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The Quantum Awakening NewsLetter    Sept 2003

****Time Portals, Time Lords, Time Passages and Time-Out
****Cosmic Communication: Way Layed and Way-Leyed
****The Gift of Mars
****Looking for that Cosmic Loophole
****What exactly is the Harmonic Concordance?





Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Visualize a chakra point/energy point above the heart, above the thymus gland - but below the throat. This is a Time Chakra it is activated by visualizing the energy of eight (vertically) or the infinity symbol (a horizontal number eight). Move your awareness around this figure eight as the time chakra is activated. This energy point is like a time gate that you can open and close through parallel existence’s, past- future, pre-future, pre-past.

As you pass through this time gate there will be more clarity as to how you have spent your time in past situations. You will see the nuances of repeat patterning that have magnetized you like a personal maze. We each have habits and energies that we tend to repeat like picking the wrong person, the wrong food, or the wrong job. As we enter from this time gate (august 12, 2003) there will be conjunctions of time for the next 20 years that awaken our ability to see the patterns that continue to create chaos in our lives. What is the first thing we usually say when patterns repeat themselves? -- It is time for me to stop doing that. It is time for me to stop hurting myself. It is time for me to stop eating that chocolate cake. It is time for me to stop picking the wrong partner's etc. There will be new timing angels and time guides that will assist you to eradicate these patterns and help you to align with the new definition of perfect timing.

Welcome. We are the Time Lords of Light. We come through this time gate to offer you a look into the undercoating of linear time that up until now you have accepted as natural law. Time was birthed on earth to keep you dimensionally safe and fenced in, until you were ready to expand your creative perimeters. Time keeps you dimensionally locked in polarity, which is so prevalent upon your earthen sphere. (Night and day, right and wrong, male and female, up and down) Polarity enters all aspects of time in its linear fashion, past, present, and future. Humanity has not allowed them selves the privilege of moving into the future experience of their being which allows the dormant coating within the time matrix of their soul to be un-earthed. Access into these time portals will help mankind to escape what has been a repeat of sin and self over and over again.

We the Time Lords give you these truths as a time key that unlocks all the boxings of your mind, the boxings of your physicalness and the boxings of what is yet to come. The doorway of knowledge that you enter into every day limits your experience and probabilities. You look for an escape clause – how do I move out of this time, this place, this situation, this confrontation, this promise, this person. You see only in the linear, there is no escaping. By moving your awareness and sculpting a pliable future, you will find that the time machine of self will take you out of anything and in to any situation you so desire. This is done by lifting up your thoughts and moving out of what has captured you and painted you into a corner. You will find doorways of time are always available and open year round 24/7. By time-scaping and moving your awareness away from a situation that confronts you and dwindles your life-force, and sense of self --- then you will move past these barriers that are created by the demands, the wants, and the needs of the world around you.

Time doors, time experiences and time experiments are inching their way towards all of the ancient and modern artifacts of earth. When a time door is opened, it effects the molecular spin of all on the planet. On 8/12/2003, the anniversary of earth’s time experiments, a molecular change happened, to machinery, to molecules of the flesh, and to molecules of thoughts and emotions. There was a slowing of time, as everything seemed to be in slow motion. Even though you are moving as fast as you can in your mind, your actions you will appear to be cartoon like or as a hamster in a cage that gets nowhere quickly.


The molecular spin of life has slowed to look at itself, to look at its wounds, and to look at its constructs. Revealing where there are rips and tears in the time sequence of past and future events. Planet Earth is being issued a declaration that it must move its awareness out of the extreme past and present/past, and move forward into a future that is awaiting them. What this simply means is time, as you know it is under construction.

