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July 6, 2003    past lives, evolution, star seeds, mutations and more


Greetings Everyone-

 How can I ever express to each of you how you have touched my heart, my spirit with your prayers, good wishes, and the joy that you have sent to me during this time. I am more than grateful, honored and humbled. It is my intention to completely and mirror to each of you that Grace that you have shown to me. I have to tell you that as I saw the hundreds then the thousands of e-mails coming in I cried my heart out. To be so loved. God. Thank you.

 If I have not replied personally, realize that I have read and acknowleged your message. There are more than I can possibly respond to, but I am reading them!


Many of you have written me, asking for an update. I am sorry to tell you that the news is not wonderful. During the surgery a week or so ago the surgeon removed a tumor that was about the size of a large egg. Not only was the tumor malignant (ductal carcinoma) it had spread into the surrounding tissues which means… more surgery.


I have consulted many doctors, both specialists and ones whom I trust, and it seems that the most appropriate way to deal with this particular set of issues is for me to have a mastectomy. This Thursday, July 10th, at 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time, I will be having that surgery.  The good news is that I insisted on a CAT scan prior to consent of this surgery to determine of there was cancer in other areas. There does not appear to be.


Funny how we  think, because we walk “the path”, we love unconditionally, and intend only positive things in our lives and for others, that we will somehow rise above all illness or issues of health. In all of my struggling emotionally, spiritually and mentally this past couple of weeks I have realized that we may not always understand the reasons why we are presented with challenges, just that they simply are.


What matters is what we do with those challenges. It still requires remaining in the moment. And remembering the Grace within ourselves as we struggle to find that place that balance through the chaos we are feeling. If there is no other reason for this but the journey of self that I have traveled of late, perhaps there is benefit to this situation.


Somehow through this I have discovered places within myself that I had not yet known. Some of those places have  seemed very dark... and I have cast them away , understanding that the recognition of my innermost fears is a part of the transition I am making toward light-ness. No, by transition I don’t mean I am laving the planet... simply that through this process I am learning more about strengths and weaknesses.  Learning processes often cause different kinds of transitions.


Some of the transitions I am realizing are that...


 I know once I have processed through the transitional times, I will be a better healer, for the depths of compassion I have learned have truly come from deep within my personal experience.


I know I will be a better friend, counselor, mother, wife, being, because I have faced darkness within my own heart and rather than drowning in that darkness, I have found light beneath it and have begun to expand that light outwardly in directions that I might not have previously recognized. It is with that light that we remain within and share awareness of the One.


I will be a freer spirit because there is nothing more awakening than to realize one’s own mortality and to embrace it without fear, instead, with a knowing that it is all infinite and beautiful in every moment.


And I will move forward in life with a full heart with the knowing that, because of each of you, my friends, family, the Masters who guide me and everyone who has touched me in some way, never, never will I walk alone. It would be impossible.


Once again I thank you for your prayers.




Channeling – Having not been feeling up to par for a while, I have not done a new Channeling for this week. In order to give you something to work with, I have excerpted a transcription of a Live Channeling that I have done previously. It is about past lives, evolution, star seeds, mutations and more…Enjoy!


 Question:  Why, when we die, in our in soul state, do we not clear out these things that have been traveling with us through the years?  Is it not possible for us to do that?


Masters:  It is a part of your process and a part of your journey that you have lessons that you do not complete.  Therefore, you carry them forward.  Once you have completed these lessons you no longer have to experience them in any manifestation.  However, during your travels, occasionally, there are injuries that have occurred to that which you are through different methodologies.  It is that having chosen, having chosen, a state of physicality at this time, you have allowed for a manifestation a weighting down so to speak, of these different injurious processes within that that which of you which is from this.  When you bring yourself to a manifested form, you bring all that you are into that form, you see?  In that, you have considerably lowered your vibrational rates so that you are able to manifest in this place at this time.  When you do so, you are also bringing forth all that you carry with you.  Therefore it is manifesting within your physical self.  But we tell you that most all of these things can be cleared with the desire, with your desire.


You are pondering.


Response:  It seems like something I’ve read about Hinduism as a child.  Is it true then that once we embark on our life path, we are stuck here until we can get, attain or completely awaken.


Masters:  Look within.  All that you must know is within you.


Response:  There is nothing more frustrating than reading or hearing that we will be fine as soon as we remember what we are.  That is very . . . I don’t even know if it is possible.


Masters:  Certainly it is.  And when you can touch that which you truly are, nirvana is simply a word that couldn’t possibly describe the perfection.  When you realize that which you truly are is a part, a part of the light itself in that you are a part of the totality, and when you are able to touch that and experience it there is nothing, there is nothing, that could possibly compare with that perfection.  It is difficult at times for us to find words for something that there are no words for.  Your existence in that place is of an essence of being that is purely joyous and all knowing.  In a place that exists with no pain, no problems, in total communication with all that is and all others.  It is a perfect knowing, the perfect state of existence that each of you truly are and you have come here for the experience of knowing more in a tangible way, so you have chosen this illusion. 


Response:  There doesn’t seem to be a choice.  It seems to be that once you’ve chosen it you’re trapped.




