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Beloved Friends,

An ultimatum of war has been passed. Saddam Hussein was informed that he has forty-eight hours to leave Iraq to avoid a military conflict with the US and its allies.  If he does not, which is almost certain, we will likely be at war within a few days. It appears to be a very dark time for the millions, perhaps billions, of people around the world who have been praying for a peaceful solution.  And yet this is the most important time for us to keep our energy high and realize how important our role is.  This is not a time to be afraid, but to step forward as Spiritual Peacemakers.

The Psychic Children have a few messages for all of us.

Over the next two days over five hundred people will join me and some of the Psychic Children on the Big Island of Hawaii for the "Psychic Children Speak to the World" conference. They are here to deliver their messages of peace, and to offer their wisdom on creating a world where war is a forgotten dream. (Divine Providence has provided the perfect opportunity to be here this particular week.)  I spoke with several of them tonight, including Thomas and Koya, and asked them if they would be willing to share part of their message with our wider audience around the world to help us keep positive at this critical time. Over one hundred thousand people will read these messages, and many more if it is passed on. They remind us that this is not a political problem we are facing, but one that is spiritual in nature. The peace we are seeking is within us now, and if we can learn to see the truth that is all
around us, then it will prevail. Their main message is, it seems, that it has already prevailed.

The first message comes from Thomas, the young boy I met two years ago in Bulgaria when he was ten. We have had an amazing communication ever since, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. His messages have always been so simple and direct, and this one is no different. (Unfortunately, Thomas will not be at the conference.)

Thomas, age 12

"Do not think that you have failed, no matter what happens. Failure is impossible at this point, though it may be different than you expect. Think of it like a game that children play. You have already won. That is the good news. The ending is sure because the wheel of Peace is already in motion."

Koya, who is four years old from Japan, sent this reply:

"Sometimes it is hard to trust that everything is happening perfectly to plan. Trust! Trust! Trust!"

Chandra, age 19, who was given the title "Grandmother Chandra" by Native Elders, is one of the most unique presenters at this conference. Like Koya, she is profoundly disabled, but communicates her messages in a way that is hard to explain. I went to her room tonight to meet her and her mother after they arrived at the resort, and was overwhelmed by her energy and wisdom. She dictated a very long message which I will send out in another email in a day or two. Here is a sample of her thoughts regarding the current situation between the US and Iraq:

"We must learn to see the Universal picture, not limit it to 3-D. There is an agreement that has been made between Iraq and the US, and it is being fulfilled right now. It was written many many years ago. These countries are only symbols of something much deeper which is being healed. Everything is adjusting in other dimensions. Don't be fooled by what seems to be happening, but see what is real. Then you'll be able to play your role."

Patrick, who is age 17 offered this wisdom:

"There will be times when you feel like you have failed.
There will be times when you will suffer.
There will be times when you will laugh with joy.
There will be times when you will cry with pain.
And there will be times when you will feel courageous.

Within each of these emotions there is a lesson to be learned. Seek that lesson in order to achieve what you really want."

The Children seem to be in perfect agreement that everything is happening exactly as it should, no matter how it appears. This is an extraordinary time, and we are all vital parts of the Divine Unfolding. We are so honored to have these amazing Children with us this week, and we will continue to share their messages with you as we progress through the conference.

As most of you know, I have been to Iraq twice, beginning in March of 1998 at the request of Saddam Hussein.  I performed the Peace Concert at the national theater in Baghdad, and I learned some very valuable lessons from the people I met.  Most of all, I learned that they are just like you and I, that they are longing for peace just as we are longing, and yet they do not enjoy the freedom to pursue it.  I suggest we all join in Spirit with the people of Iraq, asking that the highest good be achieved at this difficult time. We
pray for their safety, and the safety of all soldiers.  We ask that they be given the chance to live without the threat of war.  As the Children say, this requires a spiritual solution, not political, and we are the ones who are asked to rise to the occasion.  Please join me in Praying Peace for the whole world, so that we may learn the lessons we need to learn to avoid this in the future.

Peace Prevails on Earth NOW!!!
James Twyman

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