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REMEMBER YOUR MISSION                  019
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc.
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

       It is easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed when we see atrocities occurring in the world, but I implore you to go within and remember your mission. The Earth is going through a unique experiment, and every embodied soul is here because we agreed to assist in this experiment. Whether you remember it or not, you have been preparing a very long time for this opportunity. You have everything you need within you to accomplish your facet of the Divine Plan, and no one else can succeed in fulfilling your mission as effectively as you can.
       People all over the planet are awakening and remembering who they are and why they are here. They are remembering that they are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God and that they have come to Earth to assist this planet and all her life in the Ascension process. In order for Earth's Ascension up the Spiral of Evolution to be accomplished effectively, the old, obsolete 3rd-Dimensional patterns of human miscreation must be transmuted into Light, and the new 4th- and 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God must be anchored in the core of purity in every electron of precious life energy. We are in the midst of this process now.
       Over the last twenty years, myriad activities of Light have taken place that changed the course of history. In addition to many other miraculous accomplishments, these activities cleared the way for the activation of the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government. This event took place in Washington, D.C., in August 2002, during the sixteenth celebration of Harmonic Convergence.
       The matrix and archetypes for Divine Government contain all of the 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection that are associated with government. These patterns include not only the highest Divine Intent and potential of governments in every country of the world but the highest expression of self-government for every individual as well.
       These patterns fulfill the Universal Law - As Above So Below - and truly reflect a government OF the God Selves of Humanity, BY the God Selves of Humanity, FOR the God Selves of Humanity. This is a government that recognizes the Divine Truth that all life is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent, a government that reveres the Oneness of ALL Life and perpetually works to support and sustain the highest good for all concerned.
       Once the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government were activated in Washington, D.C., the 5th-Dimensional patterns of perfection expanded through the Crystal Grid System and entered every atomic and subatomic particle of life on Earth. When the patterns of Divine Government were anchored, the obsolete, mutated patterns of government were pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light.
       These distorted patterns contain the archetypes of all of the horrific abuse of power governments have inflicted on their own people and the peoples of the world since the fall of Humanity aeons ago. They also contain the archetypes of the atrocities Humanity has inflicted on each other throughout time.
       As these patterns surface to be healed, they affect people in various ways. We each have the gift of free will, and we have the ability to choose how we respond to this negative energy as it enters our lives.
       Awakened Lightworkers diligently work to assist the healing process by invoking the Light of God and transmuting the negative patterns back into their original perfection. Unfortunately, the lower human egos of people who have not yet awakened do not realize what is happening, so they respond with fear and anxiety. In a reflex response, the unawakened souls revert back to behaviors that are familiar and act out in ways that have seemed to work in the past. That is what we are witnessing on Earth at this time.
       It is important for people to understand that the old, obsolete archetypes of war, aggression, violence, greed and corruption do not exist in the 5th-Dimensional patterns of Divine Government that have now been activated on Earth. Therefore, those gross mutations cannot be sustained in the physical plane for very long, and they will no longer be effective modes of operation.
       There is an expression that states...We don't know what we don't know. Until people awaken and remember the Oneness of ALL Life, they truly do not comprehend the ramifications of their destructive behavior patterns. Their human egos have manipulated them into believing that they must participate in such actions in order to survive.
       For this reason, it is counterproductive for awakened Lightworkers to be judgmental and critical of people who are making decisions to participate in obsolete behavior patterns that no longer serve the highest good. Those souls actually do not know any better, and our judgments and criticisms just feed the problem. Instead, we must transcend the negativity and volunteer to serve as surrogates on behalf of the unawakened souls. Through this process, we will help lift our unawakened brothers and sisters into the Light. Once they are able to lift their heads above the mud puddle of fear and anxiety, their God Selves will take dominion, and they will experience their own awakening.
       The Truth is, everybody is doing the best he or she can according to their wisdom and understanding. We often think people should know better and that they should realize the Oneness of Life, but if they really did know better they would not participate in the old paradigms of war, violence, aggression, corruption, greed, etc.
       When miraculous events take place such as the activation of the matrix and archetypes for Divine Government, it is always the hope of our Father-Mother God and the Spiritual Hierarchy serving the Earth that awakened Lightworkers will be able to transmute the surfacing negative energy before the lower human egos of unawakened souls latch onto it and create more problems. Since we all have the gift of free will, however, the path Humanity will choose is never certain.
       This time, at a deep heart level, awakened Lightworkers intuitively knew what the potential ramifications would be if we resorted to the obsolete patterns of war and violence. For the first time in history, millions of people all over the world joined together in the greatest, most massive peace demonstrations the world has ever seen.
       The hope was that those in positions of power would listen to our pleas and lift up in consciousness enough to see the Light. Their God Selves could then have accelerated their awakening process. Awakened leaders would have been able to perceive peaceful solutions to the world's problems. This would have allowed the new 5th-Dimensional archetypes for Divine Government to become the order of the day.
       In spite of the valiant efforts of Lightworkers around the world, those in positions of power chose the most difficult path of all. Now we will perceive, as never before, the Divine Truth that war is NOT the answer.  An effective and sustained military victory would merely perpetuate the myth that war and violence are viable solutions to the world's problems. They are not, and once this war is over, such violent actions will not be considered feasible alternatives for the challenges existing on Earth. When this war and all of the extenuating circumstances associated with it are complete, war will not be considered as a last resort; it will not be considered an option at all.
       Even though the leaders of our governments did not heed our pleas for a peaceful solution, that does not mean that our efforts toward Peace have failed. On the contrary, this is the moment for which we have been training. It is time to remember your mission. The unified efforts of Lightworkers are making a tremendous difference in both the severity and the duration of this war.
       Ages ago, when we took our vows in the Heart of God and volunteered to embody on Earth during this momentous time, we were shown the various scenarios that the lower human egos of Humanity might play out in these latter days. We saw the potential of this war, and we knew that we would have the ability to intervene. We also knew that we would have all of the necessary skills to prevent a global holocaust. Now is the time for us to implement those skills.
       As you know, outer world events that draw the focused attention of millions of people simultaneously are used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist in the unfolding Divine Plan. In the midst of the horrors of this war the media reported that Jessica Lynch, a beautiful 19-year-old girl from PALESTINE, West Virginia, was rescued and returned to safety. She was the first American prisoner of war to be rescued since World War II.
       This event opened the hearts of people all over the world and, for a few precious days, allowed the Company of Heaven to bathe the war-ravaged Middle East with healing and Divine Love. Jessica's rescue symbolically represented the feminine—the Love Nature of our Mother God—being returned to the heart of the Middle East —Palestine. Now it is up to us to expand the Love Nature of our Mother God, which is the Holy Spirit, in, through and around the hearts and minds of all those who are associated with this war.
       Then on Palm Sunday, the beginning of the holy week of Passover and Easter, our troops stumbled upon the seven prisoners of war quite by accident. This was an act of Divine Intervention, and everyone involved knew it. Every family, the soldiers who found the prisoners of war and the prisoners themselves all expressed the belief that their rescue was a miracle and the result of the prayers of people around the world. The resulting jubilation, once again, opened the hearts of Humanity and created a Chalice through which the Light of God will flow during this holy week to expand the realization of the Oneness of ALL Life and our need to revere and love each other.
       In order for you to be the most powerful instrument of God during this critical moment on Earth, you must go within to the deepest recesses of your heart, and ask your God Self to reveal to you how you can assist. Do not underestimate your ability to make a positive difference. You are powerful beyond your knowing, and all that your Father-Mother God has is yours.
       There are many activities of Light taking place, and, day by day, unique opportunities are being presented to each of us. Pay attention and respond to your heart's call. If an opportunity presents itself and you feel the inner prompting to be an instrument of God for that particular facet of the Divine Plan, DO IT!  Make the necessary sacrifice. Know that whenever you expend your time, energy or money for service to Humanity and the Divine Plan, the floodgates of Heaven open up to support you and to amplify your efforts.


