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DK Teleconference Class, Wednesday,  May 21, 2003

World Peace and the Impact of Wesak
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon  revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek.

All right, lets begin with a violet light, please.  Coming in through
the Crown Chakra very, very strongly like a rush of violet flame, coming
in through the Crown chakra and going all the way down through the body.
And do it several times, please.  Breathe it in and let that violet rush
go (swoosh, swoosh), straight down through the body, cleansing,
cleansing, cleansing.  We just came out of a very strenuous time frame
astrologically speaking and in many, many other ways, and now we're on
the cusp of another time frame, which can either be strenuous or rather

So we are going to work on world affairs today.  Again we are going to
bring in violet light.  Make sure you are getting your entire spinal
column this time as you bring it in like a flash of light going straight
down the spine, please.  All right, I think that's going to be a bit
better.   Good.  All right, then, world affairs.  We are going to take
out a pattern about terrorism, if you would, please.  We are going to
title this World Peace, which is in truth what I feel that all beings on
this planet really want.  They want peaceful co-existence.  So we'll add
that.  We'll call it World Peace; Peaceful Co-existence.

In the big blue triangle: Fear that no matter how much I yearn for it or
contribute to it, that I will be failing to co-create it.  (Exhale after
each negative statement.)  And the next one, please, that says, Caught
up in the righteousness of others that take over and make war, terrorism
and generalized fear the normal state of consciousness here.  No way to
maintain that the world can ever be peaceful because of the constant
threat.The world will always be a place in which there are simply power
trips, power plays and war going on.  Can't trust humanity.  Take that
one a few times.  Distrust humanity. Humanity cannot be trusted.
Humanity will fail to reach their internal goal of peace. Certain
members of humanity control everything and they want war. I am powerless
against the rest of the world who seem to want a continued state of
terrorism, war and threat of pain, horror and death. All right, ask that
those misconceptions and all other misconceptions keep leaving your
consciousness, going up into the blue triangle and we are going to take
a nice deep breath and throw it up into the sun to burn it away.  Take a
nice breath, please (and exhale).  Good.  That is much, much better.
Now, really feel where it is lodged in your spine because that is where
I saw the common pattern residing.  The spine could be the middle of
your back; could be your heart; could be lower back aching; could be
showing up in the neck; could be showing up as a headache in the
cranials, because the spine is holding the energy.  You can actually
reach in with your energy hand and pull it out like ripping up a weed
and the soil is nice and moist and all the roots come all the way up.
Or maybe you prefer to be picking carrots out of a garden and the whole
thing comes up.  (Exhale)  Good.

All right.  I'll give a little report here on the impact of Wesak.  It
is celebrated at different times and different places.  In the Eastern
areas each country will celebrate it according to what the astrologers
say is the exact proper time for them, and sometimes it gets celebrated
a month early, a month late, a week on either side.  There are many
different culminations of it, so I am commenting on the ones that have
already taken place and I see two or three more that will be taking pace
in other parts of the world, so they'll be factored in a little bit
later.  Essentially, what I see there is quite a lot of energy coming.
If you can tune in to it, it looks like a wave of light, literally, so
the world is waking up.  The souls that were operating out of
personality are now wanting to find something deeper in life, a greater
meaning, a greater sense of connectedness.  So things are changing for
the better and I am quite happy about it.  It happens to be coming right
at a time when there is also a heightened sense of Let's use this light
to make war, or Yes, let's use this difficult configuration going on in
the heavens to aggravate the consciousness and create more warlike
energy. So we are going to locate that in the body also, probably around
the Solar Plexus and it might be a little lower, Second Chakra or even
Root Chakra on some of you, maybe all three.  It is kind of a fear of
maybe not being able to survive this time period, or just a gnawing
feeling that the other shoe is going to drop sometime soon, or that you
are not really safe in the world --- even if you are very safe.  There
is kind of a mass fear consciousness building here in the lower three
chakras.  Occasionally in some people they have mental anxiety as well.
The uncomfortable feeling will show up in the Heart Chakra, as an
anxiety in the chest.  That is adding mental anxiety to the basic raw
feeling that everyone is having.  So if it is up in your chest, you are
making it worse with your mind, rather than just noticing in the gut
that there is a group uneasy feeling. 

