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Mother Mary Speaks
Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome dear ones. I come forth on bended knee, bended heart and bended light. I come forth to announce to you the beauty I see within your field of inquiry, the beauty I see within your heart, and the beauty I see within the details of the future that you are creating this moment thought by thought. I am She that is known as Mary. I come forth on the gentleness of the wings of light, the wings of a dove to announce to you all of the possibilities that live waiting, breathing, looking for your vibration. The day of decision, the day of choice, the day of becoming is upon you. No longer residing in the centuries of the past or the centuries of the future. No longer hidden behind a bush, no longer living in the heavens beyond your human viewing. It is here within your grasp, within your thoughts, within your heart, and within your declarations.

Each of you have allowed a wedge of separation to keep you from your past and your future, to keep you separate from your dark and your light, your masculine and your feminine, your right and your wrong. You have driven these wedges deep into the ground and deep into the heart thinking that it was holy to be kept separated, it was holy to keep darkness away from light. It is time for you to understand that a marriage of the light announces itself within your heart, and within all of your declarations. For the separation of the past that has so served you in so many leagues of light, no longer announces itself to you. You must look at this bridegroom and this bride of light eye to eye, heart to heart, truth to truth. Understand that the denseness of earth must marry the heavenly realm. And that the density of your human essence, your human being, your human failings and frailty must finally wed the light. For too many eons you have been engaged to the light, engaged in the light, and engaged for the light. For too many eons you have fought what was evil and dark and dense of character within and without. You have slain it only for it to be born again in the physical earth and the physical soul of the soil.

These energies that you have pushed away, that you have cut into a million pieces have always seemed to formulate back into something bigger and darker and scarier than the first time you dissolved their presence. As you walked into the total eclipse of the light of the moon and the sun you were summoned to stand in front of all that was hidden. I ask you to embrace in fullness all within you that you do not love, all within your thinking that you do not love, and all within your world that you still do not know how to love. For no longer can the darkness be slain with an action, with a word, with a divine decree, for always it births itself anew in a different form, a different shape, a different day, a different era. The eclipses announce the wedding of the polarities.

The orbit of the light and the dark within the spectrum of your soul comes forth into the fullness of a blossom that has never been seen. A fragrance that has never been experienced. As long as you keep yourself separated from the other half of your thinking, of your body, of your past, of your future, and of your hidden fears you will never come into wholeness and holiness. The time runs short as you wait for 2014 to announce itself on your planet. You have 10 years, one decade to learn to walk without polarity, without duality, without subjugation to the light or to the darkness, or to good or to bad. As long as you point and you announce what is lesser than, what is evil, what is black then you will never be able to fully embrace and announce to yourself what is light and what is good and what is heavenly.

Earth has served the fullness of her purpose. In the playing of polarity, in the dance of duality, and in the sťance of separateness one always brings forth what was once buried. In the next 10 years, you will be ushered into octaves of light that can only land in a field that is cleared of polarity, in a personage that is cleared of duality and the sticks and stones of the past.

As you come into the holy months of Thanksgiving, of the birth of my child, and birth of your own Christ child and a renewal of spirit take these sacraments deeply into every cellular thought of your being. Do not play at these days of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. But understand that they announce a mass consciousness celebration and a mass consciousness belief that now needs to be seen in the sacredness of the vows that they have taken before arriving on earth. In truth, you must give thankfulness for all that you are; for all that you have gone through and for all that is yet to become. In truth, the birth of the Christ child is each one of you. On the day that you were born, the Christ was brought forth to earth again and again and again. Six billion plus times. Six billion Christed Beings. Some have remembered. Some have forgotten. Some are just remembering.

