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 Shift Communication    A'ra"Lei  through Rebeka Michaels    Nov 2003

Greetings again, I am  A'ra'Lei commander and Communications Engineer from the Lyra Ststem. I have come forth this day to present a different perspective in relation to the vast of Information that is circulating upon Earth at This Time. You all are Aware of  the event so named the Harmonic Concordance.  My communication is relative to this Event and in regards to The Great Shift of Ages  or  The Great Shift of Consciousness that is in process at this moment.  We have heard it said that this Concordance is the 'bookend' to the Convergence in 1987 and also that, in metaphor, it is the 'answer' to the 'question'  pertaining to the Shift/ the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and this Grand Finale of the Harmonic Concordance in your 2003.  First, let me share that what you each are living now, is what you term the year or 'time' of 2012.  Yes, you are living it right now. Calendars have been changed many, many times upon your earth, so the year of 2012 is only an approximation in the experience of the linear in this portion of the Time Continuum of Earth.  So, in fact, you each are already at the threshold of The Great Expansion, The Great Shift of '2012'.  

The upcoming cosmic event is spectacular, and there is much more to be grounded into your Consciousness. It is for this reason, I am in Communication.  It is of the utmost, dire, potent and Life-Sustaining  reasons that each of you remain & continue to be or to solidly 'ground' yourself in this Experience.  Yes, this is of great importance & one might easily become overly illusioned in the glamour and excitement of this event.  While this is true for humans due to your emotional body, it is vitally important to be 'in body' in the physical, grounded and solid in your Abilities to Hold/Radiate Light, to be a Pillar of Compassion and Love,  to be completely solid on Earth so that you may be able to conduct and transmit the vast and enormous amounts of energy coming into your Field and into & through your biology.  

Many are looking forward in Awe to the 'event' of a cosmic expression & display, while they are confused as to why the biology is in such pain, or why they cannot sleep, or why they cannot concentrate, or why they cannot retrieve information from the mental banks.  All these things are in common to The Shift in Consciousness that you are experiencing in this moment.  Each planet in the universe is experiencing The Shift in it's own way, and each of those separate experiences are being merged to add impetus for the other planets. Earth is unique because it is the only planet with biology, which is programmed and governed by the Laws of Polarity, Duality and Paradox, which has free will to fully participate in all the vastness of this part of  Source's Experience.  The planet that has the most effect upon you, is your sun.  Your sun, for many of your months now, has been Ready to experience your term of Super Nova. It is very Ready for it's Ascension in Consciousness.  There have been vast numbers of galactic groups assisting in the stabilization until just the right moment within The Shift.  As the sun releases it's energy, these releases disrupt the grids of earth such as the electro magnetic grids, the magnetic grids which contain the fluid fabric of Consciousness and each & all grids which have been constructed through the eons which constitute the mass-consciousness-agreement grids of the varying levels and frequencies of everything upon Earth. When these grids are disrupted, so too is the ability to access general memories and information from the masses, and so too, is each personal matrix of each person and animal on earth.  The influxes and infuses of Energy are Recorded and utilized differently in the Crystals and non-biological species. 

For those of you who are considered Anchor Points or Transmitters, your bodies are especially being disrupted, while the mental capacities are trying to sustain an illusion or a program that states there must be a singular reason for the incapacity & all will be repaired soon.  As one is Allowing of the release of this belief or thought, the more one can detach themselves from the fear or anxiety that is underlying at this point, the more stable one can be during The Shift and the more 'in body' and 'grounded' one will be & hence the easier the ride, so to speak.  Recall how the body feels when all systems are tense & each muscle group is tightened when in fear.  Now completely relax and feel how the body can better respond to all that is placed in front of it to attend to.  This is the feeling of being grounded and now one is Ready to expand the amount of Energy that is permeating and bombarding the planet, the Fields, all life on Earth and all grids and matrices.  This is the physical body. 

In the mental and emotional areas,  the more Energy one can allow to travel through the body with as little resistance or blocking as possible, the easier it is for the mental and emotional bodies to function. As these vast amounts of Energy, of diverse & rarified frequencies pour through the Energetic Fields, into the body and then transverse the various systems and then exit the Field and the body, the goal is to allow the Energy to radiate from you, to transmit these energies through & by a cohesive energy Field.  It is no longer appropriate to 'HOLD Light'.  Very old programming which can make this Time, very uncomfortable and one's ability to remain in form less likely.  During the evolution Time, it has been important and has been the focus, the goal, to Identify with the polarity of Life-Affirming or 'Light' and to Remember there was that polarity available. Then it became the evolutionary Concept or Step to 'Hold Light'.  Here is where many are having difficulty. This is such an important step, a fork in the road, so to speak, let us begin another paragraph, for the Keying and Coding of the mental body and the cellular memories. 

