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        Sanandaís 6th Message         Message from Sananda #5
 April 6, 2003  as channeled by
Lois Hartwick

To those of you in the room and to those of you in the world who will hear this message or

read it in some fashion, I greet you with extended hellos from those on other realms who are
connected and working with each one of you when asked.

I speak to you now because there are those who are in doubt as to the outcome of your
world.  It is understandable from the perspective you presently are in.   It is understandable
because many of you have witnessed acts of violence and terror that speak louder than my
words might on a piece of paper.   In these times of great turmoil, many are anxious and
fearful their days are numbered or perhaps, the outcome once envisioned has gone away.

My point and purpose is to unite you with a higher reality and truth one more time to
remember that the divine aspect of your being will be an ongoing factor no matter where
you are, no matter what occurs.   In case you have forgotten, the world is based on this very
truth.   As I look around in this time period, I see many millions who have forgotten this
reality, who are believing some higher calling in their being is related to the outcome of the
world on their terms.   This is an untruth and in the light, it cannot stand.

I work with you, as was originally intended and promised, toward holding additional light.
For when you are able to manifest your presence on earth as a vehicle for this method, you
will find that the light begins to illuminate those areas that no longer stand as true.

What does that mean for many of you?   Surely you are witnessing acts and events
misaligned from the higher divine purpose,  yet you may feel these acts are unstoppable
where you presently stand.  Let us for a moment, turn this turmoil around and say you are
witnessing and knowing truth.  You are witnessing and understanding God.  For in the
overall attribute of understanding, you will recognize where the true reality of heart comes
forth on your plane.  It is not the intellectual source that determines the outcome of the
divine presence, but rather, the heart.  And when you are knowing this and able to embrace
this to a fullness and extent that has not been presently known or incorporated into your
society, you will find you are generating and germinating new ideas that will one day flower.

Timing has been an important aspect for many of you.  You are beginning to see that the
outcome of this war presently before you has, what would be called, a termination point by
some peopleís standards.  Yet by others, there will be military interaction and intervention
ongoing in one form or another.  And in some closed arenas there will be a takeover which
allows for great manipulation, and one country and/or another is able to remain and
reconstruct.  Within this timing, there occurs another interruption.  You will find what has
been planned will be altered and changed greatly from what you are presently seeing.

I have spoken to all of you in the past to alert you to the fact that what is witnessed and
known by myself and others on higher levels is rarely told in the fullness and extent of what
is.  You have time to make choices in that opportunity and allowance.  You are also not
given all aspects of the realities we possess or believe will occur, precisely to not allow
others to intercept those plans and rearrange them.  You are told a portion of what is
occurring.  Because this is so, and because my heart radiates to each one of you reading
and hearing what I am saying, I wish for you to understand there is a recognition in your
world that the energy coming forth is triggering enormous disruption.

I am grateful and supportive to the many hundreds and thousands of you now embracing
these words because as you do, you incorporate light within your being; some are choosing
to connect more deeply, some have specific awareness which comes forth as a result.  Your
linkage will be unstoppable.  My connection to each one of you is ongoing through Lois and
a myriad of other ways throughout the world.

It is time to understand that within the realms of the world in which you live there are many
agendas.  Those that are put forth by forces who are choosing to alter reality for their
singular and utmost purposes will soon find there is a disruption they have not yet
encountered nor considered.  The disruption may relate more closely to those of you
holding light and containing within your hearts the aspect of love that they cannot easily
greet.  This particular reality has no dominion, has no home, has no containment, has no
allowances around it, which would choose to require itís lack of freedom.

Your world may be topsy turvy, but you will find in the coming months ahead, changes
unforeseen by those making plans and outcomes and decisions -- without your knowledge
and awareness --  will be rerouted in another direction.   Much that was foreseen or planned
to come forth is disrupted, dismantled, discontinued and disallowed.

My heart is with each and every one of you.  The forecast you are endlessly seeing on the
weather channel or perhaps the news channel as to weather in Iraq is now going to be
changed.  You will witness, not only from my words, but the realities coming forth.  A new
day is dawning.

In the outcome and in the reality forgoing, I would like to suggest each one of you willing to
assist further than you have to date, express in your thoughts further allowance in your
being to hold additional light.  Germinated within the properties of light are all aspects of
freedom.  Never has there been within the totality of being a limitation ever possessed nor
put forward.  As you hold this energy, you hold freedom for the world.

The heart has great capabilities, you know.  The openness and the willingness of your inner
being to hold light sanctions the love you have for humanity and for divine interaction.  I
trust your hearts will be opening up to hear this message.  I trust that love is a part of your
being you recognize.  I trust that youíll hear me with your heart.

For the next several months disruptive activities will continue to move forward.  There will
be moments of consciousness in which you lie in bed, awake at night, wondering...how this
outcome can manifest in a different way than what you are seeing on tv, or perhaps, out
your window from the home or apartment where you live.  I can assure you, you are not
alone.  This is not being fought solely on the battlefield before you but in other realms as
well.  It is not a situation in which any of you will be abandoned.

Some, in your world, have chosen to move into another plane of existence, sacrificing on
one level, their lives on this plane to assure outcomes needed.  We are grateful for the
interventions that have taken place to assist their families and the support so needed now.
Our connection to each and every one of you has not lessened.  Do not remain in fear that it
is so.

For the next three years there will be altercations, difficulties, struggles, and seemingly,
bigger and smaller battles on some levels popping up.  But within that time frame you will
recognize many changes are occurring, not only in your world, but in your heart.

Faith deepens, love prevails.  You will connect in this manner, whatever religion, whatever
belief, whatever spirituality you hold within your being.  Finding truth that this reality
prevails will be the essence of a world yet to come.

Disruptions occurring will be radically altered by your commitment, by your light, by your
presence and by your ability to smile, and witness faith.  I encourage you to open further to
the realities of what I am and what will matter most to you in your heart.  Indeed, you will
speak of peace and times in which calmness pervades your plane.  Would it not indicate that
many of you are finally willing to love?

It is to this testament that I speak today.  To this vibration, this frequency, this blessing, this
attunement and this aspect of all that you are.  When you witness a world gone astray, you
witness the world that has lost its way toward love.  I would generate within each of you this
opening.  Ask and it shall be done.  There are no exceptions.

Perceiving your world from this perspective is the dawning of the new age. You can witness
time and again how far mankind has moved from love, whether it be on a day-to-day basis,
on a television program or the war outside your door.  It is this greater vision we are moving
toward.  It is this embracement of light each of you need contain and radiate to your world.

My blessings are upon each and every one.

Remembering to ask to hold the Earth within your heart will ignite your time and plan on
this plane.  It is to that which I speak, to that which I endure, to that which I focus, and to
that which I love in each of you.  There is no difference, you see, except remembering...

Message from Sananda #5    ****
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