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Awakening-Healing News Index 2003   10/17/03   Part II   (below) Mastery 101

Mastery 101 Series: "Wearing the Energy Field of a Master" 
Channeled by Terri Newlon revterri@lifetimeaddress.com   Part I

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek everyone.
This is the first part of our workshop today.  I am very excited about
teaching it.  It is a very interesting topic, I think.  We are going to be
working with the concept of Mastery 101, which is just basically a series of
teachings on what is mastery and exactly how does it appear in your life.
No nebulous thoughts like, "Oh, it is staying in the present moment", and so
on, but actual techniques to teach you, step by step, how to be masterful in
everyday life.

Now, this first one is "Wearing the Energy Field of a Master."  I explained
some in the write up, but I will put some of that again here in the
beginning so that those of you who didn't see it or are just ordering the
tapes.  We are focusing on wearing an auric field that does not pick up
pain, karma, emotions of thought forms, dramas or what have you of what is
going on around you whether it be another person with whom you have a close
connection or a storm all around you, war all around you or what have you.
You can set your energy field just like a master does so that you are not
caught up in the drama.  This is especially helpful to healers but also to
anyone that is really on the spiritual path, anyone who lives in a dramatic
household or works in a dramatic workplace.  So I think that will be helpful.

In the second part of the teaching, which will be on a separate tape, we are
going to actually install the energy field which will be a system of healing
and repairing all of the chakras and setting a certain kind of energy field.
It will have a matrix to it.  It has a certain mesh or matrix configuration
to it, and then I will give you a specific way to recall it or reinstate it
if you start picking up energies of others or it you kind of slip back into
your old habit of going into sympathy.  Then you will have usually a catch
phrase or something or a place on your body that you touch that reinstates the field.

So, for the first part, if you are just listening to the tapes, I recommend
that you go through tape one first, and then tape two, because there will be
certain reminders and things.  We are going to talk about what exactly is
the difference between the way you wear your energy field now and the way it
will feel when you are working from a masterful level.  You will need that
gauge for knowing when to reinstate or reactivate it.

Part of this whole process of enlightenment is noticing when you are
operating out of your mind, and when you are operating out of divinity.
This first part we are going to, as clearly as possible, point out the
differences between those two things.  Because a lot of you have very well
developed minds and you have a kind of a polished section of the mind that
you think is masterful.  But it is still the mind, it is very limited and it
is not true mastery.  It is a thought form of mastery and it is much more
limited than you can possibly realize even though you think it is very
expansive.  Particularly when we get into the installation part, I will be
setting the mind aside entirely.  I do anticipate that we will have some
people falling off to sleep, accidentally hanging up the phone or what have
you.  When we get to that stage, I will announce that before it happens, by
the way, and perhaps even take a little comfort break if it looks like we
need it.  If for some reason you fall away, are unconscious for it, are off
the phone or whatever, I will hold your energy field, there and present.

All right, then, just a comment about how energy works.  First of all, by
divine design you will go into sympathy with the greater energy field.  You
just will.  So, if you are around a lot of children that are playing, your
energy field is going to go into sympathy with that childlike playful mode.
Unless you really work hard at brooding or something, you know, you
naturally will flow into their energy field.  It gets very busy, you know.
They run around, they multi-task, they do all of these things and before
they are done with the swing set they start thinking about the slide and
what have you.  So it can put the energy field into a very high
multi-tasking, multi-dimensional vibration.  Likewise, when you go to a
concert where there is live music playing, the music, the tones, the notes
and the energy changes the energy field for the whole area.  And your energy
field will go into sympathy with it.  So, say it is something pleasing to
you, you feel better.  If it is an angry style music, you will get kind of
worked up and angry.  Make no mistake about it; lyrics are very, very
powerful in the subconscious, even if you can't comprehend them and it
sounds like slurred speech to you or something.  You are hearing and your
subconscious is picking up those lyrics.  So, when they are negative or
violent thoughts, they are being programmed in.  Likewise sad love songs,
poor me love songs, those are being programmed in.  So do be careful what
you are subjecting yourself to in terms of the aura and the subconscious.
Because the subconscious doesn't know what a joke is.  It just takes the
information and stores it.  Negative, positive or neutral, it just takes it
and stores it.  Then you have to go in and clear out your cache, if you
will, you go in and clear out the storage bin in your subconscious manually
to get rid of the thought forms that you don't want stored in there because
again, you will wear them in the aura.  It is like saying, you know; now let
me see if I can find an analogy.  I was going to go to the closet.  Whatever
colors and garments and things that are in your closet are the ones you are
going to wear, but I see a lot of you don't wear many of the things in your
closet.  They still exist though.  They are still there and they are part of
your persona.  So, you want to be careful what you are wearing on the inside
because it affects the energy consciousness.

Another comment that I see sometimes in what I call the drama queen, male or
female drama queen, someone who likes to create excess drama in their lives
and they are not happy unless they have got a lot of drama going on.  The
type where there is always something major happening or there is always a
saga of not enough money to pay the bills or the tire is flat so I am late
for an appointment so now my equipment is breaking down or the kitchen is
flooding.  When the life is constantly like that rather than periodically
like that.  Because periodically a storm is going to go through.
Periodically you have to fix a flat tire or whatever it is, but it shouldn't
be on going drama.  When it is constant drama, you will find that for a
while that you can real others into the drama.  They will run and rush and
help you fix the water pipe or feel sorry for you that you have to repair
your kitchen floor now that it is all warped or what have you.  But after a
while, these volunteers will leave your energy field.  They get tired of the
drama.  They get resentful of the drama.  Usually the person is saying that
these are not things within my control.  I can't help it, but particularly,
the relationship partner of a drama queen will eventually resist, resent, go
away or all of the above.  So, I can promise you that masters don't like
high drama.  They like steady energy or even what you might consider boring.
So, if you are already leading a rather boring life, you hardly ever get
injured and things run fairly smoothly in your life, then you are at the
masterful level.  That is the ideal.  When your energy isn't going toward
drama or crisis resolution, then where your energy is going is toward that
higher state or the more enlightened state.  More portions of the brain are
activated, for example.  The body heals, it gets well because it is not
sending the energy out, it is conserving energy.  You are more joyful inside
and out.  Other people enjoy your company and set up a reciprocal flow of
enjoyment.  So, if you are a high drama person, then I strongly suggest that
you start finding ways to give up the need for drama.  Specifically invoke a
rather boring life, or a rather pleasant life that flows without high drama.
A life that is easy on people who love you or people that surround you.  If
you do have to go through a period of high drama, like a relative is passing
or something that is very, very strenuous, give yourself some time on the
other side of that to really, at least 2 months, to recuperate where you
really don't have to be in any other dramas.  Try to relax a little bit on
the other side of it.  Don't start new things.  Don't set up more stress for
yourself.  That is very, very important.

