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by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
August 2003

As Humanity prepares for the greatest shift of consciousness ever attempted, the Elemental Kingdom is assisting us with a very intense cleansing. We each have the ability to assist in this cleansing process, and our heartfelt calls and invocations of Light will help to minimize the outer- world challenges that may manifest.

The Elemental Kingdom is composed of the Elemental Beings and the Divine Intelligence associated with the earth, air, fire, water and ether elements. These Beings are the builders of form, and they are responsible for manifesting the thoughts and feelings expressed through Humanity’s consciousness.

The original Covenant between Humanity and the Elementals was that they would serve with us and manifest the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God that we reflect into the physical plane through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. This was to be a joyous union, Human Beings and Elementals working together as Humanity learned to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God and to expand the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

After the “fall,” everything dramatically changed. When Humanity started creating distorted thoughtforms of pain and suffering, the Elemental Kingdom was obligated to manifest those patterns as well. The Elementals deeply resented having to outpicture such gross expressions of life. Over aeons of time, the relationship between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom deteriorated into one of conflict and rebellion.

The Beings associated with the elements had to resort to drastic measures in order to cleanse the humanly-created mutations of war, hatred, poverty, corruption, greed, disease, pollution, etc., that were being reflected through Humanity’s consciousness.

Inclement weather conditions, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, famines, hurricanes, plagues and pestilence became the Elemental’s tools for purging the negativity. If the Elementals had not used these extreme methods to purify Humanity’s miscreations from the body of Mother Earth, she would have been overwhelmed and experienced her demise a very long time ago.

In 1987, after Harmonic Convergence, an awakening took place within the consciousness of millions of Lightworkers around the world. It became clear to those awakened souls that the schism between the Elemental Kingdom and Humanity had to be mended if we were going to heal the Earth and accomplish our Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Lightworkers realized that through the outrageous behavior of our greedy, obsessive human egos, Humanity had brought the Earth to the brink of destruction. The only hope for the Earth was to heal our relationship with the Elemental Kingdom.

Individuals and groups began seeking out the wisdom and knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the world. These stewards of the Earth opened their hearts to the Lightworkers and agreed to teach us how to commune with the Elementals. Through sacred ceremonies of love and forgiveness, the Light of God was projected forth to bless the Elemental Kingdom.

The Elemental Kingdom began to cautiously observe the Lightworkers’ efforts, and at first, very skeptically, watched and wondered. It was obvious that we had burst asunder every bit of trust the Elementals had for us and that trust was not going to be restored easily. Fortunately, the awakened souls understood the extreme degree of abuse we had inflicted upon the Elementals and continued to persevere in their healing efforts.

Ever so slowly, the Elementals began to trust the sincere desire of the Lightworkers to heal the separation. They began to see that Humanity was asking for another chance to reclaim our responsibility as keepers of the Earth. This event drew the attention of the Company of Heaven, and the Lightworkers invoked assistance from On High.

In 1992, a plan was set into motion that was designed to permanently heal the schism between Humanity and the Elementals. It was a plan designed to avert the cataclysmic, Earth changes and to demonstrate to the Elementals that we were finally ready to work together to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.

People already aligned with the environment began to redouble their efforts, and a Divine Blueprint for an outer-world activity of Light began to form in the ethers. The United Nations chose to accept the responsibility of organizing this event, which was the very first Earth Summit.

For the first time ever, 176 world leaders, each representing the entire population of their individual countries, and over 40,000 nongovernmental organizations from around the world came together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for one unified cause—the healing of the Earth. This sacred gathering was the outer-world demonstration the Elemental Kingdom had been waiting for to prove that Humanity was worthy of their trust.

As the events of the summit progressed, the Light of God’s Love and Forgiveness bathed all life on Earth. Then, on June 7, 1992, during the midpoint of the Earth Summit, the Light reached a tremendous crescendo.

It was Pentecost Sunday, the celebration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Mother God, our Holy Comforter and the exponent of Divine Love. She is also the Divine Presence who sustains and nurtures the Elemental Kingdom. That is why we refer to Mother Earth and Mother Nature. On that holy day, a Baptism of the Holy Spirit took place within the Elemental Kingdom.

Through that gift of Divine Love, the God Selves of ALL Humanity and the Beings of the Elemental Kingdom were lifted into a higher realm of consciousness. A miraculous healing took place, and the schism between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom was permanently healed. A New Covenant was formed between the Sons and Daughters of God and the Beings of the Elements.

The Elemental Kingdom promised to cooperate with Humanity and to purge and purify the body of Mother Earth in a way that will result in as little loss of human life as possible. Humanity promised to stop polluting and desecrating the Earth by educating and informing the polluters that the Earth is a living, breathing Being of Light that must be honored and revered in order to survive.

Through the miracle of that New Covenant, the cataclysmic Earth changes that had been predicted by the prophets were averted, and a new, more harmonious cleansing was initiated for the planet. Instead of literally millions of people losing their lives through the sinking of large land masses and the flipping of the poles, the cleansing will now be done with as little loss of human life as possible.

The overwhelming success of the New Covenant is evident when we observe the tremendous increase in the purging activities that took place through the Elemental Kingdom in the 1990s.

The following statistics were reported on The Learning Channel.

Weather Changes in the 1990s

There was a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters in the 1990s, but mercifully, they involved relatively little loss of life.

* Natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, tornados, volcanos, floods, hurricanes, landslides and wildfires affected more than a billion people in the last five years of the 1990s.

* One third of all natural disasters in the 20th century occurred in the 1990s.

