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AA Michael's November Message    Dearest Friends:  I am sending AA Michael's  very important November message a little early so you will have it in plenty of time to study and put his suggestions into practice before the November 8th HARMONIC CONCORDANCE.  I feel we are stepping into a new world filled with the rarified energy of our beloved Creator where anything is possible. My world is filled with love and wondrous miracles.  Yours can be too. I wish you love, laughter and joy,  Ronna



Beloved masters, for many years, we of the higher realms have been speaking of an accelerated global shift of consciousness beginning in your year 2003.  In preparation for this Divine event, we  began to activate the DIAMOND CORE GOD CELL within your heart center in February, 2003.  This core Seed Atom strengthens and solidifies your connection with your Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator as you strive to integrate more and more of the multidimensional facets of your Divine Self.  As we have told you, the Creator is now taking an active part in the evolutionary process of your universe and is sending down from ITS Heart Center an infusion of pure Divine Essence.  You have often heard of the Outbreath and Inbreath of Creation.  The Outbreath occurred when the Supreme Creator sent forth out into the great void all the myriad Sparks of Divine Consciousness with the command to manifest and create new worlds and realities without end.  Over the many aeons of time, you have refracted, separated and diminished yourselves outward and downward into your present state of Being.  You have devolved to the furthermost limits and now it is time to retrace your journey, back into the realms of Light.

There have been some misconceptions about the Inbreath, and the popular belief has been that the Creator will "Breath In" all that has been created.  This is not true.  The Creator is sending forth IT'S radiance to incorporate all the magnificence that has ever been created.

Beloved ones, you are the INBREATH.  You will breathe in the Essence of the Creator as you ready your human vessel to receive more and more refined Light and the rarified vibrational frequencies of the higher realms. You, in your human vessel, will incorporate the Essence of the Creator that is flowing down onto the Earth plane.   It has been said by many, "You dwell within the Creator and the Creator dwells within you," and during these unprecedented times, you are being gifted with as much Creator Light as you can contain.  All you have to do is give your Higher Self permission to begin this life-expanding infusion and then radiate the gift of Creator Light out into the world and to all those around you.

There is much excitement about the rare galactic alignment about to occur which will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003. This event has been named  the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE and will have far-reaching positive consequences for humanity and the Earth. This alignment will be activated by the lunar eclipse on November 8th, and will open a multidimensional portal from the Divine Consciousness to your galaxy, solar system and planet.  The power and momentum of this rarified energy will build until the solar eclipse on November 23rd, however the effects of this rarified energy infusion will last for time immeasurable, and it will  accelerate the ascension/evolution process for all of your galaxy.

In order to begin the process of reunification, you have had to acknowledge and accept your shadow side as well as the fragments of yourselves you have created down through the ages.   Many of you began the process of releasing your old belief systems in 1988, which in turn activated the transformation of your four lower body systems, making ready for the great Light infusions to come.  In 1994, your bodily transformation took a giant leap and has been accelerating exponentially ever since.   It has taken eight years, from 1994 to 2002, for you to begin to fully experience the opening of number eight or INFINITY GATEWAY in your solar system and galaxy.  This corresponds to the opening of the soul star within your body.  The soul star is a light aqua blue in color.  Many of you have felt pain in the area just above your hearts (often called the high heart or thymus area) over the past few years.  This pain is because that area is bursting into Light and the thymus gland is becoming active once more, which will assist you in the "youthing  process," as you harmonize the energies within your physical vessel.  It is apparent that many of you have almost totally blended with your shadow self, adding lightness and brightness within, which means there is now a tremendous opportunity to manifest love and Light on Earth.  Your Sun is the Light of this solar system and it has also been going through many changes. It is increasing in Light, just like you are. You have Light switches in your bodies, and all you have to do is ask to have them turned on. You are moving from carbon-based   entities to silica-based entities. Silica is crystal and holds the Light of the rainbow. When all twelve strands of your DNA are activated, you will be able to manifest all twelve colors of Creator Light in a harmonious way,  and you will be well on your way to becoming multidimensional Beings.

