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            Archangel Gabriel: Stubborn Bugs Meet The Cosmic Carwash
  From: http://www.thespectrumnews.org  3/7/03 ARCHANGEL GABRIEL

Good afternoon, dear friend and scribe. I am Archangel Gabriel, along with many others who you
may regard as the Host of God. Michael has already informed you ones—through recent past
messages—to our very near presence within your planetary environment at this time. We come
within the Light of Creator of All That Is. Our Radiance is but the Power of the One Source,
flowing through to those in need, for the benefit of ALL of Creation.

Thank you for hearing our call and scribing this message. We have asked you to add this
last-minute task to an already filled plate because so many ones on your world are crying out for
help in this turbulent time—and yet some of these same ones, who claim familiarity with our
messages, easily forget what counsel we have shared in past lessons that would have made
the going a lot easier now.

Artificially induced bioelectrical conditions of depression, anxiety, and related detachments from
spiritual sustenance are being broadcast at such an intensity at this time that many are
floundering in all manner of negativity
. This negativity is intensified by a sense of disorientation
with respect to what is “reality”—a condition resulting from the planetary frequency rising faster
than some of you can adjust.

On the world stage you are witnessing opposing factions of your so-called elite world controllers
battle for “king of the hill
”—as we told you, for many years now, would necessarily happen. You
see the wishes of one faction (who prefer different plans for your demise) manifesting through
such anti-war actions as are being taken by France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and China. You
see the other faction working through the United States, Great Britain, Israel, and whomever they
have managed to bribe or blackmail for their vote at your United Nations debate forum. The
foolish determination of the one is matched, step for step, by the overwhelming technical might
of the other.

But do not be deceived by external appearances, dear ones. The opposing elite factions
conducting their business through these “puppets” are ALL controlled, at a still higher level of
inter-dimensional manipulation, by the SAME Dark Energies. They require that your planet be
kept down in frequency for their continued comfort and survival in your domain.

How is this accomplished? As we have explained in many past lessons, this is done as it has
always been done—through the creation of conditions that generate or provoke negative
(low-frequency) emotions like fear, despair, etc. in as many of you as possible. You, millions of
you, reacting to their contrived ominous events, then radiate that negative energy outward, like a
lot of radio towers, and thus is created a low-frequency “atmosphere” in energy space that’s
comfortable and nurturing to them, and in the process partially cancels the unpleasant (to them)
high-frequency energies impinging upon your planet (and your entire solar system, actually) with
greater and greater intensity, and higher and higher frequency, with each passing day.

So what you are witnessing on the world stage right now (through such focal points as Iraq and
Korea) is no more and no less than a reflection in the physical domain of a high-stakes battle for
survival by Dark Energies who have long held comfortable reign over the affairs of mankind on
planet Earth. Picture them like stubborn bugs trying to hold onto the outside of your automobile
(planet) as you drive through a kind of cosmic car wash at this time.

Ultimately these Dark Energies will lose their hold and, through sheer discomfort from the
intensifying high-frequency environment, choose to go elsewhere. But not without a fight. And if
possible, not without destroying as much of what they can’t have so nobody else can enjoy it

This is where we of the Host of God come into the picture and necessarily become very close
participants in the affairs of your world. As both Michael and Esu “Jesus” Sananda have
explained in recent messages shared within these pages, we stand quite ready to nullify any
actions of aggression that cross the line into the danger zone of jeopardizing the health and
forward evolutional progression of Mother Earth and those souls experiencing with her in
alignment with Creator’s Will.

Yes, that’s a mouthful. But we’re a recognized formidable adversary to those in positions of
seeming power who have chosen to be agents of Darkness. And as has already been
explained, the Dark Energies associated with your planet are feeling quite desperate at this

I, Gabriel, am historically known for having somewhat of a dramatic flair when it comes to
making important announcements. So let me make this one perfectly clear (and you may add
your own trumpet blast if so desired): We of the Host again urge those in major decision-making
capacities to think twice and then act in good conscience—or be prepared to learn that lesson
the hard way. The Golden Rule is not difficult to follow for those who are aligned with Creator’s
Will. This is the time of Testing and Sorting—with no exceptions and no “wiggle room” as you
ones put it.

We suggest that you who read these words with understanding and appreciation remain diligent
about keeping one foot in that physical world of experience and one in our higher world of spirit.
Balance between these two domains is key to a smooth ride through the Planetary Transition
(that which has been called the Great Awakening and Great Cleansing) now in obvious progress
on your Earth.

Do monitor what your news reports have to say, for you can discern much more than they would
like to reveal by their actions and words (especially of backpedaling and denial). But practice
doing such monitoring of “news” with a healthy detachment that buffers you from being pulled
into the negative emotional reactions of fear, anger, etc., that they effort to manipulate you into

If you find yourself sliding down that slippery Dark slope of negativity, remember to call in the
Light, as often as necessary, and ask we of the Host for assistance. We are ever ready to help.
But YOU MUST ASK! Likewise make humor a frequent ingredient of your daily emotional diet.
Along with love, appreciation, and kindness, humor is a powerful antidote to any type of
low-frequency attack, whether from within or without.

We would like to close this message by asking that you also continue to send Love, Light, and
Appreciation to Mother Earth, who endures great negativity at this time of turmoil so that you ones
may have a classroom environment in which much unique soul-growth can take place. Her
destiny resides in the same higher-frequency environment that you who are drawn to these
messages instinctively know is likewise YOUR new home. That higher-dimensional realm is
already home to many of you during what you call sleep periods, and the “bleed-through” into
waking consciousness of that experience shall continue to intensify as the “veil of separation”
continues to thin.

It was about this time last year that Soltec—whose translation of duties in your terms would be
as Geophysical Commander of our mission of aiding in this Earth Transition Project—shared a
most critical message with you that we are asking to be repeated again here. Purposeful covert
assaults upon your bioelectrical stability make it difficult to remember what you read yesterday,
much less a year ago, and that message was looking down the road to what you are facing

Bless you who are persevering through these intense lessons of spiritual growth, for as any
ONE grows, so does the Whole of Creation. It is a grand and glorious journey, indeed!

I am Gabriel—Archangel, Wayshower, and formidable ally to you who hear the call and effort to
do your part in this most Grand Play unfolding. I leave you in the Light and Love that flows
through me from the Source of All That Is. Salu.
Permission is hereby granted to anyone to quote The SPECTRUM in whole or in part, so long as
full credit of this source is given, including contacting information: The SPECTRUM, P.O. Box
1567, Tehachapi, CA 93581; phone: 1-877-280-2866 toll-free; and see our
www.TheSpectrumNews.org website.

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