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Your present Reality is Mutating

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Ix, 12 Pax, 11 Ik     6/3/03

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Hearts! The world in which you live is undergoing the process of transformation. It is a change that was noticed, first, in the impressive hyperactivity of your Sun. This outpouring of divine energy into your solar system is precipitating changes in her planets' atmospheres, oceans and landmasses. There is clear evidence of this in the rise of volcanic emissions on Venus, an increased incidence of dust storms on Mars and the irregular swirling of Jupiter's upper atmosphere. These are being mirrored on Mother Earth by her upper atmosphere's hyperactivity and the unusual warming patterns of her oceans. There is also an accompanying increase in the number of earthquakes and marine volcanic eruptions. These events are set in motion by the power propelling your Sun. In previous messages, we have explained that your Sun is a sacred instrument for the conscious energy messages that stream into her from other higher dimensions and from our galactic core. The divine purpose of each message is to ensure the proper manifestation of the divine plan in your reality.

      Realities are illusory realms that are co-created by Heaven and its many sentient inhabitants. The primary working orders are the divine plan and the degree of Free Will that the Creator assigns to its inhabitants. Thus, realities can be altered. They are not permanent entities. In fact, like you, they are living, conscious Beings. And, like you, they seek guidance and accept it willingly. As we have mentioned many times before, the Anunnaki momentarily usurped this aspect. Currently, your reality is undergoing transformation. This mutation is occurring on three main levels. The first is your present state of limited consciousness, whose changes are being carried out by Heaven and our medical teams. The second is the physical setting itself, of which the restlessness of the Sun, her planets and even this galaxy are proof. The third level, which affects the first two, involves the interaction of spiritual and inter-dimensional Light that is controlled by the divine plan. This situation is analogous to that of a pebble tossed into a body of water. It creates ever-spreading ripples that affect everyone and everything else in the pool.

      Further, it is necessary to consider the sum of realities in your environment from a wider perspective. These realities can be as small as each individual, or as large as the solar system. A web of consciousness - the 'pool' to which we have just vaguely alluded - interconnects each. This 'pool' is also connected to the infinite. Its waves are the rhythm imprinted upon it by the divine plan. This rhythm is further modified by your Free Will. This procedure forms your reality and all the other realities that combine to shape your main reality. That reality is held together by collective perceptions, which form your connecting grid ('matrix'). For a change to be made, the level of all of the perceptions in your collective reality must be reordered. Heaven and the divine plan are doing that now. The final phase of the process will be to alter the beliefs of your physical reality. In fact, your reality is composed of space - a mixture of Light and Time. As you leave your present perceptions, you experience a desire to go on, as well as a false sense of dejection or 'fear'.

     That overwhelming 'fear' originates in a special series of genetically implanted commands that the Anunnaki intended solely to seize your freedom and limit your Free Will choices.  Heaven has been countering these commands and is returning you to your natural state.  Moreover, your rising body frequencies and the continuing changes in your RNA/DNA, from two to three strands, severely restrict the power of the Anunnaki's skullduggery. Yet, because this conditioning still exists, in limited form, within you, it often results in some of your self-doubts concerning your expanding consciousness.  However, even as this process continues within you, you persist in seeking the Truth. Simply put, this Truth is that the divine plan is changing you and everything around you. The source of this shift is the Creator and your True Self. As you become more aware, your fear subsides and you begin to 'trust' the process. You understand that you are a seed for change and that your altered perceptions will make a positive difference in your reality.

      Most of what we have just stated is not new.  Let us take it and expand upon it. Your reality is tied to an abundance of others, which also possess 'grids' or a 'matrix'. These are based on an infinite series of possibilities embraced within the parameters set by the divine plan. This has allowed your True Self to create enormous numbers of 'mini-realities', which are the testing points for what you are now, were or will be. Consciousness does not evolve sequentially; its nature is solely experiential. Each series of lessons affects you, in some way, in the past, present and future, as well as in your past, present and future lives. The situation becomes further confused because most of you belong to vast soul groupings. Each individual lifetime is shared freely within that grouping. Therefore, your collective True Self shares and evaluates these lessons in great detail.

      Furthermore, every collective conscious reality shifts only when it attains a proper critical mass. When this occurs, your reality as a whole will transmute. Thus, no series of different Earth realities will be left behind by this event. The Mother Earth on which you dwell, along with all of her inhabitants, will shift together. You are a mutually inclusive set; your consciousness is interwoven. You are each other and the collective whole is also you. As you shift, you affect the mini-realities that you have created, as well as the other collective realities in which your consciousness resides. That is why you will have an enormous impact upon all of physicality. Your actions will allow the dark to be reordered in a seemingly infinite number of realities. This shift will make it possible for the Light to reform each reality into yet another of the steadfast desires of the divine plan.

      Consider that what is unfolding is inevitable. With each step, the perceptions of the divine, and of each collective reality, have been accommodated. Such an interaction generates change and results in the evolution of these realities. There is a special point in evolution when this process of change accelerates and then, poof! - suddenly, it manifests a new series of mutations. Because of this, your eco-system has suddenly shifted. So, too, your world. These events have a way of manifesting, despite countless attempts to prevent them. No one can delay the inevitable indefinitely. In fact, the greater the resistance to sudden change, the more massive is its degree. That is what is unfolding, now, in your collective reality. The great shift that we are describing is about to burst forth and put an end to your many burgeoning doubts.

      Our mission is to do only as Heaven commands. These instructions have brought us here and allowed us to discover many things about ourselves. Wisdom exists in many forms. Some are more hidden than others.  Essential wisdom consists of patience and a willingness to accept, with joy, whatever you are given. You have been given so much, and it IS manifesting.  You must learn to use patience and commitment to carry these projects through to completion.   Accept these events as encouragement and know that whatever you have been given belongs to you!  With every day, your responsibilities multiply.  Use this time to understand what you are about to do.  Learn to interact with each other more responsibly.  Form groups and expand your support and educational networks.  Prepare to create new forms of community centers.   Once you have realized your own natural abilities, you must promote and strengthen your community, your galaxy and Mother Earth.

      Today, we have discussed how, and why, your present reality is mutating. These changes are inevitable, and part of a vast, interactive operation that is being supervised by the divine plan. Your part is to grow and, using this ever-increasing consciousness, to assist Mother Earth's humanity in shifting into a new and golden reality. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that Heaven's countless Supply and never-ending Abundance is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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