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Online Channeling and Messages:   Peaceful Vigilance

March 5, 2003


Greetings Everyone!


It has been a while since I have been able to get a Transmission to you! I have been on tour in New Zealand and have just arrived home. It was a fantastic experience of beautiful people and magnificent scenery. I learned as much as I taught there. We worked on clearing several Lemurian Temple sites, stood with our feet burning on the ring of fire as it boiled around us. Amazing just how calm you feel when you are right there! The Maori can actually predict the weather and coming earthquakes and volcanoes all over the world by how the hot pools and geysers are behaving.


During one of our group meetings in New Zealand, the Masters came forth with a wonderful bit of guidance which I would like to pass on to you:


That which you understand is what you think

That which you believe, you have been told (or you have created)

That which you know is Truth


I was also fascinated to hear the story of how New Zealand came to declare themselves nuclear free. It started as a grass roots movement of people putting stickers on their cars and signs in their lawns. As this became a larger movement, towns began to declare themselves nuclear free until the country caught on as a whole and declared itself a nuclear free zone. Perhaps we can create a similar event in the US by declaring ourselves as citizens against war (or for Peace -Keth)…


Of late I have noticed that the energies seem to be compressing. That there is an intensity of the energies both upon our bodies and our Spirits. Many are experiencing a strong sense of “unexplained” emotionality, sleeplessness, headaches and body aches.  I am hearing from many that your “stuff” is really in your face, and that old issues have been surfacing, requiring to be dealt with.  The denseness of the energies we are feeling is coming from more than one source.


First of all, our world is in chaos. There is so much uncertainty out there as our world “leaders” insist on running a campaign that most of us do not approve of or wish to participate in.  We are inherently feeling a deep seated grief as we watch our world seem out of control.   We must rise the totality of consciousness toward a greater, more peaceful reality.


Secondly, the Cosmic energies are coming to us bearing higher aspects of light. This is raising our vibrations beyond any level we have ever experienced. Our bodies are our densest aspect, and are having a hard time adjust to the dramatic changes that are occurring. They will catch up. Unfortunately in this process, we are experiencing chemical and electrical reactions to these events which are triggering our emotional responses. There is a certain sense of unreleased anxiety. Remember to breath, give yourselves a new routine of movement, whether it is walking, dancing, working out or whatever, this will help your body release much of the pent up energy.


It is vitally important that we pay attention to our bodies at this time, as the polarization of all things is in progress. Many who were “on the path” are falling away because they have been walking from their heads and not their hearts. Living from the perspective of idealism rather than experiencing the Truth as a reality. Many around the world are moving to opposite polarities because they do not understand what is happening in and around them. We must remember to remain in our state of Grace. That which is within our heart of hearts. To live unconditional love without judgment or expectation, remaining in this moment because it is what we have. From this moment, we can see clearly through the illusions which are being created around us.


I was shown recently what a dimensional shift looks like and how it works. It is a fantastic event to observe, and creating a higher consciousness is truly what it takes. As the consciousness rises, the balance of energies contained within our dimension seeks a dimensional equilibrium. As this occurs, the dimension literally rolls over, creating a different Universal connection and set of communication harmonics with the whole. As this occurs, our reality changes, our vibrations leap to meet the change, and we come to a point of ascension or series of other choices in our soul journeys in that moment. This is nothing to fear and everything to strive for!


And so it is that I defer to the Masters. Be in Peace. Ride with the changes. You are everything that you believe yourselves to be.





Online Channeling

March 5, 2003


Antallah Antui asitu asi asi asi antallah Greetings to you from that which is light, the light of you which is no different that that which is us.


Dear Ones, it is that there has come a time when your vigilance is of vital importance to that which is the Universal process.  Now as never before, you must remain aware of all that is within you.  Of all that is around you.  For when you are of your own Grace from within that which is around you becomes what you are.


The energies we are witnessing in your dimension have become acutely inflamed.  It is that you must work toward an installation of peacefulness within your realm.  For that which occurs within your own plane of existence has a direct and indirect effect on all other planes.  As above, so below, as these energies escalate within your world, there must become a balance within the Universal processes on all levels.