In the year 2004, you are gifted another octave of your physical essence as you are pulled out of the 3rd /4th dimensional field of physicality into the 5th dimensional field of physicality with your mind, your heart and your light entering the 6th dimension of light. You hold within you inherent with codings that only can be activated by the nuances of love that run through the cells and the veins of your being. You cannot lie to your atomic structure. You cannot lie to your holy structure. And you cannot lie to yourself any longer. If your intent-fullness is to fully walk forth in all of the glory and the celebration of light then your life will mirror that. If your words and lip service say such, but your actions do not follow, then your life shall mirror that experience. All lies shall be seen in the light of the new day internally and externally. That is why personal/private truthfulness is so powerful. The most important aspect of your crowning glory of light is to come. Your cellular content, your atomic structure knows of your intent and it will follow suit and energy in announcing that intent to your outside world. This is not something you have to try to do. It is not something that you learn to do. It is not something you get certified in. It is not something you eat or something you take. It is the natural unfolding of your abilities that have been promised by the Christed One and announced in this time and place in these energy doorways that bring you forth messages that go beyond your known galaxies and universes.

You are a holy instrument that is about to be played by vibrational structures that you do not understand. This does not have to make sense to your human mind and your human countenance. But it must make sense to your heart. Bring all things that you do not understand into the mansion of your heart. I Mary will bring forth these misunderstood energies into a place that you can converse with them and understand them in the totality of what they represent. For many things are disguised. Light is sometimes disguised in gray; dark is sometimes disguised in light. The fullness of your body will know the truth. As I look into your hearts and what you have gone through, I am honored to be in your presence. I am honored that you have answered the call of light to this degree of vibration, for you are my beloved children. I will open you up to understand why such things present themselves to you. But in all circumstances that are beyond your control and beyond your understanding, you must first love them and then the answer that you seek as to why will be created from them. I AM Mary I leave at this time.



Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Commonwealth of Light announces its worth as it moves genuinely forward dissolving all obstructs and all constructs that have kept it limited. Living only within the perimeter and confines of the human expression and knowledge of such vibration. Entanglements of the past now release their hold upon your world, your thoughts, and your heart as an octopus that is called home to the deep abyss. Essences of new understandings birth themselves forward as you no longer have to plow through the thickness of your human life that has been lifted by an elevation of self and soul that announces the NEW beat of Light.

I am the essence, the breath, and the spoken word known as SHEKINAH (the Holy breath). To many, my vibration is seen in cabalistic terms as the Holy Spirit. I am feminine in nature, as are most that birth creation. I come forth to speak to you about the undertakings of truth that lives within your words and your expressions of humanist. For too long you have relied upon the announcements of your world telling you when to move forward into freedom, when to move forward into healing, and when to move you forward into political discernment. For too long you have awaited the decrees of those in holy institutions and holy cities to free you from the scars and the darkness that had wrapped around your DNA and your evolutionary aspects of incarnational selves. For too long you have awaited the decree of a Creator and an announcement, an unfoldment of the wings of heaven bringing forth into your awareness conformation that the holy host would be coming forth in all of his/her glory, to rescue a drowning world.

At one time, your world was destined not to be. You are genuinely gifted to still be breathing the air on this planet. For many an object of destruction was re-routed by your brethren within the crafts of light keeping earth upon a path of evolutionary progress and safety. There were times in your existence 30 years gone past that told the Heavens that humanity did not have the heart to move forward or the heart to hold the seed of light that was to birth the New One Universe. But those days have passed and you have succeeded in all of your undertakings. The Universe looks upon you with glee in their heart and love in their eyes as those that believed you were capable stood tall and strong in your behalf and argued with those in position of grandness of light, that you would succeed, that you could succeed, and that humanity was the perfect choice for birthing the NEW UNIVERSES OF LIGHT.

Now once again the Heavens look eye to eye with all of its celestial counterparts and looks into the hearts and the choices of an earth that has appeared to be in upheaval. The planetary positioning of astrological monitoring devices was necessary and used to direct your concentration and your intention into a pinpoint abstract portal. Yes, you were corralled as beings as light all over the world, hundreds of circles of you, thousands of geometry's of you. Yes you came out one by one thinking to yourself, this alignment may not be a truth. This is but a gathering of heart, a gathering of light. You listened to the spiritual call and you beckoned forth more of your brethren to come and celebrate and dance with joy as you watched the eye in the sky that watched you. As all eyes and hearts were pointed upwards, a deliberate calibrated vibration was given to you optically, inserted into your eyes. In many places upon the earth that gathered in celebration there was a 44-minute time period that was a void. There was a time period when the stillness engulfed all and everyone looked about to find instructions. Those instructionals were not available. So one just looked to the heavens as the blood-shot eye of God downloaded to each of you. You are aware that your eyes are extensions of the human brain. They hold within them, trillions of pathways and connection points that narrow in a concave and convex geometric expression. These energies were given to your human eyes and downloaded into your human brain escorting new octaves of light and vibrations of nutritional celestial truths into neural pathways that could not be opened in any other way. They were guided into your eyes through a laser light surgery of sorts.

