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March 15, 2003   Return to the Divine

Q.  Last night I saw a bearded man whom I was told was Osama Bin Laden.  I was told that he was forming a tryst with both Iraq and Iran.  Was there something said about a shield and the Jewish state of Israel?

It is I, Kuthumi, who wishes to answer your question. 

From the Creator comes a decree that all shall return to the divine through intervention of “another” kind.  Suppose that all on this earth are to believe that The coming of the millennium was to bring a blessing of world peace.

The millennium is passed.  It is now 2003.

Time is only a measure of frequency that gives you measure of your lives.  The action that is now happening is a precursor to what is to become.  The world and her peoples have begun a transition into the new age.  Old barriers must be broken for this to happen.  The only way for a break through of consciousness in all of mankind, the old ways need to pass for the new ways to enter in.  What appears to you and most of mankind is that the world is to enter into a large scale war.  You have been given the perception that there are madmen that are controlling parts of this world.  Do you know that these “madmen” volunteered to do the jobs that they are now performing?  Do you understand that all man needs to do is look within themselves and they would not do so unless under duress of a cataclysmic happening?  Wars are only won within each individual.  When the warring within is put to the test, then most of mankind will choose a peaceful co-existence.  All differences will be looked at with interest.  Not all will be understood but that will make no difference.  The acceptance of all human life and the life on this planet will become the desire of all people.  There will be a few who will continue to fight, but they will soon find out that any fighting is no longer acceptable.

The shield you speak of is the shield of darkness.  The shield will soon be pierced and much information of the intricacies of the governments and those in power who have controlled the business climate throughout the world will be exposed.  What shall come to pass is a world technology that encompasses divine law.  Your technology will grow one hundred fold in the next ten years.  You will go where no man has gone before.

We watch with tears yet look forward to the day when all with sit together around the table to discuss all lives on this planet.  You will have company from other realms that will show themselves. (They have always been here right next to you looking human and acting human!) 

We have spoken before and we repeat that all lightworkers stay centered.  Your lives are your responsibilities.  Take charge of all you do and say.  This lifetime is your grandest yet.  And yet, you will experience even more grandness!

Hold within your hearts the lives of those troops that represent your country as well as all countries.  Send them love to dispel the fear that they now experience.  They need your support of love and compassion.  Remember the rulers in all of your counties.  Send them all love.  Surround them in golden light.  We, the Ascended Masters, do not know how the warmongering will be played out.  Keep your visions of the new golden age, life on this planet the life that will be the bringers of the gold.  Refresh and pause with these thoughts daily.  They shall become your creations.

Do you have information about the message regarding the Jewish state of Israel?

The Arab world is afraid of Israel.  There is much distrust.  When the peoples of these lands take over the governing bodies, they will come together in a fashion that all misunderstandings will be put aside and they will see each other, eye to eye, as brothers and sisters.

Recognize that all peace must first be felt in your own hearts.  Live your lives that show you truly understand this concept.  It shall become your reality and no longer will it just be a concept.  We finish this transition with the wellspring of our love washing into all hearts that will accept this energy.  Peace and love shall reign as it has been promised.


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