       To assist in transmuting the consciousness of war and to help awaken unawakened Humanity, the Company of Heaven has asked us to organize a gathering of Lightworkers within the portal of Healing through the Power of Limitless Transmutation and Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson, Arizona. This will take place during the seventeenth celebration of Harmonic Convergence, August 16-21, 2003.
       The Lightworkers gathered at this sacred conclave will be guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy through newly revealed activities of Light that will lift each of us up individually, and all of us up collectively, into higher states of self-mastery, self-empowerment, self-healing and Divine Consciousness.
       As we each transform the residue of negativity in our own lives and shift our own consciousness into higher levels of God's Limitless Physical Perfection, we will simultaneously lift up our unawakened sisters and brothers. This event will greatly assist Humanity in transcending the obsolete archetypes of war, poverty, disease and all the other expressions of failure consciousness that still plague and entrap so many people on Earth.
       The Spiritual Hierarchy said that our unified efforts will be amplified one thousand times one thousandfold during this holy endeavor. The more Lightworkers who respond to their heart's call and volunteer to come and physically participate in this Divine Mission, the more effective we will be in transmuting the negativity that is being pushed to the surface to be healed all over the planet.
       If you are interested in participating in this Divine Mission and would like more information, please see details on our website:  THE SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL WORLD CONGRESS ON ILLUMINATION. You may also go to our Home Page... www.1spirit.com/eraofpeace...for further details.
       The following is a visualization that was given to Humanity by the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist us in anchoring and expanding the Divine Love of our Mother God. Lightworkers around the world have been empowering this visualization for several months. Please add your radiant Light to this forcefield of Divine Love.


