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       November 9, 2003

Sananda’s 8th Message
As Channelled to Our Weekly Group via Lois Hartwick   

Greetings to each one here.  My unannounced presence in the midst of all of
you hopefully is welcome.  I’ve watched a series of events which have been
taking place worldwide and am greatly heartened by the amount of people
who have concern and care for the world in which you live, are paying
attention to the star alignments*, to the energies coming forth, and to the
changes in your world, in many cases so necessary now.
(*Reference to Harmonic Convergence on Nov. 8, 2003 )

I am also heartened by those of you who have opened your hearts to each
other to hear about the Ring of Fire (obstruction predominant in areas
where there has not been a lessening of tension) that has pervaded your
planet to such a degree upheaval has become the prominent feature in
many areas now.  For  it appears new embracement of energy and
consciousness will come to the foreground.

We have watched for many years, as you have known, the changes, the
turnarounds and the advancements on earth, yet at the same time, other
areas in which these advancements have lessened your society or the
direction one originally intended to take.  Much of this was occurring in
Atlantis as well and has come forth throughout repeated cycles on the earth plane.

Now you are in intentional communities, perhaps knowing it not, on your
dimensional level
.  Nevertheless, these are intentional communities put
forth in a series of pockets or areas in your world to begin creating more
harmony and greater levels of higher reality, as opposed to that reality
which has been present for so long.  These higher realities have much to do
with areas of service, whether you understand exactly what it is you are
doing.  Merely by meeting and being together, you are sourcing aspects of
yourself and higher energies to be present and brought forth onto your
plane.  Little do these matter in terms of what others think or what may be
promoted consciously, because when you gather, an energetic format is
configured as a result.

Gatherings such as yours have significance and importance.  They are
connected or linked to in other parts of the world as well with similar
vibrations and frequencies happening elsewhere so lines connect, or begin
to connect and develop.  Unseen, perhaps, and almost like spider webs they
formulate one connection meeting another.
At this point in time these lines may seem very faint or non-existent to
many of you, but they are going to be growing in prominence and stature
throughout the world.  You will find that no matter where you go more and
more linkages will start to happen.

Those of us on the higher realms working consciously with you are
encouraging certain aspects of movement in this time forthcoming
.  Aspects
of movement which may have to do with creating this webbing or linkage so
that one area is tied in with another.  Not all areas at this point are going to
be the safest or easiest to travel to, so if, indeed, you are planning specific
junctures, I would check in with your Higher Self to see what is most
appropriate for you.

There are other ways in which you may be called on small journeys that
seem insignificant to you, in which you will be taking energy supplied you to
another area. 
Setting a point, I might call it.  Pay attention to those trips
you make and recognize that they, too, have aspects of service connected to them.

Helpful for each of you is to understand you bring with you what you are
carrying or have connected to here, as you go elsewhere, no matter where it
is you travel to.
  Now in some cases,  disruptions to these links may happen,
and they will need to be strengthened or perhaps, rewebbed in time.  You
understand you will be coming into a time where turmoil will be present on
your plane.  It is one of the reasons why these links and this webbing or
weaving has been particularly significant.  Some of you may have friends
who travel easily and often.  As a result they are allowing for some of the
situations which may be forthcoming to be held in place.

The visualization you were given by Thoth to imagine the West Coast of
California embraced by a network or netting
allowing for this configuration
to remain in place is almost the same situation as travelling and creating
this netting over your country.  There may be a few places where holes will
be blown through this netting.  Take the fires, for example, in California  --
areas where it may be burned through -- you will do extra work to focus on
such areas when disruptions occur.  For some there will travel there to
perform specific work they are guided to do, depending what part of the
world they are in and how close they are to those situations.  In the same
token, you will have visualizations and/or work to do long distance.

Now, I’m taking you into this in a much different manner than I might
normally for some of your work coming forth because there are several
things I wish you to see.  First of all, turmoil in your world erupts elsewhere
and is very often considered as something ‘out there’ -- not part of your
reality much further than TV.  This has been a predominant feature up until
now.  And yet, in the time ahead, there will be some changes here in the
United States as well.  These disruptions will create, on some levels, fear.
And whether or not you are a group engaged in actively rewebbing an area,
you certainly can send specific light to disseminate and lessen the amount
of fear which may be generated as a result.

This property called Light is an aspect you all carry and can easily send.
There are those structures* which have been erected in different places
around the world to alter some of the negative doubt and fear potentially
forthcoming.  (*Refers to co-creation of 7 etheric pyramids of Light to date)

I would like to engage each and every one, not only in this group, but those
in other parts of the world as well to consider the many avenues to take in
the times ahead.  But the more who are choosing consciously to hold light,
to lessen anger, to be clear and recognize that they are here in service --
whether they are dressed in a military uniform or not --  can perform or
engage with each other in a much grander fashion than what has been
occurring up until this point in time.  You can, as a group, set aside a
specific time to meditate on one aspect or another, that which would be
given to you and can equally be sent to others willing to do the same.