* Normally there are 700 natural disasters per decade. In the 1990s, there were over 2,400. That is more than three times the average, and they were more severe than usual.

* Nine out of ten of the most deadly natural disasters in recorded history occurred in the 1990s.

* Floods affected 130 million people a year in the 1990s. That is a 700 percent increase over the floods in the 1970s.

* Six times as many hurricanes and tornados affected people in the 1990s as in the 1970s.

* Four times as many people were affected by landslides in the 1990s as in the 1970s.

* From 1960 to 1989, there was only one year when the USA had 1,000 or more tornados. Since 1990, we have had at least 1,000 every year.

Isn’t that amazing? Now that the two Earths have become One, the densest energies Humanity has ever created are being pushed to the surface to be healed. This accelerated cleansing is necessary in order for ALL Humanity to be ready for the shift of consciousness that will take place in November 2003. These humanly-created patterns of pain and suffering are being pushed to the surface more rapidly than ever before.

As the obsolete thoughtforms and etheric records of war and hatred, greed and corruption, death and disease surface to be transmuted and healed, the Elemental Kingdom is manifesting the patterns as tangible experiences in our lives. We can witness this process happening all over the world.

In order for these crystallized archetypes to be shattered and the obsolete paradigms purged from the planet, the Elemental Kingdom must cleanse them. Then the electronic substance associated with these human miscreations can be healed and transmuted back into Light through the power of God’s Sacred Fire. That is why we are witnessing so many wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, new diseases and other events that reflect the accelerated cleansing of the Elemental Kingdom at this time.

The most powerful frequency of Healing on Earth is the Flame of Healing through the Power of Limitless Transmutation. This is a resplendent emerald green Flame with a violet-amethyst radiance. This Sacred Fire enters the Earth through the portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona.

This portal is held within the embrace of the Holy Cities of John the Beloved. These are the Etheric Temples of Healing and Music that pulsate in the Heavenly Realms above Arizona. The portal of Light descends from the Heart of the Great, Great Central Sun, through the Holy Cities, into the center of the Earth. The Flame of Healing through Limitless Transmutation flows through the portal into the center of the planet, then it is transmitted to all life through the Crystal Grid System.

The Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love also enters the planet through the portal in Tucson. This is an exquisite rose-colored Flame with an aquamarine aura of Clarity. Pulsating within the heart of the Flame is an opalescent Sun of Transfiguration. This is the most powerful frequency of Divine Love and Transfiguration on the planet.

These two Sacred Flames have been given to Humanity by our Father-Mother God as a merciful gift of Healing and Divine Love. They are specifically empowered to assist us in transmuting the surfacing negativity during these wondrous but challenging times of rebirth and Transfiguration.

At the present time, the Directors of the Elements are magnetizing the humanly-miscreated energies that are surfacing to be transmuted and healed from all over the Earth into the portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona. These energies are being purged and cleansed through a physical wildfire taking place in the Santa Catalina Mountain Range just north of Tucson. This entire activity is being controlled by the Elemental Kingdom. After the energies are purified, they are bathed in the soothing unguent of the Flame of Healing through the Power of Limitless Transmutation. Once that healing process is complete, the energies are Transfigured into Light by the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love.

The magnitude of this wildfire is astounding. It has involved over 84,000 acres of forest on our sacred mountain range, including Mt. Lemmon. Many people have lost property, but not one person has been seriously injured. Every person involved in this purging has volunteered, through his or her God Self, to selflessly serve in this healing activity of Light. The loss of property is traumatic for people, but it doesn’t compare to the alternative cleansing plan, which originally involved the loss of millions of lives.

Soon the wildfire will be extinguished, thus completing the purge and the final stage of preparation for the healing that will take place through all unawakened souls during the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 16-21, 2003.

That week, Lightworkers from various places around the world will gather for a sacred conclave within the portal of Light in Tucson, Arizona. During that time, the Company of Heaven will guide us through many activities of Light that will lift each of us individually, and all of us collectively, into higher states of self-mastery, self-empowerment, self-healing and Divine Consciousness.

As we each transform the residue of negativity in our own lives and shift our own consciousness into higher levels of God’s Limitless Perfection, we will simultaneously lift up our recalcitrant sisters and brothers. This will greatly assist the Elemental Kingdom and reduce the necessity for more severe cleansings through the elements.

The Spiritual Hierarchy said that our unified efforts will be amplified one thousand times one thousandfold during this holy endeavor. The more Lightworkers who respond to their heart’s call and volunteer for this Divine Mission, the more effective we will be in transmuting the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed all over the planet.

Once this purification is complete, our unawakened sisters and brothers will be ready to integrate the highest possible levels of Divine Consciousness, which will flood the Earth during the Galactic alignment on November 8, 2003. With the victorious accomplishment of that event, these precious souls will awaken. They will remember who they are and why they are here; then the Oneness of ALL life will become the order of the New Day!

If you feel the heart call to come to Tucson to selflessly serve as an Instrument of God during this activity of Light—the 17th Annual World Congress On Illumination—please see the details of how you can participate on our website or contact us through any of the following methods for a brochure:

Phone: 520-885-7909 or FAX: 520-749-6643
E-mail: eraofpeace@aol.com
Address: PO Box 41883, Tucson, AZ 85717

Several decades ago Beloved Saint Germain gave Humanity a simple, but extremely powerful, mantra to assist us in transmuting negativity. If we will use this mantra continually throughout the day, we will assist the Elemental Kingdom immeasurably and help to minimize the need for the purging and cleansing that is now so intensly underway.

Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire
All causes and cores not of God’s Desire.
I Am a Being of cause alone,
that cause is Love the sacred tone.

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