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World Change
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
and the Galactic Federation of Light
6 Kan, 2 Mac, 11 Ik    March 22, 2003
Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts!
There is much to tell you!   An illegal government,
controlled by your last obstinate cabal, is now devastating
your world
.   Heaven had two purposes for allowing this action to occur.
First, to let this government visibly commit to an invasion that is contrary to
world opinion and international law.   Second, to allow the majority of your
world to raise an honest and heartfelt plea to Heaven to bring a halt to this
illegal and intolerable war.  Now that these things have been done, Heaven
is moving to bring this monstrous regime to an end.  Presently, a number of
events are unfolding.   First, a global shift in the financial power of this
regime is under way that will make it impossible for them to reap the fruits
of their endeavors.   Second, a coalition in this cabal's home-nation is busily
preparing to oust this group from power.   Finally, Heaven has developed a
specific timeline and formally communicated to us the sequence of events
required to complete these tasks, which will result in our first contact with
you.  These are precarious times.  Do not be discouraged!  Remain decisive,
and know in your hearts that all will end well.

      The operation in progress will remain secret until certain necessary
actions have been completed.  Then, it will be made public. Thus, we ask
you simply to remain committed to your inevitable success. And, although
the Spring Equinox is a time when great changes are truly afoot, the
universe unfolds in its own time.   We all require patience and the willingness
to accept whatever will ensure our success. The events that will change
your world will be, initially, sudden and disturbing to the general public.

Much of what we have discussed with you remains largely unknown to
them.   Fittingly, we ask you again to be prepared and willing to inform them
of the true facts that define events of the past few years. This will give them
a better understanding of what is taking place. Your whole world is about to
be turned upside-down in a most extraordinary way
. These developments
will end this last obstinate regime's power and place its leaders under the
close investigation of a specially-convened international court.   Suddenly,
many of your governments will topple, and there will be calls for scores of
new elections.

      The events we have outlined will be part of the transitional stages that
you presently are going through.  Times such as these give rise to troubling
predicaments or provoke incidents that may severely test your resolve.   In
every situation, focus firmly upon the result to which you truly aspire.

Now, your strong, connected thoughts are gathering power.
To them are added the blessings of Heaven.
Together, these components are coalescing into a mighty,
unstoppable force.  That force is capable of utterly reshaping your
world and of making her ready for your final transformation
. The situation
that exists now is no more than a large, hard bump in your road.   It will
pass.  Indeed, many of the events to which we alluded at the beginning of
this update are on the verge of manifesting.   Regardless of what has
occurred, remain steadfast and, as such, stand ready to bring about
actions for which you so deeply yearn.  Heaven wishes you to know that she
is working to carry out your most perfect desires. They will ensure that the
divine plan's decrees will be revealed in this reality.

    Bear in mind, dear Ones, that this world is changing. We warned you,
some time ago, that the dark agenda was holding back some last dirty
tricks.  However, though shocking at first, these dishonorable acts lack the
power to fully succeed. Their power derives from peoples' initial reactions,
and quickly fades as the Light re-gathers its resolve and silently advances
toward victory. Again, the process is under way. We cannot overemphasize
this fact enough. In every case, the dark's 'tricks' have sparked our earthly
allies' determination and tested their ability to its fullest extent in carrying
out their legal mandate. We are very pleased that most of them have
continued to forge ahead and obey the agreements. We stand ready to
assist them in this. Our announcements form part of this complicated
process. They will bring first contact closer and enable us to complete this
mission according to plan. To this end, we have created a number of
alternate scenarios that, fortunately, have not yet been needed.

      Right now, the torment that grips your world seems like a nightmare
that refuses to go away. This ordeal is part of the chaos that engulfs the
present stage in your transition to full consciousness. Soon, it, too, will
pass, leaving you, once more, in a period of stability. In the next phase, you
will see the introduction of new technologies, limitless global abundance
and a new style of direct, more responsive governance. They will be
precursors of the events that will assist you in preparing for your final
metamorphosis. The next few steps will include your introduction to us, as
well as guidance, from Heaven and from us, on these many issues. In this
time of flux, your world will behold the end of the nation-state's supremacy
and the rapid rise of regionalism. This transition will encourage true
cooperation and perpetuate global harmony. Recent incidents are a
regrettable aberration that is leading us all toward a new and wonderful

      Again, we reiterate that Heaven has only allowed the events of the past
week in order to challenge those who are illicitly changing this world.
Without question, these desperate acts have separated the good from the
bad. While many individuals have been forced to withdraw, many more
have seized the opportunity to stand out.   Now, as a result, a group of
earthly allies are fully prepared to implement the agreements so laboriously
drawn up between us several years ago.   It is distressing that these
tumultuous events seem a precondition for such a thing to take place.
Nevertheless, we repeat: Heaven was wise in allowing it to occur. It has
greatly advanced our cause because it makes these new governmental,
economic and political coalitions much more willing to fulfill every aspect of
our agreements. As we watch over the next series of impending events, we
observe this new energy. It encourages us immensely and gives us the
incentive to accelerate the entire process.

      As ever, we have closely monitored developments upon your world. We
have observed an intricate and interconnected 'war' between the Light and
the dark.  Like some strange Italian opera, it has been a struggle filled with
subtle subplots and disguised innuendos.   On each side, there is an
agenda, with a number of personalities and groups to support them.  Most
bizarre has been how these groups interact with each other.  Some change
sides at will, while others first appear resolute, and then 'give in' to the
pressures of the other side.  Like a civil war, it has furiously pitted families
and political alliances against each other.  Now, this tumult has reached a
point of resolution.   It has tested the judgment and decision-making of our
diplomatic corps and our many liaison boards.   We salute them for their
expertise and for the way they have so decisively resolved this situation.

      Much is manifesting, dear Hearts!   The vast part of this matter is
unknown to you.  Your world's power structure is unraveling, causing many
of your leaders to take desperate measures.   Most affected was the cabal
that took control of your globe's last superpower.  Its attempts to remain in
control have failed.  This most recent ploy (War) was their most deadly.  Do not be
discouraged. Events are unfolding. Their announcement will bring you glee.
With this situation under control, the nightmare you have been living will be
transformed into most jubilant reality. We are focusing closely upon this
situation and will do whatever Heaven commands. Thus, do not be
disheartened. Know in your heart that this violent incident will inevitably
pass. Know in your heart that Heaven will never abandon you. Know that
this situation will be resolved successfully and that universal peace will be
restored to your world at unprecedented levels!

      Today, we briefly reviewed recent events on your world and why
Heaven has allowed them to occur. The many Orders, Councils,
Administrations and Life-streams of Heaven wish you to know, dear Ones,
that this realm is transforming and that only an unequivocal final outcome
will be allowed. Ultimately, the consequences of the past week will be
positive in nature. We now take our leave. Know, in your Heart of Hearts,
that the infinite Supply and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It!
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Joy!)

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