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Copyright 6-29-03  Michael White, Boulder, Colorado.  Permission to copy and distribute granted, with due credit given.  Author reserves all rights to publication. 

Message One: The Collective Heartbeat

Love is a Miracle
It feels so good that is must be shared!
Easily Done.
Tell someone you love them
The feeling spreads.
Love is contagious!
The flow cannot be stopped.
It feels so good that is must be shared!

Countless miracles are happening everywhere all the time.  These miracles are healing our hearts and restoring awareness of our divinity.  A miracle happens when one heart touches another, and the illusion of distance and separation temporarily disappears.  For a time we feel connected and remember that we are one, but we are challenged by a world where people are not all sharing this sense of oneness with us.  This is about to change! 

So many people are looking outside themselves for news that things are getting better in the world.  They are looking for hope.  Some look on the television and Internet at major news sources, and others look at the alternative news and subscribe to reports about what is going on behind the scenes, but these cannot tell you about the most positive news happening on the planet.  They distract us from what really matters, which is in the heart.  The news we bring you is happening within you, and that is where we must focus to create the changes that we all want to see outwardly in the world. 

What if you could feel the miracles that are happening all over the world right now?  Each miracle contains a piece of positive and enlightening news about our healing and awakening.  This is the kind of news that livens the heart and inspires even more miracles.  Do you think you are ready to have this level of inspiration in your life?  Are you ready to feel and be touched by the greatest miracle of all? 

A month ago, the angels shared a vision that is more inspiring than anything they have ever shared.  Before me was a great auditorium, and a gathering of people.  We watched from above and could see and feel the heart chakras of each person.  Suddenly a pulse of energy gushed forth from the group and expanded out in the shape of a perfect circle.  It was a wave of pure love pulsing from the heart chakras of the group as if they were one heart.  Then came another!  All of the heart chakras of the participants of this gathering were synchronized with a collective heartbeat!  It was clear that this group of people had come together to celebrate something.  They were celebrating the Birth of the Collective Heart!  They were celebrating Divine Love!  The potential of this reality is overwhelmingly positive in relation to our collective awakening and transformation.  I can't tell you how excited I am about knowing and feeling that we have nearly reached this point.  

Something was shining through these ones, and we could see that they were connected to a much greater organ of light that was pulsing with this collective human heartbeat.  The most extraordinary thing was that as these concentric rings of love continued expanding, they went right through the walls of the building and out into the streets, washing through the people on the street and touching their heart chakras.  My focus shifted to the people on the street and I watched as they were struck by the waves of love and the concentric circles washed through them and past them to expand even more and touch others.  Each time they touched a person, the illusion of distance and separation between our hearts would disappear, and the person would experience a flash of unity.  They stopped in their tracks and looked around, feeling a sudden sense of connection and love.  They began to feel a longing to share this unity with others. 

Watching their reaction to being touched by the rings of love, they seemed to actually see the world in a visually different way.  They could see the interconnectedness as they looked around.  It was not just a feeling, but it began to change their seeing, and they realized it had been there all along though they had not known how to see things in this way before.  This is exciting news, because so many of us have known that it is the average person on the street that we must reach with the message and vision of our potential as Love if we are to all awaken as one.  Now we are going beyond the need to even communicate this in words, for the Love will become so strong, it will reach across every barrier.  Our power to communicate the truth must go beyond words if we are to reach every person with the potential of our awakening. 

I knew that once the Collective Heart began to beat, scenes like this would be repeated at every gathering throughout the world where people were focused on the heart and celebrating love.  Love is the ultimate miracle.  It is the source and power behind them all.  It is a field of energy where miracles flourish!  Imagine concentric rings of love, pulsing from thousands of gatherings out into the world, and as these rings expand across the globe, the average person begins to feel the call to join in with the rhythm, the pulse, of the collective heart beat.  Soon each one of us that is pulsing with this beat will be able to walk around and channel the collective love and pulse rings of unity that touch everyone around us.  The Love will be there in Abundance, and it will simply be a matter of engaging the sacred and ancient art of Praising, to raise our vibrations and lift up everyone around us.     

Two single human heart cells will beat naturally at their own pace, but if they are placed together where they are touching one another, they will begin to beat as one, in sync with each other.  This is a scientific and spiritual truth.  In every pregnancy, the unborn child reaches an early stage of development where the heart begins to beat.  In the development of the New Being, we have nearly reached this stage.  Just as all human beings are potential conscious cells in the body of the New Being, we are being called upon now to align with the blueprint of this collective organ of light, and our heart chakras will be like the cells of the New Being's heart.

I feel certain that this vision was a glimpse of the upcoming World Angel Day event we are now promoting in Denver, Colorado, and this first vision the angels gave us was a link into our collective future.  This activation will happen no matter what, but we have an opportunity to serve it and become deeply aligned with it.  The new messages that will be given will serve to help us birth the Collective Heart within ourselves, and serve its activation and growth within Humanity.  This will by far be the most powerful leap we have experienced yet. 