So masters don't invoke stressful situations, simply put.  Even though they
will take on a project or head something up, they don't relate to it as
stressful.  On the physical plane, you think you have deadlines and that
sort of thing.  Change it.  Instead of a deadline, make it a "live line" or
something like that.  Change the term to a more positive one.  At least in
your head.  If everyone else is sitting in a meeting saying deadline, think
live line.  Just take it in stride.  "Oh well, this is the way it goes
sometimes so I will put in an extra hour of work tonight."  Or what have
you.  And do it with joy rather than with resentment or stress.  So, that is
another key element.

Energy always goes to the greater field.  Now, if you walk in, let's say, to
a health clinic or something where a lot of people are sitting there sick
and you walk in with this nice clean energy field, guess what happens.  All
of the sick people who don't know better and don't know how to get their own
energy start sending you their illness.  The energy will travel.  Just like
water travels down hill.  The energy will travel to the cleanest field.
This is why when we talk on the phone and you listen to my voice and you
even call the hot line or you read a transcript or whatever you are picking
up my auric field and you just say, "Oh, this is so nice and clean."  And
your field will just start unloading.  It literally just downloads any
negativity, any cloudy spots and pain and what have you.  It just lets it
all out.  Therefore, that is actually a good thing.  I don't want you to
think that just because you have a nice clean energy field and you are
looking spiffy on the inner planes that you are going to be automatically
victimized by sick people or something.  It is not exactly that way,
although it is somewhat that way.  I am going to do my best to explain this
because some people would automatically think, "Well, then I will muddy up
my own field so no one else will bother me."  Don't do that.  Don't do that,
please, stay masterful, there is a way.  Much like I do.  Because if you
have strep throat or something I am not going to get a strep throat in my
energy body.  I will notice that the color in your throat is an irritable
color or something and I can see by the rest of the energy field that you
don't feel well.  Then what I do is let your field copy mine.  I don't take
yours on.  So someone who is unaware, you are clear but you are not really
aware, what will happen is the energy will flow to you.  If you are clear
and aware, you set an intent, you are wearing a masterful energy field, and
the energy will just dissipate out of the other auras.  They will carbon
copy yours rather than sending you their stuff.  So, that is the difference.

Now we automatically copy the energy field around us.  That is why you like
to go out to nature or out on the ocean.  We go there so that we can take on
the energy field around us.  That is what evolving consciousness does.  We
are really copycats.  That is strictly what we do.  So until we get to a
point where we are choosing, "Yes, I will copy this."  And, "No, I won't
copy that."  So, that is what we are doing.

First of all let's do just a little bit of energy work that I think will
help get us going into the next bit of conversation because I am going to
open up the conversation for dialogue here.  I think that when you share
things about yourself and you ask questions that are pertinent to modern
reality that much more is gleaned from the experience. So, I do encourage
you to speak up.

First of all though, let's just ask for a flushing energy to go through the
body.  In the channel training, I call this flush before you open.  You are
going to see a light coming down connecting to the top of your head and then
as you breathe it out you are going to spiral it out.  It is like a
roto-rooter.  You breathe in to connect it to the top of your head and
sometimes it really kind of plunks on to the top of your head and you can
feel the weight of it and then exhale, spiraling it down the body, straight
down through all of the chakras.  It just kind of clears all of the pathways
and opens everything up.  We do that 3 times.  So, if you have not already
done it 3 times, again inhale, connect to the crown, breathe, and vigorously
spiral that energy down the body.  You should really feel it swirling inside
you like a whirling motion.  Then we are going to bring in just pure white
Christed light as a straight shoot right down through the body.  Then it
will expand out to the sides and fill the aura.  Now I am going to bring in
the Holy Trinity energy that is a different white, the Three Star One or
Holy Trinity.  Bring that energy in.  Good.  That should help make you feel
quite a bit better.

Now we have all kinds of people joining us today.  Some are healers, some
are just mothers or fathers, some are working in stressful places, and what
have you.  So, we will open that up in a moment.  But I did send a paper out
that I channeled to the health intuit group.  It is a short paper, but
basically, it was about how to not process for others.  I hope you did
receive that by email.  It also has some helpful hints in it.  I think
perhaps we will get into that a little bit later.  But I was talking about
the connection between the skin and the brain, and then deeper than that,
the connection between the aura and the skin.  That would be something to
brush up on and we may go into that more today.

Any questions?

STUDENT:  Mastering the auric field this way, will it also stabilize
somewhat the EMS and the radio waves and micro waves that drift through and
store in the unused portions of the brain, etc.?

DK:  Yes. I will describe that a little bit further.  If you are wearing the
proper energy field, even something like a nuclear blast, it could either
vaporize you or, depending upon what kind of energy field you are wearing,
it could protect you.  So, minor things like cell phones and cordless phones
and micro waves and radar dishes and all of those kinds of things that you
are subjected to, when you are wearing the mastery field it really doesn't
get all the way into the brain tissue.  Now I wouldn't say dance with death
and deliberately expose yourself to radiation or something just to test it.
Also, just a reminder that seaweed is a very good anti-radiation food.  You
can snack on seaweed or something, eat seaweed soup, sushi, or things like
that, or snack on it plain.  Like a nice crisp kind of like pop corn type
snack.  It is one way just on a daily basis to keep radiation from building
up in the field.  It is prudent during this time period to take very good
care of the physical body.  There are many things considered standard in
daily living right now, particularly in the more industrialized places that
do take their toll on the body.  So, I would encourage you to minimize
harmful things going into the body.