We offer you a variety of higher truths to assist you in your evolutionary process during these unprecedented times. Some have been given previously, but they are important enough to repeat. We suggest that you focus on each concept for at least a day.  Ingrain it firmly in your consciousness until it becomes a part of your everyday reality.

  1.     Self-mastery is a state of becoming.  Mastery is a never-ending

process as you learn to integrate more and more of the virtues and

attributes of our Father/Mother God.  It takes constant vigilance and

practice, but the rewards are immeasurable.

2.    Be aware that there is energy potential all around you and it

radiates as an Infinity sign from you:  above, below, in front and in

back.  What you are thinking and feeling creates a vibrational pattern,

and it radiates out from you and magnetizes to you energies, situations

or people who are in harmony with that vibrational resonance or pattern.

Change your thoughts and the vibrational energy you project and you will

change your world.

3.     Remember why you are on Earth.  Remember that you are an

extension or a facet of the Creator.  Embrace the excitement of your new

reality as you create greater and greater harmony in your world.  Become

a practical mystic, enjoying all the beauty and bounty the Earth plane

has to offer, while also enjoying the beauty, wonder and magic of the

higher realms.

4.    You have a star tetrahedron and rotating fields around you which

are increasing in strength and magnitude as you build and strengthen the

rainbow bridge or the crystalline column of Light that connects you to

your Divine Self or I AM Presence.  That column of Light has diminished

to a thin thread in many humans, feeding them barely enough life force

energy to keep them alive.  As you clear the distortions, you will

receive greater and greater amounts of Creator Light and you will also

re-establish your interactive relationship with the multifaceted parts

of your greater self.

5.     Light, sound and color are the modalities of healing and

expanding your consciousness and your reality.   You  are remembering

and you are learning to use some of the major tools of mastery that are

a part of your Divinity and birthright.  Toning and learning to use

sacred harmonics will help cure many of the symptoms of distress or

illness that you are experiencing, for it brings your DNA,  etheric,

emotional and mental bodies back into harmony. 

6.     YOU DON'T "GET RICH."   You allow the riches of life to flow to

and through you.  The universe is always trying to shower abundance on

you, abundance in its many forms.   Abundance is always there for the

taking, but you have set up barriers that keep it out of your reach.

Abundance is a state of mind.  You must open your mind, heart and arms

to receive abundance: abundance of health, love, joy, creativity and

peace.  You must learn to live and love freely; to enjoy the journey of

life.  The old way of thinking is that you must struggle and work hard

to create that which you desire.  When you learn to tap into the

universal flow of abundance, life becomes a dance and you enjoy any and

everything you do. 

7.      Love is a natural state of Being.  Love is a natural, inborn

condition.  When love is the radiating force in your life, fear

disappears.  Fear is created by the absence of love. Fear is only a

state of mind.  When you turn inward and tap into the wellspring of love

within your heart core, it first fills your inner being and then

radiates out into the world.  You begin to see through "eyes filtered

with love," and it changes how you view the people in your life and

everything that happens.  An overlay of loving energy creates miracles.


8.     There are living libraries of knowledge stored at every level of

existence throughout this many-faceted universe, and you are beginning

to tap into these wondrous storehouses of higher wisdom.  There are

recording angels or celestial recorders who keep a record of every

thought,  action and event that has ever taken place or ever will take

place. As you heal, cure and transmute the old, painful, negative

thought forms of the past, the cosmic records are altered and memories

of the trials and lessons you have experienced are wiped out. All that

will be left are the records of your successful experiences, the joy of

the journey, and the wisdom you have to share about your sojourns

throughout the multi-dimensions of Creation.

9.     There will always be millions of mysteries on your journey

throughout the cosmos that will entice you to seek a solution.  We

delight in your attempts to understand the workings of the universe.

