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by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles The New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose PO Box 41883, Tucson AZ 85717
520-885-7909 -- FAX 520-749-6643 www.1spirit.com/eraofpeace email: eraofpeace@aol.com

Sexuality is a beautiful expression of Love. It is an intimate, sacred communion between two people. When experienced with an open heart, it can transcend the limitation of physical reality and allow one to soar into the octaves of ecstasy, wonder and awe; it can lift our hearts; it can nurture and heal us; it can fill our very Beings with peace and contentment, and it can expand our capacity to Love.

Sexuality is a very important part of our Earthly school of learning. But, unfortunately, like so many other things, it has been misunderstood, distorted and abused. Now, during the Cosmic Moment of Beloved Mother Earth's rebirth, this aspect of our Beings must be healed, purified and loved so that it, too, can Ascend into the Fifth Dimensional Octaves of Perfection.

We are now Ascending into the Light physically. That means the Ascension of our four lower bodies, as well as the Ascension of the Earth. For this to occur in Divine Order, every facet of our Beings must be loved free from the entrapment of our lower human egos. This includes our sexuality. We cannot just suppress it and deny that it exists. We need to lift our sexual experience up out of the chaos of abuse and depravity into the embrace of our God Selves, where we will know the joy and elation of its original Divine Intent.

It seems as though we have created the same confused attitude about sex that we created about money. Interestingly, sex and money are the two things that our lower human egos use most effectively to keep us stuck in negativity.

For aeons of time, the monetary system of the World has been abused. Instead of the natural exchange of give and take, based on the principle of always working toward the highest good for all concerned, the wealth of the World has been used by the elite few to manipulate, dominate, oppress and control the multitudes.

Money has been such a source of pain and suffering throughout history that religious orders in both Eastern and Western cultures considered money itself to be innately evil. They, thereby, denounced it and actually took vows of poverty. This action gave the Spiritual aspirants of the World the message that somehow poverty was a virtue. This belief system perpetuated the schism between the haves and the have nots. It also created a phenomenon that intensified the abuse of money because the people who were truly seeking greater levels of Truth to improve the quality of life on the Planet and those who genuinely were striving toward Spiritual growth and self-mastery were being taught by the world religions that money was evil and should not be acquired. That belief left the money in the hands of those who were not pursuing the highest good for all, but rather were pursuing the self-indulgent gratification of greed and power.

If we observe what has transpired on the Planet as a result of the abuse of our sexuality, we will witness the same thing. For aeons of time, sex also has been used to manipulate, dominate, oppress and control people. It has fallen to the depths of degradation. As this condition developed, the religions of the World began to distance themselves from this physical experience. In order to encourage their followers to do the same, they initiated all kinds of taboos regarding sex. They took vows of celibacy and proclaimed chastity a virtue. This created quite a quandary. Each soul knew and understood that through the sacred communion of sex, one of the most miraculous events on Earth occurs, which is the procreation of life. On the other hand, they were being told by religious leaders that sex was "bad." These two diametrically opposed concepts could not be effectively reconciled in Humanity’s finite minds, so we learned to muddle through life vacillating between wanting very much to fulfill our sexual experience and beating ourselves up with guilt and shame if we did. This was a coup de grace for our human egos. Our confusion created a very powerful vehicle through which our human egos could manipulate us to keep us bound in self-abuse.

Remember, the human ego is an aspect of our personality that developed as we used our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to create thoughtforms and experiences on Earth that were conflicting with God's Will.   As we fell into denser and denser frequencies of vibration, our connection with our God Selves was short-circuited. Eventually our human egos developed to the point that they were able to take control of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Then they began manipulating our four lower bodies for their own selfish intent. The human ego obtained a sense of pleasure from physical sensations, so it focused its attention on physical gratification. Our sexuality is our most sensual experience, so this area of our lives became dominated by our human egos. Consequently, our egos prompted us to fulfill our sexual pleasures obsessively and often abusively. The human ego has no concept of integrity or moral conscience, so as we progressed through our Earthly sojourn, our sexuality deteriorated from the sacred communion it was intended to be into a compulsive addiction. People striving to attain self-mastery believed that the only way to break this "bad habit" was to stop having sex. But, because sexuality is an important part of our learning experience on Earth, the desire for it never went away. Forced celibacy usually resulted in different degrees of frustration, anxiety and even sexual perversion. Sexual suppression was registered in our consciousness as self-deprivation, so we began negating our self-worth and abusing ourselves in other ways. The denial of sexual expression manifested as compulsive behavior patterns in other areas such as eating disorders, substance abuse and self-loathing. It caused us to suppress our feeling nature, and we numbed ourselves, so we wouldn't be tempted. As we closed our Heart Centers down, we experienced loneliness, rejection, isolation and many other grossly mutated forms of self-flagellation. The human ego, aggressively rebelling against the attempted suppression of our sexuality, intensified its efforts to force us into expressing ourselves sexually. The ramifications of that rebellion resulted in sexual abuse and all manner of sexual perversion. It also resulted in lesser degrees of negative sexual expression, such as promiscuity and infidelity. This sad scenario has been acted out on the Planet now for millennia. It is such a common part of our everyday experience that, to this day, sex is considered just a "dirty" thing that we do, and it is considered part of our downfall. Rarely is sex ever thought of as an avenue for our Spiritual growth.