I am more concerned at the moment with things like carcinogenic soap and
things like that that you put all over the body and the skin drinks it or
some of the other chemical things that they put in the foods and beverages.
Nutra Sweet, Aspartame and MSG, things that are created in a laboratory and
then marketed as food because after ingesting them, it does alter the energy
field for quite a while.  It does take you a while with something you have
put in your body.  Whether you have put it in through your skin or whether
you have put it in your mouth and swallowed it or what have you, it is still
something that you have put in the body.  It makes a difference on how it
affects the aura versus rays that are coming in from the outside.

Now likewise cell phones when you are holding them right up to your head,
that classifies as putting something in the body, even a cordless phone.  It
is close enough that you are sticking it against the skin and it is going in
the body.  If you are using a headset, it is far enough away that you are
not - well, I make that a corded headset.  A cordless headset is still
putting the energy right into the head.  So for head sets or head phones and
that kind of thing, I know the cord is cumbersome, but the cord is a better
thing for your body, so that is very important.

So back to my favorite story about Hiroshima the day they dropped the bomb,
some people did survive that because their energy field was high enough
There were certain other conditions.  There was seaweed present in the body
and seaweed ingested there after.  And you can get those liquid seaweed
drinks that are supplements and things or whatever.  But I do suggest that
you keep something like that in the body.  There are some homeopathics that
work very well for that.  The Yarrow Special Formula by FES is good against
radiation.  There are a few other things.  The bath of sea salt and baking
soda, a 50/50 mix.  That is also good.  But I think ingesting in the body
some seaweed is a good idea.

All right, anything else?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, when you put yourself in a mastery state and you enter a
room where the energy is not up to that level, can you project that energy
to the others?

DK:  Good question.  When you enter a room when the energy field is lower
and you are wearing your mastery field, can you project it to others?  You
can, but I would not.  It is not the goal of a master to project anything, t
o project onto others, never, ever, ever.  Projection will always get you a
backlash.  Think about that in terms of about the way you live your life.
If you project it onto someone, "Oooo, this is just the right relationship
partner for me."  With a projection, not the reality, there is a crash or a
backlash afterwards.  Or you project, "This job is going to get me
everything I need."  Then you get there and it is very difficult.  You have
a terrible boss or the paycheck is lower than they said or something.  So,
projection will always get you in trouble.  There is always a consequence
whenever you project in any way, shape or form.  Projection is undesirable.
Being in the present moment, walking into a room, you would hold your
masterful energy field and just be yourself.  And then what happens quite
naturally is that certain other people in the room will decide that they
like the way you feel better than the way they feel and they will duplicate
your energy field.  So when it is a natural influence and that person makes
an unconscious or conscious choice, "I want whatever he has or she has.
That person is smiling and happy.  I want to feel that good too.  That
person is glowing.  I want to glow too."  Or whatever they say.  Then what
happens is that they will just duplicate what you wear.  So, the natural way
of spreading the energy is by duplication, which is each individual's
choice, conscious or unconscious.  Never, ever, project love, project
healing or project any kind of energy unless you are ready to suffer a
backlash because their will be one.

Now when we do energy work together and we work with maybe a pink blanket
around the planet and that sort of thing, I am very, very careful to set
that up with the spiritual hierarchy, with Sanat Kumara, with Mother Earth,
with the Office of the Christ and so on.  Like we do sometimes in Wednesday
class.  We send energy to troubled places and so on.  We always work first
inside our own body.  You have to clean up your own internal victim before
you go out and set up a field that will be available to be duplicated by
others.  So, we are not directly manipulating humanity ever.  It is just a
matter of putting out that energy field so they can choose.  That is the
difference.  I know a lot of light workers have learned energy work and they
have learned to project out of their solar plexus or out of their heart or
what have you.  The cleanest one that I can say that does exist would be
something more like establishing a Rainbow Bridge between your crown and
someone else's crown. Then that is the cleanest way of a direct connection
with another human being.  Then you just let the information flow.  You don'
t deliberately try to send them a thought or deliberately try to send them
healing energy. You just let the information naturally flow back and forth
that is going to flow back and forth.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

STUDENT:  Is this the only time that we will have time for questions?
(Yes.)  I have been looking at the mastery idea and when I read the topic,
it really resonated.  I guess my whole focus this lifetime is clearing,
clearing, clearing, clearing and being who I am for lack of a better
explanation.  So some new healing technique came up and it really resonated
with me and I went and took the class last week and I believe that I
released like at least 6 different things like 117 vows of poverty from all
lifetimes and blocks to psychic power.  Pulling back fragments.  My thing
about being invisible to God.  And it is my fault for God knows how many
things.  So I am here trying to figure out why my life isn't shifting and I
feel like I am gleaming inside and I know that I am touching the mastery
level and I am feeling like if I can't make it I don't want to live.  So, I
don't know if I have a defective gene.  I noticed the other day when I did
some healing it just seemed flat to me when I was giving somebody else
healing and yet they got a lot out of it.  And I am just feeling a loss.

DK:  All right.  Well, I guess my first observation there is that sometimes
things take a while to sink in and be fully applied, and sometimes you have
to be patient while that process happens.  Literally, looking at the body,
atoms literally have to shift.  Molecules change, they change in weight,
they change in vibration, they change in position.  Sometimes it is dizzying
and sometimes you have to sleep for a couple of days to apply it or you cry
for a couple of days to get the molecules to shift around, you know?  So,
some things take a couple of hours, and some things take about a full year's
cycle before they fully integrate.  It depends on you and the process and a
few other things.  So, give it some more time.

