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Due to the fact that I see such significant changes in our world and in each of us as individuals, and I feel so strongly about the year 2004 ushering in some very significant changes, both individually and collectively, I chose to create this “Special Edition” for the purpose of sharing the messages and visions that are consuming my thoughts and overwhelming me with the need to pass them along.  I hope you enjoy what is written here.  As always, VOICES welcomes your feedback. ~~ Lauren Zimmerman, Founder ~~

By Lauren Zimmerman

            I am going to assume that, if you’re reading this article, you’ve been experiencing some, or all, of what I’m about to describe.  If you’re not, it’s possible that you know someone who is.  As I see it, there are many of us changing, in many ways.  What is going on?  Are we all right?  Are we going to continue to be all right?  In union with my Guides and the Masters who speak with me, I give you what I know, what I personally am experiencing, and what the Masters are showing me.


            It sounds repetitive to say but … focus on what you DO want instead of focusing on or thinking about what you DON’T want.  It’s more important than ever to do this, to shift the focus and direction of our thoughts toward our spiritual goals.  We are, with our thoughts and intentions, building the foundation of a new world.  Our thoughts must remain pure, directed, intentional, positive, enlightened, and inspired.  Inspired by our connection to Soul and to the Divine.

            I’ve been having one experience after the other, each more intense than the last, each coming quicker than the one before.  Each experience is filled with a “directive,” a key to taking the next step in my personal evolutionary process.  Each experience drives home, to a greater and greater degree, the absolute and total need for each of us to begin to live with the constant awareness of our thought process, our energy fields, and anything that may be out of alignment with the manifestation of the reality that Soul desires.

            Through all of my writing I’ve put a huge amount of emphasis on the fact that we are cells separated by space, that we are pure energy, and that we are manifesting our own reality.  There are other key points that are essential as well, in order to comprehend who we are, where we are going, and how we can make the transition into higher ways of being, a simpler process for ourselves.  As energy, we are being impacted by all other energy.  For the first time in Earth’s history, we have, literally, thousands upon thousands of higher dimensional energies available to assist us in our personal transitioning.  But as these energies merge with the energies of Earth, we become more sensitive in just about every area of our lives.  The sensitivity is critical, though often uncomfortable.  The more sensitive we are, the more aware we’ll be.  The more aware we are, the more we will focus on what needs to be aligned in order to achieve our goals.

            Most of us who are working hard on this evolutionary process are experiencing the following:

            Flu-like symptoms, sensitivity to light, blurred and unfocused vision, bouts of nausea, bouts of diarrhea, increased hearing abilities (making us sensitive to sound), and different sleep patterns (ranging from not sleeping much to prolonged sleeping and waking up disoriented).  There are wide ranges of emotional responses but the time we “dwell in” the response is becoming shorter and is having less impact.  There are periods of confusion; an inability to feel absolutely certain that what you are experiencing is actually real.  Many people are having periods of time when they feel massive “forward-movement” in their lives, only to realize that nothing has changed or is changing … at least within the “normal” perception of reality.  (Meaning … we may feel a large event about to happen but at the end of the day, when we’ve seen no evidence of this event, we feel as though we may be imagining every change we sense is coming.  At this point, it’s imperative to continue to believe.  The points of confusion, when “life” doesn’t appear to be manifesting what you believe it’s going to or should, what is actually occurring is the “blurring of the veils,” a “crossing-over” between what your subconscious is manifesting and what your Soul is attempting to manifest.)

            The physical symptoms that go along with this evolutionary process can be explained this way.  We are made up of energy.  There is old energy stored in every cell.  The old energy has a lower vibration/resonance than the new energy, which is a higher dimensional frequency attempting to enter each cell.  The old energy must make way for the new energy by transmuting, healing, releasing, altering, or otherwise changing.  As the old cells release and transmute, the physical symptoms can be swift and dramatic.  In my experience though, the symptoms pass very quickly, compared to a “normal” episode of flu or illness.

