to darkness.  This tale will take you to a world filled with conflict and frequent jealousies between the 'gods' and 'goddesses' and show you how they formed the groups that became their Earth-based minions.   It also describes their greatest ruse - the concept that the Anunnaki created you to be their slave race.   In fact, your origins are off-world and your arrival on Mother Earth vastly pre-dates the subsequent coming of the Anunnaki in late Atlantean times.   Your true status is that of a free, sovereign and fully conscious Being - a physical Angel. Knowing this, your former off-world masters wish to use their awareness to give you a better understanding of it.

     Your new reality is about to burst forth.   The gracious blessings of Heaven are guiding you toward this inevitability.   Its approaching speed is accelerating exponentially.   Our liaison and diplomatic teams observe this every day.  Our principal desire is to see this quiet global spiritual revolution succeed in every way possible.  To this end, we have carried out the actions described in our last report.   We have also obeyed the guidance granted us by your Ascended Masters.   Elohim, such as Lady Assyria, have further detailed this guidance.  Their advice has helped us to establish the final series of scenarios for your first contact. This mission, as we have stated many times, is most unique in Galactic Federation history. You are the first such technologically primitive society to be even considered for first contact. As also noted, this was because of edicts given us by Heaven. We complied and, for over a decade, have received a string of new policies on first contact.

      The present political and economic events on your world are only a vague reflection of the final waning struggles between your last, obstinate cabal and our Earth allies.  The frivolous policies of this last cabal have overextended their military's potential.   Their needless invasions and insensitive posturing are a prime example of their supreme arrogance.   These enormous abuses of their economic, financial and governmental positions are quite characteristic of the Anunnaki's minions and define their many millennia of rule.   The new reality that is on your horizon is completely different.  Here, responsibility is of paramount importance.   Arrogance is to be avoided and an atmosphere of distrust to be averted at all costs.   Rather, a clear openness and profound honesty serve to guide the process.   To this must be added the congenial atmosphere of true cooperation and the setting out of a process that allows the peoples of Agharta to be part of your reality.

      This new reality will include the manifesting of your Ascended Masters and the mass landing of our ships upon your shores. Masters Saint Germaine and Hilarion, as well as El Morya and many other Masters, intend to oversee the formation of your Galactic Society. Meanwhile, others, such as Master Yeshua, Buddha and Mohamed, will end the long divisions and conflicts that typify the state of your present organized philosophies or 'religions'.   Their actions will create the conditions for a new morality, founded upon the true words, pronounced long ago, by these same Ascended Masters.  The time approaches when the darkness of this reality will end, to be replaced with a new Light - the dawning of Heaven on Earth!  This morality recognizes that all of the hate and misinformation of previous millennia will be transmuted into Love, harmony and joy.

      Our role will be to ensure that your communities are active and spirited environments overflowing with the need to connect with, and help, each other.  We need to nurture your native creativity and encourage its full and proper development. We can provide tools (mentioned in our last message) that will bring this about. Galactic society is founded upon vibrant communities. Once you see how they function, your own natural abilities will do the rest. We have no doubt that you will easily exceed our expectations regarding the best uses for our galactic tools. As people, you encompass a wide range of possibilities in approaching a given objective. These cultural 'windows' offer you an unimpeded panorama in which to manifest your own 'miracles'. We foresee that an exuberant explosion of ideas, inventions and possibilities will occur in the first few months of their application. As the saying goes, "the sky is the limit".

      As these events manifest, remain unswervingly focused on what is about to take place. That is, see these unprecedented events not as extraordinary, but simply as preordained.  Know this, and use your immense talents to communicate it to friends and immediate family who may not be quite ready to accept what is unfolding.  This initial task is of utmost importance.  We in Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light intend to do our part to alleviate any potential difficulties.  Nonetheless, your role will greatly advance our cause.   Now, your present reality is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate.  The next series of events and formal announcements will further hasten the process.  Therefore, it is vital that you spring into action when they occur. As we have mentioned, we will do whatever is required to assist you in bringing this operation to its successful conclusion! Together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we discussed events that are occurring on your world. In this regard, we call upon you, once again, to help us to lessen the shock that may result from some of these developments. Here, it is necessary for you to focus steadfastly and remain unfailingly centered upon what you aspire to impart to others.   Remember, you will be a vital link in the success of what is about to unfold. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that Heaven's infinite Supply and vast Prosperity is truly yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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