The other thing you said about doing healing work on someone else but it
felt flat to you.  I consider that to be a good thing.  Again, in the drama
mode we want to feel the power we want to feel the energy, we want
validation of some sort that it is working.  The mind is wanting the
validation.  So the mind is set aside and the energy is there but you are
not really sensing it.  So, that is a good thing.  In terms of how to get
out of long-standing deeply engrained belief systems, keep cleaning.  Don't
think that you are done cleaning.  Periodically you go, "Oh, there is that
poverty belief again and now it is in this shape."  Toss it out.  You are
constantly maintaining.  You are constantly cleaning the subconscious.  You
watch the news, you read the paper, you talk to a friend on the telephone,
you work with a client who has got money issues, you have in some degree
taken on somebody else's thought form unless you consciously choose to get
rid of it.  So always, clear.  Just keep clearing, clearing, clearing.  It
is kind of like saying you can just keep eating food.  Think of food as
spiritual practices and divine thought forms and you have read this life
transforming book, you took this workshop, it really changed you and
whatever.  You are eating all this food but you are never eliminating.  For
the body, you eat something and you eliminate something.  You always need to
eliminate so the subconscious often needs manual purging.  So, the more food
you eat the more elimination you have to do.  That is the way nature works.
Sometimes people go and take a lovely workshop and then they don't get rid
of anything.  That is why I work in the beginning during class with all the
things that trigger your mind to let go of them, and sometimes we do a
pattern removal or what have you and then I install the system because I
want you to eliminate to make room for the new thing.  After the new thing,
you should keep clearing counter thoughts that come up.

Now victim patterning is very, very simple.  It is about choosing.  You can
choose to stay in struggle or victim.  I am a victim of the economy.  I am a
victim of my old vows.  I am a victim of what have you.  You can choose to
keep indulging them or you can choose to be something else.  So your
constant choice in the direction you want to go is very, very important in
addition to cleaning out the old patterns that you don't want to keep.

I believe it was last Wednesday that I talked about how to properly
co-create using the inner feminine and the inner masculine.  So simply put,
here is that principle.  Your divine feminine chooses.  Again, watch the
words because some of you have prosperity, abundance, financial wealth or
whatever, you have blocks as soon as you hear the word prosperity.
Something else kicks in, in the subconscious to sabotage it.  So you should
either muscle test for the right word, use a pendulum or speak aloud which
one puts you in your power and which one makes you weaker.  So find the
right terminology that is going to further your consciousness and your
feminine says, "I choose wealth" for example.  "I choose abundant wealth."
And the masculine dynamic inside of you makes it happen.  The masculine has
to take an action toward whatever the feminine just chose.  So when you sink
into "Poor me.  It isn't working yet" the masculine has to put an action to
it.  It has to come forward and says, "Oh, you are right.  It is time for me
to do a sabotage."  The masculine is always going to agree with the
feminine, so whatever she sets in motion the masculine will make an action
toward.  So again, in the beginning, you may want to train, you make your
feminine choice and you ask your masculine, "What is your action toward
this?"  And you might say, "Well, these ads are not working and we are going
to eliminate those, and I am going to go find an ad that will work or a
method of promoting the business that will work" Or different things.  I am
using that as one example, but the feminine makes the choice.  Feminine
says, "I need a shelter."  Masculine says, "Okay I will build it."  Feminine
says, "I want it to look this way".  The masculine says, "Okay, I will build
it that way."  And you just keep going with the masculine serving the
feminine internally that way and it will work.  When you give power to the
negative again the masculine action is going to reinforce it, so be careful
with what you are thinking.

And here we have the mind very involved in this activity.  The mind also has
its own self-protective.  It thinks that if you don't call on it, it is
going to die.  So I will say right now to everyone's mind, the mind is a
very valuable asset.  You want to keep it.  You want the mind also
fulfilling the desires of the Divine Feminine.  The mind is at its most
powerful when it is in service to the divine intent.  The Divine Feminine or
the Holy Trinity energy comes in and it opens more neural pathways in the
brain.  Then the mind becomes more powerful in a good way because it is now.
rather than misusing its power, the mind is synchronizing its power with the
higher feminine.  So, that is ideally how you want your mind working.

I am going to go a little bit into that paper that I sent around then
because your skin, medically speaking, your skin tells the brain what to do
and then the brain tells the rest of the body.  If there is any
short-circuiting going on there, there are 2 keys, or 3 really to opening
that back up.  One, wear the aura that you need to feed the skin.  Two, keep
your skin optimal.  It is your largest organ.  It needs to be moist.  It
needs to be in a receptive mode.  It needs to be functioning as a detoxer so
it is a 2-way organ.  It drinks in nourishment and kicks out toxins.  It can
't do that if it is dry or scaly or if the pores are clogged with petroleum
based products and so on.  So, you want to keep the skin as healthy as
possible.  And the third is, upgrade your brain.  Meditation is very good
for the brain.  Classical music is very good for the brain.  Some kind of
synchronicity CD is very good for the brain.  There are 2 that I recommend.
One is www.Sunchronicity.org and the other is www.Centerpointe.com.  If you
want to, just put on headphones and listen to CDs and expand the brain
capacity, you are going to get better communication with the physical body.
So the aura feeds the skin, the skin feeds the brain, and the brain feeds
the rest of the body.  Speaking in terms as a physical being, those are the
things that you need.  That is a very good way out of limited thinking.

STUDENT:  Could I ask a question?  I am a healer and I have been doing
healing for 34 years.  I take everything into my hands.  I can feel the
energy come into my hands.  I don't put it out.  I just know that it is
going through.  One time I took the person's illness into my body
immediately.  I don't know why I did that, but I became nauseous which was
his condition and the next few days I became arthritic, which was ----.  I
did get rid of it but it scared me that I did that.  That is only once.  I
have been doing this for 30 years.

