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                       Sananda’s 7th Message
                                 July 13, 2003
                                as channelled by
                                 Lois Hartwick
  My Beloved Brethren:

I speak to you from my heart in words I hope that prove to offer wisdom to
each one of you.  It has been some time since we have spoken together, and
I have shared thoughts with you.  Perhaps the most appropriate thought I
can offer and expound upon today is you are witness to a new time forth-
coming.  The eventualities of the future months will be known to you
shortly, but I would like to offer some observations that are coming very

There is a time of transition from one reality into another.  Much of the past
has been about reality mankind has chosen to create through various forms
of manipulation.  However, there is another reality that is equally present
even though often unknown.  It is a reality that comes forth from Truth --
from knowing in that inner, divine way what is truly held of value and how
one utilizes it to create the world.

You are moving from a world that has been living a lie, and into another
world where light and truth will start to matter.  These have been, always,
the guiding focus of life from the inception of time, yet often clouded, with
forms of bigotry, with deafness to the inner reality, with lack of vision and
foresight, and a number of other qualities that fog the picture.  In these
times forthcoming, truth will out.  It will become a more significant factor in
your world, and people will start paying attention to what is clearly heard,
not only within, but reflected without.

You see, this has been missing for a long time:  That reflection of truth.
Instead, you have had reflections in every mirror which have been
organizing for you some level of reality that does not compute.  It creates
dis-ease.  And you can take that in, not only from levels of discomfort, but
levels of illness as well.  Dis-ease.  Remembering, then, that what your life
is about is to live in an alignment in such a way you are understanding that
flow, that flow where joy and love unite.  But if, indeed, a vision comes forth
where there is much distress, discomfort and does not fit with your inner
components, then you recognize the discomfort in the gap between the two.

We now join with those of you who have agreed in a previous Message to
elicit light within your being, to forecast and assist those who have stepped
upon this ladder, moving up to a new level in which you are vibrating at a
higher frequency once again.  The importance and significance of the times
forthcoming are to understand that the Truth Carriers are the ones who will
be moving forward into the new levels of reality by the very vibration and
frequency they carry.  Too many have lost their ability to maintain this level
of light and commitment, but I suggest that it is not too late to enforce that
within oneself.  Many will come forth to read these Messages and to
understand what it is I have offered to each one of you, but if nothing else
gets through, let me say that living by your inner truth will allow you to
remain in light.  It does enforce the very vision you carry for all to come into
a similar alignment as well.

For a long time I have witnessed over many hundreds of thousands of
years, the components that heal a human heart.  There has been much
discussion, much information, many books, therapy sessions, operations
and various assists over time to enlighten mankind.  But one thing remains
singular above all else:  By hearing one’s inner truth, you are able to relate
to that aspect of self  which came forth into this incarnation to exact the
meaning and highest level of reality possible.  Were you here to discover
anything else?  If so, what would it be?  Are you here to understand how
you can manipulate others?  Or to gain some level of power?  One man over
another?  Or to understand that slavery may be a more difficult charge than
to be a landowner or one who holds slaves?  I do not think so, yet these
configurations have existed over time because one has not truly developed
the mechanisms within his or her being to understand that Voice of Truth

It is, then, important in times forthcoming you know and recognize this
voice will be spoken time and again and for you to discern by frequency and
vibration where that higher record lies.  If not able to recognize and to find
this within yourself, how, indeed, do you propagate it in the world?

From this place is generated love. The love, that each of you has sought in
which you have chosen to be heard and to be known, comes from the place
of truth.  How many of you have witnessed throughout your lives one
person or another who has valued you in some regard, but find this may
have little to do with who you truly are?  And when you do not feel known,
you do not feel loved.  Yet when another being or aspect of God comes forth
into your life, and you understand on some level the depth of your truth is
known, you recognize the component of love is intrinsically tied at the same
moment and time.  This is the value of love and where it needs to be
propagated on the earth plane.

Imagine feeding a child improper food consistently and expecting it to feel
loved.  It will accept the level of love you are offering, but it is not the
higher truth for that child knows it is not receiving great nurturance and
great love.  The same is true of all things, of all beings, in all places.  It
makes no difference whether one lives in Pakistan or India or South
America or Cuba or Alaska or anywhere else.  It matters, truly, that the
heart is heard and when it is heard, it is known for it’s truth.