There are those that are using this time-out, so to speak, as a doorway to influence pre-disposed planetary outcomes. This could possibly have a negative polarized effect upon earth herself. In order for you as humans not to be damaged in this process, we are moving your awareness out of the past and the present-past into a future that is soft, fluffy and awaiting you. You will find that it is hard to hold onto your thoughts of what has just gone by, or what has happened in the past week, the past month or the past year. Your brain will not set foot into those numerical sequences of remembrances. This is a safety measure, a time cloaking. This is not a permanent residency, but a place that humanity can rest while the star brethren and the dimensional beings of light amend your constitutional light rights.

Energetically you may feel that injustices have been done to you. Many times throughout your day you will feel angry with who or what does not reveal itself to you. You seek to look into your past and think, maybe it is a past life, a past time or maybe it is a hidden cellular memory. What we come to tell you is that you are angry at actions that are taking place in the present. Actions, words and events are manipulating your future as a planetary people. You are part of Earth's body. When an injustice is done to her through someone’s words, or actions, no matter what their good intent – then you feel it. Your body and your emotions in the present – react to it. As these injustices are righted, you need to be in a place of safety. Energetically we move you there. In this place of safety you may find that you want to sleep more. You may find that you frequent outside less. You may find that certain sounds or individuals are damaging to the sensitivities of your body, your hearing, and your emotions.

You will find that you pull away and pull forward, if that word is understandable in your language. As you pull forward into events that will assist you in a higher migration of the soul, you will find a peace and gentleness as your thoughts move forward and do not stay in the present. As spiritual workers of the light, you have been brain washed to stay in the now. In the now is where everything and everyone has access to you. When your thoughts are in the past or in the future, you are not assessable. Imagine someone is yelling at you and calling you all sorts of names that would normally upset you, but your awareness has just referenced a time period, a thought from the past when you were very happy. The words and actions of the person yelling at you are not affecting because you did not emotionally hear them. All of your sensories were in the past – your brain was pointed backwards and thus they did not effect you on any level in the now. This is the same technique we are using to move you into the future for safe keeping. (Just until September 21, 2003) so you will be out of harms way so to speak.

In the upcoming months, there will be physical proof that you psychically knew an event or situation was transpiring before you received the physical proof in the present. Do not be hard upon yourself when you forget because your awareness is not present in the now. When we move your awareness back into the now so that you can properly propagate the future and cleanse and heal the past in accordance with your highest desires, you will have a coating of the future upon you. You will be safe from scratches and dents that could otherwise effect you. These situations that we speak of are not to be worried or fretted about. Where you think the undercurrent of negativity comes from, is not at all where it originates. Whoever you are so use to blaming is not causing the havoc and the chaos. Look to those that are lily white of nature and all will be shown in the light of a new day. We are the Lords of Light in Time, as you know it.



Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you bring the essence, the nuance, the oxygen of life into your body you breathe forth all details, circumstances, agendas, happenings, and enfoldments of the earthly domain. As you breathe the oxygen into your body, you breathe forth pain, love, joys, disappointments, hopes, fears, and negativities of all your brethren upon planet earth. As you breathe forth oxygen into your body, you breathe all the masters that have come and gone, all the new masters that have just been birthed to earth. You breathe forth into those who have just awakened into enlightenment in the past minute or two and you breathe those who have forgotten their light, their soul path, and their promise.

You are a planetary being. This planetary awareness is available within each cell of Mother Earth's body, which is known as a human being. When the Cosmic Mother who dwells within the flesh of Earth experiences any situation, you too are birthed into that awareness. Say for an example a law is about to be passed, that would affect 23 million people. As the awareness of that law is made into physical manifestation, then 23 million people on planet Earth will be touched by it in the first moment of thought. 23 million people will hold the pattern for that law. They do not have to live in the area that the law is being enforced to hold the energy. It has to do with the soul contracts that are issued by and for each individual of earth. Each person arranged this before they incarnated on earth. Each decision personal and planetary affects another quadrant, of the populace of earth.