So let's take a moment, please, to go into that yuk feeling in the gut
and we are going to simply keep bringing --- we are not going to try to
pluck it out or send it away.  We are actually going to bring love into
that energy field, keep bringing the love inside where there is a sense
of fear or terror.  We are adding love.  You can even scoop it, like you
are scooping it directly from creation and placing it in your belly.
This is to counter, in general, world fears that are going on now.  Keep
adding it in, so eventually what happens is the love energy becomes the
stronger pattern and that yukky feeling, or maybe it is an anger or
maybe it is a fear, that is going on in the gut, will completely change.
If you want to speed this one up, you can imagine that in the Root
Chakra there is a drain and you can open the drain to let out all the
sludge there in the bottom.  You want it to kind of flush through the
chakras and then you want to put the cap back on the drain, so to speak,
or the cork back in.  You don't want your energy constantly draining.
This is just to drain off negativity; then you want the chakra system
functioning properly again.  Good!  You are looking better. 

Let's address what's going on in the head area.  See if you can just
relax the mind a little bit more, so maybe right in the center of the
head you can see a very relaxed pool of consciousness, like a pool of
water or maybe you prefer a white sphere of light looking beautiful.  I
am seeing something that looks like a very large white pearl slowly
rotating and reflecting some light in its pearlescent energy.  And
ideally you want the mind to relax, the scalp to relax, and the brain or
neck muscles, all of that, just rather relaxed.  Good.  Now we ΓΆβ,¬?re
going to get a download of energy to sharpen your intuitive ability.
Take a moment again to relax the Crown Chakra.  Feel the energy just
glide right into the top of the head, a smooth transition there.  It has
a density to it, so you might feel like a foreign object or something
unfamiliar is coming into the top of your head and sliding down through
the body a little bit.  You'll integrate it.  It is not familiar to you
now, but it is not a foreign object.  It is naturally an aspect of the
higher self that heightens the ability to be more intuitive.  Now, you
can ask for these downloads anytime you want to; it doesn't have to be
right now.  Sometimes you can ask for more love, for example, or for a
download of whatever is in your highest good, and then sit there in
meditation and feel the energy coming through.  (Pause)  And then the
body will dissipate the energy while it is integrating it into your

All right, we are open to comments or questions and answers.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, one of the things I wanted to thank you about the
Wesak weekend was that there was so much joy and bliss and delight in
interacting with the spirit beings, all of you, and also with one
another.  It does feel like it seeded the potential for what you call
the time of grace.  And I so thank you for teaching me how blissful and
delightful it can be in this relationship with you.
DK: Thank you.  Of course, I was really working with a blissful group
energy that members of the group would enjoy, as well, not just the
energy of Wesak, but the energy of each other in addition to the Masters
present at Wesak.  So I think, all in all, most had a very good time
with that.  There are a couple of people still processing group
patterns.  And while I am on that topic, I will say that if you have
difficulty with groups, if you are always uncomfortable around them, or
you get in conflict with an authority figure, or different little things
go on.  Maybe there is always one person in the group that annoys you or
something like that.  Please clear those belief systems.  As we get
deeper and deeper into the New Age, world service groups in particular
really need to know how to function gracefully with one another and not
let patterns get in the way, period.  When we unite and do  powerful
energy work, it is about the work and not about the group.  I just took
a little time to comment on top of that.  There are many, many people on
the planet who still have a bad taste in their mouth or other places of
the body, perhaps, from bad group experiences in other lifetimes.  And
sometimes it is about this lifetime, too, maybe a disfunctional family
unit or a disfunctional spiritual community to which they used to
belong.  If it is a pattern, please change it.  Do not let your beliefs
control your life.  It is very important, as a Lightworker, that you are
committed to not letting programming control your life.  Period.  I very
much enjoyed the group in Sedona for Wesak.  It was a very excellent
group blend.  I am looking forward to an even bigger group next year.