DK:  Well, it is amazing that it has only happened once.  Let me comment on
that.  The old way of teaching healing and think of humanity as developing
through the chakras and now we are developing throat chakra.  So from solar
plexus on down, the old way of healing, and sometimes even in the heart
chakra through the eras of development has been that a healer would run the
pain through their own body and then get rid of it.  This old style is
Piscean and previous eras of how to heal.  Therefore, most healers didn't
live very long.  The ones that lived long did so because at a certain point
they would go away.  They would go retreat in a cave or a forest or
something and live completely alone and not heal anyone.  Then they would
live long lives.  So, the key here for longevity in the modern age is that
you just bring in the healing power and hopefully are not like an empath
feeling the energies.  You can tune in, feel the energies, and then tune
back out very quickly.  Again, you want to be able to tune into it, feel
what is going on or trace it, maybe see it.  Not necessarily feel it, but
see it or sense it in some way, get a picture of it or what have you and
then tune right back out so that you are not staying in their energy field.
Someone who is sick or not feeling well, whether it is arthritis or the flu
or whatever their symptoms are will feel better as soon as someone else is
sympathetically tuning in to them.  Sometimes depending upon any karmic
relationship with them, or you just love this person so much or what have
you, sometimes you will just sort of accidentally take it on with them.
Often times in families, we see not so much that the cold virus got
literally got passed to another person, it is just that they all go in kind
of a chain link in sympathy with each others energy field. "I've got
sniffles, coughs and aches and now you have sniffles, coughs and aches" and
then the next person in the family has it too.  A lot of times it is
sympathetic energy fields rather than actual viral invasion or what have you.

It is important to and by the time we conclude today, I will have you
resetting your energy field.  Ideally, what you want to do is to provide the
kind of energy field where they just duplicate yours.  They carbon copy
yours.  It is somewhat the hundredth monkey syndrome too.  If you hold the
energy field enough everyone else would heal themselves and then they wouldn
't need to come to you for healing, quite frankly.  Then the new crop would
come in, others that need to learn this, and then again, they would not need
to keep coming for healing and so on.  So there should be this kind of new
wave coming in rather than just the same people getting fixed over and over
again.  That would be ideal from a healer's perspective.  Then some of the
people that you have worked on actually becoming healers themselves is even
more ideal.  So, you are going in the right direction there.

Now, when you do take on someone else's energy, immediately say, "No."  Go
into your divine feminine and say, "No, I won't take it on.  You can either
have it back or you can transmute it but it is not going to be mine."  Then
your masculine has to step in like a protector and make that desire happen.
Again, you don't want to get into black magic per se when you send it right
back to them.  This could be even long distance like there is someone
obsessing over you or something.  Every time they obsess over you - - maybe
they are mad at you.  They came to you for healing and they are still sick
so they keep sending energy.  "I didn't get my healing.  I am still sick."
What happens is that travels in a fraction of a second, a very short
fraction of a second.  That person thinking about you is in your energy
field, period.  Even if you have never met in person and even if they don't
know what you look like they can go by a name, they can go by a voice
pattern over the telephone, they can go by a photograph, a book or whatever.
You can easily tune into each other.  You do it all the time.  So when that
is happening, certain, what I call really sticky energy types can actually
get into your field and manipulate it.  They are not intentionally trying to
make you feel sick but that is the end result.  So, when that happens,
dismiss it right away.  Don't wear it through the body.  Again, the old
style would be take the pain, take the arthritis, take the whatever, the
poisoning or whatever it happened to be and get sick yourself for anywhere
from 2 days to a week or maybe even several years before you could purify
out your own body.  In the meanwhile, the other person is feeling wonderful.

I will say this too because it is important. If someone is supposed to make
their transition, and they are in the dying process, and you jump in and
make them well or fix the problem, fix the bleeding, make absolutely certain
that you have their permission, preferably consciously.  Because you are
interrupting something and there is always a consequence of interrupting the
death.  Usually the person who did the saving takes on the karma that was
associated with the process of dying.  Sometimes this can happen with organ
transplants and such too where the recipient will take on the karma of the
other person whatever unfinished business they had before the body died.  So
if you are receiving a blood transfusion or an organ transplant or bone
marrow or what have you, you want to before you receive it, purify the
energies with love and set the intent that this is now the same vibration as
your own body and that you are not taking on any other karma.  So literally
if you can hold it between your hands first.  Of course, you might be
unconscious or something.  But you want to set that intent energetically.
Ask angelic presence to help you and spiritual masters and so forth.
Otherwise, you literally take on a portion of that other person's life on
top of your own.

So, these things are important.  Energy is everywhere.  It is not separate.
It is really everywhere.  So to hold a masterful field saying that you are
recognizing the divine energy everywhere rather than the patterns and the
negativity and the pain and what have you.  So there is a very important
distinction there.  I hope that helped.  And there are many, many who are
very sensitive and don't understand that they are sensitive.  They don't
understand that they are taking on.  They just know that their own life is
miserable and they don't understand that it is because the people around
them are miserable.

Oftentimes this is why the body will put on extra weight.  It will put on
extra fluids in the body and extra fat cells, which are also quite watery.
The body does this for protection.  It is trying to create more longevity.
It is trying to buffer against sensitivity.  So, those people who are
overweight are actually the more sensitive people.  You can let the body do
that as a buffer.  You can find other ways.  You can wear the right energy
field.  Flower essences are very helpful to curb the sensitivity.  You can
find other methods other than holding extra weight.  You can work with
vibration.  Essential oils, flower essences, meditation, improving the
brain, which will improve the metabolism and so on.  You can teach the body
not to buffer that way but to use the aura instead.

An interesting look at the population that is overweight, mostly in the U.S.
It tells you that a lot of the more sensitive people are incarnate in the
United State right now.  There is no accident about that.  Those are the
people who are incarnating to help change the world.  But you need them not
so focused on their sensitivity but more focused on the spiritual work that
is yet to be done.

All right.  I think we can take one more question before the break.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, so if we work in a very chaotic, very high stress work
environment and we practice this mastery 101, is there (?) that we get out
of needing to be in that type of environment?  What is the possibility of (?)

