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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Ahau, 18 Moan, 11 Ik   5/20/03

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts! Today, we intend to discuss how the physical aspects of this reality are being integrated into its spiritual elements. That is, in what way Heaven is transforming your reality. At first, these changes will be made subtly. Later, a series of events will make them visible to everyone. To begin with, look within yourselves. In countless messages, we have explained your transformation into a fully conscious Being. This process will also cause your environment to mutate. Initially, it will pass through the stages of ever-increasing chaos that are occurring, now, around you. Another phase will be your growing levels of awareness as you discern how this chaos functions. As your population awakens, by degrees, to its expanding consciousness, these processes will escalate proportionately. At this moment, they are increasing exponentially. Once a critical mass is reached, it will be impossible to prevent your reality from manifesting.  You are at that point now, and Heaven's contingency plan is in place.

      As you analyze these occurrences, you become aware that they have a kind of cascading effect.  Although strong opposition still exists, it cannot last. A s your ever-growing consciousness sets the field in motion, that field becomes transformational, creating the power to implement change on a grand scale indeed.  Right now, the Ascended Masters of your world are aiding this consciousness, eroding the tyranny that is preparing a very different fate for Earth's humanity.  The last cabals on your world are well aware of this fact, and every day quake at its possibilities.  They realize that their present successes are the foundation of their future ruination.   The point to be made here is best expressed by the old phrase, "Never judge a book by its cover".  You are witnessing the cabals' attempts to disguise the inevitable.  Although they are grand masters of deception and have done a very good job, you must read the 'book' in order to discover its true story.

      When you have carefully examined the 'book', you will understand what Heaven is doing to effect a complete change.  This process will involve a continuation of your magnificent work, together with an operation that ensures swift disclosure, on the physical plane, of the universal process of change.  Any mutation of your reality demands an unconditional agreement between Heaven and you.  The decrees of the divine plan will assist the agreement's progress.  There is every indication that, in this divine moment, an extraordinary transformation will unfold.  As a result of that change, the agreements to which we have long referred will be unalterable.  Right now, a number of exceptional occurrences are manifesting that will lead to the many broadcasts that we have previously mentioned.  These events are inevitable.  The key point has been the education of our earthly allies to rely on our direct assistance.  Such a true sharing can weld a new partnership that will ensure the manifestation of your new reality, according to the divine plan.  At this time, you are experiencing a 'learning curve' that we feel will be very short and very meaningful, and that will guide us all to the essential outcome.

      Dear Ones, we ask you to see this time as a sacred quest to create a new reality. The first step is for you to create a clear path of understanding with Heaven and your galactic kin. This triumvirate will merge to form a divine field of Light, which will assist our earthly allies in overcoming their own difficulties.  It will provide the means to ensure your success.  Remember that the goal is for us all to come together. In this procedure, you will need to form a collective safety net for those who are working to create great abundance, and to establish a series of forward-looking governments.  Our announcements will be included as part of the operation, which is currently being organized.  Many powerful forces within the cabals are redirecting their intent toward our own.  During this process, some announcements may be made, but be aware that the operation will continue and that it will involve appropriate, basic changes.  Your world needs to be told the truth and to feel that it is free and sovereign.

      Our goal is to bring our first contact mission to a successful conclusion. Heaven's is for you to return to full consciousness within the timeframe specified by the divine plan.  That means that there are definite time limits to these developments.  It also implies that our mission, soon, will become more obtrusive in your lives.  Heaven has informed us that whatever must unfold will occur, and those who attempt to prevent this process will be lovingly removed.  It is imperative that whatever is decreed be revealed.  Your new reality will manifest, dear Hearts!  Everything that we have told you about is real!  Only the process required to educate all concerned has delayed it somewhat.  Nevertheless, these delays can, and will, be transformed into resounding victories. So that this may unfold, your Ascended Masters have given us certain assignments. These tasks will achieve their divine purposes. Remember that we are here to reconsider the means by which we may co-create with you a new reality.

      As our earthly allies shed their extreme xenophobia, they will see us, gradually, as their brothers and sisters.  They will begin to realize that a partnership between us can usher in a shimmering new reality for Mother Earth.  But first, the long, dark tentacles of the Anunnaki's earthly minions need to be pried from that new reality.  In its stead, a new global power structure, based upon individual sovereignty and mutual responsibility, needs to be put forward.  This new power structure requires a mentor, and that mentor is your space family.  In turn, we require Heaven's supervision in these matters.  This task will be carried out, lovingly and graciously, by your Ascended Masters.  You are yet another crucial component in this process. Each one of you needs to make full use of your God-given gifts to allow these things to come about.  Activate your communities by forming support groups, and educate your neighbors on their changes in consciousness.

      Moreover, dear Ones, assist your communities in realizing that the regimes controlled by these last cabals are desperate.  They seek to act against the Will of Heaven.  They will go away and, in their place, Heaven will install governments more conducive to change.  Your task will be to demonstrate how this much-anticipated new society will function. It will be a society of abundance, operating according to a number of divine and fluid principles, which enhances the talents of each individual and empowers the society to solve any potential problem in a creative way.  Further, these management principles allow groups to discover and make best use of their talents. We urge that these 'fluid group dynamics' be taught in and practised by every community in your world. Furthermore, we call for these centers to be formed to support everyone in accomplishing these vital tasks.

      Together, we shall manifest a new and golden reality. Together, we will create a world ready that is for first contact and the daily manifestations of your Ascended Masters. This glorious world is not a dream.  It is, in fact, coming into existence around you at this very moment. You need to use your magnificent abilities to assist Heaven in its manifestation.  Never lose sight of the fact that you are Light workers. Y ou have come to Earth to be in the forefront of change.  This wondrous transformation is about to unfold.  The degree of its suddenness will doubtless surprise you.  Nonetheless, you are a critical component in this process. Regardless of what you may see or feel around you now, we need you to step forward and establish the support groups that we have mentioned. Groups and centers such as these will make a difference. They will help us to accelerate the pace of your progress and ensure your success.

      Today, we have discussed the various events unfolding, now, upon your world. In this, we ask you to concentrate intensely on the many tasks at hand. Always be aware, dear Hearts, that what we truly wish for can be manifested very quickly. We intend only for you to do your part to ensure our mutual success. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the infinite Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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