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DrLight is Officially Licensed #10-46317 to practice in Pasco County Florida and is a Registered Senior Higher Service Dog.
do not perform procedures considered dangerous, such as cutting, puncturing the skin or prescribing or recommending the non-use of prescription drugs.  We do not do anything which could cause an imminent risk of significant harm. We do Not do massage.

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"LightNews" NewsLetter of Light, "Light Family News"
"News in the Now"  Multi-Dimensionality, ET, Cosmic, Comic, Comet & InterPlanetary News
LightNews Index 2003   

Light, Sound & Color  Healing  Color Therapy


Beloved masters, I come to you this day with a deep sense of gratitude
and profound love in my heart for each of you. Together, we have been
on this journey out into the great void for many aeons of time as we
seek to express and create the many complex facets of our Creator Source
in a multitude of ways and forms. Time after time you have proven your
resilience, your tenacity and your dedication to your mission, even
though much of the time you have forgotten who you truly are and why you
agreed to fragment your wondrous self to the degree you have. You are
swiftly gathering/integrating the many parts of yourselves as you
progress on the phenomenal journey of reunification, the process of
returning to Spirit with a human sheathing.

It is time to remember why you are here and why you assumed an earthly
It is time for you to remember that the Earth is not your home.
Are you ready to accept the fact that you are a blessed
extension/facet/spark of the Creator with the potential to be or become
anything you can envision? Are you ready to expand your vision beyond
the mundane circumstances of your everyday life and embrace the
excitement of your new reality as you create greater and greater
harmony, love and joy in your world? You are capable of thinking only
one thought at a time. If you focus on one thing, one idea
continuously, it will manifest, so why not dare to dream of and reach
for your highest potential? Many of you make excuse after excuse
because you fear failure. You only fail if you are unwilling to take a
chance and reach out into the unknown. Are you willing to try a new way?
Are you willing to put our teachings to the test?   Anything you can
visualize, you can realize. You are a cocreator in human form who was
given the Divine directive to go forth and create in the name of the
Supreme Creator.  Won't you allow us to co-partner with you and assist
you to become that which you so desire: a living, breathing, masterful
cosmic envoy of the highest order?

When we say you should seek that which is your passion and that which
brings you the greatest satisfaction and joy
, many of you do not have
the slightest idea what that is.  We ask you to begin by eliminating
those things that are stressful in your life, that which brings you pain
and which you dread.  You did not become the way you are in a day, a
week, or a year, but you can transform back into your empowered
masterful self much more quickly than you can imagine.  We have offered
you many tools, techniques and information over these past years, but
you must make a commitment and prove for yourself that what we offer you
are the "magical tools" you have been seeking.  We have said many times,
you must turn knowledge into wisdom or you must come to the realization
that something is true and achievable.  Realization is when something
becomes crystal clear in your mind and you "know" that it is your truth,
and then you must put that truth into action.  Knowledge/wisdom overlaid
with love/compassion and focused intent/action creates the power that
holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential,
potential that is just waiting for you to mold it and create anything
you can envision.
  That is what is waiting for you in your new world of

The first and foremost responsibility is to yourself as you seek to
embody more "God Stuff" within by eliminating all the old, outmoded
negative energy patterns that you have accumulated on your journey into
  Self-mastery is a never-ending process, a continuous state
of becoming, as you learn to integrate more and more of the virtues and
attributes of our Father-Mother God.  It takes constant vigilance and
practice, but the rewards are immeasurable. Everyone benefits when you
endeavor to better your world, and the paradise of the New Age began
many years ago with only a few brave souls and a few changes for the
better at a time. It is growing and multiplying exponentially, and the
waves of change are building strength and magnifying as more and more
step on board and add their love/Light, experience and wisdom to the
whole.  When you become the master of your own thoughts, you direct your
energy with deliberation, and you use the wisdom garnered from past
experience and your Higher Self as you shape your environment and your

There is energy potential all around you and it radiates as an Infinity
sign all around you as well: above, below, in front and in back of you.
What you are thinking and feeling creates a vibrational pattern, and it
radiates out from you and magnetizes to you energies/situations/people
who are in harmony with that vibrational resonance or pattern.
your thoughts/energy/vibrational patterns and you will change your
world.  You are blending the physical with the mystical/spiritual facets
of yourselves as you learn to enjoy the beauty and bounty of all the
Earth plane has to offer, while also enjoying the beauty, wonder and
magic of the higher realms.
You have a star tetrahedron and rotating fields around you which will
increase in strength and magnitude as you build and strengthen the
rainbow bridge or the crystalline column of Light that connects you to
your Divine Self or I AM Presence. Over the aeons of time, that column
diminished to a thin thread in many people, furnishing barely enough
Life Force energy to keep them alive. As you clear the distortions, you
are receiving greater and greater amounts of Creator Light and you are
also re-establishing your interactive relationship with the
multi-faceted parts of your greater Self.