This alignment and all of the good and bad and indifferent thoughts about it were necessary. Issues of honor and integrity, issues of heart and soul, issues as the light and the dark played out internally and externally were necessary as all of earth entered a total eclipse of the heart. The heart was kept busy thinking as the eyes just looked and searched for something they did find optically satisfying. And thus the downloading was insured. Many that tried to keep their eyes shut during the eclipse, found their eyes needed to be open. Sounds, noises, and confusion as well as chaos announced itself. The throat was also opened as smoke (from fires on all levels) and incense and sage was absorbed into the body. Spirit is known to ride upon the essence of smoke. Holy Spirit came and you breathed it in. You breathed in all energies that filled the lungs and permeated the very thin tissue through the lungs into the blood stream.

Many of you are having difficulties breathing and swallowing in your body these days. You are breathing differently. You almost wish you could be dolphin-like and breathe through the top of your head. These portals of new breath are asking that all of the orifices that absorb oxygen be opened. There is construction that happens within your body as different pathways of oxygen are challenged and your breath is concentrated as are your words, your speaking, and the hoarseness within your throat. All of this is necessary as the biological aspect of the humanness opens to new pathways of instruction that are being escorted in and out of the body. The mucus that you release contains within it, old encodings. For some of you this releasement will come in mucus, in others stomach and intestinal distress. All of these membrane linings are housing the old paradigm, which no longer fits the new biological aspect that you are receiving and being instructed in. This downloading and upgrading will continue until the time of January 11th. Thus allowing you 11 days into the New Year of the vibration of the number 6 before you shift.

On the date of 2/22/2004 the first level of the 66 instruct will be activated. The next will come forth on the 3/3/2004 and the final level of that will happen as you enter the 6/6/2004. There will be a creative healing conduit that will allow itself an opening until September 9th of 2004, thus allowing the integrations through the time of summer. These new energies will birth to you, abilities that go beyond your neural understandings at this time. Constructions of pathways of light will continue for several months. You may find that there are pains within the eyes, unbalance within the ears, and headaches within different points of the crinkle structure. Your thinking may appear to be fuzzy and confused, forgetting many things that appear or should be appearing to be important. Remember the old paradigm that you have held unto, as your instructional booklet will now be dissolved. You will not have it as you enter the year 2004. The new instructions will not be completed in their construction until the time period of January 11th. Thus as you celebrate the time of Thanksgiving and the Holy time of the Created Christís birth, understand that nuances and experiences that come to you will be different then what you have planned for.

Allow yourself to relax into this ebb and flow of the new workings of your biological matter. Do not be so structured and pointed in your views and in your plans. Open up in every way that you can to allow joy to enter you. Integrate the higher vibration of love through all of your actions and all of your words as a consciousness of holy dialogue is announced to all of humanity. Do not be rough or tough upon your self or others if they forget a date, a time, an intersection, and an appointment. Allow them the leeway that is necessary in these expanded possibilities as they unfold into potentials that live beyond all impossibility as presented to you in this minute.

You are holding the divine plans for the New One Universe. As an architect of light and a planner of love, you cannot be allowed the luxury of continuing to plan in the old patterns. And that is why all is taking place as such. I am the breath of the light. I am the breath of your heart. And I am the breath of love as are you. Relax into your life and breath love through all of these dilemmas. Do not allow them to take you hostage and drag you back kicking and screaming to what is dead and past. Let go and allow yourself to unfold in fullness. There are no mistakes or retakes in these divine plans. As with a picture it will all be captured in a second. It is the same with all of your choices. Make them from a clear heart or do not make them at all. I leave you as I breathe you.

Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene
13 :13

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Channeled and created by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.
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