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March 20, 2003

Greetings to each of you. This morning I am filled with the energies of our world.  They are not pleasant as the move through me, transmuting. It is often difficult to breathe as the power of the Light works through me.  Carrying away, changing the energies of that which is not of the Light.

I ask you this:   Protest not in anger for that which is occurring in our world, rather, stay in a place of Grace.  Project  Peace… not anger, not fear.  For when you attempt to fight that which is of unearthly sources with negative energies, you are only feeding those forces.  Project the Love of All That Is into all directions. Be that Love. For those who would suffer as well as for those who would cause that suffering. If we judge, if we hate, then we are not what we have said we are.  We are the same as we have judged.

We are at a paradox within our existence here.   Poised upon a growing mountain of consciousness, reaching outward, upward, while below us the land parts as if opening to swallow all that we are creating.    Do not look down into the chasms becoming rooted by what is being created below your feet. Instead, rise above it to the Truth of Being-ness.    Do you not see that the mountain of consciousness on which we stand rises above all that is less than Light?    That which is the Light of Creation has been and will always be.   These are moments in our time which challenge all that we say in our journey toward Peace.  These are moments in our time which call upon us to be all that we have said that we are and that we have strived for.

There are times when chaos is necessary to remind us as human beings that we must take action.   That we must not only pray, but we must move our feet as we do.  I call upon the Spiritual Warriors here and everywhere to stand up in righteousness for that which is the Peace and Love of all Being-ness.    that Peace, that Love outward from your hearts with a passion that is unwavering.    An intent that this Consciousness rises in unison and believe all the while that you are making a difference. I   t is so.

You have the power to transmute the energies which are being created in this world.    Breathe.   Love.


Online Channeling
March 20, 2003
Antallah antui atsuah Alana ansalla asi  Greetings from within the light as it has always been.  Praises to that which is the collective Being-ness of which we all are.

Dear Ones, We have heard your pleas for assistance. You must know that you are never alone, that we and others are here to assist you at all times. It is that within the greater sense of Being-ness, you and we are the same. It is that we simply reside within other planes of reality.

It is that you must realize that within each plane of reality, of existence, there are present other aspects of yourselves. Other aspects of your very being-ness. Beyond the other aspects of which you are there live those who have always been. Those who maintain the Balance of all things, the upper echelons of the Light and the Source.

That which is the Council of Light.  That which is the Orpheum, The Angelic realm, those of the various Brotherhoods (of which there are many… those who heal and those who are warriors), Those of the Ascended, the Masters who are of the Sacred Knowledge, who have drank from the chalice of Light and have become as all things, and those who carry the Book of Light which is the knowledge of all things contained in the wisdom of that knowledge.  One does not become wise simply by the remembrance of facts, but by the experience of the utilization of those facts as applied to Universal relationships.

There are those who are with you who come for the healing of your Spirits, to assist you in the healing of others. There are others who come to you to share the experience of their cosmic experience, technologies and travels throughout time and space (terms we use only for you as there are neither). And it is so that there are multitudes gathering as witness to the Ascension that you are creating from within yourselves and as a collective.

As human beings, you often view Ascension as a rising of your bodies into the sky while cherubs accompany your way into the heavens. Dear Ones, you must know that Ascension is born of your consciousness. In every instance that you arise in consciousness, you rise in vibration, and as you rise in vibration, you ascend to the next level or levels of Being.

It is so that there are those and have been those who maintain or have maintained the vibrational rates to simply disappear into that which is Light while others have become enlightened to the point that they may materialize body and all whenever and wherever they choose.

It is not necessary to attain a Mastery to this degree for your own ascension, rather to obtain a level of conscious awareness from which you live and breathe as a Sacredness of Being who has attained that Grace from which you live and exist at all times. This state which you have called Unconditional Love. This state which is not, as we have said previously, an idealistic emotional experience, rather a state of being. For when the pure of heart meets with the pureness of being, in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things.

When you have learned to be within this harmony, you have become all that you have strived to be. In such a way, you have Ascended to your own level of Mastery for you have become One with all things, recognizing that the separateness that you thought you were was a mere misconception.

That working from within the essence of Light, that which you become in your moment of Ascension, to that which is Light, all things, brings attainment to you as an experience of being all things and a state of blissful being-ness as love which you cannot begin to comprehend with your thinking selves, but can only experience through your heart, your consciousness, the essence of your Truth in Being.

Your consciousness is not found within your thinking selves.  Many of you believe that they are one and the same. It is not so. That which is your consciousness, your essence, is a living energy which is uncontained and capable of knowing everything and being everywhere. It is that which is your true self. That which is your thinking, rational self only serves to keep you bound to the body that you inhabit and the earthly experience that you are having. To understand that there is a difference id the beginning of your own Mastery.

When you are able to establish the difference between your physical and temporary selves and into the realms of your eternal selves, then those which are the values that you currently hold so tightly will become released, and you will rise above that which you have believed and into that which you have always known. In doing so, you will have attained the freedom of Spirit, of Being-ness that returns you to that which is Light, the Source of your Being-ness.

As you encounter others during your own Ascension process, that Light which you have created from within you touches each of them, and as they are touched by this Light, they become initialized toward their own Awareness and Ascension process.

We have spoken to you previously regarding the aspects necessary to create a shift within your dimension.  As you Ascend from within your own selves, your collective selves, you are nearing a shift point.   It is so that the reality of that which is in this moment may be changed to that which you envision to be the next now  (If, of course you remain present in this moment).

Visualize moments in such a way:

Mind and
Totality of

Perhaps in such a way you begin to ascertain our meaning.

Arise to the Light that you are. Ascend to the highest point of all that you are. You are perfection. You are all that you seek. Be in Peace, Dear Ones.


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