            In 1974, while I was “on the other side,” I was informed that the years of the 2000’s were meant to be one thousand years of personal growth for each person on Earth.  The ultimate goal would be to eliminate any and all belief in separation.  Separation between each other.  Separation between Creator God and self.  Separation between self and Soul.  Belief in separation of any kind, from what I am told, is the foundation for all events in the human experience that cause suffering.  In order to evolve to a higher way of being, suffering must become a thing of the past.

            The increased sensitivity that many of us are experiencing is an awareness and an attunement.  We are becoming more sensitized to energies, making it easier to discern what is real, what is not, what is in divine alignment, and what is not.  The events, thoughts, and energies that are out of divine alignment are what cause separation and suffering.  We are becoming attuned to what is in Divine Order, which then helps us steer clear of that which isn’t in Divine Order.

            Returning to a topic addressed briefly above:  Each Soul is attempting to integrate higher dimensional energies into the physical plane.  The accomplishment of this will give us a “higher way of being,” the evolutionary step that we seek, and the fulfillment of our understanding of how to consciously manifest the reality in which we live.  When our reality seems to be blurred, torn between what is “supposed” to happen and is “actually” happening, we cannot assume that what we are attempting to manifest is not happening and not going to happen.

            We’re in a “process.”  In union with Soul, we are processing the old energy of not only this lifetime but all others.  We are sifting through the energy that we have generated throughout history, culling out the wisdom and healing everything else.  We are remembering, throughout this process, how to take our power back and how to consciously manifest.  During the process, we are discerning what we want and what we don’t want, what works and what doesn’t work. 

We understand that the way we’ve manifested in the past creates suffering, separation, and an open field of judgment about everything and everyone … which creates more separation.  We also intuitively understand that, on a Soul-level, we know how to do things differently.  The “blurring” of what is “real” and what is not are “scenarios” that are actually manifesting in other dimensions (“thought dimensions”) as each of us “display” various events to ourselves as a process of deciding if what we are attempting to manifest is actually the best that we can do and is it actually what we want.  These “scenes” are displays of united effort, created in union with Soul, as examples of what could be.  In union with Soul, placing these “scenes” in our emotional or “visionary” experience, provides us with a “preview,” which allows us to see what could happen if the “scene” were to actually manifest as a physical experience.

            What I see on the horizon is open to interpretation and great variation as each of us experiment and learn.  I am very cognizant of the fact that many beings, both on Earth and beyond, have participated in a huge effort to transmute, dissipate, and diminish major Earth-changes.  Because we are, as a society, consensually manifesting reality, and because we are experimenting with manifesting differently than in the past, I don’t feel that what will actually happen in our physical realm is fully formed.  However, I do feel strongly that what I am being shown for our spiritual evolution is about as firm as firm can get.

            We are evolving beyond the belief that we’re separate from our ability to consciously manifest the reality in which we live.  I see the year 2004 being filled with personal challenges for each person who is striving to evolve.  Many of us who have been on the path for years will find ourselves suddenly faced with the surprising challenge of reaching some of our goals.  Many, many of us will be asked to step into the Truth of who we are and to present ourselves and the gifts and talents we have in ways we didn’t plan on. 

            As we progress with the integration of Soul-vibration into Earth-vibration, the predictions and visions of what we thought would happen in our lives is going to change.  Our past visions and goals have been based upon who we thought we were.  Now, as we evolve, the Truth of who we are is going to impact how we live our lives.  I think I can safely predict a year filled with spiritual awakenings that might just find us staring blankly into space as we try to assimilate what just happened. 

            I expect a lot of miracles in the year 2004.  They may be large.  They may be small.  But if we watch for them, something tells me that we won’t be disappointed.

People are often asking for proof when they should be asking for faith.

When people have proof, they don’t need faith.

When people have faith, they don’t need proof.

