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June 30, 2003
The Political Scene of the United States

MATTHEW: Good morning, Mother! I would like to give you a message from "outer space" about current happenings on Earth.

S: Fine! So this is for sending "to the world," then?

MATTHEW: To everyone who will read and heed, yes. This message comes in response to a mass soul request from Earth for conscious enlightenment of all Earth humankind.

Campaigning in the United States for next year’s presidential election is underway in fund-gathering and persuasive speeches, and because that country’s leaders are so powerful in determining what happens elsewhere, this is of global, not only national interest.  I want to speak about this in context of the whole picture, but please understand that this is not only my view.  I am the spokesperson chosen by light beings on Earth and in other worlds who wish to present a truthful overview that goes way beyond any country’s leaders, but cannot exclude the significance of US elections because of their global impact.

As the truth is being revealed in areas other than the controlled media, the incumbents are just as deceitful now as they have been in years prior to the election, often referred to as "stolen," that put them in their positions. However, those who are decrying the fraud likely do not understand that that blatant happening served a most important purpose. It brought to the forefront that the "democratic elections" long thought by most of citizens as their having a voice in choosing their highest officials is not what has been happening. It has not been the case almost from the country’s beginning that presidential elections reflect the desires of the majority. Actually, not in any country on Earth are the leaders or the governing methods the people’s choices; rather, the influence of the dark forces has dictated who will rule and under what system.  But the entrenched corruption in the United States, where the presidential administration has and uses the power to manipulate events worldwide, had to be shown with such emphasis that demands for change would occur.

Another aspect of the elections is the single organization where vote tallies in all areas are transmitted for nationwide totaling and sending on to the media reporting centers, whose winner-estimates are aired until the vote-counting ends and the winners are known. Whoever controls that organization has the power to disregard the actual count by any ballot registration method and to announce whatever results they wish. Thus there are two means, one less overt than the other, whereby fraud can dictate the election winners and the powerful people who control both can claim victory and "legally" pursue their goals. Similar unfair but "legal" processes – as well as corruption – pervade state elections too, thus usually producing the party winners of the incumbent administration’s choice for Congress. If that fails, pay-offs, threats and other forms of intimidation generally do not.

Do not be discouraged by this, take heart in it! This is evidence that the light is reaching and exposing some of the most deeply entrenched dark control in your world!  With the headlines waning on Iraq – by intent of the media controllers, because things are not going there according to the US administration’s intent – and politics entering, you will see more truth of this emerging. Those elections systems and winning methods will be replaced by a legitimate and honest selection process when there is sufficient demand for this, and that will come.  I shall return to this election topic, but I need now to make two essential points that are inextricably related to it.

The first is, telepathic communication between sources beyond Earth and receivers on the planet is coming to be regarded by many as the certain hope for paradise regained on Earth. The TRUTH coming through IS that! But not all messages are the truth. With the higher frequencies coming in, the opening of these connections is happening daily, and with the rapid and wide dissemination of messages afforded by the Internet, the dark agenda is cashing in on their growing acceptance. Some material claimed as transmitted by spiritual beings actually is composed in offices right there. It mimics enough of the respected channels’ information to beguile readers and cleverly disguises its disinformation.

Also, if the word received by authentic channels is not the full story, it is misleading. Some messages are encouraging an end to opposing any happenings seen as "negative" and a focus only on the "positive" you want to manifest. Others state that light and dark are within every soul and recognizing this polarity will permit reconciliation of the extremes without your participation in the acting-out of opposing energy forces. Either these kinds of messages are not coming through altogether correctly or completely or the Earth messengers unwittingly are reaching extraterrestrial sources that deliberately are giving wrong information, because strict adherence to those positions will not bring you enLIGHTenment. Soul-searching for understanding what is unfolding and why embodies ALL of those aspects, not one lifted out of the whole as THE remedy, thereby defining the only proper role for all.

The roles DO differ and all are significant – if you did not have an influential part to play on Earth in this time at hand, you would not be there! As the light and dark battle wages, some soul-level agreement roles are on each side, but the outcome is destined to be a light victory. The more unawareness of this truth, the more prolonged the battle; the faster souls awaken to this truth, the swifter the end of the battle.

Some messages are rosy forecasts that don’t present the whole picture. More personal and planetary upheavals are ahead as the negativity is lifted and dispersed or transmuted; more darkness is yet to be revealed. Thus trust that Eden on Earth is coming needs to include this realistic aspect, otherwise it also could be counterproductive to the battle ending more swiftly. Believers may be actively helping to bring to an end to violence and suffering, but when the turnabout is not within their time expectations, their trust may turn to fear and despair, and that would aid the dark agenda.

So we caution you to be evermore discerning about the messages you believe and follow. Connect consciously with your soul, wherein the Whole Truth lies – if the information flows with ease, it is truthful; if you experience a jolting or resistance sensation, it is not. More so than at any other time in the last two millennia, in this time of ever-increasing light, consciousness-soul connections are being made easier.

