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Turtle Woman's Automatic Writings:
 Wednesday, 1:25 am, January 1, 2003
The earth is about to become very alive.  She has been very quiet during
this holiday season, suspending her shaking while listening.  She has
heard the many prayers of Peace by the world at large and has rested in
that energy of Peace.  She looks to those in power of nations to see
where their hearts lie and what actions they will take.  She has mostly
ceased her shaking worldwide and holds her breath in hopeful
anticipation with the rising vibrations.  She will be disappointed as
the dark ones continue with their agenda of abuse of power. 
She will respond in like kind, showing the strength of her full power...
shaking down the towers of control and the mountains into the sea.
Watch out little power mongers.  The One is not with you.  Your time of
littleness is nearly at its end.  Like a child having a tantrum, you
will rage and make life miserable for all for awhile.  But your time of
power is closing fast, dooming yourselves to reaping your own terrible
intent many times over.  The Truth of darkness is that in the end it
swallows itself up.
Light Ones, brace yourself for this end darkness before the dawn.  Weep
when you must but do not hold it to you.  Let it pass quickly.  Remember
you walk the Beauty Way and you are creating the wondrous new existence.
Time is relative as we think it is taking so long, yet in all of
Creation it is happening instantaneously.  Many struggle.  Know that you
do make the difference and have diffused and lessened the impact of so
much through your dedication and work.  Do not, however, revel in denial
and obtuseness, for the Elders are not wrong.  Prepare yourself emotionally
for successive shocks.  Then let them pass by as the wind.  
Do not see the hard times as failures.  You are not in control of
other's free will, but know that your very presence here has changed
things.  Your influence is being realized.  You are producing great
work.  You have done this many times.  As you make this passage through
the darkness of this time, remember your dawn is rushing to greet you.
The sunshine spreads it's Golden rays far.  You are each the particles
which make up those rays.  Shine on.  It is the Light that dispenses
with the dark.  It is the dark that makes the Light even brighter.
Shine on you radiant Golden Ones.  Your time is about to come. 
Stay in the Golden Light,
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma.
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deletions authorized, including this copywrite notice.  
Message: 3
  Below is one of the  Auto Writings that was released last fall....   I
have been instructed that it should be released again. 
Turtle Woman's Automatic Writings:
Monday, 12:30 am
November 25, 2002
Count your blessings.  Look to what is right and not what is wrong.  You
have much Light beaming in at this time.  Use it.  There is caution in
the air.  Many have suddenly awakened to the need for withdrawing and
not bringing undo attention to themselves.  The new year coming will be
totally different from anything you have previously known.  There is
really no way to prepare for the coming changes except to continue to
raise your vibrations and remain open and receptive. 
Have more than just faith, but Know that you are being guided in the
right way.  Follow whatever impulses you are receiving.  Ask your angels
for direct and obvious guidance;  then be open to how that comes.  Break
out of your mold and flow.  Flowing allows you to follow the path of
least resistance.  It keeps you light.  There is nothing you need to
hang on to... attachments will become heavy and burdensome if they do
not flow with all the rapid changes.  You are truly shooting the rapids
and are your own boat.  What can not flow at your rate will drag you
under.  Release it!  Flow.  Let nothing hold you back or sink you down.
You are a Child of the Golden Light.  Christ Light.  You are the
manifested essence of All That Is from the Beginning.  You have the
power of first creation within you.  When you Know this, you will be
able to tap this power at any time.  You will heal all with a thought, a
look, a touch.  You only have to realize this is true.  What holds you
back is resisting the flow.  You need to break out of the box of
limitations set up by your mind.  What does your mind know of the
beginning of creation - it was not there.  It only attached itself to
the spark of you later.  Tell mind to stop interfering with what you are
here to do.  Tell mind that it will be much happier if it will work with
you instead of against you.  Tell mind to go take a hike if it tries to
hold you back or tell you that you can't do something.  You are not
limited.  You can do everything you want to accomplish.
You can transcend.  You can ascend.  You can clean the air, water,and
earth by the very thought of it.  You can.
