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Selacia,  1 Sep 2003

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia * September 2003

Taking Out The Trash

Imagine coming home and picking up your mail. Your mailbox is completely
full of papers and magazines, and many of them are what you would call junk
mail or trash.

Think for a moment now about how you separate out the junk mail from the
mail you want to keep. Allow your intuitively guided reason to assist you
in answering these questions about what you do with your mail and trash.
1. Do you put the junk mail in a separate pile or do you stack it with your other mail?
2. Do you toss the junk mail in the trash?
3. Do you take action on the sorting and tossing immediately, or do you use a delaying tactic to avoid decisions in the moment?
4. After you have tossed the junk mail into your trashcan with your other trash, how often do you dump the contents?
5. Do you separate out magazines you want to read later, or do you leave them stacked with your other mail?
6. Do you find that your magazines pile up in a corner of one room, either
7. How easy or difficult is it to throw out what you no longer need?
8. Can you easily find your bills and other important papers when you needthem?
9. After a housecleaning to organize and dispose of your old magazines and unneeded papers, how does your physical space feel?

When people donít throw out their junk mail and other trash in a timely way,
there is often a noticeable physical impact. Just consider the amount of
time and aggravation that can be involved in sifting through piles of junk
mail and other paperwork to find a bill thatís due tomorrow! Likewise, when
discarded orange peels and pieces of inedible fruit sit for days in a
trashcan with the junk mail, an army of ants may come to visit.

Cities can have this dilemma on a larger scale. Authorities in New York
City, during the summerís power outage, expressed concern about whether the
cityís trash would be picked up.

Everyone understands such impacts of the physical trash people collect. A
lesser-known dilemma is the trash that accumulates in the human mind.

Consider what happens when people donít throw out their own personal MIND
trash. This kind of trash doesnít pile up in a way thatís easy to observe,
but itís very real nonetheless. A personís mind is constantly on input from
the outside world, and from his or her own internal mind chatteróreceiving
and storing mountains of invisible trash. What IS this trash? Itís the
negativity of a personís ongoing internal dialogue of nonsensical messages.
When this negativity isnít discarded regularly, the personís life experience
involves increasing amounts of pain and suffering.

To be sure, people donít think of their thinking as trash. Itís often seen
as annoyance, though. It can be annoying to be kept awake by fearful
thoughts and worries about what may happen tomorrow. Itís common knowledge
that fears donít solve problemsóthat fears are simply False Evidence
Appearing Real. The typical unconscious tendency, however, is to entertain
the fears, listening to them as though they were very real. When this
happens, the fears pile up in the mind as useless and potentially harmful
energy. Unknowingly, a person becomes habitually conditioned to responding
as though the fears were a real threat.

Instead of regularly taking out the mind trash and therefore eliminating the
nonsensical negativity of the fear, most people complain. This is a learned
response. After all, people arenít trained to think of the fearful thoughts
that propel sleeplessness as trash. From the viewpoint of the mundane
world, losing sleep is the problem. So people complain to themselves or
others about losing sleep.

The action of complaining adds to the negativity already present in the
personís experience. This is because the fear churning over and over in the
mind now is joined by the equally useless energy of complaining. The trash
has just multiplied! The complaining is a distraction and often a delaying
tactic that can prevent a person from seeing and resolving their real
dilemma. Also, the action of complaining causes the negativity to be
recycled back into the person.

Understanding that oneís fears and complaining are the antithesis of solving
a problem is one thing. Stopping oneís habitual patterns of complaining and
going into fear is much more difficult. After all, people are trained and
conditioned from an early age to respond to lifeís challenges with a
negative mindset. The solution: identify and discard oneís personal mind
trash on a regular basis.

Send In The Trash Truck

What can a person do to empty his or her mind of the accumulated mind trash?

1. IntentionóSet your intention on a daily basis to become more aware of
your thoughts, both those expressed internally and those you express out
loud to others. Renewing this intention each day is the key here. As part
of setting your intention, ask for Divine guidance and assistance to help
you discover your own stinking thinking, those limiting thoughts and beliefs
that are based on negativity. Since these thoughts and beliefs are typically
hidden from conscious view, invite the Divine to begin bringing them to your
everyday awareness, revealing specifics of how they cause you pain and
suffering. Ask Spirit to show you when you are moving into fear, doubt or
worry. Remember that these negative mindsets are always trash. They wonít
help you. Ask to become increasingly aware of how you take in negative
messages from others and from your environment. As part of that, set your
intention to become more present to the happenstance of your life, noticing
in the moment how your mind ingests negative messages from the media and
other people. Ask Spirit to give you signposts showing you times when you
move out of the present and focus on the past or the future. Know that your
intake of additional mind trash can be heightened when your mind spends its
time reviewing the past or anticipating the future.