~~ Jesus ~~


Lauren Zimmerman

            It had been a series of days filled with a series of deep and puzzling, but inspiring, interaction with Soul and the Presence of God.  I expended every effort to stay aligned with Soul and open to the explanation of what was going on.  Though I didn’t understand exactly what was occurring, there were changes going on physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  With the awareness that I had made a commitment to do whatever it took to evolve and move beyond any and all limited thinking and limiting emotions, I had no doubt that the process I was going through was leading me to something I wanted.  Though I “walk between worlds” most of the time, due to my awareness and gifts, what I was experiencing was quite a bit more than what was usual for me.  One morning, having experienced yet another “leap forward,” I connected with my Soul and asked for greater understanding.  What I received, I believe, may help others who are walking this path as well.  I give you this letter from my Soul with the hope that it will inspire and comfort you.

The Letter

            You stand on the threshold of a union that is Divine.  You stand between two worlds.  One has been the subconscious manifestation built upon a history of suffering.  One is built on all of the possibilities of Soul, in harmony with God.  In this world there are no limitations.  There are no boundaries to what you can or cannot achieve.  This world displays itself in ways that are joyous and free and fulfilling.  This world appears in ways that surprise, and charm, and delight. 

            The threshold is the edge of the dichotomy you desire to heal.

            Free-float on trust.  Free-float on faith.  Free-float on wings of freedom and the limitless possibilities of God.  Allow yourself to drift in a world where nothing is certain and nothing has walls to contain it.  Be a feather in the wind, allowing the breath of God and possibility to carry you.  Allow yourself to trust that when and where you land will be perfect and delightful.

            Let go of the thoughts of what you don’t want in your life.  God knows these thoughts and holds them in His deep caring for your well-being.

            Hold fast to the dreams of what you do want, for it is your dreams that you and God are preparing to manifest.

            Let go of the history of suffering and pain.  Release it into the hands of wisdom, for your suffering, in the eyes of Soul, is nothing more than wisdom that you’ve gained.  By changing the resonance of your pain to the resonance of gratitude for the wisdom gained, you walk safely on a path of Knowing, having stepped off of the path of misery.

            The dichotomy of the two worlds is based upon the fact that one world is created in the subconscious, where the history of what you have lived dwells in energies and memories and pain.  The other world is the world that is created with conscious thought and intention and union with the Divine.  Both worlds have foundations.  Allow the foundation of the old world to crumble and heal and transmute into the energy of the wisdom you’ve gained.  Trust that your union with the Divine is laying the foundation for the new world.

            The old world had a foundation of believing that life on Earth is separate from God.  And, yes, it does appear that there is an absence of God on Earth when the focus is upon all that is painful and raw.  But that has been the way of Earth; to focus on that which appears to be absent of God, due to the fact of the belief that there is separation from God.  It is not important to understand which came first; the belief in separation from God, or the pain that caused the belief to be birthed.  It is only important to realize that this belief is and has been the foundation for the world of un-truth and limitation that you have been living, that all on Earth have been living.

            You stand upon the threshold of what is real and what is not.  It is a leap of faith to stand upon a mountainous cliff, with only sky to fall into, with the Knowing that you will be like a feather on the wind, not falling to your demise but instead being carried by the wind to a new destination.  A destination that is real.

            It has appeared, for many years, that the physical world of Earth is real.  It is not.  It is built of thoughts and energies.  Those thoughts and energies have a base of fear and separation and doubt.  A world built with this foundation will eventually crumble.  This world is crumbling now.  Those who believe and trust in the fact that they were never truly separate from Soul and God will step across the threshold that connects the two worlds.  You will be stepping into a nothingness, a void that is ripe for the manifestation of dreams.  But those dreams must have no limitations.  Those dreams must contain no hint of fear, or separation, or non-belief in the Divine.

            You are Divine.  Each person is Divine.  The world your quest to evolve is building is Divine.  In order to flourish and manifest, it must remain pure.  Your thoughts create this world.  Your thoughts must remain pure.

In all lovingness and Light,

When you fully realize that there is nothing whatsoever

that needs to be proven by you

to anyone else

you will begin the process of peacefully living

the Truth of who you are.

It is your God-given right to be whoever you desire to be

though it can sometimes be

Humankind’s desire to make you something that you’re not.