And as I mentioned, so is telepathic communication, which also is every soul’s birthright. Here again caution is needed by you who are recognizing your new connections: Demand that only light sources be permitted to contact you; ask for protection of the Christed light in all your connections.  If you are feeling tired or ill or otherwise stressed, do not attempt this communication because your energy level is too low to reach the high vibrations of light beings.  Feeling egotistical about your achievement is a certainty that you will reach low-level beings as egoism carries an energy attachment that is incompatible with light, whereas humility and thankfulness have light vibrations.

The next vital point I shall address is that opposing deceit and corruption, and focusing on world peace through love, truth, cooperation, compassion, sharing and justness are NOT mutually exclusive stances. At this juncture in Earth’s evolutionary process and souls’ karmic fulfillment there is a place – a requirement! – for both sides. There must be opposition to the entrenched darkness as it is revealed and demands for an end to it because the energy generated by the dark activities and intentions and their results is producing huge attachments of negativity. If unopposed, those activities and intentions will increase in forcefulness and scope and create even more of the negativity that is exactly what the light forces are working mightily to relieve on Earth in response to her plea for this lifesaving help. There is equal need for simultaneous focus on the benevolent qualities and conditions you want to manifest for your world.

When the energy of the two approaches – opposition to the darkness and full focus on peace and love reigning – reaches the zenith of polarity, the momentum of each will ease until the swing is barely perceptible back at level, a frequency wherein there is reconciliation of negative and positive, or darkness and light, respectively. However, those two extremes have not yet been reached and achieving that status means that more light will be exposing more darkness. Know that as this energy momentum is playing itself out, it is the healing of Earth and her souls – and you all are there to assist in this!

Those two important points made, I return to the political scene in the United States. Although that government’s decisions are the most influential in determining conditions globally, is next year’s election pivotal insofar as the environmental health of Earth as so many worldwide are thinking? More accurately said, are "fearing." In one respect, no, it is not, so fear not only is unnecessary, it is a severe deterrent to the light advances. Creating fear is a primary purpose of the steamroller type of legislation bent on furthering ecological destruction.

Earth is physically moving out of third density where her very life has long been tenuous due to wanton destruction by her humankind, and the advanced technology of high light beings will continue to aid in her full restoration. This is certain, but does that relieve you of responsibility to assist? No! This is a tandem effort, and you cannot be idle while your space brothers are working. US citizens have the responsibility to become enlightened about the presidential and congressional candidates and assist those truly committed to the preservation of Earth. This is pivotal to your preservation – it is your soul’s commitment to this!

In soul-level decisions prior to birth you chose to be a part of the ongoing monumental planetary changes, and your involvement is instrumental to the success of this process. Part of the aid from high light beings is reinforcement of your conscious awareness and strengthening your spirit as well as to awaken the sleepers among you so they, too, can participate knowledgeably, with spiritual clarity and discernment.

Everything that is unfolding is purposeful, including next year’s election in the United States. Not on behalf of Earth, for her evolvement is assured, but on behalf of your OWN spiritual growth, we ask that you consider current political activities as premier opportunities for change away from darkness and into light. We ask that you do this within the understanding that change is a process and not an event, thus holding steadfast to your faith that love-light IS prevailing and its manifestations are apparent to these higher realms. We ask that you be discerning about what you hear from or about candidates so you intuitively know what is true and what is false.

Of all souls on Earth, we ask that you be open to receiving inner guidance, or inspirations, as to your individual roles in this era of unprecedented universal, not only global changes, and to judge none for their roles. This is where each of you is completely in control of your life. Even in the most wretched of circumstances, each of you has the capacity to embrace the knowledge of your Eternal Oneness Within All, to know and feel your independent, inviolate yet inseparable part of God, to act and react in accordance with your soul’s chosen experiencing and the Universal Truth your soul knows.

Despite souls’ pre-birth choices and knowledge, consciously many of you feel great dismay when you discover that Truth is so far different from what has been taught by religions and science and perhaps most especially by your first teachers, your parents. It is not easy to be uprooted from the very foundation of your beliefs by realizing that "life" is not what you have thought. It is not easy to discover that it is not world events that shape your life, but rather it is your life that shapes world events, both by your soul’s choices and your perspective of all your incarnate experiencing. But you chose to experience this discovery, too – this remembering.

It is true that not all of you chose all circumstances encountered due to political tyranny.  Rather than create more negativity by prolonging that, many souls have chosen the divine grace offered to leave the planet early with full karmic completion and assist in sending light-love from higher stations.

Many more of you will awaken and consciously connect with your souls’ messages that will guide you in alignment with pre-birth agreements. Each individual’s revelation is a cause for universal rejoicing! Other souls may not do this, and that is all right. That does not and shall not lessen the love of the high light beings for these souls, who may be of the beings’ own civilizations, nor does it lessen the beaming of light to rouse them from their slumber. The desire, of course, is for all of you to awaken spiritually and move into the higher frequencies with Earth. But if not, then there is a placement of energetic registration commensurate with every soul’s needs for enlightenment and growth.

All of you, who are so beloved by us in these higher realms, please do not think of life as a complex and mysterious endurance test. Please think of it and LIVE it as simply as it is: Let love be your guide and your purpose and your fulfillment. This is the simple Universal Truth!


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