       The electronic pattern for this forcefield is a magnetic Heart of Pure Divine Love enfolding Planet Earth. This crystalline-pink Heart, formed through Humanity's unified consciousness, magnetically attracts the energy, vibration and consciousness from every Ascended level of Being in the Universe into our planetary cause of manifesting the Era of Eternal Peace and Abundance that is now dawning.
       Seven magnificent Solar Archangels of pure Divine Love now descend into the atmosphere of Earth from the electronic belt around the Great, Great Central Sun. They joyously take their strategic positions around this planet to assist us in this activity of Light. The Solar Archangels are stationed at the four cardinal points around the planet, as well as above, below and directly within the center of the Earth.
       These Beings are now conducting a symphony of Love ensouling and interpenetrating our Beloved Earth. Each Lightworker is a power point of Light unified in consciousness with every other Lightworker inbreathing, absorbing, expanding and projecting this forcefield throughout Humanity, the Nature and Elemental Kingdoms, the Angelic Kingdoms and the entire atmosphere of Earth.
       As we experience the manifestation of this forcefield of Unconditional Divine Love, we see the deep colors of Love, smell the fragrance of Love and hear the Cosmic Tones and moving melodies of Love. Through this activity, we are truly Love in action, collectively changing the core vibration of the primal Light substance, which has gone into the present conditions on Earth.
       We are the CAUSE of this magnetic forcefield of Love anchored on Earth. Through this activity of Light, we are setting in place the basic spiritual forces of Divine Love over which Humanity will Ascend out of our long exile in darkness into the Realms of Light.
As we unify in consciousness with the Kingdoms of Earth and the Realms of Heaven, we create an Open Door to explore and rediscover the great Family of God in which we will find complete support for the fulfillment of our Divine Plans.
       This is what the magnetic forcefield of Divine Love is attracting to each of us personally as we live within it. We are being raised into a profound reawakening of supreme Love consciousness, becoming again the Masters of Love we have always been and truly are here and now.
       We now recognize ourselves as Beings of Love, accepting responsibility for Loving this sweet Earth and all her life free. We are One with this blessed planet, and the planet is One with us.
       The seven Solar Archangels are now projecting their luminous presence to surround each of us in a Cosmic Forcefield of Divine Love. This forcefield is anchored to the north, south, east and west of us, as well as above, below and directly within the Divinity of our hearts.
       We are now a planetary forcefield of Unconditional Divine Love. The Love of God is now thriving on Earth through us. We each feel the Heart of Love healing the primal Light substance of our four lower bodies and all the physical, etheric, mental and emotional spheres of Earth.
       Together we are changing the inner conditions for the entire planet, and we are setting this Earth on a new planetary course of Divine Love. We feel complete unity with ALL Life as we inbreathe, absorb, expand and project this forcefield into every aspect of Humanity's day-to-day functioning with every breath we take. And so it is!

This article is copyrighted. You have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

Brief Bio:

Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for twenty years and had her own radio program for ten years. During that time she also cofounded the nonprofit, educational organization the New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc. Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author. She has written the eight books listed below and produced tapes and videos that supplement her books. She is editor and publisher of the monthly newsletter: Take Charge of Your Life. For over 30 years, Patricia has traveled around the world lecturing and teaching workshops to help awakening souls fulfill their Divine Potential. 
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