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"Jan can Read Your Personal Chart and your Connnection to this Planetary Configuration"     November 8, Full Lunar Eclipse, Cosmic Event, Harmonic Concordance

Here is an excerpt from DK Astrologer and Sacred Journey Guide, Elizabeth Keller starwoman3@earthlink.net :

The Sabian Symbols for the degrees of the Sun and Moon written by "the
Father of Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology" Dane Rudhyar  in his book "An
Astrological Mandala" are as follows:

Sun -17 degrees of Scorpio: "A woman fecundated by her own Spirit, is Great
with Child."
  A total reliance upon the dictates of the God within.   The
human person becomes a "mother of the living God." This is the Transpersonal Way
of Existence.   It is the way that leads to creative mutations.

Moon-17 degrees of Taurus: "A symbolical battle between "swords" and
"torches."  Refusing to depend on the past, the seeker turns warrior,
fighting anew the eternal "Great War."
This suggests that salvation is attained
through the emergent individual's readiness to face all issues as if there were only
two opposed sides. So teaches the Bhagavad-Gita. This is the dharma of this
stage of human evolution: a Polarization Of Values.

To find out how this eclipse will affect you in your personal life, you will
need to locate 17 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus in your natal horoscope
chart by house position. Eclipses bring what has been veiled or hidden  into the
light. The house in the chart will indicate the area of life that will be
influenced and highlighted for the next six months

1st-7th Houses: Deals with the I AM presence, your personal identity, how
you initiate action. How you relate to others in your life and partnerships . To
find balance and harmony in yourself and in your close relationships.

2nd-8th Houses: Involves issues dealing with your sense of self, security,
personal values, self-worth,and possessions. How you share your personal
space, energy and resources with others and how you can evolve and support
one another.

3rd-9th Houses: This polarity has to do with how you think, communicate and
share information and knowledge. Deals with what we know and use in order to
gain greater  understanding ,freedom and wisdom in order to learn, grow and
expand our mind and horizons.

4th-10th Houses: Issues dealing with our family, home , your foundation and
the root of your being. Where your soul is nurtured and nourished. What you
have learned in life and finding your true vocation or place and passion in
the outer world.

5th-11th Houses: Deals with Creativity, Love, the Heart, your Will. The love
which you have given and received. What will bring you joy and what
aspirations and risks you have taken in order to further your consciousness
and goals in life and for humanity as a whole.

6th-12th Houses: Your daily routines, health, work and service to others.
What your soul yearns for in order to regenerate and gain inner peace and
ultimately enlightenment. Balancing the material and spiritual paths in life.

We are a part of this great cosmic event, whether we are conscious of it or
not. This is a time of rapid acceleration, DNA activation and evolution on
our planet Earth. We can truly shift the old paradigm and give birth to a new
consciousness. Now is a turning point, a portal is opening. We have gone
through the "baptism of terror and of fire"
since the events of 9/11 and the war in Iraq. For the last few weeks Mars
the warrior planet has come closer to the Earth than in 60,000 years. Mars has
been Close to (conjunct) Uranus the revolutionary planet of change both in
the sign of Pisces, the sign of the  Christ, the mystic, the dreamer  and of
true compassion. In their retrograde motion Mars and Uranus have given us time to
recapitulate and review the past. They now are asking us to put down our old
ways and weapons of destruction and to stand as Spiritual warriors with
Love, Truth and Justice as our strength and shield. This is the dawning of the Age
of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity!
************ ************
In Service and In Joy,
Rev. Terri
Health Intuitive, DK Channel since 1980

Terri Newlon Holistic Consulting Co., LLC
Post Office Box 21173,   Sedona, AZ  86341  USA

928-284-5505  (9 to 5 Arizona time, Monday through Friday)
http://www.DjwhalKhul.com     revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Here is the information CHANNELED BY DK through Rev. Terri Newlon:
November 8, Full Lunar Eclipse, Cosmic Event, Harmonic Concordance

I will host a gathering via telephone conference to help create a shift in
consciousness from Old World to New Age.  Raising the vibrations of war,
hate, anger and violence, to the vibration of pure love in the Spiritual
State of Be-ing.

First we achieve this shift within, as we can not give what we do not have.
Then we will send this frequency to Humanity using the Star of David symbol.
We will also anchor the new vibration into the Earth's grid system.

End of transmission from DK.


The call will be in 2 sections on Saturday, November 8.  You can join in
either or both calls.  The first portion will be from 9 AM to 10:30 AM
Pacific (Los Angeles) Time.  The second portion will be from 4:15 PM to
approximately 4:45 PM Pacific Time.  DK may extend the call as late as 5 PM,
depending upon the progress of our energy work.  The lunar eclipse takes
place at 5:15 PM Pacific Time.

If you want to accurately calculate the time difference so you know when to
call in, please visit:  http://www.worldtimeserver.com/   Please take
responsibility yourself for this, as we don't yet have the staff to handle
these questions.

The fee is $10.00.  No refunds or discounts, sorry.  If you have a credit or
debit card on file, you can email revterri@lifetimeaddress.com with
authorization to process your card.  You may also snail mail a check or
money order (allow 1 week for delivery), or use www.PayPal.com to send funds
to Rev. Terri's email address.

The phone number and access code will be emailed to you a day or two before
the actual event.  The number of callers on the line will be monitored
because trunking space is limited.  Please use the honor system and do not
share the code with others who have not registered.

For this special World Service call, you are welcome to host a speaker phone
gathering and have several people listening in from your home, all for the
one $10.00 fee.  If you do this, please do not have extension phones too
close to each other.  Two or more phones in the same room causes a very loud
feedback noise.

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