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Stuff's Up,   Purification

Online Channeling and Messages

April 2, 2003


Greeting to all of you. Wow are the energies flying!


The energies are flying! The past couple of weeks have been a huge opening to possibilities. Have you noticed that the things which you have been manifesting for years are coming into this reality? It feels snappy “out there” like everything is clicking, and at light speed!


There was another shift yesterday afternoon with the same symptoms as before… as if in a moment the balance of this reality tilted into another. This was followed by a series of tones. A good thing I was sitting down this time! Those tones are communication. They contain information.


There is an opening occurring inter-dimensionally as we are beginning to assimilate the incoming energies. As we become these energies, our other dimensional aspects are beginning to harmonize with us. As this takes place, we are becoming more focused beings, more powerful and energetically harmonized from one aspect of ourselves to the next.


What does this mean to us? We are in times of huge change… First of all, you may have also noticed that your “stuff” is coming up in every direction. Those issues which have been buried deeply within you are now surfacing and screaming for attention. This is actually a clearing for us that is allowing us to release those things which have kept us earthbound. Those things that have kept many from lift off into a higher state of being.


You are being given the opportunity toward making other choices which will change the entire direction of your existence. A veritable fork in the road of your journey. To release those issues from your being which no longer serve you, simply make the choice to react differently than you ever have. Making a different choice will take you to a different set of experiences from which you can benefit, learn and grow. Those changes will also free you from the patterns which have reoccurred throughout your lives.


These changes also mean that what we intend to manifest is created quickly and easily when we send them out with a pure and powerful intent. Those desires we send out passionately are also manifesting so be very careful of what you ask for…


We are moving into a time of existence within a higher set of frequencies than those we in which we are accustomed to operating. Our bodies are exhibiting old patterns of functioning which do not suit us now.  I have heard from many of you who express a variety of symptoms including gastrointestinal problems, muscle and connective tissue aches and pains, and the sensation that your nervous systems have been plugged into some type of electrical current. They have. As I have said over the past few weeks, this will continue for some time.


We are approaching a huge energetic awakening. It is a fantastic time. We are becoming all that we have ever sought. And it was all right inside of us all along. What will we do with the amazing selves that we have discovered? 


Of course this leads me to another subject: worthiness issues. This subject has been coming up a lot recently. To this question I say…Of course we deserve everything that is coming to us. Of course we are good enough to use the gifts that we are receiving in whatever way our paths lead us. And of course, as long as we act in the faith that we are giving that which is meant to be shared from that which is our source, we can do no harm. We can only be a perfect aspect of each and every moment in which we exist.


As always, I am grateful to serve you. Be in peace.




Online Channeling

April 2, 2003


Antui Antallah asi, asi, asi, a nah nallah ensitu Greetings Dear Ones. We come as part of that which you are and of what you are becoming.


It is that at this time we wish to speak to you of purification, of sanctification, for those things which you carry within you which are not of your highest and best benefit must be released in order for you to receive full gain of those gifts which you are receiving even as we speak to you. Those gifts are your rememberings, which are coming to you beyond light speed yet within the light which is becoming that which is you.


When you carry within you those things of a past nature, holding them closely as that which is a part of you, your pain, your uncertainties, your grief, your guilt… all of those things that come to your forefront as previous discomforts…you are not only creating blockages within all of your bodies, all of your aspects, you are also compressing the very energies which give you the life, the existence in which you strive to be more comfortable! It is as if you are holding your ethereal breath!


And so it is that we must speak to you on this occasion about the purification f self. Of that which will free you in such a way that you become of the ability to take flight from within yourselves toward all that is good and pure. That which is light, that which is the Source of your very being-ness.


Many of you have a tendency to hold close to yourselves those things which have been a source of emotional pain. In countless ways, you have stored these emotionalities within your very being and they become a part of your identity and of your functioning not only as human beings, but beings of light. Those issues become stored energetically. Heavy, dense. We have heard some of you use the term “old baggage”. This applies quite well to what we are saying to you.


When you travel, carrying that which you feel you need, you have packed it all neatly into baggage of some sort in such a way that you must then carry it to your destination. As you move further and further into your journey, that which you thought you needed becomes heavier and heavier until you reach your destination. Once there, you begin to unpack and find that that which you thought your needed has now become stale and wrinkled. It takes work to straighten things out so that they become usable in the ways that you meant. That is, if you use them at all because you always carry more than you need.


And so it is with the emotional issues that you neatly tuck away within yourselves. Energetically, this baggage becomes heavier, more dense, and harder to contain as you move through the journeys of your lives. Those things which you have held within you become stale and uncomfortable and ultimately interfere with your functioning on many levels.


Perhaps you begin to show symptoms of being ill or in pain. Perhaps you are emotionally sensitive to certain subjects or situations. Perhaps within your thinking self you become caught in a mental cycle of thoughts, beginning with the situation of discomfort then rolling it around and around, attempting to justify, clarify and even judge over and over again that which you perceive to have caused the discomfort.


Dear Ones, we say to you that the time has come for you to become free of the bondage which you have inflicted upon yourselves. No other could have caused this. Your experience is that which you choose to allow into your reality and therefore into your existence as a being.


And so it is that by becoming aware of these things, you may then begin to become free of them. Often in your journeys, you do battle with events or situations, pushing them away, denying them as a part of your experience and giving credit to others who are involved for your discomfort. This is not so. If you truly wish to relieve yourselves of these types of feelings and energies, you must first own them. After all, Dear Ones, you cannot give away what you have not first owned.


Once you have claimed ownership to your feelings, thoughts, or any given situation, it is yours to release forever. But you must do this from within your very heart of hearts. Not from your thinking selves. It matters not who is involved or what the details were. Truly, not even the issues are relevant, but rather what you have done with them within you. These situations were merely a part of the experience you have gained upon your journey. Large or small in nature, they have simply been a part of your learning process.


Knowing that, it is to let go of those things deep within. Find that humility from which true strength comes. Desire to be free. Breath the breath of light into your very core. Allow it to expand within you. Ask that light to cleanse you of all that blocks or interferes with yourselves as light beings and which keeps you from that which you seek. Imagine that that light signals every aspect of your very being toward release of those other energies, and that as that light expands, as that breath fills your very being, you become that light from within, releasing all else.


Slowly at first, growing, expanding as your very nature, the light begins to fill and fulfill you, and you begin to glow from within with a golden light which grows around you, protecting you,. This light is also your placenta to that which is your reality and all else that is. It is your translator, bringing the harmonics of the Universal communication to a level of cognizance from which you can relate. That same field which you have created also transmits that which you project into the Universal process, translating your communications, your intents, your manifestations outwardly toward ultimate reality. You are that light.


In such a way then you will have become purified. Once you are able to sense your light in such a way, ask to become sanctified, blessed of that Light and so it shall be, for you are a child of that light.


It is that in that moment, you have found your perfection. You are free.


And so it is that we return to Light.




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