When a spiritual individual is having a day that is destructive in thought, energy, and purpose, then that destructive frequency ripples out to everyone in their soul family, in their soul group, and all those that are effected by the dynamics of their choices. Often times a single thought by a person of light can be more destructive then a nuclear explosion. When you believe others are disturbing the light, it is then that you need to look within your own perimeters of self, soul, and thought to see how each internal manifestation is affecting the global soul patterns that you are aligned with.


The vibration of the soul light, the Christ light, and the light of the stars, that comes to the earth is being broadcast on all available frequencies. In other words, these light coded emanations, are birthed on the frequency in-between radio bands, in-between telephone lines, in-between electrical lines, in-between television stations, in-between computer components, in-between all vibrations that are not being used by humanity to serve their daily needs. In the 1950’s 1960’s and 1970's there was very little broadcasting interference, the lines of information were not blocked by too many radio stations, too many television stations, too many Internet connections or too many household appliances. The light vibrations were easily downloaded to earth. They came forth in a smooth satin agenda. They were able to affix their patterns to the human element without distress, without chaos, without crossing vibrational lines creating patterns of disturbance.

In the year 2003 almost every frequency of earth is being used by this corporation, this company, this tele-cast, this broadcast, this cell phone, this landline, this electrical line. Imagine 1000 lines and there are only 10 lines that are free, 10 lines that are not being disturbed by the wattage and the who-age. The higher vibrations then only have choices of these 10 lines. (We are using this as a convenient imaginary number.)

The Solar Hierarchy and the Star Masters at this time are using the solar emanations and stellar emanations from anything and everything to bring forth broadcasts of higher information to earth. Imagine a very strong blast of truth coming through the sun on its way to earth. Before it gets here and is able to download what it was birthed to do; it is scrambled by every modern electrical thing imaginable. All 990 frequencies we spoke about earlier decide to scramble and distort the message that comes. The message from the Solar Hierarchy then must enter through what we will call a cosmic labyrinth (one way in) or cosmic maze (several ways in). Like a rodent it must find its way through the maze to the center of your being which is the destination for these solar emanations. As it begins its journey and attempts to enter the physical body, it enters labyrinths and mazes, which distorts the higher truths and cause anxiety in the body.

Humanity has a need to fill their futuristic patterns of having the most hi-tech available mechanisms to use in everyday simple situations. It is not done out of evil or intent full pain. But pain is exactly how the body receives and interprets the energy. From headaches to neck aches to palpitations and anxiety attacks the body tries to shut down what comes forth. The emanations are scrambled and set about in a mix master. The human body receives it in such an intense awry of dis-information that it takes the physical body several days to decipher components of truth that were inherent within the solar emanations. Then there is a calm after the storm, a peace and a knowing until the next emanation bursts forth. Every level of emanation is different, none of them the same. Some will slide in like an elixir and an ex-lax. Others will be painful to the body, to the mind, and to the heart. For the seed of source lives within the heart. All of these energies must make their way into direct contact with the Christ Heart, the Human heart, the God Heart.

At this time there is nothing that can be done to assist these emanations except to pull yourself away from areas that hold high stress factors – large electrical wires, cell phones, televisions, any kind of electrical components, even batteries will cause upheaval within the physical body. The array of ions, protons and electrons that are coming forth to the physical body have to make their way through the emotional labyrinth of each individual. That is why it is so important for each of you to begin your day in a place of peace, to see the labyrinth of yourself, your soul and your heart cleared to walk through. Any use of labyrinths, in any form or pattern whether a finger labyrinth, a foot labyrinth or even a mental labyrinth will help clear these pathways of the brain, of the heart, and of the soul to allow you to download these frequencies.

Imagine these 10 lines we spoke of earlier are aligned with the natural earth grid and Ley lines within and around the planetary sacred places. The power emanating from around them is so strong that electrical interference is halted. And thus the landlines from the stars, from the Cosmic Light are able to enter these portals. That is why these sacred places have been sacred throughout time and are even more important now than they were in the beginning. They are not receiving interference due to their location.