Masters:  There is always a choice, but you have begun upon a path and it must be finished, you see?  It is a quest that you have chosen for experience, for understanding.  And it is quite perfect that you have chosen to be in this place, at this time, when the energies are so like in the beginning.  As we have described to you previously, it is that there were places that were constructed for initiation in the mystery school.   That others could go there, learned men at the time, and could experience the same vibrational rate that each of you lives in at each moment in this time.  These beings were given to go to these places for the experience for understanding the energies, the light and the uses therein and thereof.  You have the opportunities in every moment that you live and breathe in this time and in this place, like no others before you have.  You exist in optimal, optimal situations.  It is why, as we have explained to you before, your bodies are changing.  Your skulls are becoming wider to maintain that your enlarged brains will need through their evolution and knowing and understanding in the light and to be able to process the information as it is going to be coming so rapidly.  In that, with that manifestation change, it is also necessary that your spines change.  They will feel very crowded; they will feel as if they need more room.  They will become very compressed at the base of the sacral area.  You will find much discomfort in many beings.  You will find that many of you will experience a blurring of your eyes on occasion.  Many of you who are on the awakening process will find, many of you, that the veils are thinning and that your reality is no longer that which you thought it was.  There will be many who will experience headaches, that will experience tremors as the energies change, particularly in the morning hours.  There are many, many manifestations, that will effect each of you in different ways as the times progress, as you change as beings, as your biological processes become more speedy in their ways as your metabolisms change, as your food requirements are completely different and as what you thought to be important is no longer.


Question:  The space of the spinal area, is that where the key DNA molecules control the RNA messengers?  Is that where all the directions come from?


Masters:  No.  The base of the spine issue is simply a crowding from that space which is being taken at the upper end.  In that there are compressions taking place due to the cranial changes that are requiring more room as it joins the spinal column. 


Question:  And it may be that accounts for some of the neck stressors we are feeling?


Masters:  Yes, there will be many of you who will experience extreme discomfort depending upon your stage of awakening.  It is that many of you who are in the nearing of the awakening state will experience more pronounced neck pain or head pain than those who are not.  It is that many of you are becoming more in tune or more receptive to the changes of physicality.  As is any evolutionary process, there those who will begin the evolution and those who will follow by the natural course of events.  You see?  As we have described to you in the past, that you are the bridges to the next type of beings.  In that you are initiating within your physicalities the biological and genetic changes that are necessary for the process to occur.  In that, it is becoming spontaneous as many children you will see will be born with knowings and are being born with knownings.  It is that many of you as adults are spontaneously exhibiting this occurrence as well.  It is the natural evolutionary process. 




Question:  I have a question dealing with the evolution.  I saw a TV program last night and it showed when people, or when the apes _____ and how they matured and grew and changed their shapes and then started walking on two feet.  Is that actually the way evolution started?


Masters:  It is an excellent question.  And, yes, however you will note that there are missing pieces.  That is when the others came and that is when the new genetics were introduced.


Questions:  And do you mean by the others, you mean like the Gods came from other planets.


Masters:  We do.  It is when the star seeds were planted and the new evolution was begun.  It is that there is not a link such as the scientific community searches for because the evolutionary process was changed in those moments, not literal moments, but moments in time so to speak, in that the people of this place were manifested a change in that which has become each of you are when three sources of genetic materials introduced over a short cosmic period of time.  It is that which causes genetic defects that remain similar and consistent throughout the humanistic process.  It is that when you take genetics from one environment and genetics from another environment and genetics from another environment, each of those sets of materials, having been developed and evolved for survival in each of their inherent environments and you mix them in yet another environment with those who have already begun an existence, that is when you will have genetic mutations on different levels and in a repetitive fashion that will cause consistent normalcy or consistent abnormalities that are passed on throughout the genetic processes and the procreative processes.  You see?  Have we answered your question?


Response:  Yes, thank you.


Masters:  You are most welcome.  Often one can not answer without an explanation.


Question:  It seems statistically that for each mutant, mutation that is detrimental, there would be another mutant form that makes the person better, stronger, smarter, more agile, whatever.


Masters:  Do you not see that to be true in the populace? 


Response:  I don’t know . . . how to tell.


Masters:  Are there not some who shine, who exhibit talents or abilities that are far beyond and different than most of the norm that is exhibited.  Are there not some who exhibit high intelligence and some who exhibit low.  Are there not some who exhibit extreme physical abilities in different ways and yet some who are not able at all.  You see, you do have within your populace quite a variety of mutations as we see mutations.  You may just observe them as every day people.


Response:  I thought it was all a spectrum of . . . . I never thought of it as being mutations.


Masters:  Well certainly, it is what gives the diversity to your people.


Question:  Think of the word mutation as just a word of change and not a negative connotation or deviancy within the evolution.


Masters:  You are most correct.


Response:  I always thought that the word mutation in a negative . . .


Masters:  You are most correct, but not about mutation being negative.  A genius is a mutant.  One who is gifted with words is a mutant.  One who is gifted physically is a mutant and at each end of this spectrum and all in between have mutated over time to be what they are in this place at this moment.  You see?


Response:  Yeah.


Masters:  Now, to another extreme, there are mutations that cause physical deformities and abnormalities of the brain and physical functioning.  Schizophrenia is a mutation, Down’s Syndrome is a mutation.  Muscular Dystrophy is a mutation.  You see.  Many of the differences that you see in beings within this place and why they are so similar throughout time is that these are genetic mutations.  Each of you is mutant in some way from the beginning, from that which was in the beginning.  Each of you has mutated to become that which you are.  There is nothing negative about what we say, only that it is.  You see?


 End of excerpt


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