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The Harmonic Concordance.
The Star of Bethlehem for This Age

God through YaŽl and Doug Powell at Circle of Light

The pure light of My Love ever streams forth, reaching for you. Gently I hold each of you, whispering to you in your heart, asking you to wake from the dream of your humanity. Always I have done this. As you have tossed and turned and dreamed your lives of pain and disappointment, every moment I Am there, calling to your heart. In the course of history that is the dream of this world, there have been moments when the great shining truth has broken through. Times when  something shifts and the truth of Love comes shining in to wrap you in its sweet caress. These are times when you feel My Love, and feeling it, you know yourselves. November 8th is one of these. Oh, but it is a greater one than all the moments that have come before, combined. For the star that comes into the skies on November 8th is your "Star of Bethlehem," beloveds. This star portends the birth of Christ in and as humanity. The star that came in Jesus' time was exactly such a star as this. It was an astrological configuration that was "read" by the wise men, who listened and then followed it to see where Christ had come to live on Earth. They found it lived in Jesus. Now, dear ones, it lives in you. And just as there was also a star of light to symbolize the birth, so will there be for you. But it shall be made from the light that is alive in you. And it will be seen and felt. It will be sensed and understood in every heart of every life upon this Earth. I have always said to you that the "Second Coming of Christ" was to be your birth, humanity, back into the truth of Love you are.

This star created by the heavens is the "Crown Chakra" of humanity. It is the opening through the veil - that as you say "Yes" to who you are, will turn and open to reveal the world of consciousness and Love.  So the star is being viewed as a chance to join together and to  collectively make a choice to create a world of Love. But I say to you that this star is a reflection of who you already are. It is the fact that you have already made this choice that brings this star about, and not the other way around. Truly the world comes forth from you, My humanity, My precious hear, and not the other way around. What you believe is what you live, and what you believe together is this "reality."

So the truth of this star is that it is the reflection of the shift that has occurred within the human heart. Dear ones, what this says to you is - accept who you truly are, for already you have chosen it. It also says that anything that you have lived that is less than Love, any negativity or darkness has now been superceded.  By the truth of your hearts, you have chosen balanced Love.

The "lock" upon the heavens is now, at last, to open. The heavens are the symbol of that which lives 'above,' that which is vibrating at the rate of Love, which is the one true life that all are meant to live. Because of your choices, collectively, to believe in anti-Love, to believe that something other than the Love I Am exists, you have been sequestered here on Earth. Not as punishment, but simply out of resonance.  In the entirety of all Creation, no where else does duality exist. For I Am only Love, and this is your truth as well. Whatever your mind may tell you, your heart will verify this truth. But now, oh now, My precious ones, the truth of Love is in your hearts!  And  everything around you will begin to bear this out, to reflect to you a world of peace, a life of joy and the spirit of plenty pouring forth on Earth. Blessed are those who can see that this star in the heavens is your crown, humanity - a crown of light and a portal to the truth of Love we share.  Celebrate on November 8th!  Place all your focus on the truth of who you are! And oh, dear ones, please reconnect with Me. For everything that you have suffered, all the darkness, deception and pain, all the lifetimes of illusion and the extended dreams of lessons learned - all of these resulted  from your turn away from Me. Yet nothing has ever changed the truth - you and I are one. Each one of you is a Twin Flame cell in the jeweled mandala of My heart. Each one shines forth the sparkling pattern of the Love you  re in Me.

You are co-creators. The Star of David means that you have found your balance. It means your Twin Flame is near. It means that you've accepted the vastness of your beings. It means that you have given Love the highest place within your life, and this choice is now reflected in the stars. It means there are enough of you. It means that those who have made the choice for Love are strong enough together to bring all others with you. Thus, it means you must not focus on what is wrong anymore. Oh, beloved ones, please listen. Love is the only thing that is Real. Darkness is only shadows, the absence of Love right there. Love is who and what I Am and what you are in Me. Love, then, is the only power in the world, not Love and fear. Fear and darkness are only created when you, as co-creators believe in them. When you see Me as outside of you and believe that we are separated, only then is there room for anything else but Love in your consciousness.