This is the juncture and crossroads where you presently are as a civilization.
Moving from the past reality in which mankind has chosen those earthly
possessions -- and I say that in quotes, “earthly possessions”  such as,
holding onto power, manipulating structures so they appear to be in one
form as opposed to another, allowing for civilizations to even decline
because one chooses to have a stronghold.  These are not the higher truths.
These are not the realities you are given to know about life on this planet.
These are the manmade beliefs which create civilizations with much
disruption and drama.  Endless drama on your plane.  Yet longing within
each one of you is the desire to be known.  To be heard. To be held.  To be
considered.  To be respected.  To be loved.

My time here with you today will be short.  But my message will hopefully
be impactful.  I see a vision of your country and the world seeking to be
known for what it truly is.  Many of you in America are carrying great dread
that you are being perceived far differently than the light you truly hold.
This is a very difficult time, particularly for those here to hold that Light of
Truth.  You are seeing great disparity between your own personal alignment
and the manipulation and control that has taken place.  And not only has
this distorted reality, but it has created hardship for many others as a

This is not what you came here to do.  This is not who you truly are.  It is a
falsified reality you are asked to live in.  >From where I am, and the many
others who are working with you on this plane now, I understand this level
of pain and suffering.  I recognize that what has been placed upon you is
difficult.  It is important that you find in the times and days ahead, space
where love and truth are once again aligned.

Your country will take a nose-dive for a period of time.  Difficulties will
befall this President and his Administration in such a way that they cannot
get out of what is transpiring.  You will see manipulation to do so.  However,
what is created is already in place.  It will not be uncreated to make it easy
for them.  It will also prove difficult on several other fronts.  There will be a
demise, in a sense, of the light that seems to be carried by this country
(America), but it will be resurrected in time. You may find that it requires
extra effort to move through some of the energy which has been misaligned
and clouding your view.  You will witness a new time forthcoming in the
next several years, and an opportunity for those of you, not only in America,
but in other countries as well, to begin expanding by holding light.

Yes, there will be much to overcome in a new time dawning, but you will
find a self-appointed man, who will come forth to offer you in this country
and many other peoples, an opportunity to shine once again.

There will be efforts to sabotage and to delay and perhaps to cloud those
mirrors that may be shining back a new vision.  It will all be temporary and

We, who keep the faith with you, recognize that at this time, the crossroads
will be crossed, and a new course and direction will be set.  Not only for
America, but for your world.  The timing may be slow, you may inch along
for awhile, but these transitions are coming into view and into place.

Seek not old ways of being, for they do not serve now.  Listen well to your
hearts and know your choice will come from there.  Each of you serves in
your way. The more you are paying attention to the alignments your hearts
contain, which expound with love, the more you will be given to hold and
share again.

You know, it’s a very unusual time on your planet.  And the many of us who
work with you have our perceptions, as well.  And, indeed, our visions, and
our awareness and hopes and plans that are genuinely altered based on
what you choose to do.  And they will be again.  But one thing is known and
clear.  You will be given the choice to make known the hearts you carry can
and will be heard.  And in this reality is where you are known.  It is a
directive that you choose to follow within.  It never leaves you.  Some of
you call this love.

I share with you that concept of love which may not relate to your own, but
examined well, you will understand it comes from all of us to create the
present reality you are in.

Upliftment will be forthcoming.  Do not lose faith or hope that these depths
of despair many of you have visited, will bring about a much greater and
higher level of reality than you have been in for a long time.  I share with
you the eternal vision for peace, and recognize this is also an inner truth.  It
is not a one-hundred percent level of reality on your plane, but more have
come to this position as a result of past difficulties over these last several
years.  When you are trusting your inner being, and knowing the reality that
I choose and you choose, what, then, would keep us apart?

I speak with a higher voice, perhaps, than those you may hear every day,
yet there is no one here who does not hear what I have to say.  And many
more join me on other levels and planes who seek to offer hope, health, joy
and that light known as love as well.  Your time of transition and levels of
awareness are peaked in this direction.  Suppression will only serve to
create further determination to be known and to find these higher levels
once again.