These communications of cosmic light, solar truth, and stellar patterns of information are not going to cease. They are going to continue faster than the speed of light. We will work with you day in and day out to help you to understand. This one whom we speak through will in her number workshop assist each individual in finding the numbers that will decode these configurations, reduce blockages, reduce patterns of upheaval, and reduce patterns of chaos this will be different for each individual. There are new equations of light that are trying their best to assist you in moving through this chaos.

There are those who are using these landlines to cause more confusion, more upheaval, and reactive negativity. They are riding the concurrents and we are riding the currents of light many times we come head to head. You are effected and react to all of these currents of change. Some of them you will be able to see. Some of them you know. Most of them are invisible to your five senses.

Everyday you must ask for your spiritual senses to be cleared and all spiritual blockages and holding patterns to be cleared in the body, mind, and spirit. We will help you in every way that we possibly can. That is our promise. We will allow nothing to stop the next step of your evolution, the next step of your heart, and the next step of wisdom that each of you is divinely promised. Nothing will sequester these truths away from you. We are your web hosts so to speak cosmic web hosts. We have to find new ways to by-pass that which is direct interference. We are working every second of every day to make sure the concurrents of light and the conclaves of light are made available to you.

As we reach down, you each must also reach up and grasp the light emanations and pull yourself out of the chaos. For there is nothing on earth that will do that for you. There are elixirs and truths and programs that will lift you, but the lifting must be experienced every day. Use the element of water. It has been scientifically proven that water has the ability to hold directed thought signatures. Use your water to help clear the cells of chaos. As you drink, program your water to release all chaos, all confusion, all upheaval, and all bodily effects from of the currents of electricity and the chaotic frequencies upon earth. We are a Pleiadian Council. We come forth to assist you in every way that is possible and impossible. We will do everything within our hearts to create the tools of ascension for you. We leave with these words.



Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Timely departure of the ways of old now make their way forward into segments and sections of your being that in the past have not been discussed, but have been disguised. You have within the confines of your humanness many elements of a great density harder than any surface on Earth. The weight of what you hide, the weight of the darkness that you shield your eyes from, the weight of all that entangles you and strangles your hopes is about to be set free.

In truth, the waiting is over for planet Earth. You are genetically disposed to come to this point of reference and this accumulative vibration of Martian heritage at this time and place. The redness within your blood brings forth to your humanness all that has been disguised boarded and locked behind the shut cellular doors. You have been ashamed of your Martian history and heritage. You have been ashamed of your warring Martian essence. The planetary seed of Mars has reached out to show you how to survive planetary destruction. The seed of Mars brings to you the remembrance of when they themselves created genocide of land, of mass, and of being. Mars is the first seed of this solar system, which resides within the human genomes. The next seed that came forth was Venus and then there was a timely progression of the rest. The essence of Mercury decided not to be placed as a winged messenger inside the physical body, but to be placed on the Earth herself as the element of quicksilver and planetary retrograde.

Each planetary presence that gave their Cosmic sperm to the human gene collection did so out of love. They did it out of a need to assist humanity past their pre-designed limitations, past their destructive habits, past their pain. For each planetary consciousness within the solar system of your Sun gave their heart to those of Earth.

Humanity has never been comfortable with their Martian heritage. It triggered a remembrance of what had happened on that once beautiful planet. Within the Martian DNA there is a time code. That time code became activated on August 28, 2003 as Mars pierced the veil of the human biology. Stopping earth in its forward movement of self-destruction and began to turn the tables of time in a winding procession where humanity would awaken to their self-destructive patterns, actions, laws, and situations.

Finally a light bulb of illumination came forth into the human consciousness startling the self in awareness. Why am I choosing to drink this water that is packaged in plastic poison? Why am I choosing to drink this soda that is deadly? Why am I choosing to eat this oil upon my salad that is used in chemical warfare? Little by little, inch by inch in a precision cutting dialog with self, humanity will come into a deep unbiased awareness. Why am I killing myself? Why am I killing my children? Why am I killing my planet? Why do I believe those who speak on my behalf when I know in my heart and soul it is a falsehood and lie? Why do I continue to wear the blinders to the undercurrent of all that is happening?