Light, Sound and Color are the Modalities of Healing,
expanding and the integration of your multi-dimensional Selves
 You are just now remembering
and learning to use some of the major tools of mastery that
are a part of your Divinity and birthright.  Your DNA/genetic encodings
carry a tone or resonance, a perfect harmonic blend of sound vibrations
which assure good health, vitality and long life when maintained in
their original state.  There have been experiments whereby human DNA has
been set to music, and much will be learned about illness and dis-ease
as more studies and knowledge are gathered which will establish the
value of the harmonics of sound and the vibrational patterns within the
human vessel.   It will soon be validated that toning and using overtone
harmonics can cure many of the symptoms of distress or illness that you
as humans are experiencing, for it brings your DNA, etheric, emotional
and mental bodies back into harmony and balance.  Cellular geometry is
encoded within the molecular structure of your chakra system and you are
in the process of restoring the perfect holographic replica of your
multi-dimensional oversoul. As you return your chakras to harmonious
balance, they burst into spinning radiant spheres and this activates the
opening of the Seven Seals of God-consciousness, thereby turning your
chakra system into a luminous column of Light that follows the spine up
through the crown chakra. This process expands the rainbow bridge which
ultimately reconnects you to the vastness of your God Self.
(The Divine Tune Up facilitates and incorporates these Healing processes.)

You are all in the midst of this process to one degree or another.
Know that it is a time of great change where all that you have relied on
in the past is shifting, changing and sometimes even disappearing.
Be aware that your
wide mood swings and feelings that your old belief structures and
boundaries are crumbling are a part of the accelerated transformation
process now in progress. One moment you may be elated and in a near
state of bliss, and the next you may be feeling vulnerable and
uncertain, or you may have feelings of despair, sadness, anger or
depression sweep over you.  Remember, we have asked you to ride the
waves of change, to enjoy the "highs" and allow yourself to work through
the "lows" as an observer. Impacted energies and painful negative core
memories are roiling up from deep within so they can be released or
transmuted into neutral Light substance, and so the vacancies can then
be filled with the revivifying "Lightening" Diamond Core God Cells of
the Creator.

Time and space as you have experienced it over the past 10,000 years is
also shifting and becoming more fluid.
  Many of you are anxious to know
what will happen in 2012, the year when many have prophesied the end of
life on Earth.  Allow us to ease your fears and satisfy your curiosity,
beloveds; you are already in the energy of that year.  The world as you
all knew it ended with the cataclysmic event called 9-1-1, or September
11, 2001.  It is important that you understand that radical changes are
going on throughout this universe, not just on planet Earth.  Your galaxy
is in the midst of a vast expansion and every solar system in the Milky
Way galaxy is on an accelerated journey up the spiral of evolution.

Everyone and everything in this universe is in the process of
expanding, an internal combustion process, you might say, or a pulsation
that is forcing to the surface all that which is not in harmony with the
refined energies of higher Creation.  At every level, the negative
energies of the lower dimensions are being brought to the surface so
they can be transformed and returned to more harmonious frequencies of

You think it is your sun and the solar flares which are causing all of
your erratic weather patterns, and this is true, but it is only a small
part of what is taking place on Earth.   The great devic angels and
elementals are once more taking an active part in healing and balancing
the elements on Earth.   When the Earth is brought into balance once
more, there will be no more hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or floods. 
It won't be necessary.
 The broad spectrum of duality is gradually coming
to a close as the cosmic pendulum swings closer and closer to the
balance point or the Still Point of Creation
.  You will be in a reality
of polarity for a very long time to come, but there will be radical
changes. You will savor and acknowledge the uniqueness and special
attributes of the opposites in your world: Light and dark, positive and
negative energies, male and female energies, as well the billions of
variations that are represented on your Earth.   You will come to
understand that all states/levels of Creation are an integral part of
the whole.  Humanity will become more tolerant and will even learn to
appreciate the diversity that is so widely represented on Earth. As the
process of coming together with the multiple branches of your soul
family accelerates, you are having what could be called a melding of
emories or experiences.
 "Oneness" means you will incorporate the
memories and experiences of your group and they will integrate yours, as
well. You will be able to draw on their experiences and wisdom, and
they on yours. If you have built and use your Pyramid of Light/Power in
the fifth dimension, you will never again feel alone or separated from
your Source. You can go there at any time and call on your soul family
and angelic helpers for assistance, and to bathe in the rarified elixir
of Creator love. Again, we ask you to put what we tell you to the test.

We are asking you to be bold enough to take control of your life.
Focus on that which you wish to create by taking the necessary action with
determination and persistence, while at the same time learning to be
flexible and adaptable.  Shift your attention from what you do not want
in your life to what it is you wish to create in your life.  You do not
"get rich," you allow the riches of life to flow to and through you.

The universe is always trying to shower abundance on you, abundance in
its many forms.
Abundance is always there for the taking, but you have
set up barriers that keep it out of your reach.  Abundance is a state of
mind.   You must open your minds, hearts and arms to receive abundance,
abundance of health, love, joy, creativity, peace.   You must learn to
live and love freely, to enjoy the spontaneity of Creation.   You have
learned to take life too seriously and to believe that you must struggle
and work hard to create that which you desire.   When you learn to tap
into the universal flow of abundance, life becomes a dance and you enjoy
any and everything you do.  The door to a wondrous new future is wide
open, beloveds.   Please, won't you step through?  We are waiting on the
other side.   May the Creator's Light and bounteous blessings shower
down upon you.

I AM Archangel Michael

Vibrational Healing session with Jan & Keth









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