We are going to create a field of human resonance and intention where miracles flourish.  The angels are beaming with excitement about helping us to cocreate this.  This will be part of our intention as we activate the Collective Heart.  If you are committed to this work, then please share this intention with the angels now.  This is something we all give to each other.  To generate a field of intention where the inspiration and energy for miracles flow throughout the world is a tremendous service to Humanity, and for each person in the world that shares this intention, we will all benefit from it.  To do this alone would be challenging.  To do this as an interconnected global group could become effortless.  To share one Heart is to share one awareness of The Miracle of Love.  To be with each other through Love is to be within all that is given and received, and to feel the resulting Joy and Release.

               Our Angelic Heart Team!

Recently a group of angels introduced themselves that said they were from the star Arcturus.  I called them Angels of the Heart because they came to help me with my heart chakra.  As I felt the pure essence of love from these angels I felt little difference between their vibration and the vibration of the Arcturians themselves.  I realized then that the Arcturian civilization had become so infused with the qualities of their angelic counterparts that there was virtually no difference between the two.  Perhaps it was a natural part of the evolution of all cultures in the galactic family, to become completely infused with their angelic counterparts.  I believed that this was part of the underlying purpose of World Angel Day, and why the angels came to us and asked us to cocreate this with them.  This is where we are headed.

The Angels of the Heart have come to help us with this new phase of our development.  They have come to heal our hearts.  Shortly after I made this connection, another form of energy showed up that felt interconnected.  The first was a spirit that carried with it a specific divine quality, and it offered to merge with Tanja and myself to serve our growth.  We were very touched by this gift that came through Saint Germain, and we both accepted.  The spirit merged with us and we felt a deep healing taking place.

Soon another spirit came that seemed similar.  It was a human energy, but with no specific human identity other than the divine quality that it represented.  These spirits came to work with the Council of New Being that met in Mt. Shasta, and by the end of the weekend, we had each brought through the energy of a different one of these spirits.  It was then that it became clear to me who they were, and where they came from. 

These ones came from our collective future as the New Being.  The angels are pure expressions of the divine attributes of the Creator.  They bring us qualities like Hope, Bliss, Compassion and countless other expressions of divinity.  These spirits came from a future where Humanity had infused with the angels, thus birthing into our collective being the divine attributes the angels bring to us.  Each spirit that was coming to us was an expression of a collective divine attribute that we embodied as Humanity in the future, and now we could begin to connect with them and collapse the time between this future and our Now.  Each spirit represented not only a divine attribute and collective quality of the New Being, but also a specific form of healing between Humanity and this aspect of our connection to Source.  It was like having contact with a form of collective healing that had completed in our future, and beginning to receive the benefits of it now. 

The key that allowed us to begin accessing these spirits was in the heart.  It is through the heart that Humanity's angelic counterparts will be infused, and with the arrival of the Angels of the Heart, I immediately began to meet these spirits.  I was being shown that just like the Arcturians, we would become infused with our angelic counterparts through the heart, and be able to consciously choose their divine attributes, and claim them as a part of our human expression and resonance.  When a civilization is seeded and goes on the journey of polarity, the angels are the keepers of the divine qualities that this civilization wishes to birth into form.  Once this infusion has taken place, the civilization is ready to own its true divinity, and begin a new kind of conscious evolutionary journey with the angels.  

As we join with the one heart, our hearts open to this pathway into the collective future where you can each connect with the spirits and attributes you need for your personal healing, and that will also be a part of our work.  The Angels of the Heart will help you open to this path in your heart, and receiving the healing that wants to come.   

The Angels of the Heart are with us.  They are a vast team of angels that encompass the Earth, many of which hale from Arcturus and other places in the galaxy.  Of course all angels are from the heart, but here I am referring to the specific team of angels that have come in to work on birthing Humanity's Collective Heart.  I have asked that this angelic team work with each of the subscribers who choose to receive the healing and clearing they wish to give.  If you choose, a group of these angels will come to you and wrap you in a blanket of unconditional love.  They will begin to connect to your heart chakra and work with you to heal your heart and prepare you for the deepest possible connection you can make to the collective activations that are coming.  If you give permission they will connect with you especially through the back of the heart, for this is an important place that needs to be cleared in connection with the Humanity's higher chakras. 

When you have invited the Angels of the Heart to work with you through this new message series, you may ask them for a key to the Records of the Heart.  This golden key can connect you with the decisions you have made that are connected with the heart, and the memories and experiences associated with them.  It can connect you with both the records of the collective heart, and the individual experiences you have created as an aspect of it.  You can imagine receiving this key in your hands and placing it in your heart to unlock a chamber where many records are stored, and invite the angels to be your guides here.  We are going to journey into places that many have forgotten and release ourselves from the decisions that Humanity made to resist our connection to the Collective Heart.