Grain by grain the human consciousness will create a new dune of awareness -- not doomed as they were once thought to be by so many– but a dune that shifts into power and gathers as granules of sand that agree to formulate a new design.

The deepness of your passions both in the form of angers and sexual understandings come forth from your Martian brethren. The essence of everything that you fought for from the beginning of your existence is formulated within those codons and patterns of DNA. The belief that you can succeed and live no matter what transpires, was the fail-safe strand of DNA that they gave you. If humanity does not awaken, then we will give them the strength to mutate, to change how they live and to live above or within the planetary structure.

Many look at astrological insights and think Mars is a negative, angry warrior that takes heads and eats children. Mars is life force, it is blood, and it is passion. It is primitive knowledge of how to survive on a desert, an island, or a mountain when your humanness has given up. It is primitive awareness of how to move past all instinctual fears that were bred on earth and placed into your blood stream to effect what you believe. The essence of the Martian vibration is you standing upon a mountain creating a new world with your words knowing that whatever you speak will be brought to you without hesitation, knowing that you are a survivor, and nothing will destroy you again. It is loving with such deepness that it frightens you.

As the planetary personalities make their way through your astrological DNA so to speak – each one of them will broadcast to you truths about yourself that have been hidden and dormant up until this time and place. These awakenings will give to you the recipe for success, the recipe for healing, the recipe for remembering your power.

The false truths and the false signals will fail on the day that they were instructed to be broadcast. Technical difficulties they will say or celestial intervention we may say. The instructs are: To follow no one. Trust the sensors of your internal organism as to what balances as truth within you. Remember that your deciding vote in any hidden agenda could be the granule of sand that shifts it into prophecy or makes it null and void. Even though you are aware of truths and secrets that extend beyond commercial knowledge, you are still the deciding factor. More and more wisdom comes undiluted. Can you drink from it and hold it in your vessel without collapsing under the strain? Can you sip from it and make that awareness known to others without infusing them with an injection of fear? Can you sit and take time to shift through the prophecies, the truths, the under-coated tidbits of mis-information? Are you being led to slaughter by your beliefs? Pay attention to how all things feel to you.

We thank you for listening with parted seas within your inner ears. We are a Galactic Council going beyond time and words, vowels and consonants. We ask you to hear all that is said or thought with your inner ears of parted sees. When someone speaks truth to you, it vibrates differently in the inner ear then a falsehood. That is part of your divine heritage – that knowing. Even when you are reading in silence, the inner ear vibrates first. When you feel something that does not sound right, ask for this truth to be seen and unveiled. Then ask for the courage to shift it on planet earth. At this time we leave you.


By-passing the Self on the way to the Light

Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Many upon earth choose not to define or acknowledge that the humanness is the most holy of instruments. You look for ways, devices, and places to escape the human element of your being. You look for excuses that define the body as insufficient, imperfect, less than, animalistic of nature. You have little respect for the divinity of the physicalness. You have little respect for the divinity within the emotions, and you have little respect for the holiness of each and every thought that enters your mind on a daily basis.

You try hard to escape this place, this time, this thought, this body, this emotion. Everyday you try to lift yourself away from what chases you in the dreams, in the angers, in the darkness of your own soul. You run away from what still needs to be embraced, what still needs to be loved, and what still needs to be looked at. You feel that you are dirty, not whole, not holy, not perfect, and far too human for your own good. You feel those thoughts that bring you to a place of anger, resentment and envy and what you refer to, as ego will not serve your higher evolution.

All of you is Holy, every square inch in the round peg of self and soul. The anger, the negativity, the dark thoughts of your being will in time birth you onto a path of sacredness. When you seek a sacred contract and fall short of that mission, that desire, that landscape of the self, you issue to yourself a declarations of less than, and announcements of all that you did not succeed to be.