STUDENT:  I need some help on something.  Some of my friends are making
peace t-shirts and people are buying them and wearing them and I was
trying to explain from the way you've taught us how wearing a peace
shirt is actually grounding and helping to manifest peace.  Can you give
me a couple of good one-liners on that?
DK:  Well, why are you having to remind people that wearing a peace
shirt is a symbol of peace?  (They made some in Arabic and people were
quite upset about it.)  Really?  (They thought that was bad.  I thought
it was kind of brilliant, actually.)  Well, I see peace going
everywhere, quite frankly.  This is about humanity really desiring peace
at a deep soul level, regardless of programming, regardless of regions
or maybe being at war with one another.  I wouldn't try to explain it,
something that helps you grounding peace, if it is in Arabic or Hebrew
or Sanskrit.  Whatever it may be written in, just say, ΓΆβ,¬Ε"World peace
has no boundaries, and if they take objection to it, my comment would be
That's very interesting, and then let them think about it.  (O.K. That's
easier than what I was trying to do.)  Don't try to sell the point other
than maybe saying, Gee, I thought that peace was something that applied
to the whole world, not just English-speaking people.
Another comment might be, Don't you think that people there want peace
too? and then don't wait for an answer --- just walk away.  In other
words, you are not looking for them to be confronted by you and having
to give you an answer. All you want to do is make them think about it a
little bit deeper on their own.  (O.K. Thanks.)  You are welcome. 

How is everyone feeling post-Wesak?  (Wonderful!  Really good!  Great!
Grateful!)  Quite a bit of work done there, particularly on getting into
core pattern removal.  I am still seeing that one, by the way, for those
who participated in that exercise where we went right into the core of
the repeating pattern and handed it over to a Master to take it to the
re-cycle center, you are never going to see it again. (Hallelujah!)
Some of the consciousness is still winding the rest of the pattern out.
It doesn't mean that you were able to go to the re-cycle center and
recover it; it is just that it is continuing to finish winding out of
your system.  All the little roots, basically, have to finish dying off.
So don't worry if you see a hint of it, a core unworthiness or something
--- don't worry if you see a hint of it or it is coming up in waves,
that's just fine.  It'll finish processing.  Anyone else with comments
or questions?
STUDENT:  Djwhal, I have a question.  I really appreciated the
meditation we did about getting all those thoughts out that are floating
around about fear and things but I have something I really would like to
have you answer for me.  I understand that the United States Senate is
about to vote on repealing the current law banning the creation of new
low-yield nuclear weapons and they will have to start testing a
low-yield nuclear weapon.  That's certainly something that creates fear
in me immediately.
DK:  All right.  My question for you is why does it immediately bring up
fear in you?  Explain a little deeper exactly what fear comes up about
having more nuclear testing?  (The damage to Mother Earth.  That's the
first thing that comes to my mind, the damage to Mother Earth.)  Keep
going a little deeper --- and that means what to you personally?  (The
damage to Mother Earth, but also the repercussions of nuclear energy in
the air, the spreading of it going over the whole Earth --- zapping me
--- maybe that's what it is, I don't know.)  Well, certainly it has an
environmental affect, but really, the underlying fear.  That would bring
up a concern in you about it damaging the environment.  But if it is
bringing up fear in you immediately, it is tied to your own survival ---
and perhaps also the survival of others.  There is going to be death,
one way or another, is basically what it translates to in the
consciousness.  Now, in terms of nuclear weapons and other nuclear
devices, power plants and healing, there is going to be some more
nuclear things.  There are actually quite a few nuclear things that you
are not aware of as mainstream humanity.  So as nuclear power gets a
little bit more refined you are going to see better use of it.  In terms
of nuclear weapons, which I will distinguish from nuclear power and
other forms of nuclear energy, we do have a problem there.  I would
agree that the testing is harmful to the environment and to all life
forms and it always will be.  In terms of your success in stopping any
government from doing that, good luck!  I don't mean to sound
discouraging.  I think that raising your voice against it is very
important.  I am just not seeing that it is going to change for a while
because of the group consciousness, planetary wide, all different
countries deciding to have it and so on. 