~~ Solomon ~~

The key to divinity is to omit any and all belief in the illusion of separation.

A Bit Of Wisdom

The evolutionary process is totally about learning to trust Self.  As creators-to-be, the most essential thing necessary is trust of Self.  If you are going to go about the business of creating a reality, would it not be imperative to trust yourself not to make critical errors in judgment, manifestation, and the like?  And so the process of living in an illusionary world, creating a world that appears to be totally real, is all about having a place to experiment and learn what works and what does not work, what limitations or lack of limitations you place upon yourself.  When you learn to trust yourself completely, you eliminate any and all limitations that would have you believing that you are anything other than Divine, powerful, and all-knowing.


A re-print of an article from 2002 that I am inspired to include in this “Special Edition” 

By Lauren Zimmerman

In these changing times, each of us seeks a place within ourselves … a place of Knowing, a place where we can be assured that no matter what our world presents to us, we will be all right. It is fairly well understood by most that each of us is Soul, manifesting a lifetime on Earth as a way of expressing Soul and learning all we can learn about creation, cause and effect, relationships, etc., etc. As the expression of Soul we are constant. We are wise, all-knowing, confident, and assured that all things we experience are positive experiences that will benefit us in our Soul growth.

But here in the physical we are often plagued by doubts and concerns. Our seeming separation from “home,” from Soul, from the Divine Source, creates a sense of distance and a feeling of being un-safe. Any manner of things can harm us, cause us grief, and put us into a tailspin of emotions. How then do we re-connect with Soul and walk on Earth with the confidence that all things are perfect in the heart and eyes of Soul?

The first step is accepting and knowing that the only separation that exists is the one within our own minds. Energetically, we are not separate … nor will we ever be separate. To believe that we are would be tantamount to believing that we are separate from the heart inside our body. But the Soul is not visible, not tangible, not easily heard and felt, which causes us to doubt at times.

The Crystal Ray assists in re-aligning and re-acquainting with the Soul. A threadlike strand of energy that emanates from the Soul, travels through space and time, and merges with the physical energy field, the Crystal Ray brings with it a massive amount of energy and potential. To access the Ray, simply imagine reaching beyond Earth’s atmosphere, beyond the Universe, into the heart of Existence, and into the essence of Soul. Imagine Soul responding by issuing forth this crystalline thread of energy, similar to linking you and Soul together by a thin, communication wire. Ask Soul to activate the Ray, to resonate along that thread of energy the energy and essence of Soul.

Crystal magnifies times ten that which it receives. The Crystal Ray has this potential as well. Activated by Soul and your intention to re-unite with Soul, the crystalline thread is capable of broadcasting Soul energy along the thread. As the Crystal Ray enters your physical energy field, it brings the energy and resonance of Soul. The physical body responds to the energy in a multitude of ways. The reason for this is that, as pure energy, the body holds the energy of all experiences. This energy is touched by the energy of Soul, which causes shifts and changes within the human body. (One energy cannot touch another energy without having an effect.)

Using this visualization on a constant basis affirms Soul’s connection and the intention to re-unite and manifest Soul’s energy during this life experience. The crystalline thread resonates (tones) the Soul’s vibration through the body, the cells respond and adjust, and changes take place. The cells of the physical body begin to re-align with Soul’s original intention. Often, healing on all levels takes place. Healing thoughts begin to replace thoughts of doubt and negativity. A different way of visualizing and understanding the life path begins to happen. Wisdom begins to replace fear and confusion.

The Crystal Ray has another component that assists in holding the energy work that is being done within the human aura. It appears like a crystalline tube of energy that descends from Soul level and “encapsulates” the energy field. Filled with light and Soul vibrations, the crystalline tube contains the energy of the work and intention that is being shared by Soul and the physical expression of life on Earth.

When complete, the Crystal Ray appears as a tube of light that surrounds the body and aura, protecting and defending, as a crystalline thread of light works within the body’s energy field, expressing Soul’s energy through time and space into the human body.