Humanity spends so much time and energy landscaping the self. You wear the right clothes, the right make-up, the right jewels, but not the right thoughts. You punish yourself and you give yourself nine lashes with a cat of nine tails into submission whether you have a negative thought, a bad idea, a shortcoming, or a long failing. We come forth through a time and space that is three dimensions beyond your solar system. We have pulled ourselves up by the celestial solar bootstraps, so to speak, as we too walked through all of our shortcomings, longings, and misfit equations of self to become the beings that we are at intersection of time and space.


The way home that you seek through the heavenly realm of choice must come through lovingly walking through the garden of self. For you can not bypass what you once were in order to become who you desire to be. You can not skip a grade of light by ignoring the fact that that the universal light lives within the cellular content of negative thoughts, past actions and failings as much as it dwells in the house of what is holy.

Humanity as a planet enters what we shall refer to as the Valley of the Shadow of doubt and fear. As you walk through this valley in your emotions and your personal universe, you ask to be lifted, not to stub your toe, or to stumble. You ask for an escape clause that announces your release from this personal imprisonment. You hold your breath and dive into your personal cesspool swimming toward the island of light and ignoring all that has beached itself upon your personal and past issues.

We too looked for a way out, a way up, a way away from what we did not want to address. We too wished to escape our physicalness, to move past the boundaries that we thought existed in the physical body, the perimeters that existed in the mind of the self. We asked for a loophole. We prayed and we prayed and we prayed and we danced and we sang and we made burnt offerings and not so burnt offerings to what we once saw as our god. But nay, there was no release. There was no escape. Each time that we ignored our personal failings, our personal dark shadows, our worlds became more toxic. Our worlds became more war like. Our landscape became more devastated, until we began to address what we were afraid to walk through within ourselves. Vast Beings of Light from another star system came to us as we come to you. They showed us the way home, through the heart, through love. They showed us how to love everything about ourselves. Not to be ashamed of who or what we once were, or what we once did. By trying to escape that past vibration, that past negativity, that past failing or darkness of self and soul, we were doing the universe, and our God, an injustice.

So we tell you this as a gift of love, for we see what you are trying to walk around. It is a dark hole that runs deep into the heart of earth, into the heart of every human being on earth. We ask you, each one of you, to look into this abyss of all that is rank and horrid and love it. For it is the only way that you will assist your personal evolution and your planetary evolution.

Each time you grow angry at yourself or another for a deed done in the past, a deed to be done in the future, or an action taken in the now, you propagate a deeper darker abyss that needs even more love. Do not walk away from what you once thought, from what you once were, from what you once believed to be true. Embrace it and love it and thank it. And by that appointment of energy, it shall be dissolved. No longer will it to chase you in your sleep down the streets of self, in your personal hells. For all it is asking as it continually announces itself to you over and over again, is to be loved. That is all anything, in any universe is asking. All war stems from a need to love. All actions, good, bad, or indifferent stem from a need to be loved. All words stem from a need to be loved. And so it shall be. When you curse your world, your politicians, your government, your corporations, you curse yourself. Bless each and every one of them and ask that their choices be from the heart. Ask that their choices be from love, and that love permeate all of their actions. By cursing them, you become one with their darkness. Bless them

It is a hard thing that we ask you to do, but we ourselves were saved by planetary and personal annihilation by the Star Beings that came to us addressing the same issue at the same point of evolution in our planetary progress. Look at your lives. Look at all the things you hate about yourself, your bad habits, your bad thoughts, your bad words, your bad actions, and just bless them. You will be amazed at how quickly they stop.

When you curse yourself for an action or thought, you animate that negativity. Instead of it going 35 miles per hour, it goes 65 miles per hour. And the next time you curse it and you point a finger at it, it goes 85 miles per hour, and onward and onward until it gains momentum and it seems that you cannot stop it. For all the things you do that you know are not for your highest good, instead of being angry with yourself for it, just say thank you. I love you. I bless you. Watch the shifts happening continually minute after minute, situation after situation, action after action.