10.  Worship should not be reserved for one designated day of the week,

it should be a state of heightened consciousness which overlights your

total being, and the focal point of your reality.   It is your highest

privilege and first duty to maintain a worshipful attitude each and

every moment of your existence. Strive to develop a constant, joyous and

intimate relationship with the Creator.  When you tap into the elixir of

life, it becomes an all-encompassing passion which leads to heightened

self-discipline, strong moral beliefs and spiritual aspirations.  You

will have no difficulty in learning patience, fortitude and tolerance,

and you will strive to live a life of service.  Divine wisdom and cosmic

insight are rewards of a sincere seeker of spiritual truth. Live your

truth as it has been and will be revealed to you.  You will live in an

aura of peace personified and sublime love.

11.     True spirituality does not demand particular rituals or rigid

beliefs, it is a mode of living your highest truth with wholehearted

devotion. You are to seek a blending of your highest intellectual,

emotional and spiritual reality.

12. Seek to use your Divine imagination:  be enthusiastic but also be

practical, be courageous but not reckless.  Maintain a confident

attitude as you delve into the unknown and seek to manifest the visions

given to you in your sojourns into the higher realms of existence.  When

you make the highest moral choices, your soul is infused with the

ecstasy of Divine love.  If you aspire to align your will with that of

our Father/Mother God, you become a partner, a cocreator of the multiple

time/space worlds of existence.  13. You are a spark of the Divine, and

you should honor and place high value upon yourself and others. You are

dishonoring the Creator when you do not. You should always seek liberty

and truth for yourself and for others as well. 

14. The resurrection process for humanity has been a long evolutionary

struggle to attain a balanced state of Being in order to allow Spirit to

descend and take dominion of the physical vessel.  Resurrection is

returning to your original magnificence by embodying all your Divine

Light and attributes. Evolution is purposeful, not accidental.

15. Each of you has the ability to contribute something personal and

unique to the Divine Blueprint now being designed for the future of

humanity and the Earth.  You have been given an extraordinary gift by

the Creator, the Divine privilege of participating in the creation of

your own destiny.  Each of you has the potential of becoming a glorified

mortal. You are becoming spirit-infused mortals which assures your

immortal status. You are multifaceted and have consciousness on many

more levels than you can comprehend at this time. You are an immortal

soul with a mortal mind and body.  You are in a process of soul

expansion and Light infusion.

15. There is cosmic time that is fluid and malleable,  and mortal time

that is linear, structured and event-oriented.  You are learning to live

as spiritual mortals who can access the fluidity and magnificence of the

cosmos.  There are schools of cosmic philosophy where you have studied,

and which you can tap into once again as you gain the ability to

traverse the higher realms of expression.   There are Destiny 

Guardians to guide you and show you the way.  Ask for their assistance

and they will be your devoted servants.  The Beings of Light represent

many differing viewpoints and have had many diverse personal

experiences, just as mortals have.

  Remember, as you and the Earth return to balance in the STILL POINT of

perfected harmony, polarity consciousness will no longer be able to

dance and weave between the Light and the shadows. There will be no need

for conflict, separation or anything which will hinder you in perfecting

your mastership and creating that which will bring peace, prosperity and

great joy for all. It is surely being brought into your awareness that

the Light is becoming more predominant in certain people and areas, as

the shadows and negativity are becoming more pronounced and chaotic in

other areas. This is because a separation is taking place, both within

each of you and all around you. It is decision time for all of you. Are

you ready to manifest love and Light?

There is a world of Light superimposed over the world of darkness and

all you have to do is reach for the Light. Although it may seem very

dark on Earth right now,  remember that you create your own reality, and

you have a choice as to what you choose to manifest. It's always darkest

before the dawn, and we are at the dawn of a marvelous new Creation. Why

not reach for the Light and create a new reality of peace, love,

abundance and joy? We rejoice with you, and we welcome your return to

the "LIGHTNESS" of our reality.  You are loved most profoundly.  

Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.


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