I speak with great consternation for what has transpired, and hope for what
is occurring.  You are all known and loved by me.  There are no exceptions
regardless of what you believe.  It is to be these times ahead will fulfill that
part of your heart which feels lost, empty, alone, unsure and in doubt.
These are days of the past, and not magically resurrected, but slowly,
moving into a place where love can be known, joy can be heard, and peace
can exist.  It is the course, it is the direction, and it is the crossing of the

This is Sananda.  I am at peace and share my heart with each of you.

Sananda’s Messages are channeled through Lois Hartwick and posted on her
website:  www.expressionsoflight.com.or forwarded directly by sending
your name to info@expressionsoflight.com.   Requests for private readings
are available at the same address. _________________________________________________________________________________________

                                August l9, 2003

Dear Beloveds:

This is Sananda and I am speaking to Lois late a night without much forewarning that she
will have to undertake another task.  Although late at night, I wish to confirm many of the
things you are feeling of late with the difficult situations brewing and erupting around the
globe.  It is not an easy time for many of you I know.

Forthcoming in the months ahead, I will be sending more clearly messages to all of you in
which you will need to pay strict attention.  For if there is a missing link here, let’s say, it
will prove difficult for some of you.  I do not say such things to evoke fear on any level at
any time, but rather, a cautious nature so you will understand clearly that messages are to be
heard.  When so embraced, many difficulties can be averted.

You have long been able to make changes in your reality, from a small child to an adult.
Now you will need to take into consideration that some of you will be required to act more
consciously than before; to create a reality you wish to embrace and not one handed to you that
is intolerable.  Make no mention of times past, but look straight ahead at what is
being developed and where you wish to place your heart.  It will guide you to proper
solutions for your world.  Hiding behind fear is no answer and betters no one. Surely it also
serves those who would choose to lessen your light.

Upcoming will be more confrontations difficult to watch or even understand.  Yet I say to
you that what is created underneath is a ground swell that will awaken with great verasity, with
compassion, with a realization that something has gone horribly wrong and must now be
corrected.  Too much has arisen quickly; too many have misunderstood the arguments placed
toward them.  But now, things will be seen for what they are and you will have time to place your
hearts on the table, sharing and caring once more.

I do not say it will be easy.  For some of you find you will need to harbor no ill and move
forward with greater plans.  Yet I see new beginnings here, just as endings are planned.
Be ready with what’s ahead.  Do not languish in what’s behind.

Your Constitution was broken by those who stood steady and strong, creating the opposite
view.  Lessons here come forth soon.  Do not trust all that you hear.  Make your hearts listen well
first and you will know the truth of the divide.  Passions are aroused.  Let them be for you see
that what has come to the forefront is the care and concern of those trying to save old ways
belonging solely to them and those caring about what world power remains.  I speak not to those
of you who are unable to create new worlds; rather to those who wish for a lifetime of tolerance
and acceptance, for the peace so promised eons ago and the rights and freedoms to coexist
with temperance and love.

There are those who would seek to create more confusion where there is none.  And those who
add to that which is arleady here.  But I can assure you, that no one can erase the truth of your
heart unless you let them.  Herein lies the messags of this time.  Herein lies where you seek to
know, to remember and to love.  Herein is the place of connection for us all.

War is upon you again.   A different sort of war, but one that will take much action and
courage to face.  Be clear and be ready, to hear in the face of all things, your heart, telling
you what to do.  The groundswell will be enormous.  You will not be alone, but be prepared
to see the truth.

For this and this alone I come tonight:  An offering of peace is at hand.  A way out will come
forth.  Take it my Friends, and begin again in the light, knowing that what is created will honor
those fallen, those lost, and those souls uncaring to the end, for they, too, need
utmost care to regain what they have lost.  It is a time of change; a time of love to create the
world again.  I rise with you to the occasion.