DK:  All right, good question.  If you work in a high stress environment and
you are really making spiritual choices and wearing a mastery field, any
number of things can happen there.  Oftentimes at some point, you will
choose to remove yourself from that environment.  Prior to that, you will
probably work at holding the vibration of enlightenment so that other people
might also duplicate it.  Again, not projecting at them, but if they choose
to go ahead and wear that enlightened energy, wonderful, and if they don't
that is fine too.  At some point, I would say you just get tired of the
drama and you just don't want it in your life any more so you find something
else that will serve your needs and be a more pleasant environment.  After a
while, or I will say, a lot of you are sometimes done, your mission is
complete in a certain arena but you hold on to it anyway because it is
familiar.  That is when you start getting challenges and feeling damaged or
the self worth goes down or the stress makes the body sick or what have you.
There is a mastery to knowing when your mission is complete and when it is
time to move on and not trying to clutch on or hold on to something just
because you are there or just because you have said that I will stay for 10
years or whatever.  Sometimes you have to really reassess everything and
decide that it is time for a change.  So, if you are willing to flow with
the fact that sometimes things are speeded up and sometimes they are
stretched out.  Sometimes they end up longer than you thought and you have
to stay a little longer.  But it is time to tune in for some of you and just
really say, "Am I done here?"  Or, "Am I done with this?"  Whatever this is.
And if the answer is yes, give the masculine - - the divine says, "We are
done here.  Masculine, I want you to find the next action.  Take the action
next that will gracefully move us into something else."  Then the masculine
is going to fulfill that for you.  There is a rare exception, now this is
just a handful, that would have a position like say president of the United
States or something.  Leader of a country or something like that where you
just don't get to say, "Okay I am done.  I think I will leave a year early
or something."  Although that does happen in other forms.

Some of you have signed up for what I would call strenuous assignments.  In
that case, if you are really where you are supposed to be and it is a
strenuous environment, you need to change your attitude.  How you handle
stress, how you respond to things.  Like if the norm is that there is a last
minute change and everyone goes into stress.  Be the one who says, "Okay we
will take that in stride instead."  Then encourage other people to take that
in stride instead. Find ways to get around having last minute stress.
Rather than feed the pattern you want to re-educate the pattern as much as
possible.  But mostly that would be a change in attitude.  How you respond,
react to what is going on around you.  (Thank you.)

All right, I do want to take a little bit of a break.  I don't think it is
going to be very long though.  Let's do one more question and then we will
have a 5-minute break.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I want to thank you.  You have made my day.  Are you
listening?  (Yes.)  Okay.  I thought I was on here by myself.  You know I
have been very judgmental about my weight and right now I am pretty proud of
it, so I want to thank you.  All I have to do is learn to stay in my mastery
instead of being so sympathetic.

DK:  Correct.  And right now  - - hopefully I will get a little more out of
the throat of this channel here- - hopefully many realize too that whenever
the world is going through this much strain, essentially your bodies are
saying, "There could be a famine.  There could be a war. There could be
something nuclear.  We might not get water for days.  We might not have
enough oxygen to breathe."  Which is already true in many areas.  So, the
bodies, physically, are gearing up for survival.  They are literally saying,
you know I need a few extra pounds if I have to walk in the wilderness for a
week or 2, I will live through it.  I need a little extra water so that if I
can't drink any I can convert water inside the body to something useful and
cleansing.  So a lot of the trouble and all these people struggling to lose
weight and what have you is well, unless you are really taking in excessive
calories or something, the bodies are saying, "We want to survive and this
is how we do it.  We fatten up for the winter."  Or whatever the body does.
It doesn't necessarily, literally, mean winter now.  It means whatever might
be the difficult stretch.  So, it could be in the summer when there is a
rainstorm and there is nothing available for a few days or what have you.
But really, it is more related to the war.  Essentially the bodies are all
saying there might be world war three.  I might have bombs going off in the
back yard.  That is really what is impending on the inner planes.  So until
that decision is yea or nay, the bodies will continue to pack on survival
means and those with more sensitivities, spiritual growth seekers, those
with just natural psychic tendencies, again the same thing.  The body will
buffer to protect itself.  That is what it is doing.  It is trying to create
longevity.  So there are 2 dynamics going on.  So, if you commit to living
in a state of mastery as much as you can the body may slim down because it
doesn't need the padding for sensitivity purposes.  However, it may maintain
at least a little more weight than normal, up to 20 pounds more than normal,
just for survival purposes of what might happen on a planetary scale.
Particularly, the diets where there is starvation, where there are
restricted calories, more so than eating what is balanced for your body
type, for your climate and what have you, if you are starving to try to lose
weight you are going in the wrong direction this time.  The body won't
accommodate you and you will be miserable, basically.  It may accommodate
you to some degree, but then you will plateau because the body is still
interlinked with all of creation.  It is interlinked to the whole planet and
all of humanity.  There is no separation.  But your body is still thinking
that in order to preserve myself I am going to be a little heavier than
normal weight.  So don't struggle.  Don't sacrifice and struggle.  Eat
whatever maintains your balance.  I will say too that again choice.  The
feminine can choose.  'I choose carrying less weight internally and
externally.  I choose instead, a state of mastery" and okay, masculine now
go ahead and burn off that extra weight.  You will start wanting the foods
that naturally make you lose weight rather than the foods that naturally
make you gain weight because they are different body to body.  So, you can
make that choice out of the divine feminine and then instruct the masculine
to take an action toward it.  And keep making that choice and the body will
morph to a great degree just by making the choice of not carrying the weight
for others.  And when you are buffering yourself because of psychic
sensitivity that is exactly what you are doing.  You are carrying the weight
for others.  (That takes away a lot of the stress too.)  Oh, yes.  That is
not your job.  This is important to remember.
Djwhal Khul

 Part II     of   "Wearing the Energy Field of a Master" 

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.
I would like to begin with a golden white light, beautiful golden white
light if you would please, coming down through the crown chakra.  Again, the
golden light is a very specific energy.  The gold is 12th ray energy.  It is
a form of mastery in and of itself.  It is the 12th ray energy that taps you
into your inner wisdom.  How to get your own answers, if you will.  Always I
think and just a reminder, you can get into a situation going inward where
you are too inward.  You can get into what is sometimes called a closed
loop.  So, when I say getting your own internal answers, I mean also that
you stay open to reality and that you look at reality.  Like it could be
your lover saying, "Our relationship isn't working."  And you tune in and
you get your own answers and you say, "The relationship is just fine" but
the other person says, "No, it's not."  And you say. "Yes it is just fine
because I have gotten my own inner answer."  You are not paying attention to
the outer reality.  So, be careful.  It is all right to consult with other
people, to read books, to get information, maybe do a tarot reading for your
self or get channeling or what have you.  Ask friends, ask dear ones that
you trust, and then go inward taking all of that information into
consideration.  So staying open to feedback versus getting caught in a
closed loop is a very, very important part of mastery.  Always has been,
always will be.