I would like to think forthcoming we can unite as a group or as a world
family, let us call it, in which there will be efforts made for individual parts
of the world, not just your country.  However, the activity here will be
increased, and many will be writing in to find ways to assist.  It will be
important within your own spectrum of Light to recognize you hold a beacon
here; that from this place can be emanated and germinated many new ideas
and opportunities to allow for changes to occur, often happening in the
higher levels of reality and filtering down to earth.

As you imagine a netting over California, please recognize that this
formation stage is within your visualization and is in the etheric before it
becomes physical
.  At the same time all of those dreams and plans that you
have had get created this way throughout your life.  Depending on how you
hold that energy and how you live with it or pay attention to it, will offer
you the distinction of what is manifested and what is not.

You have been given many opportunities in terms of the awarenesses you
presently hold.
  These awarenesses are shared in different ways with people
around the world who have chosen to engage in higher activities, in terms
of deepening levels of consciousness on the inner planes.  It is there we
reside and speak to all of you.  We come through a great harmonic to which
you are attuned and aligned, and the frequency of Light allows us to speak
to you.  Whether it be through an idea, a concept, or actual words  you are
hearing, Light is the medium of communication from our position, let’s say,
to yours.  It is also the ‘knowing’ frequency that aligns with your heart’s
vibration, so you are sensing what to do or how to do in a time where that
may be most necessary.  It is where you discern; it is where your learning
comes from.

Having said all that, I would like you to recognize the transmissions you will
be hearing in the months ahead will come from me in person through Lois
and others, but primarily will come through your hearts in terms of
understanding what it is you wish to do.  Some of you may be busily
engaged in focusing and visualizing in one way or another, while someone
else may be travelling and someone else may be spending time in
meditation sending a great deal of Light.  There are, of course, many other
activities taking place.  You have long understood that on the higher levels
there was a time coming in which your world was to acquire a great deal
more Light and within that spectrum, turmoil would be present.  Not only
because you would see it more clearly, but because it would be generated
when certain activities were discovered and/or known.

I am here tonight primarily to tell you there is going to be forthcoming
another short war.
  One you have not yet anticipated or seen.  It will be
coming to Light shortly and within this spectrum will come a shift in power
and certainly, another opportunity for the United States to take a greater
look at the world view and begin to harmonize far more definitively as a
people -- not as a government -- as to what you wish to do.

Opportunities are aligned with the configuration of the Harmonic
Concordance and the position of the stars in this structure in the Star of
-- each one being notable and holding a specific place within the sky
that is allowing for transmission of energy to be replicated on the Earth
plane now.  This replication will increase tensions until they are freed.

Joining further will be those of us who have worked hard in many ways and
silently in some aspects with those of you there as to our participating in
not only holding Light, but to transmute that which has been occurring for
far too long.

A shifting of power is occurring.  As people are awakening, their
consciousness will take hold of what seems right.  That energy is directed
toward their hearts to vibrate and trigger an awakening of great magnitude.
For those who do not come to this position, there will be much change and
alteration of the plans they have long held.  It is a time of reckoning, and
although you have been told of the time of transition, I will say that the
world peace so longed for, will be called forth in this new time ahead.  That
may be as a result of additional turmoil, and awareness that where you are
headed produces little satisfaction.

Government officials have, for a long period of time, held specific positions
publicly and others privately.  You have not necessarily seen those
networks that have been woven and the webs of intrigue which exist.
Forthcoming are several coming to Light, which will greatly alter American’s
perception of what has occurred.

I encourage each of you to include in your prayers a transition for your
country as seamless and as easy as possible in the days ahead, and then I
would suggest you add and also include in your prayers, the Far East, which
will equally be replicated in turmoil until some decisions are consciously made.

In the awakening of many peoples will come higher Truth.  It is a time you
have wished for without pain and suffering, and yet, you also recognize how
far along things have gone no matter how much you have individually tried
to alter and change the realities present now.

The economics of your planet have been greatly altered , and within the
structure that is present, there are a dominant few that control the market
These people are not necessarily known to you, although there have been
discussions in the past of this group or that, but ultimately, there is a
problem with this perspective and this holding of power.  More will come
into view in the days ahead.  And as that occurs, each one of you pay
attention to what is said in response to what is revealed.  Within it you will
know the Truth because your heart will vibrate to that which is most highly

Stress has become a common denominator in your world.  Many of you are
working hard to counteract it.  Life on your planet should not have to be
focused on working to counteract stress.  It should be focused on living the
life you are choosing to lead, but now, with the many different vibrations
and concerns and problems that surround either yourselves or members of
your family or friends or people in your neighborhood, or the hours you
must work or the money you must strive to maintain, there are levels of
stress that prevail.
The outcome of your world was to create and to manifest within the levels
of reality which could be contained harmoniously on earth, an opportunity
to grow without being diminished by stress, without being lessened by
activities of those who are controlling and with manufacturing enough Light
to support higher principles so needed here now.

There are cycles that exist within cycles.  You may witness every 20 years
specific events; you may witness every 200 years other events; you may
witness over l0 or 25,000 years other events; some which are not even
known to you.  The cycles of the universe in which transformation is
possible has reached is pinnacle point within your society now.

