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The winds of war blow very cold for Lightworkers. No matter what your position is on the appropriateness of what is happening at the moment, it is difficult to look upon it with indifference.

When I see all that is taking place, I am realizing that this is what Kryon spoke of so many times, in so many channelings, for so many years. He spoke about a time when the acceleration of earth's decisions would have to come about. He spoke about crossing a bridge of swords, a metaphor that cuts both ways. A bridge of swords is what often accompanies a wedding, or a profound ceremony, where those being honored walk under them. It also means a "passage from one energy to another, over a chasm, via a bridge make of weapons."

Years ago Kryon said that if this earth was going to raise itself in consciousness that many things would have to change. In Israel at the end of the year 2000, he told the crowd in Tel Aviv (within my lecture) that nothing would take place until the "Draw to zero." This was the first time any of us had heard that term. Many stopped me after the seminar and wished to know what that phrase meant. Those in the region were anxious that it was Kryon's way of giving them a prediction about a horrible event in their country… perhaps even a nuclear bomb? I couldn't answer them, and Kryon was not specific.

Looking back now, it was obvious that it had meant "ground zero" in Manhattan. Who knew? Who would have thought that the beginning of everything we are seeing today, affecting most the Arab world, would have taken place in America? Now we know. It was a potential on the radar screen of our realty, and Kryon only gives potentials, not predictions. He also tells us that we have the ability to change any of these things, even at the last minute.

In an overview perspective, the kind that historians have, and not those going through it in real time… with an eye that is analytical "after the game is over," it will be said that the actions being taken right now are a direct result of 9-11. The tragedy in New York became a catalyst for everything we are seeing. History will also report that the core of 9-11 was the hatred brought about by decades of trouble, misunderstanding and polarization between Israel, Palestine, the Arab world in general, and the alliances that supported one side or the other.

Kryon told us 12 years ago, "as go the Jews, go earth." It has been a theme of mine for a very long time. When we finally turn our resources on helping to solve those issues, we will begin the process of peace on earth. Right now this war is a diversion of the real issue… and a sad one. All war, for whatever reason, is sad. In the process of this war we may liberate a nation, correct a potential problem, make new friends, and many new enemies. Alliances and allegiances may change and switch around. But in my opinion, when all is said and done, the real issue will still be there, begging for wisdom and solution. It's "The New Jerusalem" that we must eventually focus on.

In Book 8, "Passing the Marker," Kryon spoke of a time when nations and the largest religions of earth would have to "get off the fence" of indecision. He spoke about a shake up, where issues would become more black and white. Now it's here.

Lightworker, this is not a time for you to polarize yourself or to judge who is, or is not, doing "the right thing." That robs you of the energy of why you really are here. It creates a bias and a barrier that wisdom cannot penetrate. Kryon has even indicated that what we have created within our own government will force issues and break molds. It isn't who is right or wrong, but who is fulfilling a role that only could be done by the one with the big stick... the only one who can force issues that never would have been looked at otherwise. It's a role that may not look pleasant to us, or even appropriate. Many say it must be done, and it will lead to more positive things in the future. Others say it should never be done this way, and is way too fast and too soon. But here we are doing it.

Getting off the fence doesn't mean joining the peace movement or the war movement. It means joining the wisdom movement, and understanding the new energy before us. It's easy to sit back and watch…. waiting to see who the "winner" is in an old energy paradigm, and then making personal decisions as to what to think about it all. It's far harder to make a stand now on energy, meeting together to provide an anchor of light for earth, and becoming a light house for the ships of government, who are searching for a safe harbor.

It's tough to write this…and know that much of the world is against our actions. We are accustom to being admired, or at least being envied for our self-determination, our abundant democracy, and our liberty. I still believe in that, passionately. I'm just sad that it has come to this, just like any humanitarian who looks at families around the world, just like yours, are sad.

What can you do?  What can I do?  The answer is not to fear, or get caught up in the anger of either side… or who is right or wrong. Instead, see an overview of "this is the way of it," and begin to use your incredible power to temper the situation. Shine light into dark places, and pray for wisdom to the leaders of earth, all of them. Don't send your political ideas via your visualizations to anyone! Instead, use the wisdom of the masters, who send appropriate energy and light to places in need so that those in difficult areas will be able to see better. This is an enablement that lets them use their own divine free choice to come through this with grander solutions than ever thought possible. Visualize release, and the wisdom to move to a place where the emphasis is placed upon those areas that will make permanent differences on the planet. See Indigos playing a major role in elegant and wise diplomacy for our future. This has the potential that Kryon has spoken of since 1989… bringing in a new age of hi tech solutions using the metaphor of the sword celebration, not the weapon.

LEE CARROLL         

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