Studies have found that, through the use of the Crystal Ray, profound changes can be made in the human experience. Past lifetime energies, lodged in the human body, causing pain, discomfort, and disease have dislodged, leaving clarity in its place. Unclear decisions have suddenly become clear and are instantly acted upon. Years of walking an undirected and joyless path are suddenly abandoned, the person having found the confidence, through union with Soul, to make choices that support forward movement.

As Soul, each of us make the choice to incarnate on Earth, knowing that there is a great chance that we will forget who and what we are. We then live our lives, gathering the knowledge and experience that we need, but suffering greatly in ways that are not necessary. The human experience seems to dictate the path we must take to accumulate the knowledge we seek. But if we decide to take the power back, to remove the illusion that we are not Soul, that we do not have control over our life experience, we begin to make choices and walk paths that support our Soul-goals but eliminate the suffering.

Does this mean that, by choosing Soul we automatically shift life into joy and smiles and tiptoeing through fields of daisies? No. But what it does mean is that we achieve a link-up with Soul that gives us a different perspective, a different understanding, and a different emotional response to this life experience. Soul shares wisdom and insight with our human interpretation of what is taking place around us. This new insight gives us the emotional wisdom and maturity to re-interpret life.

Soul views all things from a different, larger point of view. From outside the human experience we can perceive and understand the reasons, observe the causes and the effects, and thus make sense of the experience. Our emotional response to life is, to a great extent, the barometer that dictates our next experience. When we understand how to interpret life through the eyes and understanding of Soul, we gain the objectivity that is necessary in order to emotionally react to situations in a way that causes us to learn the first time, rather than to re-create another experience, with another “face,” in order to “get it.”

The Soul has designed this life experience in order to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience. When we unite with Soul, we allow Soul to guide the life experience. By doing so, we learn to react and interpret life in a way that serves ourselves, every person who shares this life, and Soul.



Be consistent in your caring.

If you care, don’t make a game of it.

Don’t make anyone guess where you stand.

Don’t play head games and don’t play power games.

Don’t make it all about you … make it all about “us.”

If we’re going to make a difference in our world,

if we’re going to change the reality we live in,

if we’re going to stop wars, and famines, and lack, and pain,

we’re going to have to work together with the pure expression

of love and soul.

The old ways won’t work anymore …

unless we want things to remain the same.

If we want things to change …

WE have to change.

~~ Giordone ~~


            A recent experience that I had involving someone who anonymously tampered with a product that I purchased, that ended up doing me some damage, caused me to do some heavy evaluation.  Most “Light-Seekers” do their best to always see the good in all people and things.  I’ve always been that way.  But as we progress it seems that, in addition to our awareness evolving, our naiveté must be called into order as well. 

            As we make choices to move forward on our quest for a higher way of being, it seems that the wise thing to do is to remain aware that we are in the midst of worlds “extricating” themselves from each other as people choose to evolve or not evolve.  Change doesn’t always happen swiftly and gently.  As we travel the path, let us be aware of all things … things that are in resistance to the change and things that are not. 

            One of the directions VOICES is going to be taking is to bring various “points of enlightenment” to our readers.  This will include things we should be aware of, as well as new products, healing tools, etc.   We welcome your e-mails advising of things that you feel VOICES subscribers should know about.

~~Lauren ~~

As VOICES enters this new and promising year of 2004, we expect many changes in what we present to you, as readers and fellow-travelers.  We welcome feedback and enjoy hearing from you.  The regular January issue of VOICES is presenting a new column, by Giordone¢, which addresses how we might begin re-interpreting our relationships in a way that stimulates peace and harmony.  If you have any questions or issues you would like Giordone¢ to address, please e-mail her at:  Attn:  Giordone¢


In addition, VOICES has added AFFIRMATIONS BY THE MASTERS, a brief affirmation from higher dimensional Masters, given to Lauren Zimmerman, with words that offer support and encouragement as well as serving as a way of letting us all know that we are not alone in our quest for a higher expression of life.

The last thing we’ve added is a READER’S QUESTION column.  If you have a question you would like addressed in VOICES, please e-mail us at:



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