This is an emancipation proclamation of light for you. We want to free you from what still binds your heart and your soul, for you are destined to walk between the worlds, to walk upon the worlds, to be one with the stars. It is not something in the far off future. It is something in your near future. As long as the world keeps you licking wounds, mending what is broken, fixing what is painful, releasing what is emotional scars – do you have time to Ascend? We think not. By blessing what belittles you in soul and self, you make much more time for your Ascension path and Illumination. At this point we shall leave.  



written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In 1987 the planets and humanity aligned with the heavenly down pouring of Grace and Hope for all mankind. Opening a doorway for each of us to step through unto the Path of Illumination. Millions of people gathered and globally embraced this moment opening their hearts and mind and birthed what was called the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE. That day shifted the destiny of mankind by swaying the critical mass in a direction of global enlightenment. The Harmonic Convergence stepped up everyone's vibration to the next level, so we all could get a glimpse into our future, known and unknown.

That was 16 years ago. Since then we have been through more ups and downs then we ever thought we could endure. Riding our lives bareback at full gallop we have held on for dear life and light for many years. No matter how loud we yelled 'whoa' our life would just not stop or slow down. Every one and every thing has tried to buck us off of this path of light and love constantly trying to discredit what was good about the spiritual movement. Humanity has maintained a vibration of love and hope through many years of good/bad, right/wrong, and light/dark.

On November 8, 2003 we have been issued another opportunity to move forward into what has been called the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE.

The dictionary defines harmonic and concordance as follows.

HARMONIC: harmonious combinations of tones/energies simultaneously heard in agreement or covenant. It is sometimes referred to as the 'vertical' aspect of sound, the parts agreeing with the whole.

CONCORDANCE: a harmonious state of things and their properties. Congruity of parts with one another and the whole. Agreement of opinions, a similarity between things.

The HARMONIC CONCORDANCE represents the Sound of the Soul and voice of humanity aligning in agreement and echoing throughout the universe. A day of discovery finding what has been missing on one's life and self. All is aligned top to bottom, side to side, human to human, and heart to heart.

On November 8, 2003 there is a full moon, lunar eclipse at 8:33:34 p.m. (Florida time) in a Star of David configuration. The moment of the eclipse, which was named The Harmonic Concordance by astrologer John Mirehiel, is thought to mark a time when masses of people will awaken to their divine origin. Many feel that a shared focus and collective intent can influence the field of consciousness to such a degree that resulting effects will be seen in physical reality.

The Star of David alignment activates within each cell of each person. A cellular encoding identifies the day as a signal and opportunity to move past what is limiting. Allowing humanity to embrace the future of planetary healing with such a zest and passion that all else pales in comparison. Hold your hearts desire within your minds eye during the eclipse. Knowing that this soul seed was given to you to be birthed. Never give up on what lives in your heart.

Some agree and some disagree with this equation of awakening and the stellar alignment. Does this planet count? Does this asteroid change the configuration? All confusion becomes obsolete as humanity awakens to the internal knowledge that this HARMONIC CONCORDANCE is a deep truth and remembrance felt on a cellular level.

A beacon is birthed and all eyes look up for the promised sign of a future that must go beyond the predictions of the past. We each come from the stars and when the heavens announce a doorway to open, it is felt on all levels seen and unseen. We cannot undo who and what we have been up to this day and thought, but we can allow the Harmonic Concordance Alignment to point us in a direction that leads home to our One heart.

For more info go to HARMONIC CONCORDANCE home site www.astrosite.com

Yalaha, Florida is the official site of the Harmonic Concordance Gathering in Florida for more info www.Yalahafoundation.org

"Astro Jan can look at Your personal chart and your connnection to this planetary configuration with you."

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