I speak to the multitudes; I know the many.  But you, indeed, know where you are longing to be,
and herein is the truth of your nature.  No man, woman or child can say he wishes to be maimed
or lying ill on some desert floor; no one has chosen such hardship to be seen or known in this
way.  It is a dimension of reality you must now create for yourselves that says better is deserved
for all here.  No service can be completed without compassion, I assure you.  Dedication is one
thing, but without compassion, no battles are won.

Love supercedes all else.

                          Channeled Message from Sananda
                                    by Albert Mavromatis
                                         August 15, 2003

        Beloved Ones:  It is time for us to communicate with you, our concern and our caring.  You
who are in physical body on this planet at this time, are going through major challenges.  This is
especially so in the technically advanced nations.  Only yesterday, the largest power blackout
to date in the United States has taken its toll.  The weather is also going through major
deviations from the norm. It is as though you are riding a roller coaster of ups and downs on
different fronts.

        This is a time that challenges, because there is an energy that comes from the highest
levels to bring about the necessary conditions for the changes to take place that will usher in
the New Age.  It is an energy that supercedes all current and past systems that are not in
alignment with Spirit. Historically, there never has been such an occasion as this that is now
taking place.

        I am not  saying that this is a threat to your well-being, but actually it is designed for your
well-being.  The age ahead will be one of love, cooperation, abundance, and spiritual awakening.
All iniquities, injustices, wars, arrogance and so much more, will surface to be addressed and
brought into alignment.

        This represents a major step forward. There will be no Armageddon, nor major cataclysms,
nor ends, but simply challenges to be addressed.  So, we of the Spiritual Hierarchy, support all
of you in this and subsequent days.  Meditate, pray, do all that will bring you in alignment, and we
will assist you.  Community is an essential part of the future. So, seek community for the support
and understanding that comes from shared experiences.

        I, in everlasting love, keep each of you in my heart, and send you my divine blessings.


Workshop Schedule will be posted on the website  and sent to you when complete.
Here's the tentative plan:

Sept. 28       San Diego.     Anchoring Light Workshop - all day
Oct. 11-12  Lake Tahoe.  Anchoring Light Workshop plus channeling by Hilarion*
                                                   Evening channeling by Sananda
                                                   Sun. meditation @ Lake
                                                   Boat trip
Oct. 13        Ashland         Evening discussion on Anchoring Light plus Channeling
                          Oregon          TBA

Oct. 18-19     Mt. Shasta     Anchoring LIght Workshop plus channeling by Hilarion*
                          Calif.                Evening channeling by St. Germain
                                                    Sun. meditation Panther Meadows
                                                    Proposed time at mineral baths

Nov. l5             Nyack, NY     New Age Center.  Anchoring Light Workshop w/
                                                    channel TBA*
  *Channelled topics vary; those in the daylong workshops relate specifically to area where
workshop takes place.  Each one is unique.

Anchoring Light Meditation is a group format based on sacred geometry to create cylinders of
light --  acupuncture points for clearing earth density. Concurrently, participants receive just as
many benefits, including clearing, frequency acceleration and ability to hold more light.
Anchoring Light stabilizes and harmonizes the very diverse energies present now, and creating
a means to ground your own energy, while simultaneously being uplifted.  You will find the light
becomes nourishment.

This practice has been done by our group for l3 years, with enormous benefit.  Sananda
has now asked me to bring forth this format, first channeled by Hilarion and Archangel
Gabriel years ago, to those ready to assist during this time of tremendous change.

Contact info@expressions of light if you would like me to consider a workshop in your area.


And a final note which I shall relay instead of transcribe at 5 a.m.  Our most recent group last
week presented Thoth with the question about the meaning of the blackout.
I would like to offer his explanation as it differs from what I have read to date, although there are
multi-level explanations.  Thoth's words are far better than mine, but hopefully you will glean
more insight nonetheless.

Thoth suggests that we, in America, have created darkness though our actions in Iraq
and elsewhere. 
Many energies have been unleashed.  With every action, there is a reaction . In
this case, we are experiencing darkness we created, if only momentarily.  Now much effort will
be expended, along with many explanations, on what happened to the light?   Where did it go?
Who's at fault?  It is for us to pay attention to what we are reaping, and it was large enough for all
to notice.  How many will get the message is more the question.  And how much more will we
need to reap.  LH

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