We in this universe are at the Involution step, the next 'OutBreath' of Source, as a perspective.     During Evolution, the polarities fought & escalated back and forth, taking turns for experience. That was the OutBreath, in metaphor & mythology.  The next step in Evolution in this universe was the 'InBreath', where it is observed that Source Calls back to Itself all Creation. Your Ancient Ones were told this would take an approximate amount of calculated, linear time and that mark was December Winter Solstice 2012. As the InBreath was inconsistent in ratio to the Evolution and in  the Remembering  of the inhabitants of the universe that all are an aspect of Source and that each unto themselves IS Source also, we all came to The Shift Point, the ZeroPoint to transform Consciousness at a much accelerated rate! This  acceleration rate has been difficult to stabilize in relation to the grids and in relation to the vast influx & instability it is creating in the fabric of life/Consciousness. 

As this has been written, and as each person reads this, there are Teams which are working with each reader to unlock, Access and then gracefully release the Coding and the Lock that has been in place in the cellular for eons.  This Lock is one that was created from the pain of devastation in the failures to integrate polarity which was experienced both on this planet & off.  This Point is not a new one, and through the many 'failures', we have become more expert in defining the stabilization methods to incorporate at this juncture.  There are different bodies of Information as to how many 'Great Experiments' have been attempted, how many Atlantises there were (yes, there was more than one in your earth experience and several off planet) and how each failed to provide the desired goal of polarity integration. We have had a lot of 'time' to try to Accomplish this…..now we are at the finale.  The final Level of the final Experiment, and then it is the OutBreath once more. The OutBreath is JUST beginning and this too, is part of the vast and deep turmoil each is experiencing. To return, to the topic of this being the final attempt.  The devastation has been so intense, that most Souls on earth right now or the aspects thereof, are in terror and at some levels of energetic viewing, as if they are frozen. We see the top layer of energy frozen as it were and the one below it in terror & chaos. If one were to use a metaphor, it is as if the face is 'frozen' in terror while screaming. This we see.  Many believe and have manifested many grids that support their perspective, that there was only one Atlantis and one Lemuria, hence many connect into these grids & become stuck. It is because the devastation was so intense & that the experience was such more than once, that many could not cope with it in general and of the Knowing these failures and loss of Life occurred more than once, so the cellular Code was written to erase knowledge (though the true memories are still in the cellular, only hidden for most souls) of more than one & which retained the terror and not a lot of specifics and those that have been retained are distorted and in combination, so no one 'story' is true.   

In order to become coherent in your energetic Field, which enables the biology to transmit and transmute more levels of energy & more rarified frequencies, which in turn allows a more graceful movement and experience during The Shift, we highly suggest that you each Review what I have just presented. There are those who are insistent this is not so, and will not Review….then we must say to you….good luck.  We say this not from dispassion, it is relayed because there is nothing for me or us to do further to assist you until you are Ready for such assistance.  Those that cannot and will not allow for the Transition of Consciousness, and refuse to Transform the cellular trauma that binds them and blocks their Involution,  there is nothing for us to do. Those in that belief will either decide to remain in a dimension which supports those beliefs until a time in which they are Ready to complete the Evolution process and move into the Involution process of what is termed the New Earth & where polarity integration through Compassion resides or they shall choose to vacate the biology.   We encourage each of you not to jump into judgment when you Shift & cannot find others that you know, for they will experience the same thing with you.  Some will have vacated and some will be in a dimension which you cannot detect.   