It is that the Construct of your Universe is created of Light particles that have arranged within certain formations that that communicate in and of themselves. Everything that happens in even the smallest aspect of being-ness affects even the greatest of this configuration.


It is that there are many in your world who seek to be of Godliness and Power in the guise of the good of all.  They are led by forces that are other than that which is light.   It is that they have come to your world to create chaos change.  It is that in this process, much confusion is occurring.   Many are being manipulated toward belief that they are defending their very homes and lands, when it is that they are creating an aspect of change that allows for those same leaders to complete their personal agenda toward power and control.


It is that we implore you to look past the illusion, past the misinformation or lack of information and beyond to that which is the Truth of Knowing that there is a greater existence that is not based upon power, economic issues or control but an existence of that which is in and of the Greater Good.   That which is in and of the very essence of Being-ness Universal, that which is the state of Grace which considers the whole of all things by virtue of the existence of that Grace.


There are forces which have been created by man which are not of creative nature, rather those things that are destructive . In many ways, that sense of destruction is created of a belief system that any one is greater than another.


Do you not realize Dear Ones, that of each of you there is none less and none greater?  That each of you is moving toward the same goals, the same ultimate journey as the next?   It is that you simply give that journey a different name that that of your fellow human.  In such a way, at this time there are many things that are in occurrence in the name of God, in the name of righteousness, in the name of Justice that are of benefit only to the few who have created the illusion of lesser and greater.   Of destruction in the name of Peace.


In order to achieve that peace which you seek you must participate not in the destructive beliefs or actions but rather in the sense that there is a greater choice to be made, for as it is, is remains that it is all about the choices you make. In what you believe in what you do and in where you choose to go ultimately.


In such a way, there is no reason why you cannot make a difference from within yourselves.  You can make a difference from within yourselves by choosing a different way to be in your world.  By choosing to participate in a peaceful being-ness.  It is that you are far more in control of the outcomes than you realize.


While it is true that chaos is required for humans to affect change, it is also true that that same chaos may be limited by virtue of your reactivity to it.   Some of you may choose to participate in the trauma and in the drama of that which is in occurrence.  Others of you may stand back and observe that which is the truth of the matter, knowing that which is creating opportunities for you to grow then shift into greater states and forms of existence.


And so to you we say this Dear Ones.  We remind you that your reality is that which you choose.  That which you participate in.  Your reality is that which you allow to enter your being-ness… that which becomes an integral part of your energetic and physical make up. That which is ultimately the choice you have made in this journey.


Many of you ask us if your Karmic journeys will be complete after this time.  Those journeys change with each choice you make on the path of the journey in which you are currently traveling.  And so it is to know that in each moment, each choice you create for your selves, your journeys, brings you to another set of choices, to another set of events ultimately to your completion of self.


And so it is, then to recognize your selves as the perfect beings that you are, for much of your journey has seemed a struggle.  It is only because you have chosen to resist that which you find in your path.  It is only because you have chosen to belief other that the Truth that you inherently know.  It is only because you have deemed yourselves unworthy by the standards of those who would tell you that you are less than perfect.   It is only because you have forgotten to remember that which you already know and have known since the Beginning.   That which is your true essence.  That which is the light that you are. You make a difference in all things by virtue of your very existence in the same way that the Universal Construct reacts to even the smallest of events, so does it react to what you create in your own reality. You are of light as are all other things.


In the next two weeks or so, there will come to you events that seem to be beyond your control.   Imagine that there is no event greater than the power you possess as beings of light.   Imagine that there is no one being or group of beings that are greater than each of you as individual soul travelers, as journeyers toward perfection.   Imagine that in these imaginings you are making a difference toward a change in the overall reality.   And so you have.


To you, Dear Ones, we say this: You are the difference that you seek.


Be that which you are, all things, all things being you. The greater reality is within your grasp if only you believe.


And so it is that we return to light.




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