Now the white light is traditionally the Christed light, which is a full
spectrum light.  Also, add the Holy Trinity white, which I call the Three
Star One.  It is a different quality of white light.  I am mixing gold and
white in the energy of awakening yourself to your full Christed potential,
your complete inner teacher, and that Holy Trinity which expands neural
pathways, opens you past the mind and into the vast divinity that you truly
are.  So, that Holy Trinity energy is very important to add.

The first thing that we are going to do is ask for chakra repair.  If there
are any chakras in your system that have been operating out of damage,
either woundedness from the past or a constant environmental problem, maybe
blocked sexual energy that you thought was a spiritual thing to do or
whatever it happens to be.  This would correspond to symptoms in the body
from crown chakra to root chakra.  So, headaches, trouble with the
reproductive system, digestive troubles, aches and pains in the chest,
arthritic shoulders and joints and so on.  These are going to show up in the
chakra system.

So we are going to start with the crown sticking up pointing up from the top
of the head and run the energy straight down through that chakra to the
other side of the chakras which is the root center.  We want that energy
nice and open running down the legs beautifully.  Then we are going to go
with the third eye center. It comes out the front of the forehead and we are
going to see that perfectly shaped.  Now some of you have the cone shaped
chakras and some of you have the wheel shaped chakras in mind.  It really
doesn't matter how you are viewing them.  It is the intent to bring them
into perfect working order that counts here.  And the backside of the third
eye at the base of the skull, we just want that open. The throat chakra
coming out the throat and the back of the neck, open and in perfect working
order.  Sometimes the second chakra responds when we work with the throat too.

The heart chakra is next.  The energy coming out the front and the back
equally, evenly distributed energy flow.  Everything in creation has an
input and an output.  So, the chakras should be doing both.  Good.  And the
solar plexus right over the stomach muscle, just beneath the sternum there,
above the belly button, you want to see the solar plexus chakra again front
and back in perfect working order.

We will move to the second chakra, right around the navel point in many
people.  With some, it is just below the navel point.  Front and back in
perfect working order or you can say divine order.  Now you are going to
find this second chakra operating more in relationship to the still point.
The still point is a separate point.  It is not in a chakra.  It is by
itself between the second and the third chakras.  When you are walking, for
example and you feel your hips are moving obviously because you are walking
really pay attention to that second chakra.  Don't think of it as out there
trying to snare a sexual partner or something, but you want to see it in
perfect working order front and back.  Actually, you want to feel it coming
out the sacrum in the back and forward, and feel how, that when you are
walking it actually feeds that chakra.  Very, very important.  And even
sitting in a chair you can rock a little bit side to side and so on and get
a kind of a walking motion in your chair and feel that chakra moving.  You
want to see it very alive, flowing and flexible.  It sort of moves around
and collects energy as you are walking.  So, it is more the motion chakra
than any of the other chakras.

Now the root we have already done.  You also want to keep that very attuned
to the earth and very grounded to the earth.  That is your tether to Mother
Earth and your survival tether for the physical body.  Your spiritual body
doesn't need a survival tether although you have through the crown, if you
will, a kind of an umbilical cord that goes to the center of creation.  You
want both of those operating in perfect working order.

And so again for a little reminder.  You can ask your body to put the
chakras in perfect working order now.  Probably you will feel an energy
tumbling down through the crown and through the body.  If you need to you
can go chakra by chakra again starting with the crown, straight down the
body coming out the root.  And then do third eye, throat, heart, solar
plexus and second chakra, which was called the polarity chakra.  I prefer to
call it unity, unifying chakra.  It is also your most related to motion
chakra.  It strongly affects everything in your pelvis, your sacrum, your
tailbone and your lower lumbars.  You are very, very strongly affected by
whether the second chakra is open front and back and that you are putting in
enough motion through the day to keep that chakra in good shape.  So, it
needs motion in order to stay healthy.

All right then.  We are going to put about an inch of Holy Trinity all
around the body.  So, if you have a photograph of yourself or you can draw
an outline or something, you could paint or color in a strong white field
all around you.  At least now, imagine it being installed because it is
being installed.  I would like for you to feel what happens with that Three
Star One or Holy Trinity energy as it starts to coat the skin. You want a
good inch to 3 inches of very dense white light, impenetrable white light,
impenetrable to negativity, that is.  Now your skin should be giving you
some sensation, should be responding to this aura.  It is the first stage of
the masterful aura.  We are going to give this a few minutes because the
skin will start translating to the brain.  It will literally give the brain
the command to expand rather than following.  It is kind of like a road map.
There are certain roads mapped and they are followed frequently.  Those are
the familiar pathways.  Now your road map is going to expand.  There are all
these new roads that one can travel on.  And then the brain starts sending
signals back and down through all of these new roads.  Just because it is
there, it will explore them.

You could take, literally, some sort of road map.  Take a photocopy of it or
something.  You see a highway and you see some back roads or something and
just draw on the map several more roads.  Like you are literally giving the
brain a picture that you now have more roads to explore in the brain.  And
then trace them.  Stem it from a familiar highway, say it is the local
interstate or something and then you have got highway.  What you want to do
then with that picture is to start off of the main road and interstate and
draw a new road.  It doesn't have to have an end.  Just like a map where you
go to the edge of the paper and you are done.  Go back to the main freeway
and draw another line out.  Draw them in flow, not straight lines please.
They need to have some kind of curve to them.  Then pick another one.  It is
almost going to look like a root system for a tree or a plant or something
when you are done.  Then take some of those little highways that were there
and draw some more pathways.  So, we are really expanding the brain through
this exercise.  When there are straight highways, make extra curly or wavy
lines coming out of the straight ones because we want to retrain those into
something.  Make it look more like mountain curves when you look at a map.
We are going to re-map the brain literally as part of this process so that
it can hold that new auric field.  The skin is now encased in Three Star One
light.  The skin is now telling the brain, "Make more pathways."  Again, if
you want to work with synchronicity tapes or something for the brain that
you listen to with headphones, you can try Synchronicity.org or
Centerpointe.com.  Those would be tapes or CDs that you listen to.  Again,
on paper, if you could make more lines, make more roads and they should be
wavy, curvy kinds of things, the way the brain naturally works.  Sometimes
you can make a loop pattern.  You can make 2 roads connect and make a loop
eventually and sometimes you just want them going off the edge of the paper.

