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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Oc, 3 Pop, 12 Manik        July 29, 2003

A belated Happy Galactic New Year to you all, dear Hearts! We arrive, once again, with more information to pique your curiosity. In some recent messages, we have described our two main Sirian home-worlds and have given you a glimpse of our culture. Humans from across this immense galaxy come in many different colors and sizes. Our cultures, though equally distinct, gladly welcome and celebrate our wondrous variety. We consider our numerous cultures a divine sign of the ways our diversity can actually unite us. In fact, throughout the year, we delight in producing many trans-galactic festivals in which we perform our unique styles of song, chant, dance, drama, music and literature. These various celebrations led us, hundreds of millennia ago, to form a pan-galactic human cultural organization. This group, through its association with the Galactic Federation of Light, is one of many ways by which its member star-nations interact with one another. We are all eager to add your future star-nation to its lengthy membership list very soon.

      These cultural exchanges are occasions when we celebrate the grand histories of our migrations from the Vega solar system to solar systems throughout this galaxy. Leading these fêtes are the hundreds of star-nations that represent the first founding steps toward our later journeys of settlement throughout the whole of the Milky Way Galaxy. For this reason, the star-nations of Lyra hold a special place in our hearts. An honorary chairperson from one of these highly esteemed star-nations presides over each festival. To honor the star-nations' integral role in our migrations, one of them always presents the festival's first group of performances. Once these have been completed, each festival stages an original work by artists of the hosting star-nation. Most often, this piece is based upon the role that star-nation played in the migration histories. The rest of the festival consists of hundreds of performers, from a selected cross-section of star-nations, who offer renditions of their star-nation's traditional works, plus their own original productions.

      Cultural festivals are times when many types of trade and commerce agreements can be discussed. This ongoing exchange of new ideas, goods and technologies is important in maintaining our mutual interests in what we have termed the 'galactic human coalition'. Festival conferences keep us informed about events across the galaxy and allow us to assist the coalition by adopting policies on a wide variety of issues. These guidelines enable us to maintain a unified position in the various Regional Federation Councils and on occasions when the full Galactic Federation Council assembles for its infrequent congresses in the Vega solar system. Consequently, our cultural and diplomatic liaison interactions are critical in providing a unified front. During the past 200,000 years, we humans have been able to cement a union that is honored throughout the Galactic Federation. Its far-reaching reputation has resulted in the birth of similar cultural festivals honoring the diversity of many other sentient species that inhabit the Milky Way Galaxy.

      In addition to the special, human-focused fêtes and many other similar celebrations to which we have alluded, a great many cross-species festivals are held throughout the Galactic Federation. These entertainments serve a special purpose, enabling star-nations within the same Regional Federation Council to interact. This is an important process that lets one sentient species honor the many others that belong to a given Regional Galactic Federation Council. Exchanges such as this make it possible for us to learn more about each other, allowing those who belong to a particular culture to display it in all its magnificence. These festivals also provide a venue for informal discussions concerning new technologies or diplomatic initiatives, and opportunities to propose a general meeting of the Main Galactic Federation Council. Moreover, they secure the continued allegiance of member star-nations to the underlying principles of the Galactic Federation of Light - principles that have united this galaxy and brought to an end the many tragic Galactic Wars.

      As we have come together in this galaxy, so you, dear Ones, are now ready to unite and recreate yourselves. This divine process makes possible the manifestation of a new, transitional reality upon Mother Earth. It is the next stage in your return to full consciousness. Long ago, you migrated from many different parts of the galaxy to this particular solar system. During the course of the past 13 millennia, you have forgotten your off-world origins. You have also failed to remember that you are an invited outsider. This eco-system is not your natural habitat, but rather an environment that you were meant to oversee and, under Heaven's guidance, to preserve. Instead, owing to your amnesia and, more important, to the dark schemes hatched, in your distant past, by the Anunnaki, you have become its greatest destroyer. Now, your amnesia is beginning to lift. When it does, you will fully realize the Truth of our words.

      Your task, regarding this world's eco-system, is to steward the planet, not live in its midst. This perspective is crucial to the role that every galactic human plays in physicality. Our single most important task is to nurture physicality. Keep in mind that each galaxy, planet and sun is an electro-gravitic Being. You have arrived in physicality, under Lord Surea's direction, to maintain and enlighten physicality. At the divine right moment, you will assist physicality in re-uniting with Heaven. That magical event will bring this Sixth Creation to a close, while simultaneously transforming it into the Seventh Creation. Till then, our goal is to help to manifest the divine plan. At times, this task has caused situations that we have found unpleasant or even distasteful. Nonetheless, these events have taught us a great deal and granted us immense wisdom. They have brought you to your present condition.

      As your awareness expands, you will be more able to understand that you are not some evolutionary Earth primates that evolved into humans. You are all extraterrestrials who have entered physicality for a divine purpose. As we have just mentioned, that purpose is to manifest the divine plan, which has dropped you into a temporary state of limited consciousness. We have told you these things many times before. Now, we wish you to know that the next step in your development is close at hand. Its consequences will transform your existing world very quickly. The Galactic Federation came here to institute a divine physical intervention, which became a first contact mission. That mission is ready to move into its next stage. The moment has arrived for the first phases of physical contact, which will move beyond our current observational procedures.

      The theme of this New Year of 12 Manik is divine world service. It is primarily concerned with the shaping of institutions and events that will allow all forms of humanity to serve Mother Earth. This means that a vibrant, new global society needs to be created. We are prepared to assist you in more appropriate ways. We appreciate the brave deeds that our earthly allies have performed so selflessly, and realize that it is time for us to complete long-delayed tasks. Your earthly protectors have forged ahead to exert the necessary pressure and to make available whatever you will need to bring about your new, transitional reality. Now is the time for us to move forward and act according to Heaven's wishes. We have instructed our fleet, liaisons and on-planet observers to launch the next phase of this operation. It will free you from the illegal powers and agendas of your planet's last dark cabal.

      Today, we have briefly discussed in what ways our diversity has become our greatest strength. We have also mentioned the fact that you are our kin, and that we have been divinely instructed to help you. Now, at last, it is time to begin this crucial operation! Soon, we finally will meet and you will embark on the last stages of your journey to full consciousness. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that Heaven's unending Supply and unbounded Prosperity is truly yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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