Needless to say, if we are in the process of physically Ascending into the Fifth Dimension, we can't just deny part of who we are and pretend it doesn't exist. We also can't eliminate our sexuality so it will go away. Our sexuality is part of who we are, and instead of getting rid of it, we need to make peace with it, and we need to learn how to express it positively and constructively. We need to recognize it for what it was intended to be, an expression of Love. And we need to Love ourselves enough to allow wonderful relationships into our lives through which our sexuality can be experienced in its highest level of potential.

Because of the pain people have experienced in past sexual relationships, there is a tremendous fear associated with the process of daring to open up to trust again. Sometimes the lack of trust involves other people; sometimes we just don't trust ourselves. The Truth is we have all been through the gamut of sexual experiences, either in this lifetime or other lifetimes. Because of the negative influence and power our human egos have inflicted on us in this area of our lives, I don't believe anyone has passed through the Earth plane unscathed by the sexual experience. We all have the accumulated sum total of these experiences clearly recorded in our Etheric Bodies. These frequencies of sexual abuse, dysfunction, guilt, shame, fear, etc., continually pulsate at a subconscious level in our daily lives. This subliminal influence is one of the main causes of our inability to open up to positive relationships. It is imperative that these negative experiences of the past be Transmuted into Light before we can ever hope to create new, positive experiences.

If we can envision all of our past sexual experiences as a program on a "floppy disc" in the computer of our mind, then it makes perfect sense that if we don't take out the old "floppy disc" before we put a new program into our computer, we will just have a garbled mess.

The most effective and most powerful tool we can use to remove the old "floppy disc" is the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation and Forgiveness. This sacred substance from the Heart of God can be used without fear. Many times people have been sexually abused as children and have blocked all memory of the incident from their minds as a coping mechanism. The Violet Flame will not bring things up and force us to remember. It will just enter the etheric records and Transmute them cause, core, effect, record and memory back into Light.

The key to Transmutation is consistency. We need to invoke the sacred Violet Fire daily, and we need to feel It blazing in, through and around every electron of our Being perpetually.


In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM and through the full power of God pulsating in my Heart, I invoke now the most intensified activity of the Violet Flame of Limitless Transmutation and Forgiveness I AM capable of withstanding at this moment. Blessed Flame, blaze in, through and around every electron of precious life energy I have ever misqualified that is associated with my sexuality. Transmute instantly the cause, core, effect, record and memory of every negative sexual experience I have ever had, both known and unknown, from any time frame, dimension or existence back to my inception. (Pause...)

I ask that this activity of the Violet Flame be maintained, increased daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every breath I take until I AM wholly Ascended and Free!!!

What I ask for myself, I ask for every man, woman and child evolving on Earth.

I accept this done with full Power.

And So It Is... Beloved I AM.

Sexuality is about honoring and Loving yourself, your body, your partner and your partner's body. It is about self-discovery in relationship to your body and your partner. You are raising up in vibration daily and hourly, so when you join bodies with someone else, even in a hug, you exchange frequencies. When you share a sexual experience, there are hormonal releases that occur in both your body and the body of your partner. The structures of your body, and there is a transfer of your vibrations into your partner and vice versa. For this reason, it is extremely important that you be discriminating with whom you chose to share sexual intimacy. Casual sex is far more detrimental than just the possibility of disease. When you have a sexual experience with someone, you are taking on part of who they are. It is critical that the person you choose to have sex with is in alignment and attuned to you through the open Stargate of hormones awaken certain energies inside the atomic cellular your Heart. The only way you will really know this is by getting to know the person very well and communicating with that person with a loving, open heart.

As a loving, sexual relationship develops between two people who are attuned through the open Stargate of the Heart, greater heights of orgasmic experiences can be received. This occurs as the vibration of the physical body is increased to withstand higher frequencies of ecstasy. The nervous system is actually enhanced, and the result is the healing and realignment of the physical body. This process will open us up to higher Octaves of Illumined Truth, and we will experience a whole new dimension of who we are. We will evolve and grow into greater physical expressions of our God Selves, and we will more effectively be God in Action on Earth.

It is time for us to be liberated from our distorted belief systems of the past. It is time for us to soar to the heights of bliss, wonder, ecstasy and awe, which are now infinitely available to us through the open Stargate of our Heart.


I AM Divine Love pulsating through the open Stargate of my Heart, expanding out to encompass every atom, molecule and cell of my body, raising this vehicle into Limitless Physical Perfection.

I AM my God Self liberating my sexuality into the perfection of its original Divine Intent.

And So It Is. Beloved I AM

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