                       What's New?
Many of you might be asking, "Aren't we already connected to the Collective Heart?  Haven't we been doing that for decades now?  What makes what you are saying different?" 

For decades, as we have awakened to the Collective Heart, we awakened to a field of potential that was not yet actualized.  We were held in this space by the Masters.  The Master Maitreya appeared to me when I reached this point, and I heard the telepathic greetings of countless people around the world who were all part of a Collective Heart.  We all agreed to identify with the Collective Heart, though it had not been born yet.  The Masters were holding us in this space of alignment for what is now about to arrive.  The grid we helped weave is about to be filled with a new energy/awareness.    

The difference now is threefold.  First, even though so many of us awakened into this field of potential and connection with others who stood in readiness to identify with such a collective state of awareness, the seed of our collective birth as the New Being was only planted in 2001.  In the days during, and just after Sept. 11th, even though there was great fear and shock being shared around the world, there was also a great unity.  Remember the unity that we all felt, for that is the only thing that is important in feeling this process.  This unity was so strong and so inclusive that it created a necessary space for a seed to be planted.  Before that time, the seed of our collective awakening had been planted mostly in individuals, but during that time a special condition arose.

Scientists at Princeton working for the Global Consciousness Project recorded scientific evidence of this short-lived field of unity, and cited it as some of their strongest evidence that a global consciousness may be emerging.  It was during this time that it was possible for our collective, enlightened future self to reach back and connect with us, planting the seed of this global transformation in that brief window of unity. 

I say this because I can feel us in the future of our birth, collectively looking back in time and seeing that moment as a defining moment in beginning the process that lead to our birth, and the collective gaze we share upon that moment imprinted us during those days with a link into that future.  Everything that happens in history reflects a creative energy that works both backward and forward in time, and we will remember as a collective being that those days were the first time that we opened ourselves to bare a reflection globally of the compassion that is the destiny of our collective birth.  

Since then the echo of that future birth has been with us, often coming to us as the spirit of an enlightened child that holds all of us in its awareness of Love.  Since that time also we have begun experiencing the formation of collective light organs that correspond with activations in our own physical and etheric bodies, and the blueprints of the divine global councils have begun to arise, which are like major organs within the body of the New Being.  So we are in a new process now, that is activating each person/cell into alignment with the blueprints of this collective lightbody.  We have reached the stage where the heart will begin to beat, and this is both affecting those who surrendered to this level of collective identification long ago, as well as calling us to assist in this specific part of development. 

The second factor is that we are now synchronistically aligned with a time period ages ago when we were last in a collective state of awareness, and we made a decision to forget who we are and turn away from the Soul and the Collective Heart.  We turned our back on this collectively, and even those who knew better could not reverse the weight of that decision at that time.  We were all affected by this, but now we have reached a midpoint in the great 26,000 year cycle of time that is in alignment with this decision some 13,000 years ago.  We are in a position to remember the collective decisions, which I will explain later on, and to take responsibility for our true power and make new decisions.   

The people who will be the first healthy cells of the new Collective Heart carry a common mutation that makes them different from the rest of the world.  They have learned a lesson that we were not able to learn the last time we were in a collective state.  They have learned to transform pain into compassion, and thus they are not afraid to face the truth of our awesome power.  On this journey, we will turn to face that which we chose to forget, and complete the journey through time.  We will claim back what was lost, and share the gift of this mutation with everyone's heart. 

The third factor is the arrival of our collective chakra system.  In a pregnancy, the soul often does not choose to enter the womb until a certain period in the pregnancy.  I know many women that have reported this, and this is the case with the New Being.  Humanity is about to receive a linkup to a new collective chakra system that will align all of our individual chakra systems with the New Being.  This is what will make the rest of the transformation so rapid over the next decade.  We are going to assist Humanity to clear a space for the arrival of this part of our collective lightbody, which will begin coming in this year, and it will make vast amounts of love and light available to all who choose to receive.  So it seems that the arrival of the Soul of the New Being into the womb of Mother Earth is timed with the beginning of the collective heartbeat, and our decision to begin feeling again as one. 

I can actually see this new chakra system in the upper atmosphere as a Star of Love and Light, and it is attended to by a great many beings from our galactic family.  I will explain more about this later on.  You may want to begin attuning to this through your pillar of light.  Over the next few months, we will release ourselves from the ancient past, and open to receive both the arrival of our collective chakra system, and the angelic qualities of healing that are coming from our future.  May the Angels of the Heart be with you as we begin a new journey. 
Tickets for World Angel Day in Denver on Sept. 28th are still on sale until Tuesday July 1st if you register through www.paypal.com  Info is on our website.  This will be the meeting place of all angelic meeting places, between Heaven and Earth, and between our ancient past and our destined future.  Together, with the angels, we will open a vast gateway to unconditional love and grace for the world.  If you received this from a friend and would like to officially join our angel team, you can subscribe at  www.choosepeacenow.org   Please spread the word!

Blessings, Love and Light,

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