Inside the brain.  Let's go inside the brain for a moment because we want it
to be able to hold the image.  We are not quite done with the aura.  We are
just in the first stage of the aura.  There are 3 stages.  We want the brain
translating the energies.  Now with your eyes, if your eyelids are closed
you can probably see some light jumping around or something.  You begin to
see the pattern of how the light in the aura is functioning. Now we want the
communication between the brain and the body at its optimal.  So as the skin
senses something, the hair will stand up on the skin saying there is
electricity in the air or there is danger around the corner or what have
you.  That signal goes to brain, the brain then tells the body to take
action.  We want that connection instantaneous.  We want you to pay
attention instantaneously not a second delay or a delay of several seconds
or several days, but instantaneous.  So, between the brain and the body now,
through the central nervous system we are going to upgrade that entire area.
Now for some of you, this means that you will notice that your body hasn't
been feeling very good.  You might notice some aches and pains or stiff
muscles or digestive discomfort or what have you.  Just take and action to
correct it.  Don't desensitize the body; correct the problem.  The central
nervous system is looking very, very good.

Now for the second layer of the aura, yellow.  It is kind of a yellow gold
in some instances.  I consider it a pale shade of yellow gold.  It is a
combination of 3rd ray yellow and 12th ray gold.  Sometimes it can just be a
pale shimmer of kind of a yellow gold color.  It is not normally a bright,
bright color.  Bright colors attract different intentions for different
reasons.  So, you want to keep the nice bright white against the skin and
then have a more subtle energy field around that.  This energy field is
going to be about 12 inches, so one foot.  So, you have this 1 to 3 inches
of white light and then another 12 inches of this pale yellow gold.  This is
the energy field with the matrix in it.  So, I am installing that pattern,
if you will.  Matrix is a mathematical equation.  There is a pattern to it.
Like you could look at a screen door and say this screen is a matrix.  You
could look at other kinds of designs of geometry and those are a matrix.  An
energy field, even the air around you has its own matrix, if you will, or
its pattern.  Sometimes you can see it.  Sometimes it will look effervescent
or will sparkle.  Sometimes it will have distortion lines in it.  It will
look however it looks because that is the energy field. So what we are
putting in place here is a permanent pale yellow gold 12 inches out from the
inner aura and it is a very intricate matrix design.  It is a shield in
effect.  This will help you again with things like radiation, negativity of
any sort coming from other people.  Things that are generally harmful for
the body, even fumes and such.  As we are putting it into place, you might
become acutely aware of smells.  It will increase the ability to smell
things before they get into your energy field.  All right, good.  That
energy field is installed.  Now it has on the outer border, there is a
little bit more gold on it.  Kind or shimmering around the edges, but the
actual 12 inches of it is really kind of a pale soft color.

Now for the next part of the energy field, you are going to decide the size
of this one.  It is a clear white and some call that a diamond white and
some call it a platinum white.  It is a very clear white.  It can go
anywhere from 3 feet to 40 feet and maybe even 50 feet.  You can pull it in
to 3 feet and expand it out for special occasions.  You can do whatever you
want there.  On the boundary of this is - - pardon the throat - - beautiful
black color.  I may have to change the way I use the voice's channel.  The
black color is a camouflage and it is a cloaking devise so that when you
feel that you need to protect the body or be invisible temporarily you can do so.

All right then, just to re-examine this.  We have the very dense white all
around the body, communicating with the brain, which communicates with the
body; we have also this pale yellow gold about 12 inches out, and a clear
white.  The clear white is really kind of a filter for anything before it
gets to the inner matrix, basically.  So, your sensors, if you will, are in
a clear white.  So, when you need your sensors farther out you can expand
into that aura.  And when you need to kind of condense it and conserve or
recycle your own energy, you can pull it in so that clear white would only
be about 3 feet.  It can be condensed even more.  You can pull your energy
field all the way into your skin and just have that clear black, kind of a
flat black.  It is really an invisible kind of energy.  If need be, if many
people are focusing on you, you can make that a shiny mirror finish on the outside.

I will ask that all the people that think they need to fix the channel's
throat for her to please stop thinking that it needs to be fixed because it
is adding to the problem.  Just accept it the way that it is.  It is very
strenuous on her to let me use her vocal cords.

All right then, so we have the mastery aura in place.  Now how to trigger
it.  We need a reinstate clause for when you forget and you start to notice
pain in someone else.  Say you are at a funeral and picking up the grief.
Or you are watching the news and suddenly you are crying over something that
is happening somewhere else.  You want to stay in divine perspective in
relationship to the issue.  Then you can say, "All chakras in perfect
working order.  Mastery field in perfect working order."  That should
reinstate them.  Now you can also just say the words, "Mastery 101".  And
your body will go back to the levels of mastery that you have just learned,
whether that is just this time or later into the series.  It will invoke all
of the tools at once.  "Mastery 101".  Just try it a few times.  Feel the
energy in the body.  Then ask the body to go back to the way it used to
function.  Notice how you feel and then invoke, "Mastery 101."  You should
be able to tell a difference in the energy field.  Quite a bit, actually.
If not, keep practicing.  And notice that as soon as you move into pain or
something, how does that feel?  Just feel it and experience it and than go
into Mastery 101 and just feel that energy field.  Especially if you are
working on healers or any kind of healing environment like a hospital or a
clinic or you live with someone who is requiring healing and so on.  Really
invoke that field frequently.  The body will just adopt it as its normal
state of being; particularly so as more neural pathways are open in the

All right.  Thank you very much and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul
(Transcribed by Joan Taylor)

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Also unique Astrology Reports: life maps for knowing yourself better.

We assist your karmic clearing, harmonic balance and DNA Advancement
facilitating joyful relationships, abundance and a healthy body. 
We help empower you to remember who you are and why you are here,
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