So it seems as though the current game in play is a very classic game
that says, ΓΆβ,¬Ε"Let me build the biggest and baddest weapon so that no one
will mess with me.  It is a bully thoughtform and we can certainly take
a pattern out on that on a larger scale.  But essentially there is a
race to have the most threatening weapon, or the best threat of weaponry
or warlike tendencies, available in order to maintain a certain type of
power structure, or in order to be the super-power, or the number 1 or
number 2 or number 3 power, on the planet.  So because this competition
exists, I don't think --- much like raising your voices against war in
Iraq there were many demonstrations for peace on a global level, but it
happened anyway.  It could very well happen anyway and you should not
only make your voice heard against it, but you should do your best to
educate other people as to why this is not a favorable thing.  When it
comes to nuclear power the ignorance, in other words, the lack of
education, is very high.  (It is so amazing that that ignorance is
there.)  There is sort of a basic, Gee, it is probably not so good if
something goes wrong, kind of feeling, but, in terms of truly being
educated on it, globally, I don't see the education there.  (O.K. while
I was voicing my concerns, I am thinking, jeez, here I have this
wonderful tool of a blue triangle I can utilize for my own fears, why am
I forgetting that?  But I remembered and I will certainly use that also.
Thank you.)  And, again, for those using the triangle work, the basic
concept is getting rid of the bully pattern of this competition between
powers.  It can almost translate into personal consciousness, My aura is
bigger than your aura, or I can confront better than you can confront,
so it is an intimidation packet.  When you are doing pattern removal on
that keep thinking in those terms and clear everything out that happens
to pop into your mind.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, do you see nuclear fusion ever becoming successful as
a source of power as opposed to nuclear fission?
DK:  Yes.  I think it will be a while yet, but yes.  (That would be much
less poisoning to Earth, wouldn't it?)  I think it is a ways away.
There is some experimentation already, but there is a very interesting
dilemma within the scientific community, again that same basic pattern,
My idea is better than your idea.  Your idea is not validated; my idea
is.  You'll have to prove it over and over and over and over. Clearing
those patterns again, believe that nuclear fusion --- my hesitation
there, I think they'll come up with a different name for it rather than
fusion.  There will be another method.  I see a lot of experimentation
going on with splitting atoms and creating free radical energy, learning
how to create controlled energy that is not damaging, that actually goes
in patterns, much like the awareness that you can cluster water with
certain frequencies, or certain prayer intents, and so on.  Mostly it is
frequencies.  Even a word like love has a frequency, and a word like
hate has frequency, and the energy that goes with it.  So what I am
seeing is learning how to shape molecules and atomic particles as well,
using frequency and how to make them go in a life-generating pattern
versus a life-destroying pattern.  It is coming.  It is going to be a
while yet and I don't really see a good timeframe on it.  I would say at
least another decade. (What about the use of hydrogen as an energy
source?)  I think that will end and something else will take its place.
Working with hydrogen can be rather dangerous.  I don't see it quite as
stable, quite frankly, as some of the things I am seeing in the future.
(Thank you.)

STUDENT:  Dwhal, I have a question.  A week or two ago in the United
States there was an initiation, the hazing of two teen-age girls in
Illinois.  It is gotten a lot of press because seniors in that class
invited the junior girls in for an initiation into their senior year and
proceeded to bombard them and rub them with feces and all kinds of
stuff.  It created a big furor.  The parents apparently contributed to
that.  It really made me sick to think that people could do that to each
other and get cheered on, and that the group dynamic could catch on, and
that it would be such a vicious, vile and unholy thing to do.  What is
it in our consciousness that's bringing this forth in our civilization?
Or lack of civilization?
DK:  Well, hazing is not a new concept.  It is been around for a very
long time, really in a very primitive way initially, in testing someone
to see if they're strong enough for the tribe, or ready for the next
level, or whatever.  I am not seeing it as anything new, but shocking in
terms of the modern way of looking at things.  I think it is simply
showing humanity what happens when you get caught up in a group energy
and how easy it is --- that's how wars get started, how hazing gets out
of control, rather than a friendly initiation, how a challenge becomes
deadly or dangerous or disgusting. That's just reminding the world how
easy it is to get caught up in a group consciousness and start
participating in something that you would not normally do.  Riots ---
same thing.  It comes to the consciousness so that an individual can
say, Gee, if I am ever in that situation I don't want to participate. 