  You can produce rain where
it is needed and make it stop where it is not - simply by thought.  What
is prayer?  A thought sent out to manifest.  If you think it is
impossible - then it is.  But if you Know it is possible, then that is
too.  You can operate with the Christ power of the Golden Light.  It has
been shown to you in history that the use of the Source's right hand of
power here on the earth plane is possible.  So, why do you doubt?  You
are no lesser being... you too are a Child of God.  Let yourself flow.
Let your Self guide you.  Ask for the full use of the only true power in
creation - that of the Source to use for the Highest Good and according
to Free Will.  Do not stand in fear or limitation.  Stand in the beauty
of the Golden Light of Christ.  And use the power which is your divine
right.  Who's holding you back?  No one but your mind. 
It is time to stop questioning yourself.  It is time to Know all that
you are and have been given.  Be the little engine that can.  I think I
can;  I think I can;  I think I can....  I know I can;  I know I can;  I
Know I can!  Your Knowing knows you can.  It's time to step up to the
plate.  It is what you are here for.  Doubt is just a lesser form of
fear.  And fear is the only weapon that can defeat you if you give it
any credence.  "There is nothing to fear but fear itself" are the most
important words of wisdom pertaining to this time.  Know this.  And if
you are faced with that which starts to generate fear, close your eyes,
go within, surround yourself with the Golden Light and announce firmly
within your mind "I am a Child of God and this can not touch me.  If
this energy (or being) is not of the Golden Light of Christ, then it
must leave now!".  You must stand strong in your Knowing that you are
protected by the greatest and only true power in existence - the Source
of All Being. 
Tuesday, 4:04 am
November 26, 2002
The Mother is unleashing the vanguard of the changes.  Expect the
unexpected.  Deep cold coming.  Time to stock supplies, although many
will lose them - others will gain from them.  If not for you, then
someone else.  All is perfect as it is. 
You will be going through periods of seeming "disconnection", which many
of you have already been experiencing.  Do not concern yourself over
these periods.  You may experience a lack of desire or feel unable to do
your Lightwork.  Blockage.  You are just going through a full cycle in
the sacred circle.  At the speed you are traveling, you will pass
through this phase quickly.  It will come around several times.  Do not
worry.  When you are "off", someone else is "on".  You are changing so
fast that you simply can not be "on" all the time.  Be gentle with
yourself.  You are literally becoming Light, and that is no easy task. 
What ever shows itself to be the need at the given moment, accept it and
go with the flow of what needs to be at that place in time.  Stay in
your Now.  If you get stuck in the little stuff now, you will be like a
dam bursting when the fast and furious starts rolling in.
Enjoy this holiday season.  Reach out to those who have been
significant, positive or negative, in your journey to this point.  Heal
those issues with the ones you have been estranged.  Time to release all
the old with speed, joy, ease, and most importantly, love, for the
Highest Good.  Most of these people will now be leaving you forever as
your paths separate and your journey moves forward.  Bless what has
transpired between you, the lessons learned, and the soul growth which
has taken place because of it.  Remember that times of difficulty are
times of growth.  There is a reason it is referred to as growing pains.
As you progress and rise above the lower vibrations, you become less
attached to that which holds you back and more objective of how all this
scenario plays out. 
Enjoy this holiday season for all the beauty and depth of it's meanings.
Changes will make this a point of demarcation of how life was and life
will be.  As you create your universe moment by moment, you will find in
looking back that this point in time provided the most important
opportunities of all that you are.  Use them wisely and to your benefit.
Let your Self be your guide. 
Are you fluctuating between sudden depression and sudden euphoria?  No,
you are not losing you mind.  It is the ebb and flow of the tide of your
circle as you spiral upward.  Faster and faster the dance takes place.
Many will discover that they appear to be looking younger.  You are
tapping into your crystalline energies and are self rejuvenating as you
start to merge with that body of lightness.  Are you finding that your
periods of fatigue are becoming less and you are having more and longer
spurts of energy than you have experienced for awhile?  You are
adjusting to the frequencies of the higher vibration.  Are you sleeping
less yet feeling more refreshed in the less time spent in sleep?  It is
all the rejuvenation taking place as you are finally aligning with the
energies of the shift.  Blessings!
Stay in and use the Golden Light of Christ.
All My Relations in Love and Light,
Turtle Woman, Oma.

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