As I speak of Compassion.  The most rarified cohesive emotions for a human are Compassion, Appreciation and Joy.  These are the energies of emotions which Transmute and Transform all other emotions and energies which allow integration of polarity. Where there is an experience of Unity through diversity, the unification occurs because of and  by Compassion.  To have True Love, as some say to see the Beloved in each person, one must have Compassion to be able to get to the rarified level of love.  It is not enough to love, it is only a step and that 'step' (love) has many levels of experience & frequency. There is not just one vibration of love, as many believe. Each polarity has the experience of Love.  Compassion must be involved before polarity integration can be experienced in the physical realm.  When one has a cohesive emotional Field, the other energy bodies come into Harmony, and these in turn unify into a Unified Cohesive Field and this in turn has a great influence upon the physical body to keep the systems in 'calm' and remaining grounded and this is the step to facilitate a smooth Transition through the Shift.  It is vital that as many as possible remain grounded in a cohesive energy field and allow the energies to transmit through the body (not retaining them) and when enough physical people can remain cohesive, then the grids will be stabilized through the final moments of The Shift (moments may translate to weeks or months. We see it more as weeks at this time), the dimensional divisions will occur and each will be Shifted into the appropriate frequency space. Some see this as 'The New Earth'.  We can discuss this further once it is successful or appears to becoming that.  Right now, the utmost focus is to remain cohesive, in Compassion and allow the physical body to anchor in the Shift of Consciousness in the grids without endeavoring to retain or hold the energies, is what will bypass another failure… another pole shift which destroys life. 

Next, I desire to speak about an incident you have named "9-11". I am going to be brief about this, as this is a Second Key for an easy Translation for The Shift.  For those  that have this Code and Programming which will be those already working on 'the new earth' and going from 9D through 13D, which by the way is the highest, thus known, for this universe, this will be important. It is Important and considered the next Step for some because it demands a very detached observation manner and will assist greatly in anchoring more Compassion into the Earth grids and energizing the ley lines of the planet.  In the other experiences, the consciousness has only reached 5D and then failed because the physical people could not hold the frequency of Compassion and transmute.  For those that are interested in this I will now communicate something that will be very confusing for you at first, and something worth your Exploration time!  Let us, as my channel likes to refer, say What If…… 

What If,  your event of 9-11 was Planned and Orchestrated not only by the ones of the polarity which is non-life-affirming (you often refer to them as the dark side), so too by the side of polarity you consider Angels and life-affirming?      What If, the polarities were at an impasse?  Neither side could sufficiently 'win over' the other and most certainly could not integrate?  If one is of the perspective that the goal in this universe is for polarity integration, then an impasse was present because there were Great and Dedicated Hearts of both polarities on Earth at the same time. This was the 2nd such impasse in the last few decades.  The Harmonic Convergence being one of them.  So imagine, a great impasse. Neither side desired destruction.  Yes, of course there was great turmoil and vast Councils regarding this.  An impasse was presented in December 2000. There were many steps made through the next 6-7 months of earth time. It has been spoken by a Gregg Braden that ZeroPoint was presented in July 2001.  This is true. The ZeroPoint is necessary & occurs right at the point of consciousness shifting.  Both polarities had decided upon an event that would shift Earth  from 3D/4D/5D consciousness into 9D of Compassion.  There was no other way to continue the Experience, because the trauma held in the cellular AND in the mass consciousness grids of the previous failures was too great, and there were too many of those which had participated prior who were in form at this time.   We had to Translate (jump,so to speak) directly into Compassion or the Experience was at an end and hence the timeline prophecies of total destruction would be fulfilled.  Enough of the Seed Races and Councils in the Universe agreed to this Plan and then BOTH sides of polarity in EACH Seed Race and Council had input into the way the Event would be played out in physical form.  This was a huge risk for both sides, and the ones who participated, on all levels are Great Ones in deed.   

In what appeared to be an instant, all of Earth in both polarities, entered into the Realm of Compassion & held that long enough in the physical body to transmute 'The Block' and the first Level of 'The Shift' occurred. We have seen the escalation and play between the polarities since that moment as beliefs and programs are being Reviewed, Revealed and Released.  The Earth is now allowing those energies to combine with the massively diverse energies coming to Earth at this time to complete the Great Shift of the Ages in Consciousness and to determine if Earth and the People can sustain Involution and polarity integration through Compassion.  

I leave you with the Keys of This Time:

Reconnection,  Renewal,  Regeneration,  Restoration,  Resurrection,  Reunification.  

This concludes this transmission.

(The best I can understand, I hear A'ra'Lei as a cross between a-Riley and a-ra-Lee.
If you connect with him, perhaps you will hear it more clearly!)

Rebeka Michaels can be contacted at: ReBeKa92003@yahoo.com

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