That transition has not been undergone or taken willingly by many.  Those
of you presently networking are doing so in a willing manner so the flow
and transition occurring is being processed through your presence on the
Earth plane.  Those that reject this process, do not allow for this energetic
flow, and therefore, there is a confrontation or a clash of energies now.

Efforts will be made to alleviate stress for those of you who are moving in
the flow.  Who are hearing their inner guidance; who are recognizing what
their life force may mean, where they may travel, what they must do, the
connections they must make and the changes, too.

Standing and holding on in great fury to demand and create ‘your way or no
way’ is the modality you choose to create much greater stress.  Certain
structures will fall and you’ve already been seeing them fall as a result.
People who are seeking to reap millions of dollars at the expense of
someone else’s money or holding a structure that serves them and not
others is not going to be easily maintained.  That is not a flow of energy that
is coming to this planet much longer in any positive way can support these
types of structures or these types of activities.

This will be a worldwide situation.  When you are looking at your economic
base that is being held by a certain group or groups of people, those
structures will start to weaken.  They will be brought into question; those
activities related to how money is disseminated on your planet.   This will be
transformed into something new, but there may be some times in which it
will appear very shaky.

The same may be true with military proposals or government takeovers, or
perhaps, economic deals that benefit a few and not the other.  In all sorts of
ways the changes are occurring.  Now as I speak about this, it’s also
important for you to understand that the energy of harmony is very present
within this star alignment and configuration, and merely one needs only to
tap into it to be part of that flow.  So it is a consciousness that accepts this
by recognizing it is there.  Many consciousnesses will not recognize this, so
the two dynamics will be very opposite for a period of time.

Your President will misunderstand this flow.  He is going to undertake
actions which are precarious and dangerous, not understanding higher
reality, but rather, choice of his own making or those of his Administration
to control once more, outcomes.  The American people are going to
understand that much has occurred that is not to their liking, and any
further changes and implementations or directions that are taken without
consideration for the overall well-being of this country, will put him in
jeopardy for the next presidential election.

Part of what is happening with the energy of harmony, so specified at this
time, is an enormous imprint upon your planet, like a giant kiss from
heaven, which says ‘you are loved’, ‘we are here’ and ‘we are supporting the
higher manifestations of Light on your planet’.  In that recognition, some
things will have to go.

And President Bush will be one of them.

I am asking Lois to disseminate this message to a large audience and it will
be given that there will be those who will refute such information and find it
to be distasteful and perhaps, not of the Light.  But I can assure you this is
not an accurate assessment, for many have felt abandoned, confused and
concerned about the planet and the plans of moving ahead with so little
vision in sight as to how to rebuild and construct that which you carry in
your hearts.  As you witness certain things fall, please recognize there is
provision for what will be a higher rebuilding to take place.

I understand that these messages have not been easy to integrate for some
of you.  Maybe not those of you in the room, but for some who have read
them in a broader scale.  Perhaps not understanding, but there is also a
great deal of confusion, I believe, with respect to understanding what Light
means.  So I’d like to mention this just for a moment, briefly.

Within the Light are the formations of what you are.  In other words, your
Truth is triggered and the dimensional reality you live in can easily fall by
the wayside, for that inner Truth of being relates to all dimensions, all
realities and all aspects of self contained within that of God.  When this
higher Truth becomes that which you follow, you recognize that an
advertising billboard over here, or gossip over there, or a plan back there,
means little.  And when enough people recognize that it means little, it no
longer carries any weight or importance on your plane.

Profusion of Light that now is possible and is being generated forthcoming
through this star alignment, will make many things true in a much clearer
way.  Or let’s say make many things clearer, so you understand they are true.

To be in Light is to understand the universality -- not only of you as a people
on the planet --  but to understand the connection with everything
, be it
your planet, be it your animals or plants, be it the sky or the stars or those
beings who work with you on so many different levels.   Galaxies far beyond
as well.  You are lineages of Light, essentially, who have forgotten that
deeper connection.  This time will trigger many memories and
remembrances of who and what you are.  And whether consciously or not,
with the general population, many will start to have fear in their hearts that
something is wrong.  That something is not being played out right.  That too
many lies have been told.  And too many difficulties have arisen.

A consciousness will begin to develop for mankind in which embracement of
other cultures
, other areas that have been delineated as vastly different
from your own begin to meld.  For not only do the dimensional frequencies
start to become more enfolded into your plane and reality -- in other words,
the veil being lifted or thinned on the third dimension -- the same will be
true of cultures, of countries, of barriers that have been placed there for
many specific reasons that have little to do with the human heart.

It is time to turn your attention to the more Utopian prospects of what can
  You may witness more months of extreme hardship and difficulty, but
we are walking through, perhaps, that Dark Night of the Soul to come to the
aspect of Light, and within it, a dream has manifested.  A time forthcoming
where Light prevails on planet Earth.

Be blessed, my friends, in every moment you live.  I am a part of all you
experience, and offer you my heart within this level of reality, within this
dimension, and those aspects of self that you may not yet see.

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