2. AttentionóAs much as possible throughout the day, stay in the present
moment in order to pay attention to your mind. If you find your attention
wavering back to the past or forward to the future, remind yourself that
being in the NOW will help you to carry out your intentions voiced that

Allow your intuitively guided reason to communicate what you need to know.
As part of this, remember that Spirit has unlimited methods of speaking to
you. Trust that Divine wisdom can come to you through what others
communicate, through things you observe and experience, though the behavior
of your pet, through nature, and through your own thoughts and intuitive messages.

When considering the types of intuitive messages you personally receive, don
ít forget your own body. Pay attention to your breath, noticing the times
when you restrict your breath out of fear. Observe patterns of
sleeplessness, body stiffness or physical pain. Each of these physical
responses has a message for you.

Make an inventory of your key relationships and the types of dialogue most
prevalent with each person. Note repeating negative messages that play back
and forth between you. Consider what the two of you complain about, either
to one another, or in commiseration.

When your mind focuses on a task you despise, notice what you say to
yourself and others about doing it. Pay attention to how you complain about
the task.

As you read the newspaper or watch the TV news, remember that for the most
part, the information wouldnít be considered ďnewsĒ if it were positive.
While it can be helpful to know what is happening in the world around you,
be mindful of how many minutes a day you ingest the negativity of the news.

3. DirectionóNow that you have set your intention and begun paying more
attention to your mind, the next step is directing or acting. Think of
yourself as a screenwriter who has plumbed his or her imagination to create
a compelling movie script. You have set your intention to write the script
and opened your mind to the creative process. You then focused your
attention by creating a storyline or plot within your mind, noticing how the
story plays out with your characters. If you donít then take action and
direct your attention to physically writing the story, the movie remains a
mental concept in your head.
Likewise, until you act on the awareness of your own mind trash, it remains
your mind, recycling and accumulating.

There are numerous methods for emptying the mind of its negative thinking.

The first way is to offer up or surrender your fear or other negative thinking to
the Divine.

You can do this even if you are unsure about the specific nature of your thinking.
You may simply feel fearful, but not know why, for example. When you use this
method, itís helpful to ask Spirit to take the fear from you, lifting it from your
mind, transforming it into an energy that can fuel your evolution, and returning it
to you in this positive form. You may want to visualize a trash truck inside your
mind, collecting the fear and whisking it up and out of you as it drives out of view.

A second way is to use the sound of your voice.
Once you are in touch with a specific worry, for example, you can use your
speech to assist in deleting it from your mind. Write out your worry on a sheet of
paper, then speak it out loud, listening to your own voice as you speak it.
Then say the word ďdeleteĒ out loud, imagining that the worry is being deleted
from your mind. This action is made more potent through the use of a number of
your senses: you see the ďworry thoughtĒ written on the paper, you feel it as
you write it, you use your voice to speak it, and you hear it as you say it.

Another means of using sound to clear mind trash is to visit an isolated place
where no one will hear you and sound out your bottled-up negativity. This
can be done in nature or in your car along the highway. To do this, simply allow
Spirit to guide you, helping you to let go of your suppressed negative sounds
through screaming, shouting, crying, and yelling. Remember to let go of your
censor, that part of you that judges what comes out and how it sounds.

A third method is to work with energetic, Spirit-directed processes such as core
belief repatterning. These processes can help you to more easily identify and
clear from your mind limiting belief systems. As part of this work, you can get in
touch with the root causes of your negative thinking, understanding how your
limiting beliefs were created within your own mind. As you explore the internal
workings of your mind, you will begin to notice themes and patterns that carry
over into numerous areas of your life. For example, you may have worries about
paying your bills. As you begin looking at these worries, investigating the types
of limiting beliefs you hold about money and abundance, you will likely find
negative beliefs that have nothing to do with bill paying. An example could be a
belief that you donít want people talking about you. If you are a consultant or
other professional whose business naturally expands with referrals, and you donít
want people talking about you, this belief could be a significant roadblock!

A fourth way is to utilize silence.
If you realize, for example, that you have already seen an hour of the TV
news today, consider skipping the replay before you go to sleep.
You can use the extra time to silently go within for some self-inquiry. As you get
in touch with your own mind trash, consider working with one of the methods
described above, deleting the trash before you drift off to sleep. As part of this,
itís helpful to remind yourself to complete your day with some thoughts of a
positive nature, so that you can take this higher vibrational energy into the dream
state. If you have a pressing life issue that you have been unable to resolve,
consider inviting Spirit to work with you in the dream state, bringing you an
expanded awareness of the issue.

The more that you throw out your own mind trash, the more you will have
space in your life for joy and positive forward movement. In fact,
transformation is really about regularly throwing out the trash and having a
container for blessings and happiness.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround
you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Transmitted through Selacia * Copyright 2003 * All Rights Reserved

Love and blessingsóSelacia
(310) 915.2884,     Santa Monica, California

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