This star says you have done it. You have chosen Love, rejected fear. You  have believed so deeply that your heart responded, and together we've created this moment of truth - the truth that only Love is Real.  Yet, if you focus your great co-creative attention upon what you yet perceive as darkness and inequity, you'll be recreating the duality you've already chosen to leave!  This is so important! This star says that the truth of your choice for Love has already been registered in our co-creative relationship.

Now, please don't go backwards by believing this world of Love "is yet to come" - for in doing so, you place it as separate from you and thus you are back in duality, in the ego dream of separation from Me, and thus from your good.  Trust that you have done it. The Harmonic Concordance is a "thank you" from Me. For it is, dear ones. It is. It is a thank you, that that which you promised to Me on the moment of the Harmonic Convergence, you have done. You promised Me then that you would bring all the others, that no one would be without Love, "left behind." You have done it.

Why do I say this when you can look around and see an imperfect world? Because all of you together who have chosen Love have enough Love now to easily lift the rest. And those of you who offered to "take on their karma," to transform for others as well as yourselves, you have "hooked up with" every stream of negativity, using the resonances of your own lives - that as you turn back to Me, your light is so bright that it eliminates the darkness in all of those lives. But for this, you will need your SoulMates, your Twin Flames, for only ogether, working as one heart with the two forces of Creation will you reclaim the power that you need.   So now is not the time to focus on "things to come." Now is the time to  thank Me that they are here - all the Love and all the joy and all the  shifts to consciousness that you need to do that which you have come to earth to do. You have come to manifest My living heart, the Christ, as the  unity of only Love alive upon the Earth.  Now is the time to open your heart, to see through that heart the truth of all of this. And to see through your heart the Twin Flame Love that is the  truth of you. Then the great explosion of living Love that is the ongoing moment of Creation is yours to be right here on Earth. And all the glorious  SoulMate hearts will "entrain" (or magnetize) the rest of the world easily  back to only Love, to unity again. As you reclaim your Christedness by accepting what this Harmonic Concordance is saying (concordance means together, everyone in accord), you will experience unity consciousness. You will feel, you will know that all that you are that every breath you breathe is the one breath of all. You will  feel Me. You will be bathed in My Love. Your heart will be the instrument of  perception in your life. Duality will simply disappear. And by the power of your "Yes!" to Love, the star of humanity's Christedness will open the veil to reveal to you the living breathing all of Love we are. Where your attention is, there is your focus. Your focus is how you direct your co-creative power. Remember that you can't have the world you want by focusing on what is wrong with it. You can only have it by focusing on the truth of Love you want. Remember too, that Love is magnetic and that an open dedicated awakened Twin Flame heart can magnetize 100,000 people or more back into the vibration of Love simply by allowing the resonant connection from your own life on Earth, to bring all others of like experiences back into Love.

So you can sense the unfolding plan. The Christed heart of humanity contains Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine together, in balance. Together these forces are the same as those in Me that "brought forth life."  Thus you reclaim your power, your birthright, and we apply it to the gentle and loving return of humanity as one to the truth of Love and the glorious truth of who you are - the cells within My heart.

Have gratitude that a world of Love is here now. Let this be your mantra, and align with the truth of the heart which is that Love must be given to be received. These are the things you must focus on.  And on November 8th, may every heart be filled with gratitude and joy. The heart of God remembers. The Christ is come again - this time as the hearts of humanity itself. On the Harmonic Concordance we celebrate that the truth of My Love is the resonance that has swept across the Earth. The Star of Bethlehem for this age. The Christ of God is you, beloved ones.

Remember that in Jesus' time, the star did not say to the wise men who saw it: "The Christ of God may or may not be born."  It said to them, "The Christ has come to Earth."  So it is with you, dear ones. Though it may yet have to mature a while, the Christ is here on Earth, as you.

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