And as far as parents being involved or not interrupting or stopping
something, it is just a lesson to look at things, if there were enough
people that had the same reaction that you did, that it was not a good
thing to do, not a good way to treat a human being.  That's my best
answer on that one.  (As an observer, am I permitted to invoke the
violet light for cleansing and opening the minds of others, those who
participated, perpetrators or victims, or do I just have to stand back
and not do anything?)  No.   It is not your job to invoke a purification
for anybody else unless they ask you.  Definitely, don't try to
manipulate other people to make them better according to the way you
think they should be --- ever, in any way, shape or form.  If someone
says, I'd like some light, or want some healing, or I need some help,
then, yes, you can send it.  You can certainly send something like love
at the soul level.  But, no, don't ever try to mess with someone else's
mind.  It is a dangerous place.  You can always go clean up any
reflection that might be in your own mind, maybe go back to childhood
and see, Was there ever a time when I tried to make another kid eat a
mud pie?  Was there ever time when I hid someone's shoes and then didn't
help them find them?  Was there ever a time when I stuck bubble gum
under a chair and somebody else had to clean that up? Go through and
clean up your own stuff.   (Thank you.)  You are welcome.  I could have
gone on with all those examples, you were all sort of pouring them out.
I thought we had enough practice there.  Anyone else?  I think we have
time for one more.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, would you say a little bit more about grounding via
pounding our foot on the floor like we did at Wesak?
DK:  Any time that you are connecting with the Earth it will help you
ground.  You can do it by rubbing the feet, swishing them back and
forth, or shuffling in place or shuffling physically while standing.
You can dance or jump or just sort of pounding the feet like you are
drumming.  It does have an effect.  Particularly you want to get the
feeling that the magnetic pads that are naturally placed in the soles of
your feet are connected with the magnetic energy of Mother Earth, so any
tool that helps you achieve that.  I also like the Sedona Grounding Pads
for that, or Sedona Landing Pads, as I prefer to call them, the ones
that Joseph (?) makes, the copper plate that's grounded literally into
an outlet.  I don't mean plugged in and electrical; I mean grounded.
There is a lot of confusion about them, too. It is not a case where you
stand and electrocute yourself.  It actually grounds you, like a
lightning rod when you touch it.  It is a ground and that way you won't
get shocked anymore; so that's its effect on the body, stated in a very
simple way.  Anything that keeps you grounded is good.  So, yes, during
the Wesak festival, pounding on a second story floor was very
interesting for the people below.  I would suggest you might try
shuffling gently if you are going to be disturbing your downstairs
neighbor.  (O.K. And with the landing pads --- we have one on our house
now --- what we think when we are in the house is being grounded?)  I am
not talking about grounding your thoughts.  I am talking about grounding
your body.  (So the grounding pad doesn't ground thoughts?)  No, it does
not.  (That's good.  Thanks.)  It is probably good --- you are right.
Most thoughts you think you don't really want going into the manifested
state.  When you do want to manifest a particular thought, then I would
focus on sending it into your own beingness inside your body to the
source of manifestation, rather than having it going out on an air wave,
going out in front of you, or to the side or to another person, or the
thought of peace going over to the children who are having a difficult
time.  Think of those kinds of things, if they are very positive
thoughts, going down through your body grounding into the Earth and then
maybe coming up in another location as a thoughtform that other people
can ground, too.  But the Sedona Landing Pad does not necessarily ground
your thoughts.  (O.K.  Thank you.)  Good.

I am not going to keep the channel past the three minute mark today
because she's had a very strenuous three days of Wesak and two days of
intensive, so we are going to go ahead and close.  I would like to do a
very simple Third Eye exercise.  If you want to, you can touch the
forehead lightly and just very gently lift the skin of the forehead
between the fingers, ever so slightly lifting it, and then let your
fingers drag upward toward the hairline.  Very gently --- this should
feel soothing and comforting and then stop at the top of the Third Eye.
Don't continue into the scalp, into the crown.  From time to time, you
may want to do that, starting at the top of the nose and very gently
dragging the finger tips upward to about the hairline.  If it feels
over-stimulating stop.  Don't keep doing it.  That will help keep the
Third Eye open.  The good news is we are going to see a lot of
heightened telepathic activity being used for very good connections, in
other words, your connection with your spiritual guides and the Angelic
Kingdom and each other on the physical plane.  If you need to get a
message home, I am all right; I am just stuck in traffic, or something,
other people will be getting those messages much clearer than before.

All right, everyone.  Thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul   

Reverend Terri
Terri Newlon Holistic Consulting Co., LLC
110 E. Cortez Dr. # 203
Sedona, AZ  86351  USA

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