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“Sirian High Council” By Bauge        12/2003


Responsibilities of the New Spiritual Leaders of the 5 D Earth


Greetings, I am Bauge, Liaison to the Sirian High Council.  Perceptions about the New Leaders of the Spiritual 5 D Earth will be a challenge for many of you.  Many New Leaders of the Spiritual Awakening are already starting their Missions.  We speak of these of who are of the Second Wave.  All Galactic Ground Crews are gathering around these facilitators to get direction and guidance.  Many of you must be willing to accept and appreciate those who are willing put themselves out there to be exposed to ridicule and mock.  And believe me those who have taken on the biggest thankless jobs or missions do it out of kindness and love for humanity on this Star you call Earth.  They have been through so much of it with families, co-workers and friends who do not understand them and their philosophies of the new Earth.  Many of these Galactic human’s, have quit their jobs, separated from love one’s and friends to become hermits of seclusion for many years.  All this to readjust their thinking patterns and release present life karma to do the work they came here to do - To retrieve the higher consciousness for which they originally came they sacrificed much to be here with all of you today for your Ascension into the 5 D Earth Plane of Existence.  All this was done to get their bearings or a clearer picture of what their Mission was all about at this “The Now Times”.   


You see in the 3 D, even Galactic Human Beings cannot remember for where they came, who they are, and why they are here.  Many Galactic Guides were sent from the Universe to help them remember and awaken when their time was right and for these Galactics that were born unto the Earth in a 3 D physical form.  This would make the transition much easier than if you were to deal directly with benevolent E.T.’s.  Much thought had gone into making this a wonderful transition for everyone involved.  Many of the Galactic’s born onto the Earth are Galactic Humans and share Human tendencies and frailties of your species.  We Honor these who have come forward at this time.  And then some are Hybrids- Those who we refer to as half human and half E.T.  There are many E.T. / Human species that had agreed before birth to do this willingly and or what you would call “Free Will”.   


The Star Earth is a “Free Will” planet.  The Star Earth has been quarantined for eons from having access to the Universe as the E.T.’s know the Universe to be.  It was not until the time was right for the Earth’s people and animals…etc.  The Ascension of the 3 D Earth would welcome you all to the Universe.   Your consciousness must change to be able to have access to the Universe as “We” know it to be.  Not everyone will make this choice and we honor that decision.  The Human species and animals who will not want to move forward will die out naturally.   


You have been veiled for a very long time seeing beyond your immediate Universe was not available to you.  We your E.T. brothers and sisters welcome you into the Universe but before entering a consciousness change of your beingness must take place.  All connections of the 12 Strand DNA must recode or reconnected and the Light and Dark polarities must converge so all may walk in the Light.  Eventually you will all awaken to the state of omnipresence beingness.  We understand these changes of physical and spiritual manifestations will take many years.  Not everyone will change at the same time or the same way or processes.  We share in Joy, your transformations and growth. 


 We welcome you to the Universe.  The “Sirian High Council” 


“Sirian High Council” Liaison Bauge         11/2003


Greetings, I am Bauge, Liaison to the Sirian High Council.  The Harmonic Concordance has brought you all the abundance of New Energies of the likes of- you have never seen before.  These New Energies and Gifts of the Universe will welcome you into the 5 D realm.   There will be new Technologies, new Healing Modalities, new Sciences, and new Experiences beyond your capacity to envision.  But imagine if you will a life of non-complexities that simply will free up time and allow for one to connect with all that is. 


The Whole Universe is going through the Ascension process.  Presently we of Sirius A and Sirus B have moved into the 11 D realm.  Many of our comrades have returned through the Star Gate from your beloved planet Earth to undergo the Ascension process only to return 11th dimensional and resume their contact and missions with you.  You see we have cycled also.  We are most impressed with your push to move forward and this advancement has moved you to the 5 D much quicker than the Sirian High Council has anticipated.  And so it is, you are ready to receive the Gifts that were promised so long ago.  This auspicious moment has passed onto you most phenomenal experience you about to engage, Welcome to the Universe!


Many Blessings, Sirian High Council


Please Feel Free to Share.      June Stephansen         



“Christos Light” Master Jesus  by Bradley

Greetings…………..I am.  I am the Christ entity.  I am you, we are one.  I am all that you know and all that you can imagine  --  I am your brother, your parent, your child, your friend, your enemy, your lover, your abuser, your elected officials, your dictators, your criminals, your saints.  I am the earth.  I am the heavens.  I am beauty and I am ugliness.  I am pollution and rage and war and crime.  I am balance and joy and love and compassion.  Nothing that is is not me.  Everything that is is me.  Love all…………for all is a part of me, all is a part of we.  This is our creation - all that is.  Love it.  All is good………..all is right…………all is divine.

Now is a time of great celebration and joy.  Now is the time of becoming.  Now is the harvest.  Now is the resurrection of Spirit.  Now is the awakening.  Now is the remembering.  Now is the time of ascension.  Now is the homecoming.  All have arrived at the gates of Heaven and all will be admitted.  None will be judged.  All are worthy.  All are welcome.  All are loved.  All are one.  We stand together at the gates in celebration of the end of a great journey and in celebration of the reunion of spirit with spirit.

In this Now time of ascension, many of you are asking what you should be doing, what should you be thinking, how should you be acting, what should you be praying.  And I tell you, Now is not the time to do or think or act or pray.  Now is the time to be.  Now is the time to radiate your essence.  Now is the time to shine.  Now is the time to shout with all the radiant joy of your being ……… I AM GOD AND I HAVE AWAKENED.  Be this truth.  Be love.  Live it and allow all of your thoughts and actions to reflect this state of being.  This is ascension.  This is the state of being in what you call the
Kingdom of God - your Kingdom.  This is the key to the gate.  All possess it.  All have always possessed it.  I came to Earth 2000 years ago with this communication and 2000 years ago many of you called me Messiah.  Now I look upon the Earth and see that it is populated with Messiahs.  I tell you this, know that it is true…….as many souls as number the earth………..that many Messiahs have come forth to awaken, to remember, to ascend, to come home.  None will be left behind.  The Kingdom of Heaven shall reside on the Earth and the Earth in the Kingdom of Heaven when collectively you sing……..I am God, We are God, We are One!

And so it is.

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